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Holiday party cheer never seems dull. Even those boring afternoon coffee and finger sandwich gatherings at work will eventually bring out the entertainer in somebody and “the life of the party” is born. Now mix in alcohol and dim the lights, well now the fun begins.

My wife Maria looked amazing in her little black dress. Her smooth silky tanned calves tightened as she strutted toward the front door arriving a little late for the neighborhood Christmas party. We were on time until, the sight of her sexy nude Latin body bent over the bathroom counter made the tedious act of putting on make-up seem too erotic to pass up. After a brief romp standing in front of the mirror, we quickly got dressed and left for the Palmer’s house. Which brings us back to the front door of our neighbor’s home; Maria’s red toes peeking out of black strap heels as she steps up to ring the doorbell.

As I said before, holiday parties never seem dull, but sometimes it takes awhile to get things interesting. Jon Palmer and his wife Laurie were your basic middle class couple with two kids, a dog and a mortgage. In fact, our entire neighborhood was fairly average and plain. Most of the men carried a belly that showed their love of “couch sports” and many of the wives had the look of conservative PTA mothers. Beside my beautiful wife, there were only two other sexy MILFs in attendance; Karen and Samantha.

Karen, as you know from part one, is our next door neighbor and married to Alex; Samantha is her sister visiting from Arizona. Between the three, all the other husband’s eyes bounced. Karen, a short brunette with a perfect hourglass body snuggly wrapped in red; and her sister, a taller version of Karen dressed casually in a denim mini skirt and a lacy, see-through white blouse barely containing her plump D’s; and lastly, my raven-haired wife whose tight body was covered by a thin black silk dress hugging her luscious curves and revealing the absence of a bra when she moved. Among the cheese dip, the sparkling white wine, the homemade candy and the eggnog, these three ladies were the tastiest dishes that everybody wanted to nibble.

It seems that each time I looked up, someone had their arms around and lips on one of the three. Innocent as it all seemed at first, as the night progressed, the men did indeed get a bit bolder even with their own wives looking on. Alex and I took the backseat and watched and laughed at the partier’s desperate attempts to push the holiday boundaries. The girl’s ate it all up knowing the effect they seem to have on these men and constantly looked over and gave us smug smiles as they each spent time with the other dozen or so couples.

About an hour or so later, I snuck up behind my wife as she poured herself another glass of bubbly. Disguising my voice and sliding over her ass.

“Hey sexy, wanna see my misseltoe?”

“Sure, just don’t let my husband see us.”

She fired back quickly and turned to me.

“Oh, it is you. I am so surprised. Oh my gosh.”

With a sarcastic grin and a quick kiss, she turned back to finish her pour. I nuzzled her from behind and let my hand slide down her leg, under her dress and up her front thigh.

“Love all that attention from all the neighborhood daddies?”

My fingers slipped under her thong and across her shaven lips. They were slick and warm, dripping with wetness.

“Yes, I guess you are.”


“Honey, you are my wife, I love you and I love watching you. It is sexy as hell to see you work this room, knowing that I will be eating your juicy pussy at midnight.”

I withdrew my fingers from her snatch and licked her juice off. Maria smiled.

“Damn I love you.”

She slipped me her tongue and then rejoined the crowd in the next room.

As the night continued, many couples went home to their kids. The guests that remained were the livelier of the bunch. The music seemed to get louder, the voices got energized and the conversations got less discreet. There were about 8 or 9 couples left and Samantha. Everyone was feeling the warmth of alcohol when Jon Palmer surprised us all by breaking out some slow jams and swinging his wife into the dimly lit living room. Many of the couples joined in, including Alex and Karen. A few others were hanging out in the kitchen and still a couple of others were playing pool in the backroom.

I was not surprised to find my wife playing pool with a couple of drooling husbands. I was able to peek in the room from the doorway without being seen. Her tutors were trying with all their might to keep body contact with Maria. She had to be aware of the hands on her back, on her hips and the groins pressed into her from behind as the assisted her shots. She was amazing to watch and remained innocent to their forward attempts.

“She is beautiful.”

A voice came from behind me.

“Damn sexy to watch; your wife being admired so.”

It was Samantha.

“Let me know if you like this.”

She passed by and entered the room.

“OK, if you want to learn how to play pool, I will teach you. My father owned a bar and well, I picked up a few things.”

Samantha startled the men and they backed away from Maria, probably feeling like they got caught. Samantha grabbed a stick from the wall, chalked the end, quickly looked the table over and bent down to take a shot. She took her time and pointed her ass towards the two men. Her mini denim skirt raised high on her hips and exposed a toned smooth ass. The men stood shocked, not taking their eyes off her uncovered flesh. Just as she was about to shoot, she stopped.

“Maria, this is your shot, I will show you how to sink these balls.”

Maria took her place and bent over the table to aim her cue. Samantha got behind her and adjusted her stance.

“No, spread those legs wide; bend at the hips…”

Samantha pulled her legs apart and ran her hand over her ass up to her back and gently nudged her forward. Maria took aim and listened to her instructions. She felt Samantha’s hands caress her back, hips and ass and I saw her eyes close briefly as if enjoying the touch. Samantha said something about her dress being too tight and pulled it upward revealing my wife’s thong-clad cheeks to the quiet audience. She ran her hand down her curves and continued to instruct.

“Now, aim, slowly pull back and release forward.”

Samantha’s breasts rested upon Maria’s back, her hand caressing her naked butt and her lips an inch away from her face. It was a sight that I did not want to end; nor did the two neighbors. Maria took her shot and sank the ball in the corner pocket.

“See. All you needed was a woman’s touch.”

“Thanks, Sam. Guys table is yours, I need a drink.”

Not wanting to be seen, I ducked into the dark bathroom and let the girls walk by. My cock was rock hard after seeing Samantha “help” my wife. I wondered just how wet she was now. She has never talked about sex with another woman, then again, she never talked about sex with a black cock either. I splashed water on my face and return to the party.

As another hour passed, a few more couples departed leaving two couples in a marathon pool shoot-out, a few other couples conversing around the kitchen table, a couple of people outside sneaking a smoke and rest listening to DJ Palmer pulling out the old school party tunes. We all danced together; Samantha, Karen, Maria, Alex, the Palmers and an occasional extra neighboring dancer. It was exciting to watch Alex and Maria. It was the first time I had seen them together this close since the night in the hot tub. They moved together to beat, Alex towering over, Maria’s head against his chest. Samantha cut in and my wife returned to my side.

“Hey, it is almost midnight. Want to meet me in a dark room?”

“Hmm, do you think anyone will notice?”

As we looked around at the drunken neighbors, we decided to meet in a few minutes. I went to pour another round and was stopped by a very drunk neighbor who obviously loved the 49ers. As he began his rampage I noticed Samantha and Maria head toward the bathroom. Being a good neighbor, I gave my attention to Bob (aka 49er 4 life).

One minute slipped to five and five to twenty. Bob, without a pause, had informed me of exactly why his team will overcome all others next season. I was saved by his wife that motioned him towards the front door and I returned to “dance floor” looking for my wife. Not there. My cock twitched as I thought of her still waiting for me in one of the back rooms. I could not remember where the bedrooms were in the Palmer house, so I peeked in a few doors down the darkened hallway. After a closet, laundry room and an office, I reached a door that was slightly open. Just as I was to push it open I heard a female moan. It was not my wife and I hesitated. My perverted curiosity pushed me to nudge the door open just slightly. The room was only lit by a lone streetlight shining through the window, but to me I could see clearly.

Jon’s head was buried deep between his wife’s chubby thighs, her hands twisting her nipples as he munched on her hairy bush. Without warning, Jon stood up and quickly pulled down his slacks and plunged his dick into Mrs. Palmer. His ass was covered in fur and it bounced as he pounded her. Within moments he shuddered to a climax and fell upon his wife. As quickly as the show began, the show was over and I was gone.

As I made my way back to the kitchen I bumped into Samantha coming out of the bathroom. Her breasts were straining the fabric and her huge nipples pointed the way.

“Hey, there you are, we were looking for you.”

She pointed behind her to Maria. As soon as she saw me, she kissed me hard and wet. Her hand grabbed my cock and stroked it through my jeans. I mimicked her advances and reached for her sex. My fingers slipped under her dress and found a very slippery cunt. She jumped when I touched her clit and pulled away.

“C’mon. I need you and my black cock tonight.”

As we walked to the door, I was a bit puzzled. She was not wearing panties anymore. We said our goodbyes and started to leave. Samantha gave me a hug and whispered softly.

“You have beautiful wife.”

As she pulled away I caught the scent of sex or should I say, the scent of pussy. Not just any pussy. My wife Maria’s pussy.

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