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I never realized how common of a turn-on it is to see a man’s wife get fucked by another man. I thought I was crazy for thinking like this, but I guess I’m not. It’s been great seeing my wife score with different men. It’s opened her up to more and different possibilities and pleasures. It’s broadened our sexual horizons, and it’s done wonders for our marriage.

My wife and I have been married for almost 5 years. She is a traditional Indian woman with a pent up passion like a dam waiting to break. She never admitted to having these fantasies, but I always knew she was insatiable. My wife is 5’3″, average breasts, but a killer hot ass and legs. She also has ass-length velvety black hair which could make a man’s heart skip a beat. When she wears a short skirt, she turns heads—she has a nice heart-shaped ass, nice thighs, and a really nice pussy to match.

When we first married, we were having sex several times a day, and then things got boring for her and we were barely having sex. I suspected someone else, but I was wrong. I just couldn’t figure it out. Then, it dawned on me…she needed some release, a different flavor, a fresh outlook.

I always saw her stealing glances at good-looking blonde men, but she always suppressed her desire to even look. I never minded.

It’s been up and for the past few years it’s been on the downside, until I met my friend Geoff…

I met Geoff through a computer class I was taking at a local community college. We’d hang out after class, go out for drinks, and Geoff would come to our house for dinner parties once in a while. Geoff is about 6’2″, blonde, and not a bad-looking guy. I could always tell that he had a thing for my wife, and he always checked her out and flirted with her, and my wife always flirted back.

I had been fantasizing about my wife pleasuring another man for a really long time, but I wanted to be discreet about the whole thing. I thought it would spice up our marriage a little. So, I took the initiative to make it happen.

Last week, we went out with Geoff and his roommate, and the flirting was really obvious this time. He kept complimenting my wife, and she was eating it up. He wasn’t even looking at me or his roommate. It was like he was on a date with my wife, and she didn’t mind one bit.

My wife was wearing a thin white shirt with a tight black miniskirt. I knew Geoff had a bulge in his pants. After some time, Geoff’s roommate left to meet up with some other friends, and I got up to talk to one of my colleagues from work. I thought I’d leave them both alone to get better acquainted…

After a few minutes I came back to the table. My wife was eating up every word he uttered! No bland stares or glossed-over eyes. He could have been talking about macadamia nuts and she would have been laughing and smiling the whole time. Well, they started talking about recipes. Both of them apparently liked to cook, and my wife stated that she’d like Geoff to show her a good recipe for salsa because we were having a party really soon. Hmmmm that was quick. I had NO idea about a party in the works.

After dinner, we went to see a movie and then we said our goodbyes. The next morning my wife asked for Geoff’s email address because she wanted to get the salsa recipe from him. I gave it to her and so I wouldn’t get suspicious, she emailed a bunch of people to invite them to a party we were having in two weeks.

She emailed Geoff and within 5 minutes flat, he answered back—he wanted to show my wife more recipes, and that he had all the ingredients she needed to make these items. What enthusiasm!

After a few days, my wife said that she was catching a train to go to Geoff’s place early from work and that I should come over later and try out everything they made. I knew that Geoff had the day off, and I’m sure he had more in mind…I had taken the day off too just so I wouldn’t miss any action. I had a knot in my stomach, knowing what was probably going to happen.

That morning, my wife packed a bunch of casserole dishes, and a bunch of other stuff. She had these really tight black pants on which made me drool. I also saw that she packed a black sweater and another miniskirt with an apron. I kissed her goodbye, and told her that I might be a few hours late, but not to worry.

After lunch, I took off from work and parked down the street from Geoff’s place. I just waited for a few minutes and voila! Geoff picked up my wife at the train station and they both got out of his car to walk to his house. Damn, my wife was looking hotter than hell. She had on a black miniskirt with a really tight sweater. Her long black hair was blowing in the wind and I could see goosebumps on her lovely brown thighs…

Geoff opened the door for her and they both ascended the long staircase with Geoff right behind her no doubt looking up her dress!

I got out of the car and took Geoff’s key out of his mailbox and let myself in slowly…

I slowly walked up the steps and waited near the entrance to his suite. The walked right by and I almost jumped. I didn’t want to get caught. Finally, they both went into the kitchen and I could hear laughter and mindless conversation. Then, I walked closer so I could hear better and get a really good view. I was looking down into the kitchen where I could see and hear everything. Geoff had offered my wife some wine and he grabbed a beer.

They were just talking and flirting. Seemed pretty harmless, and Geoff said “We should start with the salsa.” My wife said “Yeah. That sounds good.” They started cutting vegetables and Geoff moved closer to my wife and then started asking her about us, and how she liked it in America. My wife said that she was happy, but that sometimes she missed her family and that she wasn’t satisfied with her career. She said “My life just seems so confusing. I feel like I’m going nowhere in a hurry.” The Geoff said “Sometimes you have to smell the roses. You have to go for what you really want with no regrets.” “I just don’t know where to begin.” my wife said. Geoff moved really close to my wife so that they were touching. I noticed my wife could see the bulge forming in Geoff’s pants and she accidentally cut herself–

“Shit! I’m so damn clumsy!” Geoff took her hand and washed it in the sink. Then he was right behind her, and I could see my wife slowly grinding her ass against his dick. I thought his dick would jump out of his jeans! They didn’t move for at least 5 minutes. My wife just kept gliding her ass on his crotch and then Geoff put his big hands on the sides of my wife’s ass and said “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll put and band-aid on that?”

Meanwhile, I took my penis out of my pants and I was slowly stroking it amidst this sexual tension that was brewing…

Geoff’s hands never left my wife’s beautiful ass and while my wife was grinding his dick he moved lower until he was rubbing her thighs. Then my wife uttered,

“This is so wrong, but why does it feel soooo right?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care.” answered Geoff.

Finally, my wife turned around and she kissed Geoff with her luscious lips, gliding her tongue into his mouth. Geoff started kneading my wife’s ass with his large hands, and my wife was kissing his neck. She was so horny!

Finally his hands worked their way under her sweater and her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was just going on animal instinct now.

Then after a long passionate kiss, my wife unbuckled Geoff’s pants and she slid them down. She reached into his undies and pulled out his very erect 8 inch cock and started rubbing the head of his dick—slowly pushing the foreskin back and jacking him all the way down his shaft. He was in heaven. I thought I’d explode soon, but I held it in.

Finally Geoff pulled my wife’s sweater off and was sucking on her tits. She had a sexy black bra on, and she unbuckled it.

Then my wife took her luscious lips and started darting her tongue on Geoff’s long penis. She started at the head, and took in at least 5 inches into her beautiful mouth. It was amazing!

She kissed his dick, slurped it, sucked it all the way from his balls to his bulbous purple head. Geoff was in heaven! My wife was jacking and sucking his cock and fingering herself at the same time. She was pure nympho now. I’d never seen her like this! I was amazed and ecstatic at how she was pleasuring another man…

She looked up at Geoff with her beautiful brown eyes while slowly stuffing his cock into her mouth. I thought Geoff was going to explode but surprisingly he held back.

Then my wife got up and Geoff picked her up and put her back-down on the dining table. My wife was wetter than a jungle! Her skirt was still on and I could see her pussy oozing with juices. She just looked up at Geoff and softly said “Fuck me with your big cock.” Geoff guided his missile into my wife slowly until it bottomed out inside my wife. He had reached unexplored territory and I thought my wife was gonna explode. He started slowly pumping her with his dick. Geoff was in great shape. He had awesome stamina. He looked like a jaguar. His ass cheeks would tighten on every thrust and my wife was digging her nails into Geoff’s thighs and he didn’t even care.

He kept increasing the pace of his thrusts but his movements were really smooth and fluid. I thought my wife was gonna explode. Then she said that she wanted it doggie-style.

Geoff slowly removed his cock from her pussy and my wife got on all fours. I was really close to cumming!

Geoff stuck his fingers in my wife’s pussy and he gingerly rubbed her pussy juices all over his throbbing hot dick almost as if he were extinguishing a fire! Then he started licking her pussy and her asshole. My wife was in ecstasy. I had never seen her have this much pleasure. I had a lot to learn!

Finally, she said “What are you waiting for? I want your big dick to start fucking me now!” Geoff then briefly rubbed his penis back to life and slowly inserted his cock into my wife from behind. She was pure slut now.

I could hear sloshing and Geoff slowly started pumping my wife’s pussy with slow fluid motions while fingering her asshole with his pinky. This sent my wife over the edge. She started humping his dick back and then Geoff increased his speed. He had great tone and muscle control. He was calm, and his movements were effortless. While Geoff was fucking my wife doggie-style he then started pinching my wife’s ass and shaking it like jello while fucking her like a dog-in-heat. I couldn’t bear it. I shot a huge load straight into the wall. After a few minutes, I saw Geoff turning red fucking my wife furiously. His brow furrowed and he grimaced. My wife was delirious—banging her hips against his long cock and her long black hair flailing and twisting. Her face was flushed and she started screaming obscenities which I never heard before—“Keep fucking me or I’ll kill you with my bare hands!”

I couldn’t believe how long Geoff was lasting. His ass and face were turning purple but he was concentrated and determined to make it last! I shot another load into the wall.

Finally Geoff’s dam broke. He jack-hammered one last time into my wife’s stretched pussy and he just let out a wail and emptied what seemed like a liter of cum into my wife’s womb. His orgasm must have lasted 2 minutes!

Then Geoff got up and went into the bathroom while my wife went to the other bathroom to clean up. When she got up I could see the creamy strands of cum running down her inner thigh.

After a few minutes, they both came out to the kitchen and they cleaned up.

Needless to say, my wife has been trading more recipes with my friend, and our sex life has been fantastic!

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