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A couple of things came together to make this a fantastic night. First, my business friend, Phillip, was staying with us because his townhouse was being repaired after a pipe broke. Second we had a Friday-night party over our house with several close friends. The party was typical for us, a little risque and a lot of drink. We played truth or dare and one of Judy’s dares was to go into the bathroom and shave her pussy. This she did and brought the proof back to the table and place her hair down for all to see. It was a turn on for me as everyone fingered her pubic hair, including Phillip. He made the statement that he has never seen a shaved pussy. The game went on with several mild sexual tasks and truths then the party broke up.

Judy said she was going to get comfortable before she cleaned up and changed into a tee shirt of mine. Phillip helped us clean and we sat to have another drink when we were done. Talk turned to the game and how much fun we had. I asked Phillip if it was true that he never saw a shaved pussy. He said that it was. I suggested that Judy let him see one. He looked shocked at me and Judy just sorta grinned. I knew that she was waiting to start something with Phillip. We had fantasized about him several times and I knew she was wearing nothing under the tee shirt. She walked over to where he was sitting and stood in front of him and lifted the tee shirt over her head. She was standing there naked in front of him; making one of our fantasies come true! She told him to feel how smooth it was. He didn’t move so she reached down, took his hand, and placed it on her pussy and rubbed it. She took her hand away and he continued to rub it. She spread her lips for him exposing herself and he rubbed inside, finding her clit and she moaned. She told him not to stop as she started breathing heavily. She told him to use his tongue so he leaned forward and started to lick her as she stood in front of him. He grabbed her ass and puller her into his face. I was going crazy watching them!

She pulled him down onto the floor as he continued to lick her. She came so hard as she arched her back off the floor and looked right at me. She had him lay back, took off his clothes and she began to play with his already hard dick. I watched her stick the tip of her tongue in the tip of it then run it down the entire shaft and take his balls into her mouth and suck them. She took his dick into her mouth and brought it up and down. It turned me on when she looked up at me with another man’s dick in her mouth. I know how good she does this so I knew I Phillip was enjoying it. What a turn on to watch!

She took his dick out of her mouth and asked if it was okay for him to fuck her. I got up and got her some rubbers and she put one on his dick; again, looking at me as she did so. I was so turned on! He was still laying on his back on the floor, she knelt over him, placed his dick against her shaved pussy, looked right at me and lowered herself onto him. She was so wet that I could hear and see them fuck! She came again arching her back as he began to buck wildly, grabbing her tits. He exploded as she was pumping up and down on him. What a sight!

When they finished she laid down on his chest and started to kiss him passionately. They were both really getting into it again. He was still in her and she was working to hold him in until he finally was hard enough to stay in on his own. I was watching her tongue darting in and out of his mouth and his hands were all over his body. They rolled over and he was on top of her pumping away. She had her legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer to her. She came again several times before he did. They laid there spent on the floor.

I couldn’t take it any longer! I stripped and started to fuck Judy as she laid beside Phillip. We were wild! It was unbelievable! It was great! She was so wet with her own juices that they were running down into her ass – she was on fire! I sucked her rock-hard nipples and chewed them until she screamed with both pain and pleasure.

When we finished all three naked bodies laid on the floor. I got up and got us drinks as we talked for what seemed like hours – about everything. It seemed so natural for the three of us to be naked there. Judy asked if I would mind if she spent the night in Phillip’s room with him. I told her to enjoy him while he was here. Phillip responded that if that was the case he may never go away! When they were ready she stood up and reached for his hand and pulled him up. She kissed him passionately and said told him not to expect too much sleep. She turned and kissed me like she has never kissed me before, bent down kissed my semi-hard dick and told it to be ready in the morning.

I got up before them in the morning and started coffee. A little later Phillip came out and said that Judy was in the shower. He asked if I was sure that I was all right with this. I told him how we had fantasized about Judy being with him and he was helping to make the fantasies come true. He said that they fucked every way he could think of and a few ways he hadn’t. He said that it was the first time that he had fucked a woman in the ass; that Judy had asked him to do it.
Judy came out and we had coffee. She chose to be nude; she said that she wanted to fuck me in front of Phillip so the three of us headed for our bedroom. She asked us both to get naked because after I was through she wanted Phillip again and “maybe” both at the same time. Judy was like a different person. I had never seen her this domineering when it came to sex. I think we created a monster! A lovely, wonderful, sexy monster!

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