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Several weeks passed since I watched my wife seduced by our neighbor and the sex has been non-stop. It was always good, but the last weeks was a bit more free and open than ever before. Every room had now been used, including the garage and the backyard patio. She aggressively assaulted her pussy with her small vibrating jelly while I was at work and tickled her clit with it while I pounded her from behind. Life was good.

I reviewed that fateful night many times. At first, I thought her seduction was the gentle massage that she repeatedly stated that I could not deliver. But then maybe it was the fact that he was black. She had never mentioned any attraction to black men, but…

Coming back from work I decided to stop by the erotic shop. Maria had mentioned that her “little friend” was not as powerful as she remembered. After a quick glance over all the various shapes, sizes, speeds, and colors, I found a red clear jelly vibe with a bullet right in the tip for that direct effect. As I turned to leave, my eye caught the big guns. Huge rubber cocks with monster balls, fists, corkscrews and what looked like, a baseball bat. Ignoring the oddities I found something of interest. A thick chocolate cock and balls. It was big, 10 or so inches long and a few inches thick; it felt perfect. I just knew she would love it.

I snuck my treats in and hid them under my pillow. I carried an erection all evening anticipating her reaction. My mind was on overload by the time I finished showering and joined her in bed. Maria was half asleep, laying on her side, as I slide behind her. I whispered in her ear, “I have something for you.”

She mumbled sleepily. I kissed her neck and reached around to caress her breasts. Her eyes remained closed and body still as I increased my attention with my lips on her neck, shoulders and back. My hands slid down onto shaved lips, slipping between her increasing slick lips.

Her breathing increased and hips move slowly, grinding her ass against my cock. She parts her legs and my dick slips easily into her. We match each other’s slow grind, my hands cupping her firm breast and her eyes still closed. I whisper in her ear of a surprise. I rock her body over and onto her stomach, keeping myself buried inside her. Her hips pivot upward to accept my slow steady thrusts. Reaching over with one hand I grab the black rubber cock. I slip my cock out and she moans in disapproval. “Do you want more,” I asked? Her low moans sound like a yes. “You do want more. I bet you want a lot more. I bet you would love to have a big cock in you.”

She continued to moan and push her hips backward, so I continue my prompts. “That is what you want, a big fat cock filling you up. A big fat black cock.” I held the rubber dick as if it was my own and rubbed the tip along her lips. “I got a big black cock for you. Feel how hard it is? Hard… big… black…” I slip the huge helmet tip between her wet lips and against her clit. She pushes back harder and begins to moan ‘yes’.

“You want this black dick? You want this huge black cock in you?”

“Hmmmm… yes… yes.”

I slid the entire shaft across her slit, covering it’s blackness with her slick juice. Positioning the tip, I pushed the huge tip through her folds and slowly began to enter her pussy. Her moans turned to a gasp as it broke her seal, but as it disappeared, inch by inch, the moans returned even louder. I slowly pulled out and pushed in further each time until all 10 inches were deep inside. Simulating the passion, I rhythmically pumped every inch of the gigantic prick in and out of my wife’s tight hole. Her hips met each thrust with intense vigor and her moans were uncontrolled and loud. My cock twitched against her thigh as I watched the black rod stretch her flesh.

I moved my body to her side, holding the rubber balls in my hand and continuing to simulate a hard slow fuck. “I think you like your new friend”

“Oh yes, it feels so good.”

“You like being fucked with a thick black dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me. It is so big. Feels so good.”

“It looks so sexy. A big chocolate cock stretching your pussy. Your wet pink little pussy and this big black dick.”

“Yes, give me that black cock. Fill me up. Yes, I love your black cock”.

Maria’s ass pointed straight up taking each inch into her eager cunt. Her eyes opening for the first time, found my own prick dripping precum inches from her face. She grabbed my member and licked the sweet drops from my tip and swallows my length greedily. Her fingers around my shaft pumping my meat into her mouth, I felt her tongue licking my tip and her lips sucking me tightly.

I increased the force and rhythm of her new lover which increased her excitement even more. Her hips pumped upward with even time and she squealed with pleasure each time I plunged the rubber dick into her.

“C’mon, suck me. Keep sucking. You feel those black balls on your clit? You feel them slap your clit when he is deep inside you? Are you going to cum? Yea, cum all over his big black cock. Let him fill your pussy with black cum. Black cum in your pussy and my white cock in your mouth.”

The words, the pounding, it all became too intense and Maria began to shake. She released my cock from her mouth and violently gyrated her hips to the pounding beat of her new black lover. Her moans turned to screams until her body gave out and she collapsed on the bed. I let go of the dildo and it fell out of her and onto the bed beside her. Her rapid breathing continued as her body shook with several spasms. Reaching down with her hands, she found her new partner and without saying a word, she turned over on her back and replaced the huge toy back into her quivering sex. She slowly fucked herself in front of me. Her legs spread wide as she fit every inch of dark meat in, withdrawing, and plunging in back in.

I kneeled near her and stroked my meat. I let my tip fall across her lips and she opened her mouth in response. Her tongue darted out cleaning the oozing clear fluid from my tip.

“Come in my mouth. Please.”

Her breathing increased again and her hands made the black cock disappear into her pussy faster and faster.

“I am going to cum again. Please, cum with me. I want your cum in my mouth and his black cum in my pussy. Please. Yes. Yes.”

I pumped my rod and shot white gooey cum into her mouth, on her lips, across her face and neck. She squealed as it hit her and it sent her body into another body-shaking orgasm. Her hands replaced mine and she guided my cock into mouth sucking it dry. The thick black rod still engulfed in her pussy and her hips gently bucked.

My life just got more interesting.

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