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For the longest time, I had been trying to get my wife, Omni, to participate in a gangbang. It was exciting for me because she was mine…she was not going anywhere. It’s kinda like you bought a Vette and you just wanted to show it off to your buddies, knowing that they wouldn’t get to drive it, I was it’s owner.

We had been together for 15 years and married for 5. Needless to say, after 15 years, the sex just wasn’t the same anymore. We were like best friends, but we both had sexual urges that needed fulfillment.

My wife was 5’6″, 90 pounds (a size 0!), she had long blonde hair and her tits were a handful, but they were her own. Her ass was perfect, and she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her tight little body.

The main issue was I wanted her to initiate the gangbang and have a great time, which would show me how nasty she could be. I wanted her to display her animal instincts to the guys; I didn’t want her to be coached by me. The only sticking point was that me and the guys had to be the dominators, and you to be a submissive wife whore. You were expected to never utter the word “no,” after any given command.

I also liked her to jack me off while she looked at porno mags, porno videos or told me a nasty gangbang story while stroking up and down on my 6″ cock. During my hand job she would say things like: “Wow, look at that big black cock…that lucky girl, she gets to service all of those cocks…oh my God, baby, she’s got all her holes filled…Oh I’d love to swallow all that cum, too…” All the mags, videos, and stories centered on ethnic guys per my request. One time, she was stroking my cock and telling me a gangbang story. It didn’t take me long to cum as this story was especially dirty. I decided to ask her again, while the irons were hot, if she would do an ethnic gangbang for real.

“Hey baby?” I started, “I’d still love for you to be in a gangbang with some ethnic guys.”

“Honey, I don’t know why you keep asking me…you know I won’t do it,” she said.

“C’mon baby,” I pleaded, “It would really spice up our sex life. I would love for it to happen, but I would want you to get into it, you know, act like you’re having a blast, a total slave and slut to a group of hung men. If you’re not going to enjoy it, then forget it. Just watching you with some hung guys would be such a turn-on for me. I would want you to use them, for your pleasure, not for mine or for theirs. What if I were to get some men together?”

She actually paused for a second, not shooting down my proposal immediately, and appeared to be thinking about it! My cock sprung to life again. “C’mon, you know I love you and we’d never have to see them again. You could just have some fun and then we’ll move on,” I told her.

“You wouldn’t care?” She asked in a voice that conveyed a question and statement.

“No, c’mon let’s do it, I’ve been begging you for this for the last 5 years. But I have to stress that me and the guys would dominate you while you obeyed every command. Look, if we tell you what to do then you would be absolved of any guilt, you’d just be following our orders.”

“Well….our sex life has been kind of stale. I can’t think of the last time we made out. If I do it this once, you’ll quit asking me because that pisses me off, it’s a total turn-off,” she said.

“Yeah, I promise, this would make our sex life a million times better…just look at my cock!” She looked down and my dick was as hard as a brick and pointed up at a 135° angle.

“Well…OK, if you can get some guys with awesome cocks, then I’ll do it. They would have to be at least 7″, if I’m going to do this, then I want to go all out.”

“You’ll do it then?” I questioned.

“Yeah, fine…if you set it up, then I’ll be your nasty whore and promise to service all of them with reckless abandon. Agreed?”

“Yes, yes, baby,” I said excitedly, we then embraced and I told her I’d set it up for the weekend.


It was Saturday evening and we drove out of town to a small bar. “Baby, we’re heading to the Vogue so you can get a buzz, I know you’re a total animal when you’re drunk, so……”

You say OK and after a 15 minute drive, we enter the bar to drink some alcohol. We go inside and immediately I order you 2 shots and a pitcher of beer. I pressure you to drink the shots and the beer as fast as you can and within 15 minutes all the alcohol is gone. Since you’re only 95 lbs, the alcohol almost instantly takes effect and then I say: “Alright, we’re going to the truck stop down the street and you’re going to do whatever the fuck I tell you to do! You’re gonna be my little whore for the night, agreed?”

“Mmmmmm-hummmmm, yeah, sounds like fun,” you mumble and we pull into the truck stop. We walk in and as you enter the restaurant area of the truck stop all the guys are looking at you and time seems to stop. You’re wearing the flowered dress and pink thong that I had provided for you as well as some 5″ black high heels. No bra. There are seven guys in the restaurant, bug-eyed and staring at you. I then proceed to tell you to sit at a square table in the center of the room. You sit down and cross your legs. You’re facing all the booths that line the window and I sit next to you. After a few minutes of the truckers eyeing you, your buzz really starts kicking in, and the sight of all the guys watching us makes your pussy wet. I then tell you to uncross your legs, sit back in your chair, and put both of your high heels up on the corners of the table.

“Oh my God,” you whisper, “all the guys will be able to see my open legs! I can’t do that!”

“Baby, you agreed…so let’s go,” I demand.

“Well, my pussy is kind of wet,” you say. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yep, and don’t question me again. Put your legs up on the corner of the table…now!” I order.

You pull your miniskirt up to your waist and then set your high-heel clad feet up on the corners of the table. I get up and push your chair in, which spreads your legs even farther apart. The lighting is kind of low in the restaurant, still, the truckers can see underneath the table, but can’t really make out any details…your most private areas are shadowed somewhat, but they can definitely see your pink thong covering your pussy and ass.

Next, I lean in and whisper: “Honey, pull your pink thong aside so all the guys can see your cunt and asshole.”

You smile excitedly and look at all the truckers. Then you slowly pull aside your thong, exposing your cunt and ass to the cool, night air. You start rubbing your pussy and juices flow down covering your spread asshole. All the guys are watching and I love it! They can’t believe what they’re seeing. You look into each man’s eyes and continue to work your hand in a circle around your clit.

Then I say out loud: “we’re going into the bathroom and these nice truckers are gonna get to fuck all your holes!”

You agree and we stand up and head for the truckers bathroom. As we enter, I tell you to stand outside the door for a minute while I scope out the scene. I lifted up a toilet seat and I liked what I saw…this will do just fine. I put the seat back down and came back after a minute to get you. The seven truckers were feeling you up outside the door and a guy even bent down to put your nipple in his mouth. I came and pulled you in, the truckers following like a pack of wolves. One of the first things you noticed was that one of the toilets was off to the side and had no stall or doors, just leaving the toilet standing alone against the wall in the corner. There was a bench about seat-high in front of the toilet. I looked at you and told you to get out of your dress and leave only your high heels on. You do as I instruct, although kind of stumble a couple of times as your buzz is now really kicking in.

Next I say: “Ok dear, you’re gonna get on your knees on the bench and bend over real far while you lick that toilet clean.”

You’re kind of shocked at first, but don’t contest my order. “Lift up the seat, and lick the rim as well as the bottom of the seat.” You stand down… “Bitch, do it NOW!” I yell.

You look over at me with a glazed look in your eye, I realize now that this was the point when the X started kicking in. I had slipped it into your beer at the Vogue, and now all your inhibitions were carried away, lost for the next few hours. You reach over and lift up the toilet seat. What you see shocks you…there is dried and fresh pee spots on the rim and about 7 or 8 pubic hairs also stuck to the rim. You look up under the seat and see about 10 round brown stains that vary in size from droplet to dime-sized, there’s also a couple of elongated splashed shit stains near the back of the rim that trail over to the inside rim of the bowl. Here, on the back inside rim, there are several more brown drops, clinging to the white porcelain. “Omni, my wife, my love, before you get your fill of these guys nice cocks; you need to lick this toilet clean. Do it now!” I scream menacingly. “Oh, and since the showers are not working, what I need you to do is bathe each guy with your salivating mouth…no area is off limits…you must clean their balls and assholes with your tongue. Not only on the outside, but we need you to stick your tongue as far up their asses’ as you can. Also, lick their hairs around their assholes, too!”

“Yes master,” you reply timidly.

You got on your knees and bent over far, putting your hands on the side of the bowl. This revealed to the truckers a glorious sight in bright light: Your light-brown pubes were shaved into a triangle and your lips were shaved clean, as was your beautiful tiny pink asshole. Some chicks have a brown ring around their butthole, but yours was definitely pink, and it was pulled tight into you, giving an appearance of a star. Nice even sphincters, no puffing out…in short, it was the most perfect asshole I’ve ever seen. When you bent over your cheeks naturally spread open pretty wide, giving anyone a clear view of your asshole and pussy lips…heaven, pure heaven.

The truckers then moved up around you and encircled you and the toilet. I told them: “Alright, fellas, take off all your clothes except for your underwear.” They followed my instructions and waited, stroking their cocks through their underwear.

“Get to it, baby-girl,” I said.

You then bent down to the toilet with your tongue extended and began to lick the rim gingerly. A few of the men were pleased with this and they began saying things like: “Fuck yeah…look at that shit, boys!…what a nasty whore…yeah, keep licking that bowl clean…you’re married to this bitch?”

It appeared that you were not just cleaning the bowl, no, you were making-out with it. You kissed it, then put your tongue flat on the top of the rim and licked from the front to the back; you did this also on the right side of the bowl.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah. The toilet tastes so fucking good. I’m gonna lick it clean!” you said.

Your tongue passed over some piss and you lapped it up along with a couple of long pubic hairs. You were insatiable, thirsty for the dried piss and hungry for each pubic hair. You looked up at all seven guys, realizing that 3 of them were black, another 3 were Mexican and the last one was a built white guy. Each of the men was stroking their cocks from inside their underwear.

“Honey, I see you looking at their bulges,” I laugh, “if you want to see their cocks, just ask and they’ll pull their underwear down.”

You looked around at each guy and pleaded, “Can I please see your cocks?”

All at once they pulled their pants down and they fell to their feet. In front of you was a cornucopia of cocks, a melting pot of hard flesh and hanging balls: 1. This guy was black and uncut; hairy balls hanging, 8″. 2. Next guy was Mexican and cut, tight balls and 8″ also. 3. Next to him was another Mexican, this one uncut, with low-hangers, 9″ and thick. 4. This was the only white guy, cut, with shaved balls and 7″. 5. Another black guy, uncut and hairy low-hangers, 9″ of black meat. 6. A pudgy Mexican guy, cut with very large and hairy low-hanging balls, 8″ of thick south-of-the-border meat. 7. The last black guy, a monster which you had to take a double-take at…Thick uncut dark black cock with hairy balls that hung down, 10″ long, it looked like a black sausage.

“Oh my God, I’d love to service each and every one of your big, thick cocks” you said in wonder, “Can I have all these cocks, master?” you asked looking up at me.

“Yeah, but after you lick that toilet clean. Let’s get going cuz these guys have to be on the road again soon. You’ve done a good job cleaning up the piss and hairs on the rim, so start on the underside of the seat there, and lick those shit stains up, girl.”

“Do you guys want to see me finish cleaning what’s left?”

“Hell, yeah girl,” one guy said, “lick that toilet clean.”

You bent forward spreading your pussy and ass even wider than before. Your tongue extended out and you ran it over every brown stain on the underside of the seat, some you had to lick in a circular motion over and over, these stains really clung tight. On occasion, your tongue passed over a stain and you felt something raised from the seat, some sort of mass that had to be licked up. There was one dime-sized spot that you licked from top to bottom, top to bottom, top to bottom, your tongue repeated this pattern for around 15 licks, and then it was gone. The truckers were stupefied, but obviously very excited; each one of their tools growing at an alarming rate. Some already had precum at the tips.

A couple of the truckers palmed each of your cheeks.

“Not yet, fellas,” I indicated.

“Man, we’re just touching, that’s all,” one commented.

“Alright, you can spread her open, but no insertions yet.”

Three and four large, rough hands gripped your smooth cheeks; as they spread your backside open wide.

“Damn….” Said one of the men, “look at that tight ass…fuck yeah…what a gorgeous asshole…damn, can’t wait to get up in that ass…fuck man, I’m going balls deep in that tight, pink asshole…yeah, we gonna stretch that ass open wide, you fuckin’ whore…” echoed throughout the bathroom. They all laughed as they kept stroking their humongous dicks, each one now rock-hard. A couple more hands went to each of your lips as they pulled apart your pink pussy, “wow, this bitch wet as fuck!” Strings of pussy juice connected across your open hole, the men just running their hands over your pussy and ass, prepping you for what’s to come. Your back was still arched, inviting all the truckers to gaze upon your upturned ass and cunt.

Loud moans escaped your mouth as you continued to clean the seat. You couldn’t contain your overwhelming sexual desire which was at a peak due to me controlling you, you licking the toilet, your position on all fours and the guys degrading you and roaming their large rough hands over your perfect body. You paused for a moment, “am I doing good, guys?”

“Yeah, baby girl,” 3 or 4 guys said.

By this time I wanted the guys to loosen your ass, because if they didn’t, these men would tear you in half with their thick, huge cocks.

I pulled out some Vaseline, which was in my coat, and told the guys they would be fingering your tight asshole.

“Let’s start with one finger, guys.” The pudgy Mexican trucker came over and dipped his finger in the Vaseline. He walked back over to you, and inserted his middle finger into your taut ass.

“Wow, your wife’s ass is fuckin’ tight,” he said. He drove his middle finger in and out, in and out, and repeated this about 30 times all the way to the knuckle. A second Mexican guy comes over (#2 on the list) and also drives his middle finger in the Vaseline and then joins the other finger which was going in and out of your asshole quickly. Both men were now stretching your asshole, prepping it for the time when all the truckers fuck your ass. “Oh yeah guys, finger-fuck my asshole! It feels so fuckin’ good to have your fingers in my ass while I lick this toilet clean.” You yelled.

After that you put your entire mouth over the two elongated stains that were on the back of the rim. You’re now tongue licking back and forth over the splatter, and with each subsequent pass the stain was disappearing. You placed your open mouth on the corner of the back rim and waved your tongue like a brillo pad over the two shit stains that clung there. When you removed your mouth, there was nothing left.

The toilet now sparkled. Mr. Clean would have been envious.

“Now can I have some cock?” you asked desperately. One of the guys said, “Hey baby, there’s a brown trail over here dripping down the outside of the bowl. I’d say that’s the last of it.”

I walked over there and agreed with him, this was the last of the shit; it ran down the side and was about 6 inches long. “Omni, get down off the bench and crawl over here on your hands and knees. I want you to stick your tongue out as far as you can, then lick up the shit stain from the bottom to the top. We want to see that funk lying on your tongue.” You got off the bench, and knelt down on your hands and knees, back arched.

“Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh, you guys want me to lick up this shit trail? It looks so fucking good.”

Several men said, “yeah, baby, lick up that shit, we want to see it on your tongue.”

You extended your tongue and put it flat on the bowl, right below the 6 inch brown line. You looked into our eyes as you started to lick up the bowl. It took you about 10 seconds to lap it up, brown liquid now resting comfortably on your pink tongue.

“Alright Omni,” I said, “swallow it down…enjoy it, baby.”

You closed your mouth and down the hatch it went. You then opened up your mouth and it was gone, only a pale brown dot about quarter-size was left.

“MMMmmmmmmm, yeah,” you said. “Now please, master…can I suck some trucker cock? I need to suck cock! I want every single one down my throat! I’d love to deep throat all your cocks down to the balls!”

I grabbed your hair and pulled your head up and said “I love it how you obey me, my slut. However, I want you to lick their asses clean first.” You got down on your knees and waited for the truckers to present their assholes to you. Trucker #1, the black guy, stepped up and spread his cheeks wide open and you began to lick rings around his hairy asshole with your tongue.

The 2nd guy knelt down and spread your ass apart as far as it would go. His face was now between your butt cheeks; he sniffed it, and then licked all the way from your clit past your clean shaven dumper and back down again.

“Yeah, that’s it. Eat my ass!” you demanded. My cock was getting hard just watching you.

The 3rd guy, the Mexican, was nine inches uncut and thick and had beautiful low hangers came up and spread his cheeks begging you to eat his ass, too. His cock was so huge that you could see it hanging down past his balls. Now you were licking two asses at once, just going back and forth with your tongue. In a frenzy, you tongue-fuck each guys asshole! You insert your tongue maybe 10 times deep into the one guys ass, then switch over and do the same to the other guy. You go from ass to ass several times and you spread their asses wide, and occasionally lick and clean the hairs around their tight holes like a cat cleaning its paws. You’re grunting like a rabid animal as you kiss and lick and suck on their assholes. You turn around to all the guys and say: “By the time you guys leave here tonight, I want you all to have the cleanest assholes in Clearwater. I’m gonna lick all your asses clean! And I want to swallow EVERY load of cum, too!”

The 1st guy came when he heard this and it only helped when you replaced your tongue deep inside his asshole, his cum splattered against the bathroom wall, but you kept your tongue deep inside his ass, his sphincters contracting around your pink tongue, squeezing it gently. Another guy quickly took his place. But before he did, my wife crawled up to the wall on all fours…ass spread wide and back arched. You turned around and looked at us all, and licked up the bathroom wall, cleaning his chunky load which was dripping down the dirty tile. You then opened up your mouth so we could all see his thick cum pooled on your tongue, and you swallowed it all….greedily, hungrily. Next, the white dude got on his hands and knees and the 5th guy, the uncut black one with the hairy low hangers and gigantic 9 inches, got on his hands and knees next to the white trucker.

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