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My wife and I both work at the same company. She works in the office and I work in the factory as a supervisor. Each year the management throws a party for the staff but as usual the party for the factory workers is held separately from the office staff. The reason for this is that the factory worker’s party is usually a much more raunchy party and is held in the factory premises whereas the office workers go to a hall or motel to party.

I attended the factory worker’s party last week and the beer and spirits were flowing freely and everyone was enjoying themselves when the lights suddenly went out and when they came back on again we had a lovely young lady standing in our midst! It wasn’t hard to recognize her as a stripper and when the music started she began to take her clothes off. She was very young and had a beautiful body which she showed off to perfection! Once she was naked she moved around the groups of men and many of them touched her intimately and gave her a good feel up. We all knew she would probably be ready for sex with whomever wanted her soon and we all watched as she moved around amongst us. We were all horny men (there were no women workers in our factory) and after mixing with the men for about 30 minutes she was joined by seven other girls who quickly got their clothes off and the fucking began!

Our workforce is about 80 men and many of them are quite young and active but there are a number who are older – in the 40+ bracket – who weren’t likely to partake of the ladies! Drinking steadily while watching these horny men fucking these lovely ladies made me horny too. When every man had had his fill – either women or drink – the party started to break up. It was about midnight when I arrived home to find Lanie waiting up for me. She was naked except for a very sheer housecoat which showed every detail of her lovely body. As soon as I was inside and the door was closed, she took off the housecoat and stood there in her lovely nakedness! She then said, “I just love it when you come home from the factory worker’s party because you are always so horny and I get the best fuck of the year! Please come to bed with me now and fuck me like all the men were fucking those lovely young ladies!”

Lanie knew about the strippers and the sex because she is the big boss’s secretary and probably it was she who arranged for the entertainment. Before I went to the bathroom and showered Lanie came over to me and undid my fly and pulled out my cock! She stroked it a couple of times with her hand before she knelt down and sniffed my cock! She then licked it and smiled before she said, “Ah, you have been a good boy haven’t you!” I knew she was testing to see if I had fucked any of the young women at the party. Of course I hadn’t fucked any women and as usual I kept myself for Lanie. I love my wife and wouldn’t cheat on her although I knew I would have her blessing if I did want to fuck another woman – she is that sort of wife!

I finished my shower and then walked into the bedroom naked to see my lovely wife lying on the bed also naked, of course, with her legs spread wide and waiting for me to fuck her! We have this funny system – we make passionate love every Sunday morning and these are the very passionate times. Other times we fuck! She loves to be fucked hard and rough but the Sunday mornings are devoted to making love. If her periods interfere with that we postpone the event until the next Sunday making up for it then. So I fucked her as hard as I could and we both came to boiling orgasms together after which we rolled over and went to sleep. I guess she was still horny next morning because she wanted to fuck me again before we got out of bed to go to work. I knew she wanted me to fuck her again because she woke me up because she was sucking my cock into hardness. Again we fucked like crazy and then it was breakfast and then dress and off to work. Lanie leaves for work after me so she had a little time to get ready.

Lanie and I are both 33 and whilst I am not very good looking she is a real charmer. She has the ability to flirt with men of all ages and she can get men very aroused before she leaves them dangling and comes back to me so we can fuck when we get home. She had a gorgeous figure – full breasts suit her tall slim frame – and her ass is just lovely. She has very shapely legs which are quite long and suit her tall body.

The next night is the office staff party at a motel on the other side of the city. Lanie was really looking forward to this party as she had been the one to arrange most of the details. I watched her as she got ready for the party. She was taking a very long soaking bath which smelt wonderful because of the crystals she had added and she was shaving her legs and underarms while in the bath. She never shaves her pubic hair and prefers to let that grow wild. In the Summer months she will trim the edges which tend to slip outside her bikini bottom but other than that it is left to run wild.

She picked out a dress which I was a little surprised she would wear to the party. It is a very tiny number which barely covers her ass and the top is quite low but the dress was not made for any underwear to be worn underneath it! She had only worn the dress twice before that I knew of – once when we went to a party together and were on everyone’s lips when they saw the dress. The other time was at a wedding of one of her friends. Each time she hadn’t worn anything under the dress and it was plainly obvious that was the case because the dress was very tight and the material showed up every part of her body. I could even see where she had her appendix removed a few years back – and that will tell you how tight the dress really was. Of course her nipples show as soon as she gets excited and that is fairly often.

Lanie is a bit of a wild thing and I know she has fucked other men since we were married but each time she has come home and told me all about it and I am O.K. with that. I don’t like her getting fucked by other men but I know she loves me and that is the main thing. She has only told me about getting fucked fourteen times and I believe her although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a lot more. She has this wonderfully disarming nature which gets me every time. She just loves to play up with any man who is around but I knew she is unlikely to fuck him although I know she has let lots of men play with her tits and also her pussy. She always tells me about these acts partly because it turns me on but it also turns her on to be talking about it.

This dress was a bit of a worry to me. I would cheerfully call this a fuck-me dress and I wasn’t too happy with her wearing it particularly as the party was for the men and women in the office. There were about 30 of them altogether and I knew she would be flirting with many of them. But I trust my wife to be careful and I knew she would behave at least when others could see her. She wouldn’t do anything to disgrace herself or me.

She had sprayed her body cologne all over her body before she slipped on the dress but she needed me to do up the zipper because the dress was just too tight for her to do it by herself. Although the zipper was at the front of the dress she needed help so she could press the edges of the dress enough to close it – she had to wrap the dress around herself and I closed the zipper. Gee she looked lovely when she was ready to leave and I felt jealous other men would be admiring her body all night. I kissed her goodbye and told her, in the nicest possible way to be good, but if she couldn’t be good she should be very discreet and not do anything which would bring disgrace on her or me! With her return of kiss she promised to tell me all about the party but not to expect her home very early as it was Friday night and we could sleep in on Saturday. With that she waved and was off to the party and goodness knows what!

I spent a very uncomfortable evening not know what to do with myself. I watched TV and listened to some music but nothing seemed to relax me because I knew in my own mind Lanie would either be felt up by a number of the men or at worst she might let one of them fuck her. I had such mixed feelings about her and other men. I really loved this woman, my wife, and I also loved showing her off but I knew I could never keep her completely to myself. I understood her feelings when she wanted to fuck other men and although she didn’t do that very often she would do it anyway and tell me afterwards. There is something very sensual about having a wife who would allow another man to fuck her. To have her come home to me after she has fucked someone and to tell me all the details – every little detail – is very exciting. She would tell me how the men touched her and how she felt as they ran their hands over her body. She loved to tell me how each movement of their hands aroused her – sometimes they would touch the hairs on her body so gently that she could hardly feel it but it would send shivers of sexual arousal right through her body.

She told me once of a man who had been dancing with her and had asked her to step outside the hall for only a few moments. She had gone wondering what he wanted but she was terribly aroused when he began stroking her forearm ever so gently just above the skin but touching the fine hairs – she became so aroused she suddenly had an orgasm while he was stroking her hairs. He of course noticed the orgasm and asked her if she could have another. When she blushed and said, “Yes, I love that sort of orgasm!” he continued stroking the hairs until she came again, this was much more intense than the last. They were standing almost in the doorway of the hall in plain view of the other dancers and she told me how exciting it was to have those orgasms so close to everyone else and this man didn’t even kiss her! When they returned to the hall and he was escorting her back to me he told her most women didn’t realize just how exciting forearm hair can be and he told her most women were quite stupid to shave or remove it in the name of fashion. He explained he had studied arm hair for years and knew when they were dancing that she would be an excellent candidate for sexual stimulation as soon as he saw her arm hair. I have found that stroking her hair just has she told me he did certainly brings on marvelous orgasms but some persistence is required to achieve the ultimate result. She wouldn’t shave off her forearm hair for any one!

I was thinking of these experiences she had had in the past and I was wondering what she was doing right now. It was almost 11pm and I decided I could serve no useful purpose waiting up for Lanie so I undressed, showered and slipped into our bed. I read for a while but eventually dropped off to sleep and didn’t wake until it was 4am! I was shocked to find Lanie wasn’t alongside me – she must still be out somewhere having a good time. I couldn’t go back to sleep and just laid there wondering what she was doing so late in the morning. I thought of playing with myself but resisted because we always had great sex when Lanie came home from her adventures and I didn’t want to miss out on fucking her no matter what she had been doing and with whom!

Naturally I was concerned because she wasn’t back yet and hoped nothing bad had happened to her. I thought back to the time she had stayed out all night and when she came home about 2pm on the following afternoon I was so frantic I almost abused her for being away so long. She soon told me what she had been doing all this time and of course I became aroused with her story and I forgave her and we fucked furiously as we always had when she came home with a story. This time she had told me she was meeting a man but thought they would only have coffee and a talk with a view to later considering whether she would sleep with him. They did a lot more than drink coffee! He had persuaded her to go to his apartment and once there they had fucked quite a few times and he had cum in her mouth just before he brought her home. When she kissed me I could taste his cum in her mouth and it was wonderful. She had also declined his offer to shower before she left his apartment preferring to bring home her soiled body and as much of her cunt full of cum she could keep inside – just for me. I love my wife.

This morning it was 10 minutes to 5am when I heard a car in our driveway. I jumped out of bed naked and rushed to the front window to look out. It was just starting to become light but I couldn’t see who was driving the car but she slowly climbed out of the car and walked very carefully to the front porch. The security light came on and when I opened the door there stood my pathetic looking wife – dressed only in a man’s shirt which only came down to her navel and was completely devoid of buttons so it just hung from her shoulders showing her lovely breasts. Of course that was all she was wearing so I could see he cunt and pubic hair which was an absolute mess! I dragged her inside before anyone could see her and felt like slapping her face but I resisted because I wanted to hear what she wanted to tell me. She kissed me hard and I could taste cum on her mouth. When I asked she told me she had blown the man in return for the ride home. She didn’t know him – she had been walking along the road from the motel about an hour ago naked and he had picked her up. She had spent over half an hour sucking his cock twice and swallowing his cum. When I asked about her dress she told me she lost that in the motel room but I wanted her to begin her story right at the beginning so I asked her to stop telling me now and either shower or let me take her to bed. She preferred the bed telling me she wanted me to see her abused body before she showered.

She was lying naked on our bed and I had all the lights on so I could see her body in detail. Her breasts had bite marks all over them! Her nipples were very red and sore-looking and had obviously been bitten many times. Her navel was crusted with dried cum. Her fine treasure trail to her pubic hair was covered in cum which had dried. She told me one of the men had cum in her belly button and then the next man had started to pour his cum just below her navel and made lines of cum down to her pubic hair. She had laid on her back waiting for the cum to dry and set. Below this her pubic hair was liberally coated with cum and it felt dry and crusty to touch. Her cunt lips were very red and sore-looking and had obviously been used quite a lot. All of the area between her legs was covered in cum (dried cum) and it was everywhere. It was down her legs almost to her knees and there was a lot of it. She had so much cum on her I knew she must have been in a gangbang of some sort but I had to wait until she told me about it. Although I had kissed her as soon as she came in I could now see her face properly and it too was covered with dried cum – it was everywhere even up in her hair and on her eyebrows and her cheeks as well as around her mouth.

She began, “The party was great. We all had plenty to drink and eat and I had a good time talking with all of the staff present. When I arranged for the use of the motel I had booked 10 rooms at the motel with the express permission of the big boss because he thought some of the employees wouldn’t be able to drive home and would sleep over! That was a good idea because some were totally pissed before midnight. It was about 11pm when I was wondering if I should start to get ready to come home that one of the men came over to me and told me he wanted to show me his cock! I was very surprised because he isn’t normally that sort of person but I couldn’t resist and he moved me over to the far side of the room and undid his zip and pulled out his huge cock! It was magnificent and I reached out and took it in my hand. Gosh it felt wonderful and I felt myself starting to get even wetter between my legs. He then told me he wanted to fuck me and I gave one thought to you wondering whether I should do that and then instantly dismissed the idea and asked him where we could go. I had arranged for the rooms so I simply got the key from reception and we went into one of the room. He took off all of his clothes and showed me his magnificent cock and the rest of his body. He looked great and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me! I made a very conscious effort to remember every detail of him fucking me because I wanted to tell you all about it but unfortunately so much happened I almost forgot the details. Anyway I took off my dress with his help and then laid down on the bed and he fucked me! He was wonderful and I came several times as he fucked me. He came inside me and I remember thinking I will keep my legs together and take home this load to my loving husband. He laid with me for a while before his cock got hard again (probably because I was stroking it) and he fucked me a second time. I remember more of the second fuck but the first one was great too. I know I came twice while he was fucking me the second time but when he shot his load up inside me I knew I had a real cunt full for you.”

“He as still inside me when the door opened (I had left the key in the lock when I closed the door) and in came several men from the party. They quickly stripped off their clothes and started fucking me as well – one after the other – each one following the last and filling up my cunt with cum. It was soon running out of me and one of the men grabbed a towel from the bathroom and placed it under me to catch the cum. They wouldn’t let me off the bed and I was just fucked by anyone who came in the door. The man who fucked me first was a bit of a gentleman and he stayed with me the whole time I was being fucked. He was there, he told me, to protect me in case anyone became too rough. Afterwards he told me I had been fucked 37 times but some of that was in my mouth and my arse as well as my cunt!”

I was terribly excited at what she was telling me and my cock was so hard I was hoping she would let me fuck her soon. She went on, “As you may well guess the men didn’t just want to fuck me. They wanted to suck my tits and nipples and you can see how much they have been sucked. They hurt me a lot as they sucked me but when I was being fucked at the same time it took away some of the pain. Some of the men who fucked me were not on our staff! They were guests at the motel or even some of the motel staff. They heard what was going on in my room and came in to fuck me too. Eventually the men drifted off and began leaving the motel and I was left lying on the bed an absolutely fucked out woman. I had been gangbanged by all of these men and I can hardly remember how I felt as they fucked me. Roger, the man who fucked me first, asked if I was alright and then he left too after he fucked me one more time. I must have dozed off because when I woke suddenly I felt cold because the bastards hadn’t even bothered to close the door after them. I looked everywhere for my dress but couldn’t find it. All I could find was my shoes and that was how I left the motel. I had taken a towel from the bathroom and intended wrapping this around my body as I walked home but the motel manager saw me taking it and grabbed it back accusing me of stealing it! I was so sore and sorry I couldn’t be bothered arguing with him so I just walked off naked in the cold gray morning because it wasn’t yet light. I had walked about a mile before a car came along and when the driver saw me naked I guess he stopped to have a look. He offered to drive me home if I sucked his cock and as it was too far to walk I agreed. I just climbed into the warmth of the car and began sucking his cock. It didn’t take very long before he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum almost instinctively. He drove me half way home listening to my story when he stopped and told me to suck him off again or he wouldn’t drive me home. I just sucked him off again much to his delight. He told me he would have preferred to fuck me but didn’t want to do that after I had been fucked by so many men! That, Darling, is basically what happened to your slut wife tonight!”

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