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I have been married only two years. My job was taking up a lot of my time and I had a talk with my boss about it. “Look Larry,” I told him, “This job has put me in a real spot. My marriage is suffering and my young wife is ready for the nut house with you using me the way you do. The bottom line is that I am going to have to quit if things continue like they have.” I felt better now that I had taken the bull by the horns. Larry looked me for a minute. I was ready to give him my two weeks notice when he sighed loudly and sat down.

“Jim I know that it has been hard on you but I am afraid that I found that I could count on you to take care of things…that’s why I had you working so much overtime and sending you out of town without any warning,” He smiled then,” Look Jim I don’t want to loose you so I guess I’ll have to train someone to do the job you were doing and let you do the job I hired you for.” There it was. My gamble had payed off. The upshot was that not only did get new shorter hours but I got a substantial raise as well.

That night I hurried home to tell Judy the news. Larry told me to go home and take my wife out to dinner. I searched all over for my wife in the house. I remembered that Judy might be next door with Sarah. Sarah was married to Ben. They were much older than us by about fifteen years and Judy just gravitated toward Sarah to spend time with. I saw that the Wilson’s pool was still moving and lapping against the sides. So Judy and Sarah were swimming so I went to the back of their house and let myself in through the gate.

The pool was empty but the water was still agitated so they had just walked inside in all likely hood. I went to the glass doors to their living room and saw Sarah standing there in her bikini. It was still wet so she had just walked in from the pool. I looked for Judy and I saw her putting her bathing suit bottom back on. While Sarah was saying something to her, “So did you find Ben too old for you Judy… didn’t I tell you he was good” At that moment Ben came back into the room he was pulling his pants on.

I was born at night but I wasn’t born last night. Here was Sarah dressed for swimming and my wife was getting into her suit. She had been naked and Ben was putting his clothes back on. He had been naked and Judy had been naked also. I was in a rage and started to burst in. I could just picture the scene. I would go into the door making accusations. It could all be explained. Ben was getting dressed after he and his wife and mine were swimming. Judy had gotten her bottoms on before he came into the room. I stepped back some and watched for something to make sense.

Ben’s wife had been saying something about Judy not finding Ben too old for her. Ben was saying that he had to get back to work, “I can’t afford to take long lunches like this everyday.” He had finished dressing and he gave his wife a big hug and then to my shock he gave Judy a long lingering kiss. What really made a knot in my stomach was that Judy didn’t fight it but seemed real intimate. It wasn’t a friends kind of kiss. I hurried out the gate and ran to my car in my drive. Ben would see it when he left. I drove real fast down the opposite was we all took toward the exit from the sub division. I was a half block when i saw Ben emerge from his drive and turn to the right. I drove a few blocks into the division to kill time and then left for the exit. I saw ben talking on the cell phone ahead of me. I followed him for a while and then went to the mall. There was a bar there and I needed someplace quite where I could think.

In the bar I was surprised to see my old friend from school days, Ed west, as he came up to the bar. We eventually went and took a booth when Ed wanted to talk to me. ” So Jim why the long face…you look like some one just killed your puppy. I had been good friends with Ed although I had not seen him for a few years. He seemed to drop off the radar. I told him that I had married Judy Wilson and he seemed impressed. The minute I thought of Judy I guess my face dropped Ed caught it and had me tell him more. Soon I was telling Ed all about the afternoon and what I saw. That’s when Ed pulled out a wallet and flipped it open. It had a badge in it. It wasn’t a city cop’s badge but an federal badge. Not FBI but was a special department of the federal government IRS.

I Joked with Ed that I had paid all my taxes and he bent to me and said, “Jim…when you bring women across state lines for the purpose of prostitution, ” he paused and let that sink in, “Basically it’s a violation of the Mann act.” He told me that they had several women here in the city that went to Atlanta to entertain business men when they had conventions

I realized that it was several states away and would involve crossing state lines. Thats when I took the bull by the horns again, like I had with Larry, “Ed why are you telling me this?” He looked at me and said that he was sure that I knew. Then he asked me to follow him. We went outside and stood for a minute till a black van pulled up and Ed directed me in. Inside the van was an electronic maze of high Tech gadgets. Ed had me sit and watch a monitor. It sprang to life and I saw Sarah and Ben’s pool. Sarah was leaning on the side of the pool next to the glass doors that I had been looking in just a half hour previously. The screen came in to a close up of the inside of the room and I could make out two naked figures fucking. I couldn’t identify Judy as the female but I knew it was her and Ben.

I went through all kind of emotions. My stomach knotted and tears filled my eyes. I have read accounts where the husband throws up. I got no sick feeling and didn’t break down and cry like a baby. The knot in my stomach turned into a cold hard rage. Judy was fucking around on me. I had finally got up the nerve to brace my boss but it had been too late. Ed and I went back to the bar then and drank pretty seriously.

Ed told me the story and said that he had several videos of Ben and his wife. It seemed that this was the first time that Ben had actually had sex with Judy but it was enough to show me that a divorce was forth coming. No matter what reason she gave herself for cheating on me it wasn’t enough for me. I had literally been working my ass off. I had lost some weight and my health had suffered because I wanted to get us solvent enough to have a child, something we both wanted badly. I would never have a child with slut Judy .

Ed talked and asked that I not betray his company. I knew that I would divorce Judy but Ed wanted me to help set Ben and Sarah up. I would also help set up my cheating wife also. By the time I got home that night, after Ed and I had been talking, and drinking the day away.

Judy was standing in the living room and she looked for a minute like she was going to say something to me. If she would only confess her indiscretion to me then we had a new chance. “Jim you don’t mind if we call out for Chinese do you…I got involved with some work today and then it was to late to prepare your dinner.” I had to react. No make that I wanted to react to that.

“Damn it Judy…what the hell was so important that you couldn’t fix dinner…I worked my ass off today for us. I put in four hours overtime and you had nothing to do except do the house and fix dinner,” I decided to shove the knife in deeper, “What the hell were you doing all day? Were you fucking some boyfriend that doesn’t have to work…is that what you were doing…well I’m going back out to eat and you can just suck your lovers cum from your cunt…I hear it’s got lot of protein in it.” I picked my car keys back up and went to the door. I opened it and was about to leave when Judy got her voice.

“Jim…Jim,,, what are you doing?” she said clearly confused, “I …I’m sorry I just got involved…” I slammed the door, cutting her off. I went to Denny’s near the mall and had a lonely but filling meal. Judy was waiting up for me when I got back. I asked her if she had something she wanted to tell me. She looked at the floor and I slowly walked to her.

“Look Judy…I don’t know why I am telling you this but if you have something to tell me then you should and we have a chance. If you don’t tell me and I have to find out by myself then It’s bye bye for us.” I went into the bedroom and started to get under the sheets. They were from last week and felt it. I threw the covers on the floor and went into the spare bedroom to sleep. She came and got in a fewminutes later. She apologized for not changing the sheets. I told her then she could sleep in the main bedroom. I told her that I didn’t think that I would sleep in it for the for future.

The next day at work , I was bent over some blueprints covering my desk. Larry came in and Ed was behind him. For the next hour We all talked. I was surprised to find that Larry and Ed knew each other. Ed made Larry aware of what was going down mainly because he wanted me to go to Atlanta. “Make no mistake Jim…Ben and Sarah are going to ask your wife to go to Atlanta with then soon…you can count on it,” He told us. Larry felt all kinds of guilt. He blamed himself for my marital problems. I told him that it wasn’t his fault and It wasn’t mine. If Judy had the gene then she would cheat.

Ed gave me several gadgets for my use to keep track of Judy, The jewel was a small bug that I put in her purse. She took it everywhere. I placed the bug in her cell phone. It was really made for that purpose. I could use a tiny, but with the receiver I could pick up any voice within thirty feet and it had a range of over a hundred yards. This is what Ed was able to place in my neighbors place when they were shopping with Judy. It was illegal but he said that he needed to know what they were doing. If it came down to prosecuting then other methods would be found.

The next afternoon when my new time for getting off work came around. I had been working so much overtime that it was taken for granted that I would not get home till eight. I no longer bothered calling Judy but this night i did. I called her at four and told her that I had to work late again. She only said sure. I was sitting a block away and the bug picked everything up. “Well so he has to work late again…why are we not surprised,” the voice belonged to Sarah. “Come back here and let me suck your cunt some more Judy.” For the next hour I listened to slurping and sucking sounds with a voice here and there. Then I heard Sarah tell Judy to stick her tongue deeper in her ass and to suck the ring at the same time. Judy was tonguing Sarah’s asshole .

I heard Ben when he arrived from work and said that he wanted some of that. I listened as his wife and mine talked about his big cock. Judy was saying that he was twice as large as me. I knew this was bullshit and to be twice as large as my eight inches that he had to have sixteen inches and the only thing something that large could be found was on a horse. I was getting it all on recorder. I listened till I started to feel my rage so I quit listening.

I was in the habit of going to a bar instead of going home but I knew that I’d soon turn into a drunk. I just sat in my car listening and loosing all the love I ever had for Judy. At first I blamed the job and all the time I spent away from home but Judy would have cheated eventually. She was one of these women that never could get enough sex. I listened till Judy said that she had to get home and be ready for me.

“Does that mean you will fuck him in Ben’s cum?” Sarah asked her. I heard kissing sounds and then Ben say for her to stick her tongue all the way in. I didn’t have to use a lot of imagination to know what they were doing. Ed had pretty much promised me that I could have Ben and Sarah all to myself. I had never hit a woman in my entire life but I promised myself that I would over come that hangup when the time came.

The next day at the office I suddenly found myself crying. I wasn’t crying for Judy’s lost love. I was crying for me. I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and looked around to see Cindy there. Cindy had been Larry’s secretary for several years and I had always been the faithful married man. Next I know we were all wrapped up in each other and were kissing and holding each other tight, Cindy had been in a nasty divorce a couple of years ago and I had tried to be supportive of her. Now she was returning that kindness except it got out of hand and we wound up finding each other.

Here I had known Cindy about five years and now it was if I had just found her. Suddenly all the heart ache that Judy and her pals had caused ceased to exist. Just like that I knew that I would never be alone. We got up to straighten ourselves up and were wiping our eyes when we saw Larry standing there. He just smiled and shook his head as if he didn’t understand people at all. Now I came about a half hour later. Judy demanded to know where I had been,”With some slut I suppose,” she said nastily. I smiled at that. Cindy wasn’t a slut but she had been right about me being with a woman.

She had been so busy sucking Ben’s nasty asshole that she didn’t have time to cook dinner again. She suggested that we go out and eat. I told her that was a real good idea. Judy went up stairs to brush her hair And teeth and put some perfume on. Thank God I wouldn’t have to smell Ben’s asshole have to smell Ben’s shit on her. I was backing out of the garage when Judy came and stood on the sidewalk. She expected me to pick her up like some queen. I drove right past her and waved as I went by. She threw her purse in the street as I sped off. I called Cindy and asked if she wanted to have dinner with me.

Cindy and I necked in her drive way till midnight. I wouldn’t go in since I didn’t trust myself. The shit hit the fan as soon as I went in. It had the effect of water off a ducks back. The next day I went home while Sarah and Judy went shopping and installed to small video cameras that Ed had given me. When I got off work and with Cindy sitting next to me in the car we were able to watch the coming thing that would put a crimp in wife cheating. It was a small monitor and we watched as Sarah and Ben went through all the plans with Judy while they fucked and sucked. Cindy watched Judy bury her face in Ben’s large ass cheeks.

She held me tight and I told her that I loved her holding me like that but not for the reason she thought, “Actually I think it’s comical. Can you just imagine if Ben farted in her face then.” Cindy and I both laughed till we had tears in our eyes but they were good tears. I figured that I Had plenty for a divorce but when Ed arrested Judy in Atlanta, that would be the icing on the cake. Judy would be charged with a federal felony and Ed expected to push it. It would mean that Judy would have no rights at all. I could stiff her in the divorce and I planned on Doing that.

When I came home that night all three were there. I had to bite my tongue to keep from smashing their faces then so I listened to Ben tell me of a trip he had to make to Orlando Thursday and since he would be back early Sunday morning that I should let Judy go with them. They would be able to go to Walt Disney world while he had to work. Judy and Sarah faked excitement. I could have kissed all three. It would soon be over and Cindy and I wouldn’t have to sit outside her house anymore.

Judy had to get ready for the trip. And I had to get the divorce rolling. I used cheating and prostitution as a reason. My lawyer said I had enough to prove cheating but he couldn’t see the prostitution part. I told him that he would have his proof on Monday. He was satisfied. Besides Ed went with me. After we left Ed said that Larry had told him about Cindy and me. I grinned, “Yeah Ed, My life seems to be turning around. I just have to get rid of a little problem named Judy first.”

I got home early that day. I had already seen Judy and Sarah munching on their nasty snatches on the monitor already. I decided ti put a little scare in them. I found the bedroom closed but not locked. I started to open and I heard female screaming from inside, “Oh my God Jim. What are you doing home this early for?” Judy yelled through the partially open door. In the mirror I saw two naked sluts scrambling off the bed. “Sarah and I are trying on some clothes for the trip…we’ll be out in a moment,” Judy said from inside. I closed the door and chuckled to myself. I waited in the hall.

When Judy and Sarah came out Sarah headed down the stairs. Judy tried to push past me to go to the bathroom. I grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth. She tried to push away from me but I already had a taste of Sarah’s cunt on her mouth. I let her go and she headed fro the bathroom, “You had better go and use some mouthwash…your mouth smells just like dirty cunt.” Judy glared at me and I was sure that Sarah had turned her. Turned her into a butch just like she was. “You go and get ready Judy,” I said. Turning around to leave I told her that she was probably too busy sucking…I mean trying on clothes that you probably didn’t have time to cook dinner. She was saying something from inside the bathroom, where I could hear her gargling. I went down stairs and left.

As I was getting into my car Ben came up, all smiles, “Well Jim I am going to take that pretty wife away from you,” then he laughed and said, “Just for a couple of days. I was angry and wanted to smash him right then but i held myself in check. I looked at Ben and told him that he might as well keep her if she was having so much fun. Ben lost the smile then, “What the hell is that supposed to mean Jim…Judy is your wife but you really don’t respect her too much. Perhaps it would be better if…” I told him then that if I were him that I would shut up. I was poised to strike and I think Ben knew it. He looked at me hard for a minute then decided that I knew nothing. He turned to leave then. He and his wife and Judy were leaving late that night forever but he didn’t say a word.

“Hey Ben,” I yelled after him, “I’ll be seeing you soon fat boy.” If he heard the insult he didn’t turn to confront me. I guessed that he had making money whoring my wife out and didn’t want to think of anything else. I walked inside to find Judy packing. She was parking a lot of dresses for a trip to Disney World. She saw me and decided that she had better make up. She was actually thinking that I wanted a quickly with her and pulled off her robe. She stood naked before me. I tried to think of earlier times when we had first married. I knew that to keep her from becoming suspicious I should fuck her. I took her in my arms and then thought of Cindy. I didn’t want to cheat on her.

“Sorry Judy…I had a hard day working today and have a headache. As of lately that had become a favorite excuse of hers. I told her that I would go get something to eat and then see a movie. “I’m sure you will have a good time riding all the men..I mean rides at Disney,” I said I left and didn’t say good bye or kiss her and wish her a good trip or anything. I just walked out of Judy and the shattered remains of my marriage with her. Then i thought of Cindy and I whistled as I opened the front door. I was still whistling as I got in my car. That’s when I saw Judy looking strange at me as she stood naked in the doorway. I drove past the front sidewalk and waved to Judy. I made it seem like an accident but I shot her a bird as I left.

I went to Cindy’s then. We spent several hours together then I went home, rather I went to my House. Judy had left. I saw that Ben’s SUV was gone. I opened the door and Ed was coming up the walk,” Jim you had better get cracking…there is a plane waiting for us. I hurried and showered and shaved. I was ready in fifteen minutes. We didn’t got to the regular airport but to a smaller field where a private Jet was waiting. The plane started to move as soon as we were aboard. There were eight other agents aboard already and Ed told them that I was helping catch the pimps. We were air born then and ed and i sat at a table with three other agents and he mapped out the plans. To insure that every thing was above board for prosecuting the case he told me that I had followed my wife. I was getting a divorce and needed proof of her prostitution which I suspected from listening to the tapes that I had obtained. Ed would go with me and then the other agents would follow and arrest all, Judy included for violation of the Mann act. Sarah and Ben would be allowed to escape and then they were mine.

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