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My Wife Being Fucked By Other Men Turns Me On

My wife and I had been attending swingers’ parties for about three years now, not as often as I would have liked to but with two demanding kids it was only an every three to four month event. And with Judy back at work part time we don’t seem to get a lot of spare time to indulge in a lot of pleasures. Let me give you an outline on how we actually got involved into the swinger’s scene, which brought out my voyeuristic side that I never knew I had, well! Maybe I did but just never indulged in it. I will tell you the details in three different parts. The third part of my story is where I get to tell you the details about my voyeuristic side. My entire story is true, only the names have been changed.

My wife Judy (Not her real name) and I met through a friend of mine that I was living with at the time, Judy just happened to be his cousin although I had only met her on one or two occasions. Judy was only 17 and I was at the ripe age of 21. Because of her age I never really took any notice of her in any romantic or sexual way, to me she was just my flat mates little cousin and anyway I was to busy going out every weekend, drinking, dancing and getting laid to worry about a 17 year old. My name is David by the way.

It wasn’t until 3 years later that I saw Judy in a whole new light. We had bumped into each other at a nightclub and at first I didn’t recognize her as she had grown into a beautiful full figured women from the skinny giggling 17 year old I had known years prior. I had moved out of my friends apartment and had lost contact with him and of course his cousin Judy, until now. Let me describe Judy. She was born in Australia but her parents are of an island/French decent. An island of the coast of South Africa, I’ll let you work out which island. She’s about 5′ 6 tall with an average build; dark tanned olive skin, long black curly hair with lovely brown eyes. Her breasts are firm and about average in size but what makes them stand out are her huge dark aureoles surrounding the nipples. She’s told me that a lot of men have commented on them saying how nice they are. I understand what they’re saying; I love her tits and those large aureoles especially when she wears sheer white tops with no bra.

After that night Judy and I became closer and then after a few months we became an item and our relationship blossomed. Our sex life was great, we were very open from the beginning and like in most relationships there was always the question of how many people have you slept with. And as you do to ensure there is no conflict you lie and say not much and leave it at that, well try to any way. Judy was very honest and confided in me that she had been very promiscuous since she was 16 and because she had never been shown love from her parents she looked for it in the arms of different men. Thinking that if she slept with them they would fall in love with her.

Judy had a bit of a temper and we broke up a few times during our relationship because of that. And each time we broke up and got back together she would tell me that she had slept around. And because I loved her I always took her back. The last time we broke up she had gone out and met a guy at a nightclub; he had taken her to his car for a quick fuck. He had began to fondle her, feeling her pussy under her short dress and she in turn was fondling his hard cock over his pants. After a while she had decided that she could not go through with it and asked him to stop and let her out. He would not take no for an answer and under her protest and a struggle proceeded to pull her knickers off. If it weren’t for her friend knocking on the window to see if she was ok he would have had his way with her with or without her consent. Her friend who was very concerned about her confided in me and told me of the incident. That was the last straw, I had to do something to change her ways so I asked her back and eventually married her on her 21st birthday. We had a child a year later and because work was very scarce and to save money we had moved into her parent’s garage and that’s when the problems started.

After a while she began to feel closed in and she couldn’t stand living under her parents roof. At times I would have to stay home and look after the baby while she went out with friends. At first I thought that maybe it was just a phase she was going through and she would soon get over it, how wrong I was. After a while it took it’s toll and I had to put a stop to it before it ruined our marriage, but it was too late. She had met another man at a club and fucked him. I found out later that it was only the one time. Although she had met up with him a few times just to talk and it would eventually lead to the discussion of sex and being turned on she would sucked his cock until he came in her mouth then come home as if nothing had happened. Needless to say that when she told me I was devastated, and even though I wanted to end our marriage I couldn’t because of the love I had for her. We eventually worked it out and moved to our own house and our life was getting better with the thought of her infidelity still in my memory.

As I said earlier, we often talked about our past openly. Sometimes we would talk about the events that lead to her affair that nearly ended our relationship. We found talking about it to be very therapeutic and after a while I learnt to let go and look at it as a bad phase in the marriage. More and more we began to talk about the different people we had fucked, mostly during our foreplay before getting down to some serious fucking. We found that the more we talked about it the more turned on we would become and the sex that followed would be more intense.

Our discussions would become more brazen. We would describe the different sexual partners, who they were, where we fucked and best of all how we fucked them. It came to the point that we knew everything about each other’s sexual partners, the ones before and during our relationship. Even talking about the affair would get me hot where as before I would be filled with anger at the thought of another man fucking my wife. Not any more!

During one of your discussions while she lay in bed naked and I lay between her thighs licking her sweet shaved pussy. That’s another part of our sex life that had changed for the better. We became more daring more experimental. She started to wear more revealing clothes, short dresses, tops without a bra, sexy thongs etc. And best of all she had asked me to shave her pussy after watching a porn video and seeing how all the women had smooth shaven pussy lips. Who was I to argue? What excited me more was that she told me that it was all for me, and the thought of that made me love her even more.

I was licking her pussy as she was telling about the time she had gone to a dance with a friend, a dance that I had also attended with two of my friends during one of our break ups. We had seen each other through the crowed and had only said a quick hello in passing. I told her how I remembered that night very clearly because of the sexy dress she was wearing and how jealous I got every time any man had looked at her. I had been watching her all night but had lost sight of her sometime during the night.

She had danced with a man that had been eyeing her off all night. During a slow dance he had flirted with her, telling her how sexy she was while rubbing her back very seductively. What were you wearing under your dress? I asked, taking my mouth away from her wet pussy. Only a black lace thong and matching bra that I had bought that day she tells me, pushing my head back to her waiting cunt. She had also been drinking and the man’s seducing words and his roaming hands had gotten her hot and a little wet. He had asked her to join him at his table for a drink and she had accepted. She also told me that she had looked around the room to see if I was watching her. She had hoped that I would rush over like a night in shining armour and take her away and when I didn’t she had decided let this strange man do as he wanted. I assured her that if I had seen her with him I would have whisked her away without any hesitation.

After a few drinks she had become more relaxed and when he asked her to follow him out for some fresh air she had done so without a thought. As they stepped out into the night air he had put his arms around her and walked her to his car at the rear of the car park. When they got to the car he had pulled her close and kissed her, her arms had gone around him and she kissed him back and for the first time feeling his erection pressing against her belly making her even wetter. As she talked between her gasps of pleasure I lapped at her clit while inserting two fingers deep inside her. With her eyes closed and legs spread wide open to allow me better access she squeezed her nipples between her thumb and fingers as she continued with her story.

His hands had slid down her back and cupped her bum cheeks softly squeezing them pushing her closer to his erection. He removed his left hand sliding it between them and taking her right breast in his hand feeling her erect nipples. He began to kiss her neck as he played with her breast over her dress making her pussy juices run even more. He stopped for a moment and took his keys from his pocket and opened the passenger side door. She took a quick glance around the car park before getting into the passenger seat. As he walked around she leant over and unlatched his door to let him in. Were you looking for me again? I asked hoping that she would say yes. Not really, I was just making sure no one was around because I didn’t want to get caught getting fucked in a stranger’s car and she hadn’t told her friend where she had going. I felt a little disappointed but was more excited and eager to hear the rest of the story. By this time my cock was hard and pressing against the bed as I lay there slowly fingering and licking her soaked pussy. I could hear her breathing getting faster as she continued her story between her deep breaths. I could also tell that she was on the verge of cumming so I made sure to slow down my licking because I wanted her to finish the story before she came.

He got in and put the key in the ignition and started up the car stereo. He inserted a tape and the sound of Cool and the Gang came through the speakers. He leant over and took her face in his hand and kissed her lips, she responded and parted her lips taking his tongue into her mouth. He reached over without taking his mouth from hers and pulled on the latch to recline the seat back. She was now lying back on the seat as he kissed her neck working his way to her shoulders. As he kissed her softly his fingers went under the strap of her dress pulling it down over her shoulders. He worked his way to the other shoulder and did the same letting the strap of her dress fall away. He sat up and looked at her before leaning over and pulling the dress down to expose her lacy bra. She also sat up, reaching behind her to unclip her bra and toss it aside to expose her breasts and erect nipples surrounded by large dark aureoles. The aureole’s that I love so much and the same ones that were now being licked by my horny wife as I licked away at her dripping cunt.

She sucked on her nipple and gave me sexy smile before going on with her story. He reached out and cupped her left breast, kneading it gently and softly pulling on her nipple causing her to sigh. She in turn reached forward and squeezed his hard cock over his pants bringing a smile across his face. They again embraced in a deep kiss as she continued to rub the long hard member. His mouth went to her left breast sucking on her nipple as his hand felt the contours of her body. Her hand went to his belt unbuckling it then moving to his zipper sliding it down. She gently slid her hand inside his pants, over the elastic of his shorts and took his rigid cock between her fingers. She heard a sigh escape his mouth and felt his body stiffen as she wrapped a hand around his throbbing member. By this time we were both ready to explode I moved my body above hers and kissed her mouth as she took my tongue sucking it deep into her own mouth

My cock slid easily into her soaking wet pussy, she let out a deep moan and wrapped her legs around my waist as her body shuddered to her first orgasm. I lay between her thighs with my cock deep within her until her climax subsided. We held each other close and I could feel her heart beating as her chest rose up and down with every breath. She asked me to make love to her slowly as she continued on with her story. I reluctantly pulled out my cock that was now covered in her juices. I lay my body horizontally to hers and slid my legs under hers making her legs sit over my hips. I pushed forward letting my cock enter her, I stayed there savoring the warmth of her pussy. She took my hand in hers and her other hand went to her clit as the story started where it left off.

His hand went between her smooth legs and she opened them willingly. He slid his hand up her thighs until he felt the heat and the wet patch from her lacy thong. She spread her legs wider allowing him better access to her waiting cunt. He rubbed her hot cunt over the lacy material of her thong as she worked her own hand up and down the shaft of 7″ cock. She stopped for a moment and held the hem of her dress to pull it up over her hips. He sat on his seat and pulled his pants and shorts down around his ankle in one swift movement as he watched her slip her thong down her smooth thighs down her long legs letting them fall to the floor around her feet. He could now see her pussy lips protruding through the nicely trimmed pubic hair.

He slipped his shoes of his feet, yanked off his pants and shorts and awkwardly climbed over the gear stick and knelt between her wide open legs. She closed her eyes and cupped her breasts as he began to kiss along her thighs. She let out a deep moan as she felt his mouth on her pouting pussy lips. “Ooohhh Yeeaahhh!” Lick me she had said to him as he parted her lips with his tongue. She pinched her nipple with the one hand as she ran her other hand through his hair, smiling down at him as he lapped away at her wet pussy that was eager to get a good fucking. He slid a finger between her parted lips then two, stretching her pussy a little wider as his thumb rubbed her clit poking out between her meaty folds. If I know my wife this would have sent her over the edge, one thing she loves to have her clit rubbed while getting her pussy fingered at the one time. She arched her back and squeezed her nipples as she came for the first time with the stranger she had just met.

He took his fingers from her cum soaked pussy and leant forward to kiss her, as he did she felt the end of his cock rub again her slit. He rolled over onto his seat pulled on the latch reclining his seat back level with hers. As he lay back she reached across and held his cock firmly around the base while positioning herself on her knees on the passenger seat, making herself comfortable. She slid her hand up and down the length adding a little more pressure as her hand reached just below the head causing precum to seep out and dribble down the shaft and over her hand. “Did you like his cock?” “It was nice and long but not as thick as yours”. A smirk came across my face knowing that she enjoyed and approved of the thickness of my manhood. She had never complained about the size of my cock. On the contrary, she often told me that the thickness was just right and she loved the feel of it as it slid in and out of her pussy especially when I enter her from behind. She has had bigger but mine was just right according to her.

She pumped his cock a few times then leant forward to lick the head. She used her tongue to lap up the precum around the purple head paying special attention to the piece of flesh that stretched from the foreskin to the base of the head. She took his cock into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down the shaft, as she slid her mouth downwards she would suck in her cheeks to make a vacuum with her mouth and slide back up the shaft causing him to moan and tense his body. She did this a few times as her hand softly massaged his balls. She would also try to take the whole length into her mouth, but just when she thought she could take it she would gag and slide her mouth back up hoping not to choke. She slid her mouth from his cock and kissed the knob. She licked a trail from his navel up to chest then took his nipple between her teeth and pulled on it gently causing a tinge of pain and an aaahhh! to escape from his mouth. She licked around the nipple flicked it with her tongue before moving to his lips and giving him a lustful kiss.

“Did you ask him to fuck you or did you just let it happen?” I asked as I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips. I was so ready to blow my load but I wanted to hold off for the ending. So once in a while I would pull it out and let the head just sit inside her pussy lips. “No! I just laid back on my reclined seat and spread my legs and he knew I was ready to be fucked” she answered. She helped him climb back over the gear stick and held him as he lay his body over hers. She closed her eyes as he kissed her neck then her breasts and around her nipples. He held himself up on one arm as he took hold of his cock guiding it to the opening of her pussy. He rubbed the head along her slit parting the lips as he went. She was so wet his cock slid in with one push hitting the back of her cunt causing her to gasp and dig her nails into his back. He lay there for a second feeling the warmth of her pussy and the muscles contracting around his cock. He began to pump in and out in slow motion as she held his face kissing his soft lips. She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around his neck as he began to pump her cunt faster and faster growling with every thrust. She let out her own grunts as his cock plunged deep into her.

She put one foot on the dashboard and stretched the other one resting on the steering wheel as he pumped away at her juicy love hole. Her hand went to her erect clit stroking it making her tremble from her delicate touch. The expression on his face told her that he was about to cum, she rubbed her clit even faster knowing that she was on the verge of cumming also. Her body shook as her cunt pulsated into a massive orgasm, she felt his cock throb within her as he plunged deep filling her cunt with his semen. I had held off long enough, I buried my own throbbing cock into her emptying my load deep inside, she tensed her cunt muscle around my shaft milking the semen from my cock sending her into another shattering orgasm.

We lay in bed touching each other’s body as we got our breath back. She went on to tell me that after he had fucked her and emptied his load they had cleaned themselves up, they had walked towards the dance hall hand in hand as she wanted to search for her friend and he had offered to help. As they got to the entrance he suddenly stopped and made some lame excuse about having to leave to meet friend. He gave her a quick kiss and walked back to his car and drove off into the night leaving her standing there alone feeling used once again.

A funny part to this story is that I remember my friends and I walking to my car as we were heading into the city to check out a few nightclubs. We had passed a car that had the windows totally fogged up and the car was definitely rocken. My friend had made a remark that at least one lucky guy was getting fucked tonight and we had all laughed as we walked passed. I guess at that time if I had known it was Judy, it wouldn’t have been as funny.

I held her tight and assured that everything was ok now, it was all in the past and that she was now with someone that loved her. She rolled over to kiss me with a tear streaming down her face. I wiped it away kissed her face and hugged her tight. We made love again that night and I woke up feeling her mouth around my cock.

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