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My name is Gisela. I had lived with my sister and her family since I was 13, and had lost my virginity to Ronnie, my brother-in-law on my 18th birthday. We had been having an affair ever since, and he had shared me with several of his friends. My sister had absolutely no idea of what was going on.

Anyway, I was now 21 and it was my wedding day, and Ronnie was to give me away. He hadn’t been happy when I had met Vic, a soldier, and we had decided to get married. Ronnie made me tell him everything that Vic and I did in minute detail as he fucked me. He fucked me most days, or at least had me give him a blow job even when the family was in the house – dangerous but very exciting

On my wedding day everyone had left for the church, leaving Ronnie and I alone to wait for the wedding car. I was dressed traditionally – a long white satin gown with all the trimmings. I had taken care to wear lovely new white lingerie, stockings, garter belt, thong, and bra, and also a lacy blue garter on my right thigh and white satin heels.

As soon as we were alone Ronnie took my hand.

“Gisela, I’m going to fuck you for your last time as a single girl.” he said in a voice hoarse with desire, and I flushed. “But the car will be here in 15 minutes and we’re fully dressed.” I replied. That wasn’t going to deter him.

Ronnie made me bend at the waist, resting my hands on the back of an armchair, and I felt him pushing the train of my wedding dress to one side as he lifted the dress over my hips to rest it on my back. His fingers eased my thong from my crack and I opened my feet wider and bent my knees slightly to give him better access to my hot cunt.

I felt his cock nudging at my pussy lips and slowly start to penetrate me as I eased my hips back to take his whole cock. A finger penetrated my ass as he started to fuck me hard. There was no finesse, just animal fucking, and I was loving it. I orgasmed quickly and felt Ronnie’s hot cum jetting deep into me. His softening cock slid out of me, and I tried to turn to lick his cock clean, as he always required, but he pushed me away.

“No, not this time Gisela, I don’t want to spoil your make-up.” he said, and then noticed I was reaching for a tissue to wipe my cunt dry. “NO!” he said sharply “I want my cum in you as we walk down the aisle. I want you wet and sticky with my cum, and smelling of fucking.”

The car arrived then, and after adjusting our clothing we were soon being whisked to the church, which was only a few minutes drive. At the church door I stopped, knowing that I was flushed and hoping no-one would suspect that I had just been fucked by my brother-in-law, but also not really caring if they did.

“Your cum is trickling out of my cunt Ronnie” I whispered as we started down the aisle, and he just grinned and squeezed my arm. I could feel the cum on the insides of my thighs above my stocking tops, and I couldn’t believe that people couldn’t smell the sex on me. “That’s lovely Gisela.” he whispered back, “Just keep thinking what a slut you are to let another man fuck you on your wedding day.”

The wedding seemed to fly past and at the Reception the drinking and dancing started and eventually Ronnie asked me to dance. “Thank you for fucking me earlier Ronnie.” I told him. “It was so exciting.”

“I haven’t finished yet Gisela,” he replied, “Now that you are married I’m going to be the first guy to fuck you as a married woman.” His hips pushed forward and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. “You want my dick fucking you again real soon?”

“Oh Ronnie, I want your cock again so bad,” I whispered, “You are the best fuck I ever had.”

It made me so excited knowing how wicked I was being, but I was getting hotter and hotter for Ronnie’s hard cock – I was his slut to do with as he wanted, even on my wedding day, and he knew it.

To be continued.

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