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“But she’s right there!”

“It’s okay. I’ll be quiet.”

“Jess….I really don’t…”

“Hush now! You keep talking and you’ll wake her up!”

I smile evilly down at Pete, while I slowly pull up my nightshirt and sit down on his cock. I know he’s happy to see me, a cock that hard doesn’t lie. He looks over nervously at his sleeping wife, as I slowly begin to insert his cock into my pussy. I turn my head to look at her too, quirking my eyebrow as I watch his pretty wife sleeping not an arms length away……..

I should probably give some insight as to how this all occurred. I’m Jessi; my friend that I’m sitting atop of is Peter. We meet years ago on the internet and as our friendship grew so did the passion between the both of us.

About a week ago Pete e-mailed me asking if there’d ever be a chance that we could meet. At first it seemed damn near impossible, I live in the States, he in New Zealand, but as an optimist I told him I’d look into, there had to be a way. I found the way, writing the trip off as a business expense.

I can feel his breathing, he’s scared of waking his wife, and I know his heart is pounding ninety to nothing, which makes this whole situation even better for me. I move my hips slightly, going in small circles, and he can’t help but let out a small moan as my hot pussy engulfs his throbbing cock.

“You need to be quiet, Pete, no moaning.”

I giggle as I move a little faster, he keeps up his protests, and I’ve had enough of listening to them. I reach my hand over to his wife and place my fingers on her leg softly. She wiggles a bit but doesn’t wake. I move my fingers up, slowly and watch as her legs involuntarily spread. Pete’s head is shaking, his mouth open in a mute scream of protest. I move my hips, back and forth, and the look of terror is replaced by one of pleasure.

My fingers move again, finding the lips to her pussy, I smile when I feel that her lips are moist. I wonder if she’s been awake this whole time. I move my forefinger into the folds of her pussy, easily finding her clit; I begin to rub it softly. A small moan issues from her lips, but her eyes still don’t open.

I begin to softly bounce on Pete’s cock, as I move my fingers a little harder and a little faster on his wife’s pussy. I see her eyes flutter, and move my hand down to her opening. I place two of my long slender fingers into the wet hole, and place my thumb on her clit. Her eyes pop open as a loud moan escapes between her lips. I’m the first one she sees, a look of confusion at first, and then she turns her head toward her husband. She realizes what’s going on; she knows that his cock his securely buried in my cunt as my fingers work on hers. She says nothing, but spreads her legs just a little wider. I smile, and laugh as I look at Pete.

“And you thought she was going to be mad.”

I give him no time to speak, I begin to fuck him, sitting up on my feet, bouncing hard and fast on his cock, moaning as I feel every inch of him reach the last depths of my pussy. My fingers work steadily on his wife, and her moans become louder as her body tenses for an oncoming orgasm.

When I feel her juices shot all over my hand, I move off of Pete and settle in between her legs. I lap at the juices that run down her thighs, my eyes moving to Pete as I wiggle my ass in the air. He gets the hint and moves behind me. I suck her clit into my mouth as Peter rams his cock into my pussy, my moans make her body shake, and as Pete finds his rhythm and begins to fuck me, I take her clit between my teeth.

My tongue works fast on her, and I moan loudly as I feel her hand come to rest on the back of my head. I look up at her as I hear her whimpers turn into screams of passion. I feel most of her cum hit my chin, and move down to catch the rest in my mouth. I lift my head up when she pulls on my hair. I come up, rest my heated body on hers and kiss her deeply so that she may taste herself on my lips. She moans, and her tongue snakes out to lick the juices from my chin. I smile and turn to Peter.

“It’s your wife’s turn to have your cock.”

“What’ll you be doing?”

I laugh and look directly into his wife’s eyes.

“Getting my pussy licked.”

She looks scared, and her eyes find Peter’s.

“I’ve never done that before.”

“It’s not that hard. I’ll teach you.”

She nods her head and gets up. I take her place and wait for her to get into a comfortable position. She starts off okay, licking my pussy lips, and sticking her tongue as far as it can go into the opening that he husband had just vacated.

“Lick my clit, Sweetie.”

She moves her head up, and laps softly at my hard clit. I moan slightly and look down.

“Mmmmm…..that’s good. A little harder. Good, now a little faster. That’s it Baby.”

It doesn’t take much couching before she’s in the full swing of things. The moans she makes from her husband’s fucking of her, gives double pleasure to me as she licks my pussy. I place my hand on her head, just as she had done to me not to long ago as my orgasm begins to swell. My hand pushes harder, driving her head into my pussy as my hips come up and begin to move with her. She moans loudly as she tastes my cum, and her head bucks up as Peter empties his own cum deep within her. She smiles and moans as he fills her with his seed.

When he is spent, she moves to do the same to me as I had done to her, in sharing a kiss so that I may taste myself on her. I bring my hands to her hips and press down until her pussy is against mine. She moans as my tongue finds its way between her lips, and her hips begin to move, grinding our cunts together as we kiss. I can feel Peter’s seed leaking from her onto me and right before she cums again, I lift her hips from mine.

“Turn around.”

She knows what I mean, and she moves, her legs now straddling my head. She places her lips to my pussy, as my tongue finds hers. I clean the cum that still seeps from her, and soon we both cum again.

I go back to the guest room, but not before I see the smile on her face as to what the night has brought to her. As I lay down, I know that this was not the last time this will happen on my visit here.

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