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I guess every person has a switch, but we never know what it is until it is flicked on. These can be the most exciting surprises of all.

My wife invited the neighbors over to watch the playoffs last weekend. We had known them for awhile, but had never hung out. They seemed pretty cool and he and I shared similar opinions on basketball.

Karen, a quiet brunette with a knockout body and Alex showed up at tip-off. As they walked in together I realized, but had never noticed just how much he towered of his wife. Actually towered over us all.

The game was competitive. During the commercial breaks I found out that Alex played ball for UW, but as he put it, “not every black man can go pro.” Karen and my wife Maria watched much of the game, but were paying more attention to their margaritas. I had made a pitcher of them and was called to make another before halftime. By the time final horn had blown Alex and I finished off several Coronas and the girls were working on their third pitcher of my special golden ritas.

“These are so damn good,” said Karen. “But you know what would make them even better? Hot bubbles!”

“What are you talking about woman,” her husband answered.

“Jacuzzi! The jets, the bubbles and these ice cold margaritas. Come on, it will feel great!”

Within a few minutes Maria and I were across the street and stepping into the tub as our hosts were still debating on a musical choice. Maria had put on my favorite black bikini that matched her raven hair and fit tightly against her tan Latina skin. She was feeling the buzz and gave me a sloppy wet kiss before turning and backing into my lap.

“Rub my shoulders, Shane.”

Still after seven years of marriage, the touch of her skin would excite me. I rubbed her shoulders and neck lightly, sneaking in a nibble or two. I pressed my thumbs into her muscle, but as always, just a bit too hard.

“Easy. You are too rough.”

“Who’s too rough,” asked Karen. She walked out of the house in the world’s smallest bikini. Having only seen her in regular clothes, I was shocked by her true proportions. Behind two triangles were a pair of solid D’s and beneath a few strings was an ass that just popped.

“Shane is too rough. Every time he tries to rub my neck. I like it soft. Gentle.”

“Fingers like feathers?”

“Yea, exactly!”

The two girls continued to share their feelings on the art of neck massage, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Karen. Finally the sound of music filled the air and Alex joined the group. Wearing a suit that looked more like a pair of tight boxer briefs, Alex looked even more like a giant among us. It was obvious that he still kept himself in prime athletic shape with near zero body fat and ripped abs. I found myself sitting up and sucking in my fit but not ripped stomach. It was clear that Maria was aware of Alex, as she too sat up straight, eyes glazing over his torso.

“You know Alex has feather fingers? Unbelievable. Sometimes I actually fall asleep in the middle of his neck rubs.”

“What do you mean ‘sometimes’. More like all the time.”

“Well, whatever, a lot maybe. I can’t help it. Show her.”

Alex looked at Maria and then at me. I shrugged my shoulders, “hey go ahead, these hands were made for deep tissue I guess.”

Maria’s eyes flashed a moment of doubt as Alex slid beside her. He reached his arm behind her, his large black hand rested against her skin. He moved slowly, almost too slow to see. His effect was immediate as Maria turned her back to him for complete access.

“Oh my god. Shane, are you watching? This is what I am talking about.”

Alex stopped.

“What? That’s it? No. no. no. Give me at least a few more minutes.”

“I did want you to spill your drink.”

With that, Maria gulped down the last half of her margarita and set the glass on the side of the tub. “Nothing to spill now.”

As Alex turned his attention to my wife, Karen and I watched and casually spoke. I must admit I was feeling both jealousy and excitement as Maria’s eyes closed and low moans escaped her lips. His hands continued to work their magic on her neck and shoulders, but I noticed their body positions change. Maria’s was now sitting directly in front of Alex and she seemed higher, as if she was on his legs or lap. The bubbles hid the proof.

Karen finished her drink and asked for more of my special mix. Since I needed to clear my head, a.k.a. take a whiz, anyway, I obliged and ran inside. From the second floor bathroom I had a perfect view above the tub. I heard voices from down below, but could not hear what was said over the rush of the jets. From my view I could see that Maria was indeed sitting astride Alex’s leg. I could also see that one of her hands seemed to rest between the thighs of her masseuse and the other between her own. But was she…

Perhaps I was taking too long. Not sure, but Karen stood up and stumbled toward the house. I rushed down the stairs to meet her in the kitchen. Her nipples stood at attention in the air-conditioned room and thoughts of my wife disappeared. She slurred something about tequila and her bladder and swayed upstairs. Even drunk she was damn hot.

As I stepped outside, my curiosity got the best of me. From the corner of the spa I was hidden from their view; only the dim light from inside the Jacuzzi shown. It had now been almost 20 minutes and his hands still caressed my wife. However, it was different now. His hands moved down her back and around her shoulders. Maria’s body moved from side to side atop his leg and her arm took long strokes between his thighs. Then it was over. With one hand, Alex reached between her legs and uncovered her shaven slick pussy; with the other, her nipple. Maria focused on removing the black snake using both hands. Silently, she shifted her hips slid his fat cock into her. She gasped and pressed back into Alex’s chest. With her juicy hole filled, she pumped her hips pulling his cock with her tight muscles.

I stood shocked, but aroused. I took out my own tool and stroked as I watched. Just then Karen’s hand joined mine around my shaft. She turned me around and whispered in my ear, “fuck me.”

I flipped her around and untied her bikini strings. From behind I slid my dick into her. She was so wet her cunt gushed as I fucked her hard, all the while watching our spouses in the spa a few feet away.

Maria sped up her assault on Alex’s cock. I know her pussy control and he was not going to last much longer. I was right and within minutes he was pumping his creamy load deep into my wife. She held on tight and pushed down hard to milk every last drop from that snake. Their orgasm prompted Karen to shake. She let me go and dropped to her knees engulfing me into her mouth. I busted and sent long streams of cum shooting against the back of her throat. After sucking me dry, she put her finger up to her mouth and motioned “shhh.”

Putting my dick back in my pants and her bikini strings tied, we stepped around the corner towards the spa. Alex and Maria had separated and sat on opposite sides of the tub, casually talking.

“More margaritas anyone?”

The secret still remains. I know the switch that turns on my loving wife.

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