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Nathalie my wife has spent 1 year and 4 months away from me in the past 2 1/2 years. I am in the military and have had a remote assignment and now a deployment to Kuwait in this time frame. She is an extremely attractive French woman, who is 5’3″ with a 35-24-36 figure and mid-back length, curly brunette hair. She is extremely sexual in her nature, which is one of the things that have always attracted me to her.

I have been in Kuwait for 2 months now, protecting America’s oil and gas investment over here. Nathalie has done very well on her own, she’s strong and independent. She works really hard in the investment field. She got an invite from a bunch of coworkers to play poker one night. She hadn’t played cards or even been out of the house for 2 months, so I urged her to go and have as much fun as possible. She accepted the invitation and showed up for poker night at Derek’s house. When she walked in all the guys stopped playing cards and looked Nathalie over. She was the only girl to show up and was looking extraordinarily beautiful. She wore tight, black leather pants with a white sweater accentuating her breasts perfectly.

Nathalie brought her coat to the bedroom, taking her $40 in poker money out of her coat pocket. Derek gave her a quick five and dime tour of the apartment. As she was getting the tour she flirted with Derek and accidentally bumped his crotch with her curvaceous ass. She said she felt him stiffen almost immediately, and then she apologized for bumping into him. It got her juices flowing as well; she was in need of a stiff dick inside of her! They walked back out to the poker table and Derek offered her a drink. He had made a batch of margaritas, which is Nathalie’s favorite. She knew a couple of the guys from work, Eric, Steve, Scott, and Derek. She was introduced to 2 other guys Jim and Darren, who were just friends of Derek’s.

As they settled down to playing cards a new rule was started, if you lost a hand you had to take a shot of tequila. The play went on for a couple of hours and Nathalie started to feel pretty good. She was up $20 on the night and had only taken a few shots, along with drinking her normal margarita. She was feeling a little tipsy, and a lot horny from drinking so much. By this time it was down to Nathalie, Derek, Eric, and Scott left playing cards. The rest of the guys had headed for home. Nathalie said she was going to go in a few minutes, so Eric suggested a couple of last games to close out the night of poker. Nathalie agreed to stay. Eric said, “Instead of taking a shot if you lose, you have to take a shot to bet. If you pass on the bet and shot you are out of the game, no betting limit either.” Everyone agreed to the new rules and play began.

Nathalie was dealt three jacks to begin the hand. So she opened the bidding at $5 and took her shot. The rest of the table each raised the bid back to her and she matched the bid of $40 and took her second shot inside of a minute. Her head started to spin a little bit, but she was still in the game. They each got their second set of cards; Nathalie got a pair of 9s. Nathalie opened the bid again with $5 and a shot. The bid came back around to Nathalie at $60 and she only had $10 left. Nathalie asked to borrow some money from the guys and they all smiled as they said, “NO”. Nathalie begged for 5 minutes before Derek said he had an idea. Instead of borrowing the money from the guys, Derek suggested wagering a strip dance as the substitute if all the guys agreed. It took them about a split second to agree and they all looked at Nathalie.

Nathalie hesitated for a minute and then agreed. There was over $200 in the pot and she wanted the money. She took her shot and they all laid their cards down one at a time. Eric had a straight, Derek had three kings, and Nathalie had a full house and was smiling at this time. Then Scott laid down his straight flush and the guys cheered. Nathalie was now on the spot and her juices were already flowing. She protested that she had been set up and the guys laughed and told her a deal was a deal, so dance. The guys went to the living room, Eric and Scott sat on the couch as Derek took up a seat in his recliner. Nathalie turned the stereo on to some rock music and slowly began to gyrate her hips.

She slowly began to lift her sweater and massage her own breasts in time to the music. Then she would let her sweater fall back down, the guys were getting anxious and chanting, “Take it off, take it off.” Nathalie reached below her sweater, unbuttoning and unzipping her leather pants. She spun around with her ass facing the guys and pulled her leather pants to her ankles and stepped out of them. She kept her high heels on and spun around continuing to gyrate. The guys were really starting to feel the effects now, as they started to squirm in their seats and adjust their pants. Nathalie went over to Scott and planted her feet between his legs, as she removed her bra from beneath her sweater and flung it around the back of his neck. She pulled Scott’s face into her breasts and he brought his hands up to massage her tits.

Nathalie released the hold she had on him and pushed him back into the couch. Next she moved towards Eric and draped her sweater over his head. He started to suck on her nipples as she held him close, then without warning pushed him out and away from her sweater. She danced her way over to Derek planting her thong and ass on his crotch, continuing to gyrate. Nathalie could feel his cock pressing against his jeans and her ass. She reached down and rubbed his dick through his pants, as he reached under her sweater massaging her hardened nipples. Then he pulled her sweater up over her head, finally exposing her breasts to everyone. She was soaking wet by this time and the guys could tell by the wet spot on the bottom of her thong. Derek slid his hand down her stomach and into her panties. Then he started to finger her already soaking pussy lips and massage her clitoris.

Eric and Scott got up now and walked over each taking a breast, massaging, licking and kissing her tits. Then Scott pulled her panties off as Derek lifted her ass up off his crotch. Before she could complain Eric started eating her pussy, as Derek massaged her tits and Scott gave her a deep kiss. Nathalie couldn’t handle it anymore and had her first orgasm of the night. Derek picked her up and laid her down on the living room carpet. Eric immediately slammed his rock hard cock into Nathalie pinning her legs down on the carpet with his legs. He pounded her for all he was worth and came deep inside of her. Then Scott took his place and slipped his stiff dick inside of her soaking wet pussy. He pounded away on Nathalie for 5 minutes or so sending her into another orgasm and blowing his load deep inside of her dripping pussy.

Nathalie lay on the carpet and recovered as she stroked Derek’s dick with her right hand keeping him hard. Derek then got up and went to the bathroom returning with a Vaseline jar. After a couple of minutes Derek laid down on his back on the carpet. He directed Nathalie to straddle him and lower her ass onto his cock. As Nathalie straddled him, he lubed his dick and her asshole with Vaseline. Nathalie slowly impaled herself on Derek’s dick and began to ride him up and down very slowly and deliberately. Derek had the most control of all the guys and as he neared dropping his load he stopped Nathalie from moving. He stayed still for a few minutes settling down. Scott came over and Nathalie took his cock into her mouth to bring him back to life.

Scott lay down on the carpet on his back and Derek pushed Nathalie forward on top of Scott. They maneuvered so Scott could enter Nathalie’s pussy as Derek was still buried deep in her asshole. Then they started to rock Nathalie in unison impaling her with alternating strokes of her pussy and ass. Eric began to get hard again and stood in front of Nathalie filling her mouth with his cock. Nathalie soon came again squeezing down on Scott’s dick with her pussy muscles causing him to fill her with his load, just as Derek filled Nathalie’s asshole with come. Within 30 seconds Eric was filling the back of Nathalie’s throat with his come and they all collapsed on the floor together in one pile of flesh.

Scott and Eric got up and dressed after a few minutes, then left. Nathalie got up and asked Derek if she could use the shower to clean up. He agreed and got her a towel out of the hallway closet. Then he turned the water in the shower on for her, so it would heat up. He asked if she was OK, and she said, “Oh Yeah, I’m terrific actually”. He said, “I’ll second that notion”. Nathalie climbed into the shower as Derek went back to clean up the card table. In a couple of minutes Derek came back into the bathroom and climbed into the shower with Nathalie. She was already soaped up, so he began to massage her neck, shoulders and back from behind. He massaged her ass and the back of her legs down to her ankles. Then he moved his hands to the front of her legs and massaged up towards her pussy. He passed around her pussy, making her squirm to try and get his hands to touch her again. Derek kept working his way up towards her breasts, and then bypassed them the first time.

Nathalie now leaned back towards Derek as he worked his way out to the end of her arms and back in again. This time he stopped at her breasts and massaged every inch of them as Nathalie ground her ass into his crotch and already hardening cock. Derek worked his way down her stomach and inserted two fingers into her pussy. He played with her clit and massaged her G spot, bringing her towards another orgasm. He turned her around and dropped to his knees and proceeded to eat Nathalie’s pussy for all he was worth. This brought her over the edge and she collapsed against the shower wall. He kept one of her legs over his shoulder as he stood up. This stretched her pussy opening out and he inserted his hard on into her vagina in one smooth motion. He started to hump her pussy, with his legs thrusting him up to meet her pelvis on every stroke. Nathalie was still orgasmic and this caused her to have yet another immediate orgasm as Derek filled her pussy with his load of come.

They finished washing each other off and took turns drying each other off with the towels Derek had retrieved from the closet. Nathalie was totally exhausted when she finally got dressed. She gave Derek a quick kiss good bye as Derek handed her all the poker money. He said, “This was the plan all along. We have all wanted you since the day you started work and we figured now was the right opportunity. Thanks for everything and for being such a good sport.” Nathalie just smiled and walked out the door. It was exactly what she had been needing too, a true poke her night!

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