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I will never forget the summer that my eighteen-year-old neighbor prepared for college. My wife and I moved to the neighborhood about four years ago and quickly became friends with the neighbors next door. They consisted of a single mom with four kids (three were teenagers). The kids got along well even though they came from a broken home. The kids attached to me quickly. All but Jenny, she always seemed a little distance those first few years.

Jenny always looked and acted very mature for her age. She had a lovely complexion even though she was going through that awkward time. Jenny’s biological father (who lived far away) happened to be Native American and her mother is white. This gave the girl a natural “tan” look most of the year. She really got darker in the summer. Jenny carried a small stature just like her mother.

The girl stood all of five foot and weighed around 100 pounds (dripping wet). During her senior year, Jenny’s body really began to develop. My wife told me that Jenny began wearing size C cups. I really did not notice until I came home from work on a beautiful spring day.

It was early April. In Kansas, you can expect strange weather patterns. Today’s weather brought on a sunny 90 degrees. As I walked up my sidewalk, I notice a female lying out on our backyard deck. She wore a white bikini that consisted of enough fabric to cover a mouse. The body on this girl was astounding! I knew it had to be one of my wife’s old college friends so I made my way into the house.

After dropping off my briefcase and grabbing a couple of beers, I decided to go out to the deck to take a closer look at this eye candy. Stepping out the sliding glass doors off of the kitchen, I was in for a real shocker. Looking over her dark shades, Jenny greeted me, “Hi Matt, I hope you don’t mind but I thought I might work on my tan. Hey, is that beer for me?”

After taking a moment to soak all of this in, I replied, “Oh, I thought that you might be one of my wife’s friends. Speaking of which, where is Kim?”

“She went to the store to do some shopping. She told me not too give you too big of heart attack,” she replied.

“What do you mean heart attack?”

Jenny said with a sexy little smile, “Kim thought that I might get you too excited because my suit is from last year before the ‘growth’ spurt. I told her that you wouldn’t freak that bad. Besides it would be nice to get some adult attention.”

I told her that I need to change into something more comfortable and took refuge in the house. My mind was really racing. Jenny’s body language and voice tone really sent me some mixed signals. Never before had I thought about her in that way. During the seven years of marriage, I have not reason to look elsewhere. Kim is a knockout. She is a little taller than that young vixen out of the deck but definitely stacked the same way. Always adventurous and willing to try new things in the bedroom, my wife gave no reason for me to develop a wandering eye. This dilemma must be manifestation of my own guilt over admiring this young, tight, babe in my backyard. Besides, Kim was aware of her presence and must have approved. I pushed those little nasty thoughts out of my head and changed into some shorts to head back out to the deck.

As I sat down and resumed drinking my beer, Jenny thanked me again for the use of our backyard. “I really hope you don’t mind. Sometimes I need a little privacy from my little brother?”

“Your brother?” I inquired

“Yea, he likes to spy on me from time to time. It started about a few years ago. I caught him masturbating outside the bathroom window as I took a shower,” she answered. “So what did you do?” She shocked me by saying, “I figured that turnabout was fair play so I called him into my bedroom. Then I made him strip and finish beating off while I watched.”

This statement made me spill my beer all over my chest and caused a hysterical laugh to escape from Jenny’s lips. She handed me a towel and asked, “What’s a matter? Didn’t you ever experiment when you were growing up?”

“Well, yea but I…” My mind drifted as she help me clean up with a towel. Her breasts made the most wonderful cleavage. Jenny noticed my attention and responded with a sexy little smile. She went on to tell her story.

“Travis and I started this little game that day. He would spy on me, which usually ended up with me catching him and punishing him. He really seems to enjoy my punishments.”

“Punishments?” I found myself intrigued with this little story.

She explained, “Yea sometimes I make him perform for me. I think it is only fair since he gets a show; I think that I should get a show.”

She continued to tell me stories of her escapades. From what I heard, it sounded like this like girl did everything except fuck her brother. I found myself enthralled with her sexual adventures. It also caused a stirring done below.

Jenny noticed the new growth in my crotch and worked the towel down to my rapidly raising cock. Her little hand caressed my bulge as she asked me if I found her attractive.

“Of course, but….” I could only stammer a few words because she continued with her ministrations. Once I convinced the blood to flow back out of my little head into the bigger one, I came back to some of my ability to reason. I apologized and made up some lame excuse that I had to meet my workout partner at the gym. I made a hesitantly retreat to my SUV and hightailed to the gym. Luckily I have clothes there because I was so flustered that I forgot to grab my gym bag.

I knew that if I did not get out of there, it might mean a loss of marriage, reputation and maybe a little jail time. My friend Larry happened to be there when I arrived. He gave me a hard time about me appearance. I could only promise to fill him in later. I changed into clothes and hit the weight room.

As I channeled my energy into lifting, Larry noticed, “Man something sure has you worked up.”

I told him that I am not sure what happened, if anything, but I would talk to him about in another place with fewer ears around. After the workout we headed over to his house. He cracked out a couple of beers to talk it over. I explained everything to him. Larry, who happens to be a lawyer, told me that yes I needed to worry about a divorce if I acted on it but no Jenny was of age of consent. Then he went on to give me the typical male shit about being a lucky SOB and how he “would of fucked the shit out of the little slut.”

I told him that I didn’t think she was a slut but just curious. “Yea, curious about how your eight inches would feel shoved up that tight little cunt,” Larry laughed. I kind of chuckled in mock agreement then told him that I had to get back before Kim became too worried.

As I walked through the front door, Kim greeted me wearing the lace teddy I bought last Valentine’s day. Man, did she look hot. The teddy accentuated those breasts in a very delightful way. I could make out her silver-dollar areolas and pencil easier sized nipples. She signaled me to follow her to the bedroom. I almost had to lift my tongue off the floor and my gaze fixed on the thong back that framed her tight little ass.

No longer able to contain myself, I scooped up my bride and carried her the rest of the way to the bedroom. I made use of the teddy’s crotch snaps for a quick access to her snatch. Burying my face between her legs, I became covered with glaze from all of the juices running out of her pussy. She never tasted so good before. I ate her like a starved man having his first meal. My tongue darted into her canal as she writhed on the bed. Her thighs acted like a vice around my head as I began working her clit. She just loves it when I suck and stimulate her little bud with my tongue. Kim thrashed about the bed in a massive orgasm as I continue with my cunt lapping.

Unable to hold back any longer, I rose up and plunged my pole deep into her willing hole. Her pussy sucked me all the way in on the first try. Kim’s vaginal walls spasmed from the moment I entered that hot little tunnel. She seemed to be having one continuous orgasm as evident from the flood happening to our sheets. It only took me a couple a minutes before I exploded the biggest load of my life. My balls seemed be tapping into an unknown resource as they drained my system of the pent up sexual frustration.

Right after the pinnacle of our coupling, Kim and I passed out for a much-needed rest. I awoke to find it was the next day and I only had a half-hour to get to work. I hastily showed, shaved and dressed. In record time I made it to my office and logged into the network.

My day seemed to drag on until I discovered that Kim emailed me. Her message thanked me for last night and asked for a reason for the boost in arousal. I emailed back that it was her looking so sexy in her lingerie. She replied with, “Thanks but I thought you might have like our backyard scenery yesterday afternoon.”

“Do you mean Jenny?” I responded.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice those huge tits and tight little ass sunning itself on the deck. If I were a guy, I would have jumped her bones. If Jenny only knew, she could make big trouble for a lot of men and a few women in this town,” emailed Kim.

I finally confessed and told Kim about the episode yesterday. She told me that the story was making her wet and thank I needed to get home right after work. This sent an electrical surge to my penis and made my mind race in all sorts of crazy directions. After deleting her last message, the final hours of work seemed like weeks.

I got home to find Kim in our hot tub off, which is right of the master bedroom. The bubbles in the water did little to hide her erect nipples. With a bottle of wine and two glasses beside her, a better sight could not greet you after a long day at work. I quickly shed my clothes and joined her in the tub.

When I told her about the affect the last email had on me, Kim kissed me passionately and told me that we need to talk. It seems that Kim and Jenny had been getting better acquainted over this last year. I did notice that she seem to spend more time with her but thought nothing of it. Kim told me about a “special” friendship that evolved from their little girls’ talk. I listened to Kim’s story as the blood began rushing to my rapidly growing little head again. In all of our years together, I never thought that Kim might be bisexual. She told me that right after her eighteenth birthday, Jenny began to come over to talk about girl things, which lead to some heavy discussions about sex.

Kim explained that Jenny was really curious about her own body and what was happening. She wanted to know everything about sex. What it felt like to be penetrated, licked on her pussy, and cum. Jenny even wanted to know how Kim masturbated and if she ever used any toys. My wife explained that over the course of the winter, she and Jenny became more intimate. They began a physical relationship at some point but Kim did not remember when. “It all seemed so natural, just like we had been doing it for years,” said Kim.

She went on to say that she would like to share me with Jenny. “One night Jenny told me that she had a crush on you since we moved here. She really wants to be experienced before she leaves for college. So, Jenny and I decided and you should be the one to take her virginity.”

My cock nearly exploded at the idea. Before Kim, I had only been with a couple of other girls. I kind of accepted the fact that she would be my last and now her she is offering me a ripe willing teenage virgin.

Kim reached below the water to feel my rigid staff, “I guess this means that you like the idea too?” I responded by making passionate love to her in the tub that night. This session had as much intensity and fire as last night’s. Afterward, Kim informed me of the plan that she and Jenny worked out.

Jenny wanted both of us to be there to share her experience. That Saturday we put the plan into motion. Jenny joined us for a very romantic dinner. Both of my girls looked wonderful that night. They really went all out! Jenny borrowed one of Kim’s evening gowns. It was a favorite of mine. The little black dress had a slit up both sides and a skirt that stopped just above the knees. The front plunged down to expose her subtle cleavage and the back stopped short of showing the top of her underwear, if she wore any. Kim dressed very similar except her dress was red and exposed a little more leg. Being ten years her senior, like myself, Kim look ever bit as desirable as Jenny. I had to consider myself the luckiest man in the world.

After dinner, we retired to our living room and fireplace. I started the fire as the women made themselves comfortable on the pillows we had laid out on the floor. As soon as I joined them, we started our lovemaking. It was a wondrous entanglement of arms and legs. The sight of two women kissing never feels to stir up my sexual energy. I pulled back long enough to watch them undress each other.

It turned out that Jenny did have on a thong, garter belt, and nothing else. My wife dressed in a similar outfit. Kim really knows how to play on a guy’s visual stimulation. Kneeling face to face, I could tell several delightful differences between the two women. Of course beside one being blonde and the other brunette, the also had many other physical differences. Jenny had much smaller upturned nipples when compared to my wife’s large nubs. Kim’s curves were a little more mature and ass a little more bubble shaped. However, Jenny almost looked like a smaller, younger version of my wife.

Under Kim’s attention, Jenny seemed to like her nipples treated very rough. Kim and I chewed and suck on those little teenage titties until Jenny cried out in passion. We shared many three way kisses and necking. The experience was charged with so much sexual energy that I feared we all would burst into flame. Then the two girls turned on me.

Pushing me back down on a pillow, my two lovers undressed me. Jenny let out a squeal when the exposed my semi-erect dick. She exclaimed to Kim, “My god, you said it would be big but I am not sure it will fit.”

Kim informed her that it would be no problem as long as we were both aroused enough. Then they both went to work on my cock. Kim behaved like a teacher to Jenny. At Kim’s direction, Jenny’s tiny hand wrapped around my erection. Electricity shot straight to my ball as her timid tongue flick the slit of my head. She showed her every man pleasing oral trick in the book. Having two women work up and down the sides my dick is one of the most intense moments of my life. I nearly lost it as they alternated turns between deep throating my penis and sucking on my balls. Jenny rapidly developed into an expert cocksman.

Under the direction of Kim, we began to prepare Jenny for her deflowering. My wife and I both took a nipple into our mouths and began working her into a frenzy. Similar to Kim, Jenny appeared to really like her neck worked on with my mouth. As I kissed around her neck, Kim worked downward to her tight little pussy. Jenny moaned into my mouth as Kim began her oral ministrations. After a few minutes, I switched places with my wife. That little brown beaver had a very silky coat. Her nectar tasted so sweet to me that I could picture myself licking a really cherry and I could not wait to pop that cherry!

Jenny’s snatch accepted my fingers with little resistance. Kim told me that they had been working with dildos for a week to loosen her hole in anticipation of tonight. When I was sure that Jenny was warmed up, I took position between those firm legs and held my dick in place.

Kim held Jenny from behind as I slowly penetrated her with my mushroom head. Her lips slowly stretched around my rod and took a little time to get use to it. Those velvet walls seemed to be on fire as I held my erection in place. Jenny bit her bottom lip and encouraged me to go farther. When I hit bottom, it sent her over the edge. Kim said that she was really impressed that Jenny could orgasm on the first time. Jenny credited it to the practice that she and my wife did over the last few months.

I had to squeeze the base of my cock to avoid pushing myself over the edge. Once I got control of it, I began working it in and out of that newly broken in muff. It felt like I was a teenager again. I pulled the stamina out of somewhere and drove into her for at least another half-hour.

Jenny managed to cum several times during that period. Of course Kim helped us along with a little tongue action on Jenny’s clit and my shaft. Even though I didn’t want it to end, Jenny begged me to cum inside her. She told me that she wanted to feel my seed deep inside her womb. A few more strokes was all it took to fulfill her request. After a brief moment of recovery, I noticed tears running down her face. I asked if she was all right, and she replied, “I am just so happy to share this with both of you.”

We spent the night together and relived our coupling several times. My wife, Jenny and myself tried every possible position know to man and even a few I think that we invented. That night, all three of us did some teaching and learning. We had entered into uncharted territory for all of us.

Over the course of the summer, before Jenny had to leave for college, we spent many stolen moments together. Sometimes in pairs and other times we were a trio. Whenever we got together, the time seemed very special. My wife and I really miss her and can’t wait for a school break to see her again. Who knows? Maybe she will bring along a companion to make our threesome into a foursome.

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