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The hypnotist evening at the local working men’s club whilst we were on holiday looked like good fun, and I duly bought two tickets, one for myself and one for my wife.

When we arrived that evening we were met with strange stares. Not me in particular, but my wife, Jan. It soon became apparent that not only were we the only couple there but indeed Jan was the only woman. Although feeling a little uncomfortable we decided to stay and enjoy the show.

It was the usual sort of thing, people sitting on chairs and leaping up because they were hot, but all good mannered and fun.

Until, that is, the hypnotist picked Jan to go up on stage. To begin with it was the usual sort of stuff, amusing and harmless, but then with Jan being the only woman in the audience the theme of the show turned markedly sexual.

“When you hear the theme to The Stripper,” the hypnotist was saying, “you will feel the uncontrollable urge to take all your clothes off and dance to the music. In fact you will want to put on a real show for everyone here tonight, because you will think you are the most sexiest woman in the world. You will wake up on the count of three. One. Two. Three. Awake!”

The hypnotist engaged Jan with small talk on the stage whilst everyone waited with bated breath for the music to start playing. No, not waiting, but willing it to start.

There was a deadly silence, you could almost see the air of anticipation of the men in the audience.

I sat quietly in my seat with a pint in my hand and my heart pounding away in my stomach. Although I knew that surely the hypnotist would stop Jan before she embarrassed herself too much, I took little comfort in the men surrounding me

drooling over the thought of my wife stripping for them.

Then suddenly the music started, it was like some weird out of body experience as I sat and numbly watched my wife get up from her seat and started cavorting across the stage, unbuttoning her blouse button by button. The crowd erupted in spontaneous cheers and a chorus of “get ’em off, get ’em off, get ’em off,” resounded throughout

the hall. And then before I knew it the blouse was off and thrown into the arms of an appreciative spectator.

This was far too much, I stood up from my seat with the intention of getting my wife back from the jaws of indecency, but to my surprise was forced back down again. It was two huge gorillas of bouncers, one either side of me with a hand on each of my shoulders. They spoke once and only once. They did not have to say any more. It

was perfectly clear – cause a scene and I would get thrown out and have my legs broken – it was as simple as that. There was no arguing with that – I was resigned to the fact that I had to sit and watch my wife strip for a jeering drunken mob.

I looked back to the stage, Jan had removed her skirt and shoes and was now dancing around in nothing more than her bra and knickers.

Then as suddenly as it started the music stopped. “Sleep,” the hypnotist ordered.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It had stopped.

“Jan,” the voice echoed around the room, “that was very good indeed. But this time when you wake up you will go round to each man in the front row and let them have a feel of your tits or your pussy.” There were unprecedented cheers in the front row, but where I was sitting the hands just gripped my shoulders a little firmer.

“One. Two. Three. Awake!”

My cheeks glowed with humiliation as my wife went to the first man on the end of the row who eagerly seized the opportunity to undo my wife’s bra and have a good grope of her tits. The man sitting next to him pulled her knickers down her long legs and wasted no time in sticking his fingers in her golden pubed pussy.

She moved along the row letting her tits be fondled and her pussy felt, spending a few

minutes with each man.

At the end of the row she was called back on stage by the hypnotist.

“Sleep. Well gentlemen, we have a real beauty with us today. Now for a real show.”

He pointed at two men in the audience. “You and you sir, please take a step on to the stage. A round of applause please!”

The two men clambered onto the stage – they were unshaven, had huge beer bellies, were ugly and about fifty. My wife sat naked in her chair, still hypnotised. The men’s eyes were transfixed on her tits and pussy.

“Now, finally Jan, when you wake up the two men, apart from me, that you see on the stage will be the most attractive men you have ever seen and you will be really horny for them. One. Two. Three. Awake!”

Jan took one look at the men, stood up and started French kissing him, rubbing his cock through his trousers. The other man stood behind her caressing her tits, and groping her arse, his fat fingers exploring her pussy.

Jan broke her kiss with the man. Her words were audible over the stage microphone.

“I need to suck your dick,” she said to him. Then she turned to the man behind her, “I

need you to fuck me hard.”

Jan dropped to her knees in front of the man she was kissing, and undoing his trousers and pulling his briefs down started sucking his cock like a lollipop.

The other man pushed his trousers and boxers to the floor, crept in between the backs of her thighs and eased his cock deep into her womanhood, thrusting himself in and out of her sopping wet cunt, gripping her hips with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other, his fat beer gut resting on her arse. Jan moaned appreciatively.

The crowd cheered the men on as they fucked my wife at both ends for what seemed a


When they finally finished and withdrew their spent cocks from her, Jan sat upright, her legs apart, rubbing sperm into her golden pussy, gently teasing her clit with the stuff, the cum she didn’t manage to swallow still dripping from her chin.

The two men pulled their clothes back up and returned to the seats.

“Well gentlemen,” the hypnotist started, “what a show! But we have to thank Jan’s husband for being such a sport and let us borrow his wife, so a big hand please for Jan’s husband.”

The spotlight focused on me, blinding me, all around faces were looking at me, clapping for letting me “lend” my wife out, letting other men strip her, feel her up and fuck her. Again, I blushed undiluted humiliation, I could feel the words “mug” emblazoned on my forehead.

Ten seconds and the light was back on the stage. A chant was born somewhere in the audience “MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!”

God no. Surely not. Hadn’t Jan suffered enough humiliation? Hadn’t I?

“Okay gentlemen. Well I think we’d better ask Jan don’t you?”

Jan still sat there playing with herself, her cum soaked fingers darting in and out of her pussy.

“Jan dear,” said the hypnotist, “would you like some more cock?”

“Yes, yes, YES, YES, I NEED COCK, FUCK ME!!” she screamed.

The place went mad, men ran up onto the stage, stripping as they went. I circle of bodies surrounded the action and obscured what was happening. The slab-like hands holding me in position released their grip and in a moment I also was there on the stage with the heaving mob. I tried to push my way to the front but only manage to get within visual contact. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Jan sat on a man, impaled on his cock, deep in her pussy, another fucked her up her arse while another man was having his cock sucked by her. In each hand she slowly wanked two men whilst all others were fondling her tits. As each man came their cock was swiftly replaced by another. Some men were content to just watch and cum over her hair, face, back or wherever they could. Her pussy and arsehole squelched to capacity as each man had their turn.

I eventually managed to fight my way to her.

“Jan, snap out of it,” I begged her.

“But darling, I’m not hypnotised. I never was. Let me have my fun honey.”

“What a wonderful slut wife,” I thought as she sucked my cock.

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