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Weeks passed since ‘the party’. Life got very busy and sex became less frequent because of it. Spring led into summer and soon it was June with the temperatures climbing upward into the 90’s. With my workload increasing due to the economic downward spiral, my time at home was limited to a late dinner, a shower, sleep and coffee to go the next morning. Maria picked up an extra shift at the hospital since I was hardly home. Regardless, we made sure that Saturday night was just for us; or should I say, just for sex.

As it always is, when you plan things out ahead of time, something is bound to go wrong. Well, it did. Back to back Saturday’s I was caught up fixing a huge error at work and followed it up with my health finally giving up on me due to the several months of non-stop work stress. Worse yet, it had been over a month since my wife and I had been naked together and when I finally am finished with the job, I am stuck in bed with a fever, headache, and dizzy.

Maria looked like an angel bringing me juice and water, the sunrays peeking through a crack in the curtains behind her. A bit delirious, I remember her saying something about the lawn, kids, and money. She kissed my forehead and I drifted off.

In my medicated ill-slumber, I heard the voices of Alex, Karen, Maria and several unidentifiable others. Over the next few hours I heard the sound of my lawn-mower, the garbage can lids dropped, laughter and muffled yelps of surprise. Tired, but not sleepy I decided to let a bit of sunshine into the dark room. Slowly, I opened the curtains a crack, letting my eyes adjust. The bright glare turning to colors, turning into images. Not a cloud in the sky, sun directly above.

Looking down from the upstairs window, I noticed my lawn was nicely manicured and my wife sweeping some of the leftover clippings off the cement patio and into a small pile. Just as she finished, a tall dark figure walked into the scene with my green lawn can. He wore only shorts and running shoes; torso without an ounce of fat, rippled with young muscle and dripping with sweat. My wife bent over to pick up the grass and toss the piles into the waste container. The boyish-man bent his head to admire my wife’s skimpy shorts clinging to her ass. He liked what he saw and adjusted his jock as a result.

Hearing a buzz in my head, no, not in my head but rather in the front yard. I walked across the hall to the guest bedroom, peeked out the window and found yet another tall, lean, young and topless gardener edging my front patch of lawn. His light brown shaved head reflected the June California sun and sweat rolled off his back; it was then I saw the tattoo and it all made sense. Alex, our neighbor, supported his old high school basketball team’s summer camp and they often came by to pay respect by running errands and such. Alex, knowing that I was sick, must have asked them to help me out. Nice. Very nice…

I retired back in my dark den of solitude, soon my world was silent and I fell back into a groggy slumber. The silence was broken by light hushed footsteps across the carpeted floor, an opening of a dresser drawer and a slow quiet closing of the bedroom door. The silence remained, but my brain began to stir. My mind re-ran the images of our volunteer gardeners and the secret admiration of one of the boys. Boys? These were men, only boys by age, 18, maybe 19 tops. I was no longer sleepy.

My thoughts were broken by the sound of laughter in the backyard. I looked out the window to see the two guys spraying off the patio and wiping down the chaise loungers. Looking at them with more alert eyes, I guess them to both be about six foot three or four, they still were shirtless and both wore long white practice shorts. As one sat down on a chaise smiling, the other soaked him, said something I could not quite hear and looked worried into the house. He jumped, but then laid back down ignoring his friend.

My wife stepped out of the house with a couple of glasses, set them down and returned inside. All eyes were on Maria, including my own. She had replaced the shorts and t-shirt, with a casual short summer dress, kinda like one you might wear over a swimming suit. I could see the word exchange between the two, but still could not hear. I carefully slide open the window just a crack to allow the outside in. A rush of hot air hit my face and the sounds were clear. All I could make out were “damn”, “fine”, “sweet ass” and “hit that”.

She returned and this time she carried a huge pitcher of something wet and tasty. She poured each a glass offered them more when the quickly gulped the first glass down. She was thanking them and offered to pay a tip for the great service.

“Everybody can need an extra $20. I know Alex said not to take anything, but I really do appreciate your help.”

The boys both denied the cash as they were instructed. One excused himself to use the restroom; Maria pointed the way, but stayed outside. Maria offered to pour another glass for the remaining player as he sat back comfortably on the chaise. I watched as Maria poured and followed her head as it jerked quickly away. It was then I noticed her surprise. Peeking out under his wet shorts was the large tip of his semi flaccid penis. I saw him smile and secretly rub himself, pulling another inch out for Maria to see as she turned back around. This time, she did not turn away, but instead sat in the next chair. Even from my distance, I could see her eyes could not look away and he saw it too.

With extreme confidence, he reached down and adjusted his cock allowing several inches to be seen. Maria’s hand adjusted the string dress-strap on her shoulder in a nervous release. She could not look away, could not move, nor did not she want to.

They exchanged whispers beyond my ears, which led to him removing his trunks, but remained sitting, legs out, on my chaise. The giant black snake began to bob as it grew to hardness. The temptation was too much and Maria reached out with her hand to caress it. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around the meaty shaft with one hand, and then the other. Both hands moving circles around his cock and then pumping down and up, milking him. He reached for her tits, but she pushed his hand away in protest and continued her stroke.

Standing quietly at the door, the other volunteer had returned and stood amazed, but turned on. He removed his cock and began to tug on it as he slowly walked toward them. His shadow broke her concentration and she looked up to see another 10 inch black cock an inch from her face. As if scripted, she opened her mouth and allowed room for half of his member. It was then that she lost all control of her married vows, but was in complete control of her two cocks. With a single movement, she stood up, removed her dress exposing her completely nude beautiful body, and straddled the first cock on the chaise. With one hand guiding him in and the other on his chest holding herself steady as she inched his monster inside her. After a few breathy moments, she finally rested her shaved labia atop his hairy pubes, his entire cock deep in my wife.

Her head back, eyes shut, body shuddering her first climax. A pair of hands held her hips and began to rock her to and fro. She felt the rhythm and reached out and continued to suck the extra cock, stroking the remaining 5 inches she could not swallow with one hand and pinching her own nipples with the other. What the young stud beneath her had in girth, he lacked in stamina and within a minute or two was bucking under Maria, shooting a mammoth load of cum onto her inner walls. Not finished being fucked, my hot Latina stood up, allowing for his gooey cock to fall back onto his perfect abs and swing her ass towards cock number two. Wasting no time, he easily plunged his dick deep into her already stretched and slick cunt.

As she is pounded from behind, her mouth finds her first sticky cock and cleans him with her tongue. Hungrily, she licks every puddle of creamy white cum from his black torso, circles his huge balls and engulfs the entire half hardened meat. Minutes later, but at least longer than the first, an orgasmic cry of relief and quicken thrusts come from behind her. She reaches toward her clit with a free hand and brings herself a second orgasm as her pussy is once again filled deep with sticky cum. As he steps back and releases his hold on her hips, his cock slips from her velvet grip and hangs lifeless between his thighs. Maria stands, her labia coated in white crème, reaches for her dress. As in slow motion, she pulls the dress over her head and down around her ass. The cocks are quickly sheathed inside their shorts and all are standing around the patio table gulping the last of the liquid refreshment. If one walked on the scene at this moment, no one would be the wiser. All was normal… except if you look closer you see the long trail of juice running down each of my wife’s leg forming a puddle beneath her.

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