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We have been married for 15 years and with three kids it is hard to get alone as often as we did when we were first married. We are moderately conservative people who enjoy a good dinner, friends, and a good bottle of wine. In January of last year we had an opportunity to arrange for the kids to stay at neighbors houses overnight. We decided to do something a little different for the occasion so reserved a room at an upscale hotel nearby. The plan was to go to a restaurant near the hotel, then return to the hotel for a nightcap at their lounge.

Diane put on a simple black dress, her shoulders mostly bare with fairly thin straps holding it on, that went about halfway down her thigh making her legs show up nice atop her high heel shoes. It wasn’t too revealing but very sexy, showing off her figure nicely. She is 5’3″ with a great ass, shapely legs, a gorgeous face, blonde hair, and a nice walk.

So, with the kids tucked away, off we went on our night out. We checked into the hotel first. The room had a bar in a front room with a couch and a back room with a king bed. We then went directly to the restaurant. The music was soft and the wine was good. It was putting us both into a relaxed mood. We finally left and went back to the hotel lounge that was rather crowded. A band was playing at the side near a small dance floor. We were lucky and found a place at the bar. As we talked I noticed some of the guys would occasionally look our way, mostly at Diane.

We were enjoying the music and so we ordered another drink. Two guys came up to the bar on the other side of Diane to order drinks. When their drinks arrived one of them turned and nearly tipped Diane’s drink. He immediately apologized and offered to buy us another. We declined. Diane asked if he was staying at the hotel or was local like us. He said there was a training class and there were about 40 salespeople staying over the weekend. As we talked with both guys, Ted and Mike, it turned out we had once lived in the same area of the state they were from. As we kept talking they finally overrode us and bought us a round.

Ted asked why we hadn’t danced yet and I explained that I just wasn’t that good at it. He said Mike was a good dancer. Mike, sort of on the spot but at the same time looking like he wouldn’t mind, asked Diane if she wanted to dance. She turned to me and asked if I would mind.

I said, “No, enjoy!”

Just then the band ended their set and announced the bar was closing. Mike pretended to be disappointed about not getting his dance. We all were just kind of joking about it and saying things like “next time!”, knowing we would never see them again. I had reached a point where I wanted ‘one more’. I leaned towards Di and asked if she wanted to have another drink in our room.

Mike mistook what I had said and answered, “Why thanks! We don’t have a bar in our rooms!”

He had misunderstood and thought I was asking them up for a drink, too! We had all been having fun together, so I kind of looked at Di and she shrugged her shoulders. So, off we went, Ted and Mike thanking us in advance for ‘one more’.

When we arrived at the room I turned on music and unlocked the bar. Our conversations continued as we mixed another round, just as a good dancing song came on.

Mike asked Diane if she wanted that dance now. She looked at me and I said, “You may as well since I’m not about to.”

We cleared a small area near the bar by moving a coffee table out of the way.

They started dancing and Mike really was a good dancer. Diane is also a good dancer so she responded to his moves. They got into it while Ted and I just talked in bits, mostly watching them. It suddenly hit me that we were in a hotel room with two strangers. On very rare occasions, in the heat of lovemaking we would hint at having her with another man, but had never entertained the idea beyond that. As they were dancing, Ted’s cell phone rang. Ted told me two other friends had called wondering where they were and if it was ok if they came up for a drink, too.

I hesitated, then answered, “Ok.”

When the song finished Di came over, grabbed my hand, then her drink and took a large gulp.

Another song came on and Mike insisted I dance with Diane. I decided to give it a go. I didn’t have very many dance moves so instead pushed other limits. I reached out and slid one of her straps off her shoulder. She just kept dancing and was turning me on with a very sexy look on her foxy face. I slid the other strap off. The other two guys showed up while we were dancing. As the song ended, the guys cheered for us, and held our drinks out to us. We both took a big swallow as Diane put her straps back in place. We were introduced to Hank and Ed.

Another song started and Ted jumped up saying, “My turn!”

We were having a good time and Diane was enjoying the attention. They started dancing, and to my surprise and Diane’s, Ted very smoothly as part of the dancing slid both straps off her shoulders like I had!

Diane glanced at me and I called out, “You go, honey!”, feeling certain this would end once she had enough of the flirting.

As she turned her back towards him at one point he inched the zipper on the back of her dress down a bit, continuing the increased flirting I had started. The guys cheered and so did I. She turned face him, pretending she hadn’t noticed, but her little smile told me she was very aware and that she heard me cheering!

The song ended and as they came over Ed, with a big grin on his face said, “What is this, a competition to see who can dance and get the biggest applause?”

I just laughed and Di said nothing, just kind of giggled and went for her drink as she put her straps back in place. Her zipper remained a few inches undone, which I thought was very sexy and daring.

As another song came on, Mike said to Hank, “It’s your turn, pal.”

Diane looked at me and I retorted, “Hey, I’m not dancing with him!”

Everyone laughed at that as Hank took her hand and started dancing. This was a slower song so his arm was around her waist. Her back was to us as he reached and unzipped her dress another inch or two. Her black bra strap could be clearly seen across her back. As they separated a bit during the dance I could see that her dress was getting loose enough to begin falling forward off her chest if she wasn’t careful. At one point he placed his hand inside her dress in back where it was unzipped. She moved his hand away by turning as she danced. He then reached and slid one strap off. As this song ended again we all cheered. Mike told Hank that he was now the leader in the applause competition.

Di had to hold the front of her dress to keep it from falling forward. I handed her drink to her and she asked me to zip her up a little. I did, but just enough to keep her dress up and left the one strap off.

She looked at me with a smile and said with fake sarcasm, “Oh thanks a lot!”

I just smiled and said, “Drink up, honey”, and so she did. And so did I. We intertwined arms as we were both getting into the fantasy of the moment.

When another song started Mike took her hand and shouted, “Round two!”

He immediately slid the other strap off her shoulder, which was still ok since her zipper had come up enough to keep her dress tight. She again turned her back to him and leaned over. I guess because she was leaning, no one, including Di, realized the zipper had moved itself down a bit further. As she straightened up, she swung her head back and reached up with both hands to flip her hair over her shoulder and out of her face. As she did her dress fell forward below her bra! She was startled and fumbled to lift her dress up. Without missing a beat, Mike took her hands and continued dancing as if nothing had happened. Her bra was on and it really didn’t seem like so big of a deal, or maybe because I was feeling no pain from the drinks, I just joined in on the cheering and laughing. She flushed and gave a quick little sexy smile, so I knew she was getting turned on!

As the song finished they definitely got the biggest cheer! Di came directly to me as the song finished. She pulled her dress back in place, but left the straps off. I tightened the zipper very little, just enough to keep her dress from falling forward again. As we waited for the next song to start we were all talking and I just kept my arm around Di. The hint of sexual tension was thick in the air. I don’t think anyone had any idea what to do next or what we should (shouldn’t?) do. The moment was definitely exciting and everyone was lively as another round of drinks was mixed.

Another song started and Ted took her hand. I think he had the hots for her from the beginning when he had suggested Di dance with Mike down in the hotel bar. As they danced he turned her so her back was to him. He completely unzipped her dress. It immediately fell to her waist. Di caught her dress and looked at me, and I just smiled. Ted began to pull her hands away from her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. Now she was dancing in a bra, thong, with thigh stockings plus high heels!

She kept her eyes looking down, her body moving with the music. I could tell she was turned on by the way she was breathing. As the beat picked up she moved faster, her breasts bouncing against the bra’s lace. Hank moved out onto the dance floor behind her as Ted stayed in front. He undid her bra. Di reached for the bra with both hands and held it to her chest. It must have been the drinks because as Ted reached over and held both her hands, pressuring them to move above her head, I just cheered more. She resisted just a little and then gave in, her mouth shaped into a little ‘oh’.

She asked me, “Are you sure you are ok with this?”

I whispered back, “Yes, just say when you want to stop.”

She began to breath heavily, her nipples began to perk, as she started moving with the music again. I walked back to the bar, as she left her hands above her head, still clutching her bra, exposing her breasts while dancing with the music. Hank and Ted did their best to look as if dancing was the only thing on their minds. Hank stretched his arms from behind and came very close to brushing her breasts with his hands as they danced, but not actually touching them. Di was moving her body so that Hank had to move his hands to her motion in order not to touch her. At one point Ted reached up and was feeling her bra, started wrapping it around her hands as they stayed over her head.

The song ended. She came over to me and asked for her drink.

She said, “I’ve stripped for you guys, it’s time to call it a night, you’ve had your fun.”

Ted laughed saying, “I think you had a little fun, too!”

She just giggled and took another sip of her drink. I could sense her relief, but a little disappointment at the same time.

I liked the idea of her standing there in just a thong, thigh stockings and high heels, yet with the safety of knowing she had set her limits and everyone seemingly accepting it, so I said, “Ok, first finish your drink.”

I think she did too because she said, “Ok, I’ll drink fast!”, and laughed as all the guys replied almost in unison, ‘Oh no! Take your time!”

We all tried to make small talk with my exposed wife. Another song started and Mike teased her by putting his finger under the strap of her thong and edging it downwards, saying, “Are you sure you don’t want another dance?”

She laughed again and slapped playfully at his hand. Ed hooked his finger on her thong strap from behind. “How about just one more dance?”, he asked, pressing her thong downwards.

Ted went to her other side. All three guys had a finger hooked onto her thong and were slowly edging it down her thighs and ass.

She kept warding off their hands with little playful slaps. She was flushed, excited, wanting more, and wanting to stop all at the same time. She was looking to me to do something. So I did. I fondled her breasts. She looked me straight in the eyes as the guys pushed her thong to the floor.

Ted leaned Di onto the bar and moved her feet apart. Hank began caressing her ass. She was breathing harder as each touch caused her excitement. Ted sat on a stool near her head. He unzipped his pants and allowed himself to spring out of his pants, half hard near her mouth. She tentatively moved her face to his cock and began to wet it with her tongue and bring it into her mouth. As she did, her head turned slightly sideways and she looked at me, and then sucked him all the way in her mouth. Hank was now undressed behind Di and was fingering her, in and out. He moved his hand away and inserted two fingers. Di’s knees trembled from her first orgasm of the night!

Hank now began to move his tip into her wet love tunnel. She pressed herself against the bar to maintain her balance. He began an easy stroking and then started going faster. Hank came quickly and pulled out. Di began to become more vigorous on Ted’s cock with her mouth. Ed stepped where Hank had been. As he enlarged he was obviously the largest, about 9″ and thick. She came as soon as the large, strange cock entered her! As Ed kept up his rhythm Ted began to lose it. He asked her if she wanted him to pull out of her mouth. Now, in our married life, on just two occasions, only when very drunk, Di had allowed me to cum in her mouth. Instead of answering Ted she began to pump him with her mouth and hand. Her head was bouncing as Ed kept his rhythm. Ted couldn’t stop and came immediately. She swallowed! Ed began to pound furiously and came at the same time as Di – her third time for the night!

She stood up straight as Ed pulled from her. We all just kind of listened to the music for a second, catching our breath, looked at each other with kind of a ‘whew!’ expression. Mike moved to Di and put his arm around her naked waist, and began to pull Di towards the bedroom. She kind of did little steps, sort of fighting going to the bedroom. As he kept pulling her she looked over her shoulder at me.

I said, “Go on, take your time! I’ll be there in a bit!”

She then allowed herself to be pulled to the bedroom, looking over her shoulder at me, leaving the rest of us in the front room. Her heels made noise on the hallway floor to the bedroom, and her ass moved nicely as she walked away from us.

In a few moments I heard noises. We poured ourselves another drink and had a few sips along with small talk.

After awhile I said, “‘Well, I’m going back”, since I wanted to know what the noises were about!

When I went into the room Di was on all fours on the bed. Mike was behind her and her body was shaking to his pounding. She always liked this position. She kept looking at me as I approached the bed. She seemed almost embarrassed to see me, as if she had cheated on me by doing it in private. She rested her head on the bed for more pleasure. I went to her and tweaked her breasts. She moaned and began to cum again!

Mike finally came in a hard finale. Di just collapsed on the bed. It was my turn so I rolled her onto her back and we did it slow and long. Mike stayed and the other guys drifted into the room. It was great just looking in each other’s eyes as our excitement just kept going up until we both came at the same time.

I moved off her. She sat up and kind of pulled a blanket across her chest. It’s odd how after all this she was still being modest! Since everyone had taken his turn so to speak, I thought this was the end of the night and I think she was thinking the same thing.

Ed went over and sat next to her on the bed and gave her a hug. They kind of laughed and talked for a moment. He kissed her and she reached out and stroked his limp cock as if to say goodbye. I felt a little jealous knowing his had been the largest cock she had ever had. The kiss lasted a few moments and I could see his cock was swelling. Di began to stroke it more deliberately. Ed said he loved her face. He took her by the hair and guided her mouth to his cock. She pushed him back on the bed and began to stuff him in her mouth.

Hank reached over and pulled her legs off the bed and placed her feet on the floor. She was now face down, bent over the side of the bed with her feet on the floor, arms around Ed’s legs and his cock in her mouth. Hank stood behind her and asked her if there was any lubrication.

Since she was very wet from all the cum and her own juices, I said, “No, why?”

He kind of leered as he said, “Ed loves her face, but I love her ass!”

She knew I had brought some K-Y with us, but she stopped doing Ed long enough to say, “No, I don’t think we have anything.”

I pretended to go along with her new found shyness and said, “Wait a sec, we might have something.”

I found the K-Y and handed it to Hank. She looked at me blushing and just started going down on Ed harder. Hank pressed the K-Y onto her ass and pressed his thumb in her. She kept up her furious sucking of Ed, as if trying to encourage or ignore what was about to happen to her ass. It wasn’t that often we did it this way in our married life and now a stranger was about to do her. Hank eased into her ass as she just moaned and began to cum, her body shuddering! This made Hank push out of her ass as he had only gotten in an inch or so. Hank began easing into her again. He finally had his entire 7″ in and began to rock slowly, then harder. She was shuddering in orgasms with each new shock from Hank’s pounding. Ed finally came in her mouth in a very hard face fuck, as she kept saying ‘unngghhh’ and swallowed yet again! Hank came in one last hard pounding. He pulled out of her gently as she just melted down onto the bed, her feet still on the floor.

I got on the bed on my back and told her to get on top of me. She climbed on and began rocking on my cock. Ted climbed on the bed behind her with K-Y in one hand and began slipping his cock into her ass. Mike stood on the bed and began stroking his cock near her face. She licked his cock and then sucked him in. After about 10 minutes of serious sex with her 3 assets and her cumming over and over again with loud accompanying ‘unnnghs’, we all came in rapid succession. And again she swallowed!

Diane went to the bathroom. We all went to the front room to freshen our drinks except for Ted and Hank who decided to leave. When Di came out of the bathroom she gave Ted a hug goodbye. Ted began to feel her with his finger. She spread her legs for him as he used his finger on her, apparently having lost all sense of modesty by this time. He then left. Hank then did the same as Ted and left.

Ed, Mike, Di and me all sat on the couch in the front room sipping our drinks. Mike started playing around and took his tie he had been wearing and knotted it around her wrist.

She lowered her voice and kind of breathed out, “Oh boy, where is this is going…”

Mike said, “Don’t worry, it’s what you really want!”

She just would not look at him as she moved her arm to allow him to tie her more easily, becoming compliant, submissive. Mike took Ed’s tie and knotted it around her other wrist. He told her to turn around and kneel on the floor in front of the couch. He took one arm and stretched it over to the right armrest and tied it firmly. He took the other and tied it to the left armrest. Her arms were now stretched across the couch length with her ass facing the room as she knelt on the floor. She was breathing hard again, wondering what was next. He pressed a finger in her ass. He asked her how it felt and she shuddered in response.

He asked her if she wanted more, and she said, ‘ yyyyessssss!’

He asked her if she wanted her husband and she said, “Maybe.”

He asked if she wanted him and she said, “Maybe.”

He asked if she wanted Ed and she sighed out, “Yyyyes!”

It was obvious she wanted the largest cock in the room again while tied up, vulnerable, unable to stop anything he might want to do. Ed stepped over and began to lubricate his cock. Mike grabbed her right ass cheek and I pulled her left ass cheek. She moaned as her ass was stretched open by our hands. She began to say ‘No’, but gave in to the pleasure of small pain as Ed inched his large shaft into her small ass. She cried out, bit her lip to keep it in. She yelped as he suddenly slipped his head past her tight ass muscle. She started to grind her hips into his shaft, helping him impale her. He finally had himself all the way in. Mike let go of her ass cheek and so did I. We stepped back and looked at this beautiful wife of mine, stretched and tied, shuddering in anticipation of being fucked hard in her ass without being able to move away from the shaft impaling her.

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