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Susan is my wife and I love her dearly. We have been together since we finished high school and although we dated for several years we never got into the sex thing with each other. We were basically friends, close friends, and we shared everything right up to the time we started to get into a serious relationship. At long last we decided to get engaged and I thought this may be the time we will enter a sexual relationship but Susan had other ideas. She wanted to be a virgin when we married and I just went along with that idea. Susan had been out with a couple of other guys for various reasons – we had had a couple of fights – but I know that although these guys tried to make it with Susan she didn’t let them. I know they felt her up and played with her tits but they never actually got her panties off although several of them managed to get their hands inside and played with her pussy.

I knew she was a virgin when we married because we had a real problem on the first night. We had married in the afternoon and had a party in the early evening and then we left the party for our first real night together at a hotel about 50 miles from home. We booked into the hotel around midnight as had previously been arranged with the staff and then retired to the honeymoon suite. Once inside we both showered and then completely naked we walked hand in hand to our wedding bed. I know Susan was very aroused and I continued with foreplay until she was just about bursting (I was right on the point of cumming too) when it came time for me to make love with her. No matter how we tried I just couldn’t enter her completely – her hymen was so tough I just couldn’t penetrate it. She was terribly disappointed and had to give up on the idea of intercourse. We had mutually masturbated each other a number of times and so we had to resort to that for our release.

Next morning when we woke and it was a Sunday morning we remained in bed until 11am having tried unsuccessfully several times to penetrate her but again without success. She was becoming very sore and we decided we wouldn’t try again until we could see a doctor on Monday. We were only staying two nights at this first hotel so we traveled to our second hotel on Monday morning and settled in. I asked directions to a doctor and we gained an appointment and went to see him. He was a lovely man who completely understood our problem and told us he could fix it easily. Poor Susan was never so embarrassed when the doctor took us both into his surgery and got her to lie on the examination table, naked from the waist down, and he spread her legs and slipped them into the stirrups on the table. She was totally exposed but the doctor was most kind and had me with her holding her hand while he examined her. He quickly gave her a local anaesthetic and then when she couldn’t feel anything he reached in and snipped her hymen with a scalpel and it was all over. Poor Susan had never exposed herself like that to anyone but we survived.

We waited for one extra day as advised by the doctor and from then on we have always had wonderful sex together.

I had studied hard and had gradually built up a manufacturing business to the point where we were very well off. Susan had worked in the office of my business for several years and had then decided she would stop work when we were able to pay more staff to do her work. She busied herself with lots of charity work after that.

We had been married for seven years and Susan started to show an interest in erotic stories and she was downloading them from the Internet and printing them out so we could lie in bed and read them together. She was particularly interested in the Slut Wife stories where the husband allowed his wife to fuck other men! I enjoyed the sex which always followed these stories but I didn’t think much of the idea of allowing a wife to fuck another man even if the husband was allowed to watch. It just didn’t appeal to me. As the months went by Susan was printing out more and more of these stories and it almost became an obsession with her that we read several stories in bed whilst playing with each other and then we could have fabulous sex afterwards.

I was becoming just a little disturbed by all this attention to slut sex as we called it and I dared to ask Susan if she ever thought about doing that sort of thing herself? Her reply stunned me when she said, “Of course – I often think how wonderful it would be to have another man fuck me but I guess you wouldn’t approve so we can’t do anything about it!” This shook me up a bit because I hadn’t thought she would ever consider that sort of thing. Now that it was out in the open we discussed it more and more with Susan usually initiating the conversation. Over a period of months she kept asking me if I would let her fuck another man and although I sort of agreed in principle I never gave her permission. We had such wonderful sex I couldn’t see why she would ever want to go to another man. Of course she had never had another man and so I guess she was wondering about the unknown. We had discussed her having sex with another man on several occasions but were never able to come up with a person who would be suitable. Several names were thought of but for varying reasons they weren’t any good – either they were friends or if they were strangers we wouldn’t know enough about them and after all they might talk and that couldn’t be allowed to happen.

Business was going very well. We had built up the business to a point where I took a lesser role in running it and became more of an organising manager with other staff to do all the work. I employed several salesmen who arranged good sales for us and we paid them well for their work. One salesman, Cliff, had been very successful in most of the sales and we were thrilled with his work. He came to me one afternoon and told me he thought he had landed his biggest contract yet. He had been working on a very successful businessman in another city who would be likely to order goods from us valued at about a million dollars if all went well. Cliff asked me to meet this man when he was visiting our city in a couple of weeks and to wine and dine him to cement the business contract. I knew of him but had never met him but understood he was a very nice sort of businessman whom I thought would be likely to sign the contract. Cliff also carefully suggested we might like to arrange an escort for the man, Mike, because he liked that sort of thing and it might put him in a signing mood. Cliff told me I would have no difficulty recognising Mike when I met him.

Mike was due to visit our city next Friday and he would meet Cliff at the factory and then they would meet me and I would take him out for a meal in the evening at the best restaurant and hope this would clinch the deal. Cliff couldn’t attend the dinner so I would be alone with him.

On the Monday morning before I left for the factory I mentioned I would be busy on Friday evening with Mike and that Susan shouldn’t expect me home for a meal and in fact I might be a bit late depending on how things go with the deal. I also made a note on a piece of paper at the breakfast table to make sure I booked a very attractive escort for Mike on Friday. Susan saw the note and asked what I knew about selecting an attractive escort. I told her I had connections and would manage to fix that.

I had been at work for about an hour when my phone rang. It was Susan. She was breathless and told me not to arrange for an escort for Mike on Friday as she had a great idea about how we could find a very suitable person and she would tell me all about it when I got home. Susan sometimes comes up with good ideas so I thought I would leave this until I knew what she had in mind.

That evening Susan asked me a lot of questions about Mike and as I had never met him I confessed I knew little about him. He was about 45 and was married, he was a very decent man and was respected in his community and also he was very successful and rich. That was about all I could tell her about him. When I asked what she had in mind she stunned me with her reply. She said, “Well, darling, because we have had such a lot of trouble trying to find another man I could be with, I have decided that as Mike has never met me and therefore doesn’t know me, I will go as his escort. We can see what happens from there. What do you think of this idea?” I just didn’t know what to think about this except to know I didn’t like it one bit but I also knew once Susan got an idea into her head if was often hard to shift it!

I tried to explain to Susan that acting as an escort could be interesting but it meant more than just going to have a meal with him – it probably would involve sex with him and I didn’t like that one bit! She told me she had thought about that and was quite willing to have sex with him if he wanted it because it would give her a chance to be with another man. Also because Mike didn’t know her we couldn’t get into any trouble, as he would never know who she really was. I still didn’t like it and told her so.

Susan kept at me all week and I didn’t do anything about booking an escort because I knew it would upset Susan if I did! Thursday evening Susan told me she had made appointments for most of Friday at beauty salons to make sure she looked her best for Mike. I could see she had made her mind up so I just caved in but told her she had better be very careful because she was flirting with trouble.

I wasn’t able to meet Mike during the morning of Friday but Cliff assured me he was certainly a very charming man. He was looking forward to having a meal with me in the evening and asked cliff if I had managed to round up an attractive escort for him, as he liked to have a meal in the company of an attractive woman. Cliff told him he thought he would be pleased with the entertainment I had arranged (not knowing what arrangements I had made) and he told him I would bring her along to the hotel to meet him before the meal. It was all settled – I would bring his escort to his hotel room at 7pm so he could meet her before we went to the meal at 7.30pm.

When I arrived home I was amazed at Susan. Although she is 29 she looked much younger and I could see she had gone to a lot of trouble to look attractive for Mike. She had arranged her hair appointment, manicure, waxing of her legs (and also her bikini line she whispered) as well as buying some new clothes to wear. She looked really lovely. She was standing in our bedroom when I arrived home with just a towel wrapped around her lovely body. She has delightful breasts which are very well shaped and don’t sag at all. She has slightly protruding nipples which can rise when she gets excited. Her legs are long and well shaped and she looks just great. She whipped off the towel and stood in front of me naked and I gasped when I saw her body. I realized she had applied a tanning lotion all over her body and she was sporting a glorious tan. She told me she had this done in the beauty salon and she hoped I liked it. She also pointed out to me she had removed her wedding and engagement rings and where there had been a white ring of pale skin on her fingers, she had had tanning lotion applied and now it looked as though she had never worn a wedding ring. We were almost separated now! She had also had her bush trimmed into a definite neat triangle shape with no hair at all right at the top of her cunt and clit – it had been trimmed so her sex was clearly visible.

Susan asked me if I had ever been out with someone who had an escort with them and I had to say I only knew of one escort so Susan wanted to know how she was dressed. I explained she was dressed like any attractive woman, certainly no hint of looking like a slut, in fact she had been an attractive woman just like any other woman. Susan asked me if I thought she should wear a bra or leave it off – she can easily managed to wear her clothes without a bra – and I told her to make her own mind up on that dependent on the clothes she was wearing. She also asked about leaving her panties off but I told her I thought she should wear something so she didn’t appear too much of a slut to Mike. I knew we had reached a point where she wasn’t going to back out so I just had to go along with her. For her panties, she pulled on the smallest thong she could find and it didn’t cover very much at all. She also decided not to wear her bra as the top of the dress wasn’t very see-through and she could get away without it. Her skirt was very short indeed but at the same time it looked good on Susan. She didn’t wear stockings or pantyhose and just wore her high-heeled shoes making her legs look even better especially now they were tanned.

Just before she slipped into the top of her dress – it was really a well cut blouse – I saw her reddening her nipples with some lipstick and this made them look very exciting. At last she was ready and for the last time I asked her if she wanted to back out but she was determined and that was that. I also asked her what she intended doing if Mike wanted to have sex with her. She simply said, “Well, this might be my chance to have another man but we will have to wait and see. You won’t think any less of me will you if I do have sex with him?” I shook my head but I wasn’t convincing myself at all.

We arrived at the hotel and took the elevator to Mike’s floor and, just before I knocked on the door, I asked Susan one last time if she wanted to stop and not go through with this but she was determined and I just hoped this would be alright. When the door opened after my knock, I was stunned! The man standing there wasn’t black but he was certainly dark brown and a very big man at that – he must have stood over 6’6″ tall. Mike greeted me like a long lost friend and we chatted for about a minute about work and things generally before he really acknowledged Susan. He walked over to her, gave her a hug and kissed her on the mouth. I wanted to call it all off right away but for some reason didn’t! Susan didn’t do anything much to resist she just went along with what Mike was doing. He broke off and told me I had chosen a beautiful escort for him and it was a pity I didn’t think to bring one for myself but I shrugged and suggested we might go off for our meal. Mike told me I was in too much of a rush and we had a few things to do first. He pointed to the table in the room on which I could see our contract laid out. I could also see he hadn’t signed it so I wasn’t so happy about that.

He walked over to Susan and asked her name. She had obviously thought about this and immediately replied, “Jennifer, and I am here at your service!” Mike grinned and turned and smiled at me and said, “Gee Bill, you certainly know how to pick them. Can she give good head too?” Suddenly I was upset – he was asking me if Susan could suck his cock and I didn’t know what to say! Susan saved the day (for Mike but not for me) by saying, “Well, Mike, I guess the only way you will be able to tell is for me to give you a demonstration. Would you like to come into the bedroom with me and I will show you!” Mike chuckled and said, “Well sweetheart, right here would be fine!” and with that he opened his fly, undid the belt on his trousers and dropped them to his feet. He also dropped his underpants and there he stood with quite a large cock sticking right out from his body waiting for Susan to move. His cock was quite brown and long and hard. It wasn’t like the stories you hear in books etc., it wasn’t 15″ long but it must have been at least 9 – 10″ at least. She didn’t even glance over at me but dropped to her knees in front of Mike and took his cock in her hand and then pushed it with some difficulty into her mouth. You couldn’t imagine how I felt standing there watching my own wife sucking off this brown man. She started sucking Mike’s cock as hard as she could go and it wasn’t any time before he squirted his load of cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She licked his cock clean afterwards and then pulled up his underpants and then his trousers and soon had him back to normal. He chuckled and told me she was an expert and was very pleased with my ability to choose an escort! Susan was still licking her lips as we moved towards the door.

The meal was a huge success and we all enjoyed the food and wine (of course I was paying for it all) and we had an alcove to ourselves which was just a little away from the main dining room. This alcove had a curved bench seat around one side of the table and I sat on the chair opposite. Susan and Mike sat very close together right throughout the meal. I knew he was playing with her legs because of the way she was moving but I couldn’t do anything about it and just had to let it eat me up inside. Several times Susan looked over at me and winked but I couldn’t wink back because I was frightened Mike might see a signal and take it the wrong way. Part way through the meal Mike leaned over and whispered something in Susan’s ear. She looked at him and smiled and then wriggled a bit and eventually managed to get her panties off and she handed them to Mike. He sniffed the thong – it was very tiny – and then stuffed it into his pocket. He leaned over and began kissing Susan just a bit too passionately for my liking. They had their mouths open and tongues in each other’s mouths and by now he had his hand on her breast and was playing with her. It was most disturbing watching my wife kissing this big brown man. As the waitress brought the meal they would break but he ate most of his meal with one hand while I knew the other hand was playing with my wife’s legs or even her cunt! I was a bit turned on but very sad at the same time.

Once the meal was finished he said we had better come back to the hotel room so he could sign the contract. This, at least, was good news for me. As he stood up at the end of the bench seat he asked Susan to slide out towards him and let him see what she looked like. She did as he asked and I knew her dress was riding up around her waist and she was showing him her cunt. He seemed very happy with what he saw and we all moved to the hotel room.

Once we were in the room I expected him to sign the contract and we could leave but he had other ideas. He told Susan she had lovely breasts and told her to take off her top! Susan didn’t hesitate but quickly unsnapped the fasteners and slipped the top right off and stood in front of Mike bare to the waist. He felt her breasts and nipples and told her they were beautiful. He also kissed and sucked her nipples and she seemed to be enjoying that although I wasn’t! Then he told her to take off the skirt and she did this without hesitation standing then completely naked in front of him as she had slipped her shoes off at the same time. He stepped closer to her and pushed his hand between her legs and played with her cunt. She spread her legs a little to give him more room as he started to bring her to orgasm. And cum she did – she had a very exciting orgasm as he was kissing her and playing with her cunt. God that hurt me having to watch him playing with my wife.

At this point I suggested he might like to sign the contract and we could go but that wasn’t what he wanted. He said, “Jennifer, I can see you are red-hot and are just wanting to be fucked. Let’s move into the bedroom and I will fuck you first before I sign the contract. Susan walked with Mike into the bedroom and as they walked out of sight Mike called out to me to come in too. Hesitatingly I followed and saw he had already placed Susan on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge of the bed but well apart as he was removing his clothes. Soon he was naked and I was again startled by the size of his cock. It looked even bigger than it did when she was sucking it.

He knelt down between her legs and began sucking on her clit and her cunt until she couldn’t stand it any longer and she came as he sucked her. She was really aroused by all this and I could see he was about to fuck her! He stood up and then moved his cock right to her pussy lips and then plunged right into her hole! She gave a little scream and then recovered and he began fucking her as hard as he could! God it hurt me to watch how this man’s cock was pushing into my wife’s cunt and she was enjoying it so much! Her lovely tits were bouncing around on her chest in time with the stroking of his cock into her cunt. It didn’t seem to take very long before she had another orgasm and then he started grunting and he came shooting his load of cum into my wife! I was shocked to be present while they were fucking! I had imagined I would be hearing about this when we were going home and not being made to watch it all.

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