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My wife Cindy is one of those woman that men take a second and third glance at. She knows just how to ooze sexual desirability. She has a pixie face and is very well put together. She is petite in size with a fine ass and tits. Her tits are nicely rounded, perky 36 C’s. Her bottom is beautifully curved and begs to be fondled. She loves to tease and wears short skirts with thigh highs when we go out and recently bought some bikinis that border on being lewd. She modeled them for me just as we were planning on going to the beach for a holiday.

She appeared out of the bathroom and stood in front of the bed where I was surfing the net on my laptop.

“Well, tell me what you think?”

What came out of my mouth was “Holy shit”.

It was almost a micro kini. The fabric looked like glossy white plastic that was a strip between her legs just covering her pubic area and then split into two strings that went over each breast and tied behind her neck. Each nipple was just covered by the same material with a string that crossed between her tits. She spun around and her ass was completely bare with a string that came up to her waist and tied to a string that apparently went around to her belly button.

“Damn babe, you look more naked in that thing than if you did not wear it! You don’t plan to wear it outside the house, right? I would have to beat the guys off with a bat that were trying to dick you.”

Cindy grinned and replied, “you really think so? I don’t look like I did when I was 18. Two kids and nine years has changed my body and I don’t think I am nearly as sexy as when you married me.”

“Not true, babe, you are more sexy now than when you were 18. Your tits are bigger for one thing and you have more of a sexual aura than you did back then. Hell, I know a dozen guys who would love to get in your pants.”

Cindy stared at me for a few seconds, long enough to feel uncomfortable, then asked, “who? No, before you answer that, what would they say so that you would know they would want to screw me?”

“Well, like when you dressed as a saloon girl at our Halloween party, several guys told me if I was not around they would love to get a feel of your luscious ass and tits when you were serving beer and when the guys were here for poker some said they would love to have you in a game of strip poker.”

Cindy sat on the bed next to me and leaned down and kissed me. Still leaning over me she whispered “a couple of your so called friends did grab a quick feel of my ass and tits.”

“What! Who?”

“Doesn’t matter sweetheart. It was late when a lot of you guys were half drunk and besides I liked it. It made me feel sexy to have another guy want to feel me up.”

“Is that why you bought this bikini? To feel sexy or to get felt up when I am not looking, I asked while grinning from ear to ear.

Cindy replied, “don’t take this the wrong way but it is exciting to have someone else want to play with me. I love you dearly but remember the excitement of exploring and playing with a new body for the first time? I kind of miss that at times and would never do it because it would be selfish to hurt you and the kids.”

Cindy leaned back, reached between my legs and found my hard cock.

“Oh, what is this? Does the thought of me being felt up turn you on?”

I extended my hand and slid one finger underneath her swimsuit crotch into her pussy. Her slit was sopping wet.

“Thinking about other guys feeling you up does turn me on and obviously it does you to. Why don’t you bring that sexy ass of yours up here and sit on my cock while you tell me about it.”

Cindy straddled me and pulling the bottom to one side slid her hot, soaking fuck hole down on my cock. My dick was throbbing inside her and I held on her thighs so she couldn’t move.

She asked, “what do you want to hear? What they did, specifically?”

“Ya” Just don’t move your ass and tell me what happened.”

“Ohooo. I can feel your dick lurching like it wants to unload in me. Guess I will have to be careful. Why don’t you stroke my clit very slowly while we talk. O, that feels good. Lightly, babe. Very slowly, perfect. You remember the guy dressed like a mummy at the party. He caught me in the hall when I had two beers in both hands and you remember my skirt was cut very high on my right hip. He made like he was going to bite me on the neck and slid one of his hands under my skirt and grabbed my ass. When I pulled away from his hand he grabbed the top of my blouse and pulled it down below my breasts. You remember it was low cut anyway. He grabbed both of my tities before I dumped the beer on him.”

“Did you like him doing that to you?”

“Ahh, Yesssssss. That was just the start. After your buddies saw what happened they couldn’t help themselves. I had hands up my dress every time I turned around. I got so excited I just wanted someone to grab me, drag me into a bedroom and fuck me. I had it bad. I leaned over the back of the couch to give you a beer and Gerry down the street, slid his hand up to my panties and before I knew it, he had a finger inside me. I even let him finger me a tiny bit before I jumped away.”

I was just holding back from cumming. I was biting my lower lip and my wife’s head was tilted back with her eyes closed like she was remembering the party. “Would you have let them fuck you if they had tried?”

Slowly nodding her head, she said, “I don’t know. I was so excited. I don’t think so. I don’t want to hurt you but it is so exciting to have someone want you and play with you. You understand, I hope. I love you and would never leave you but sometimes it is exciting to be played with by someone else.”

I slid my thumb inside her slit next to my cock and pulled it out wet with her juices. I smeared it all over her clit and stroked her. She moaned and started jerking her hips as I worked it. “You want a big hard strange dick inside you, don’t you?”

I reached my free hand up to her left tit and slid her top aside and squeezed her white full tit with a hard as a rock nipple. “You would like a strange dick to squirt a huge load of sperm up inside your womb and fill it up to overflowing. After he fills your twat full you would suck him until he exploded in your mouth and cum runs out and down on your tits.”

Cindy screamed “AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Her pussy clenched around my dick setting it off. In my spaced out mind I remember arching up off the bed with her on top feeling nothing by my dick shooting off.

When the orgasm faded away Cindy’s head was laying on my chest and my dick was still inside her. I could feel the oozing of my cum sliding down my balls.

When I could speak, I figured now was the time to determine how it was between us and where we would go from here. I asked cautiously, “do you think you could play around and not become involved emotionally?”

Cindy was quiet for a few seconds, then said, “ain’t nothing going to fuck you and me up, sweetheart. I didn’t invest all this time and have two kids with you to throw it away on a dick. If I play around as you say it, it is for pleasure only, just plain nasty, slimy, spine-tingling sex.

“OK girl, I trust you, I have to. Lets see how much excitement we can have with this. I don’t remember cumming so hard in a long time. Lets play it like you were doing it on the side and I didn’t know nothing about it. Just like you were cheating. I think it would be exciting to know what you were doing and the guys thinking I didn’t. Like they were getting in your pants on the side and I was being cuckolded. It would be like we were both doing it at the same time. Any guys we know interest you?”

Cindy giggled. “Ahhh, honey, there is a guy who flirts with me all time and I know would do me in a heartbeat if I would let him but I am not so sure you would. He does really, really turn me on. I guess it is just perverse thrill.”

“Shit, we have come this far so I can’t think of anyone I just wouldn’t want you to do it with. I would leave it up to you to be discrete enough not to fuck up our careers or family. Who is it?”

“Ah, well, he is the butcher down at the meat market in the grocery store. He stares at my tits and comes out to see me every time I am in there.”

“How do you know he wants to fuck you?”

“You can always tell, at least we females can. The vibes are there and he says some things like he would love to show me the best meat and if I would let him he would like to provide me with personal service. Everything he says has a double meaning. He is big, very big and well built.”

“So, am I supposed to be intimidated by his size? You are petite so taking him should be your worry. I would only have to worry about your pussy being stretched out too big,” grinning while thinking about her taking a big dick from a big man.

Cindy leaned back and with a grin told me, “he is a big BLACK man.”

My cock lurched in her soupy cunt and now I was shocked. I had no idea she had thoughts about being fucked by a black stud.

“Well, I thought I knew you but obviously have a lot to learn. Have you been flirting with him or maybe you have already fucked him.”

Cindy was sitting up and I could feel my cock stirring with the thought of a big black dick buried deep in the same pussy I was in.

“Are you getting hard so soon? You haven’t done me twice in the last six years. You do like the thought of me going out and getting some strange dick, don’t you? Oh yes, I have been flirting. I wear my jogging outfits to go shopping. You know the one with white the silk top. I take off my sports bra to let the girls go free underneath. He loves seeing my hard nipples. I have been thinking of wearing a bikini bottom in sometime to see what he would do. Who knows, he might have raped me if I teased him too much. It would have been my fault if he did and I would just have to take it.”

My cock was now throbbing again and I rolled Cindy over on her back and started slamming it in her. “Sounds like you are going to get some black dick up your tight ass,” I whispered in her ear.

“Sam is his name, sugar. I have looked and I am very sure he has a big, nice package. When he mentioned the showing me the best meat, he pulled his apron aside and his cock was stiff against his leg. I swear it went down to his knee. I wanted it then. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, you are trying to split me.”

I was jamming my hips into her trying to bury myself in as far as I could.

“Fuck meeeeeeeee. Ahhhh. I want Sam’s cock, babeeeeeee. I want him to fuck me, rape me, use me as his whore. I want to try to take his big cock deep in me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit. Uhhhmmmmmmmmm. Can he fuck me, babeeeeeeeeeeee? Tell me babeeeee, tell me you want me to let him fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Can he come deep, deep inside me. Oh, Oh, O, shitttttttttttttttttttttttt.”

My balls were trying to climb up my dick as I came. With my dick pulsing in her pussy, I moaned, “yessssssss, get fucked, you horny bitch!

We both slept out of pure exhaustion and later when we got up the subject wasn’t mentioned. With the kids and work almost three days went by. It was the next Thursday afternoon when I arrived home that Cindy called out to me to come into the bedroom. When I entered the room, Cindy was putting on lipstick. Her hair was tied up into two ponytails. She was wearing a loose white pullover top that ended just below her tits. It had long loose sheer sleeves that had cuffs made of the same material as the pullover. The top was open below her tits and I could just see the bottom of them as she was applying her makeup. She had on a short white cotton flip skirt that only came down to mid thigh. On her feet she had white high heel sandals with frilly white socks. All the white against her tanned skin had an erotic effect. If I wasn’t mistaken she was more tanned then she was last weekend. I whistled.

Cindy turned her head and grinned and then pirouetted around like a model holding her arms out. I took her in my arms and tried to kiss her but she said “just put the lipstick on, babe” and hugged me. Still holding her I said “what’s up?”

She tilted her head up and with a grin “going grocery shopping, sweetheart. Need you to watch the kids for a while, OK?” She was still smiling.

With her back to the mirror I reached down and pulled up her skirt. “What do you know, a bare tanned bottom. Did you forget something?”

With a wider grin she said “did I?”

Smiling at her I answered, “I would say you probably didn’t, did you? Shopping for meat are we?”

Her eyes were twinkling as she said “never know what I might bring home.”

I could not help not answering “smart ass.”

She picked up her purse and as she was going out she stopped at the door and turned around and pulled her skirt up above her navel. Her pussy was shaved totally bare! What a camel toe! She usually trimmed it in a bikini cut.

“Do you think he will like it?” She was laughing as she went out.

The wait was intermeddle. I had all kinds of thoughts as to what was happening. My dick stayed half hard most of the time. She was gone about two hours when I heard the car drive in.

I went out to the car and Cindy was sitting there with her eyes closed and head tilted back. I stuck my head in because I was extremely curious as to her condition. Except for missing lipstick she looked the same as she left. She looked at me with half open eyes, leaned over and deep kissed me.

My wife definitely had a dick in her mouth. I could taste as well as smell the results.

When we broke the kissing I asked “you all right?”

“Oh ya. I feel like a limp dishrag but I am very all right.”

As I opened the car door and helped her out I looked between her legs to see the condition of her puss. She looked wet. She caught me looking and said “he didn’t fuck me…………….yet. I sucked him off in my mouth. God, he can cum. Luckily he had pulled off my top so what I could not swallow I rubbed into my tits. Somehow my dick was in her hand as I leaned over and ran my tongue up under her top and licked her right tit. The pungent smell and taste immediately sent me over the edge. I came all over her legs and shoes.

“Ouuuuu. That was quick. Good thing he fingered and ate me to two orgasms. Good thing you get excited by what I did because he gave me this.”

She handed me a slip of paper with a phone number and address on it. It had an apartment number on it that I thought was about a half mile away.

“What happened?”

“His eyes nearly popped when he saw me. He was there in a flash and asked me what he could do for me. I said maybe show me that meat he keeps telling me about he took me in the back to ‘show’ me. He asked another butcher to cover for him and I was so embarrassed. You know don’t you that I am now a confirmed slut. He took me into an office and was all over me. He kept saying how he had wished for this as he sucked my tits and fingered me. I came hard once and he still kept on playing with me. I was laid across a desk and he ate me from asshole to bellybutton. His tongue is very talented. The second time I came I thought I would pass out. I was woozy when I felt his dick head on my lips. I think I tried to inhale him. Jesus baby, taking all I could in my mouth, I still could put both hands on him and had plenty of room to jack him. I could get his dick head in my mouth but down where my hands were it was a lot thicker. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around him. He is like a spear with a point and then it gets real thick. He was moaning and I knew we did not have forever so I did what I do with you when I want you to come. I played with his balls with one hand and played with his asshole with the other. He has monster balls, very hairy and they squirm so good. His first jet of hot sperm came flooding in my mouth and I tried, really tried to swallow it all, but about half ended up on my upper chest and neck. Sam sat down to recover and watched me rub his come into my skin. He said that was so erotic. We made a date for Saturday if you are wondering when he plans to fuck me blind so don’t plan on playing golf, OK?”

I was slowly stroking my dick as she related her adventures and said “I guess we will be playing a new game called ‘fucking Cindy’ on Saturday. Looks like we need to get you some lube and did you buy a big cucumber?”

We had carried the few groceries into the kitchen where we sat at the table and continued our talk.

“How do you feel about being a confirmed slut?”

“A little embarrassed that everyone in the store knows what we were doing but excited at the same time. Sam loves my body and I felt so very turned on laying exposed and open to whatever he wanted. He said my pussy was flooded and loves tasting me. He wanted me to come over tonight and I told him I had to mind the kids. He said he would get a sitter and I told him you would really not understand that. He was really smiling at the thought of fucking me behind your back. I told him I would go out shopping on Saturday and would be shopping for big meat. “Oh by the way, there are two T bone steaks in there and he said to give you the top one. He wiped his dick on it.”

“O well, meat is meat. I have already tasted his cum on you and who knows what is to come. Are you sticking with Sam only or do you have plans to ‘spread out’ sort of speaking?”

“Just Sam for the moment. Gerry, your buddy has felt me everywhere and done it all except sticking it in. He has been really trying to get in my pants since the party. He came over once when you were gone and I let him play with my tits. He said he dreamed about them since seeing them at the party. I sent him home with a hard on in his pants. I like teasing him. He might be a lover in the future, who knows?”

The next day went by slowly. Cindy was laying out different outfits when I got home and after my mind was in turmoil thinking about her all day I pushed her down in the middle of the bed scattering everything and buried my face in her twat. She grabbed my hair and moaned. I licked and sucked so much my mouth was getting sore. I know her thighs clenched at least twice on my head. I was so turned on that when I slid my dick in her wet puss, I was throbbing.

Cindy was on her knees and I was watching my dick pull her vulva in and out. She said “enjoy it sweetheart because by this time tomorrow I expect it will look like I just had a baby. I am going to take as much of him as I can and he will definitely be deeper in me than anyone ever has.”

I suddenly had a vision of her twat stretched around a big black cock pulling her inside out and instantly I unloaded in her. I slept like a log and when I got up the shower was running. I made breakfast for the kids and then for us. Cindy came in her bathrobe and told me “I plan on making a day of it and maybe would be in about nine. I told him that my friends and I had a girls day out once in a while and we go home when the stores closed. If I call you don’t get excited. I will just be letting you know what is going on or if I am going to be late. OK?”

“Oh ya, just have fun babe and bring the worn parts home to me.” I was laughing as I said it. The tension eased a lot.

The kids were playing so I couldn’t help not watching Cindy getting ready. She spent a lot of time on hair and makeup. While she was doing that I got out the digital camera and took a couple of shots. I continued when she dropped the robe and started dressing. She put on a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black heels.

I asked her “may I take some before pictures? It might be fun to compare them and make an album of you now and then.”

“OK, how do you want me?”

“Lay back and spread your legs a little. I will take a couple of your nice, normal puss and then I will take some as you dress.”

I took more shots while she apparently changed her mind and slipped into a matching lacy grey French bra and high cut lacy panties I had not seen before. The bra cupped and framed her tits leaving the nipples exposed. She looked more sexy with them on than naked. She pulled on a short, tight black skirt that barely covered her stocking tops. For a top she had a cream colored, silky top with a scoop neck. A hint of the darker color of her bra and nipples was showing through. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs giving me a great shot of my wife as a slut ready for cock.

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