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You would absolutely never take my wife Emma to be the person she is. I mean, you always know that the people you see every day have more to them than meets the eye, but most of that stuff is all pretty mundane. A cop that collects action figures; a woman who loves boxing, etc. The list goes on and on. Well, my wife is a sex-addict, and you’d never know it from looking at her. She’s petite, loves baking cookies for work, wears glasses when she can’t be bothered to wear contacts, prefers jeans over skirts and t-shirts over blouses when dressing casual. She’s cute as hell, though, and has a sweet little body with boobs that went from 32B to 32D after one particular tax refund a few years ago. You might see her in the office, or in the grocery store and think, “Hey, she’s pretty cute,” and you might wonder what she’d be like slobbering on your knob, but the truth would make your eyes pop. My wife loves sex, and cannot get enough of it, and I stopped trying to keep up a long time ago.

So you probably think I’m one of those cuckolded husbands — but I’ll be honest with you, that’s not the case. She cheated with one guy a couple of times, and I’d never have found out about it, but she told me. I blew up, threatened divorce and all that, but we did counseling, and it all came out about her problem. I didn’t believe it at first — there are just waaaaay too many excuses for personal problems these days, and all I could think of for a while was “dirty fucking slut”. I didn’t believe where she said she’d be going, I was was always wondering who she’d be out fucking around with, and it eventually wore me down. I didn’t want to divorce her, because I still loved her, and we just had a great time together. We spoke about it, and after a while came to an arrangement which I’ll tell you about later. I hard a real hard time with it at first — it pissed me off, is what it did, emasculated me — all that stuff that fucks with your head. But after a while I told myself I had to get over it, and that was the turning point. We’d talk about it more, and it would turn me on, and we would have great sex, so I conditioned myself to accept it, and now I’m used to it, and it’s completely fine with me. But you want me to skip to the action, and why not? The arrangement we made was that she’d never cheat on me again unless I was there when she wanted to do someone else. So we decided that the perfect thing to do was let her get it all out whenever we went on vacation — no problem with embarrassedly meeting people from town and all that. Anyway, I’ll tell you all this in greater detail from here on in.

We were in that area when we were still sort of dealing with the topic of her sex addiction and how we were going to cope with it — it was right before Christmas and we were out of town for the weekend on a shopping trip. We were sitting in a mall food court and she said to me, “Say, you know how we’re supposed to be getting that big tax return when we file?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, it’s not like we really need the money right? I was thinking I’d like to get a boob job with it.”

I almost choked. “You’re serious? Honey, we’re going through something that I’m still finding hard to deal with. This feels like you’re just turning it up.”

“It’s not like we never spoke about it before. You’ve fantasized about me having bigger boobs for ages.”

“Right — but that was before I knew about the whole sex-addiction thing.”

“I don’t see what difference it makes. I’m gonna want to screw whether I’ve got bigger tits or not. I just want to feel good about myself. If you wanted to get a bigger cock I wouldn’t hold you back,” she smiled. “Not that you’re not already a good size, of course.”

“Of course!” I laughed back. “Okay, we can talk about it more after we file, right?”

“I know what that means,” she said, and rolled her eyes. But she’d disarmed me. I definitely like a handful, and I’ve made that comment before. I knew it was something that I would love, but of course at the same time, you know more people are going to be looking. We never spoke about it again that whole trip, and not again until that following February.

But for that particular trip, things heated up pretty quickly. We were done with our shopping that day and were planning on having a meal and heading back to the hotel for an early night when she said, in the car, “Honey, you know how we spoke to the counselor and agreed that I should tell you whenever I start to get that feeling?”

The feeling she described was like her heart falling into the pit of her stomach, making her pussy and nipples ache suddenly. She wasn’t able to think of anything after that other than getting off. The counselor suggested masturbating wherever that was possible, just to get rid of the sensation, and that’s what Emma would do if for whatever reason I couldn’t service her. It wasn’t always convenient, as you can imagine, but she’d done it in the car a few times whenever she had to.

“I really need to get off,” she said, and started unbuttoning her jeans. By the time I was leaving the parking lot, her jeans and panties were down around her ankles and her legs were wide open. It never usually took too long once she was at that point. So there I am trying to keep my eye on the cars in front of me, and my wife is beside me rubbing her clit like crazy. Tough job, let me tell you. After a few minutes, she was done, and the ride back to the hotel was as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

We brought our bags upstairs at the hotel and started getting ready for dinner. My cock was rock hard by that point, and when I pointed it out she get down on her knees right there and then and started sucking me off. My wife is an expert cocksucker — after all, she loves to do it, and that to paraphrase GI Joe is half the battle. She takes care of the whole kit — balls, shaft, head — in a way that tells you how much she loves doing it. She likes to lick everything, and I especially love it when her tongue is down between my balls flicking back and forth, practically daring the cum to shoot out. I leaned back on the wall and looked down at her sucking my cock — it’s such a hot sight to see and feel her head pounding away at the shaft when she’s in full cocksucking mode. I could feel myself about to cum, so I told her and she clamped her mouth on the head while her hand jerked hard on my shaft, and after about a minute of that my cum erupted into her mouth, which she swallowed in one gulp, and milked my cock until I’d finished cumming.

“Wow,” she said. “That was a huge load.”

“Damn, I could feel it was gonna be,” I said, spent. She kissed the tip of my still-hard cock and got up to finish dressing. I took a piss to clear out the pipes and did the same.

We decided to check out the hotel restaurant. It was a small place, sort of decorated like a log cabin — two-handed saws and beartraps were all over the walls. Made you feel as if you were underdressed if you never had a plaid shirt on. The menu wasn’t all that spectacular, as you’d expect, I guess, but we decided to stay rather than going out to look.

It was pretty busy, being a Saturday night and all that. That, and the size of the place meant that we actually had to wait for a table. We were there hanging out when an older couple came in — early to mid forties. The wife was good looking for her age — a bit chunky, but really pretty, and sort of had an Asian look to her, and even though she was wearing a fairly loose denim shirt, you could tell she had big hooters. The husband was about as tall as me, short grey hair — looked like a golfer was all I could think of. They came and stood by us while we were waiting and grumbled about how full the place was. I was looking at Emma at the time and immediately saw her give the husband a once over, and my cock started to get hard again. The waitress came over not long after that to say a table was opening up, but it might be half an hour before another one might be available, as a large party had just been seated not long before we got there. I could hear the wife of the couple tell her husband, “Let’s just go somewhere else,” and I immediately turned and invited them to sit with us.

“Are you sure?” asked the husband.

“Yeah, not a problem,” I answered. Emma chimed in that it was totally fine, and after a couple of brief exchanges, they agreed. We all walked to a small table for four and sat down. I was sort of experimenting, I guess. I saw the way Emma looked at the husband and wondered what would be going through her mind. I was at the point in our relationship that sometimes I was turned on by the idea of seeing Emma getting fucked by another guy, and sometimes hating the idea, but I totally into it that night. Not that I thought anything was going to happen, of course. Like I said, I was more curious as to what Emma was thinking.

It was all small talk for a while — where we all came from, what we all did — the husband (Larry) was in IT, and his wife (Sandra) — born in Hawaii — managed a Walgreen’s out of state. He golfed, she didn’t. We spoke about their children at college, and just small things like that. We had downed two rounds of beer by the time the food came. I could feel myself stealing glances at the wife’s titties, and while the waitress came to clear the plates, I looked again, just as she turned to say something to me, and there I was, busted, ha ha. I was incredibly embarrassed, and sort of ashamed too, and she indicated with a quick look that she knew I was looking before continuing with her comment, which was so innocuous I forget it as soon as I replied. We worked another beer, and the husband stood to and went to the bathroom and that’s when the conversation turned in a different direction. The wife leaned forward and said, “You know, I have to be perfectly honest with you guys — my husband and I both like to swing sometimes. He would never say anything, but I would for the four of us to get together.”

Before I could say anything, Emma said, “Yeah! That would be great.” I was sort of stunned, but then she looked right at me and said, “Honey, you’ve been staring at her tits all night!” I just gulped and nodded.

When her husband came back, Sandra said to him, “Honey, I’ve invited these nice people to our room to get to know them a little better,” and his face just lit up — it was pretty funny.

“You okay with that?” he asked, matter-of-factly.

“I guess so,” I said.

“Hell, let’s go!”

We had an elevator moment where the four of us were in there and not talking, but the doors opened and we followed them to their room, which was a lot bigger than ours. It was a suite with a bedroom leading off from the living room, behind all-glass doors. I felt pretty awkward, not knowing what all to do, but I could tell Emma was primed.

“Why don’t you sit down for a little bit?” Sandra unbuttoned her shirt and she did have really big titties. She was wearing a black lacy bra underneath it, and her cleavage was incredible. Like I said, she was a little chunky, but she was in her forties, and nowhere near fat. She adjusted them in her bra, but kept it on while she knelt in front of Larry and pulled down his pants. He had a pretty big cock. Sandra grabbed the shaft and pulled the skin way back and started licking the head of it. It made me think of Emma and I earlier that night. “You like to watch?” Sandra asked me, and I nodded. “Would you like to see your wife sucking my husband’s cock while I suck yours like this?” I nodded again — by then I was really into the idea. She beckoned Emma while I started getting rid of my pants — she was on her knees by Sandra like a shot. Sandra was slowly jerking Larry’s shaft, and licking the head, and Emma joined in. Their tongues rubbed over the head of Larry’s cock as I sat on the opposite couch, watching. After a few minutes of that, Sandra pushed his cock over to Emma, who quickly gobbled the head in her mouth. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked on it hard, and Sandra was still jerking the shaft. Lucky old bastard, I thought. I got up and stood above Sandra. She looked pretty exotic by that point, and her tits were fantastic to look at from there. She licked and jerked my shaft too, turning away completely from Larry. I went from watching Sandra on my cock, to Emma deep-throating Larry’s. He was looking down at her grinning, and that made me want to fuck his wife for sure. While my cock was in her mouth, Sandra reached around and unhooked her bra, and her boobs fell out like a landslide. They were big and round, and saggy, but that was just fine. They looked heavy and full. She stopped sucking me and said to Emma, “Have you ever sucked two cocks like this?” She grabbed both of our cocks and started feeding them into her face alternately. Emma was just entranced by this. She reached up and cupped both of our balls in each hand and licked both of our shafts whenever Sandra wasn’t sucking on them.

After few more minutes of this, both the women undressed and lay back on the couch with their legs open. Sandra was a lot thicker then Emma — Emma looked like a kid next to her — but it was sexy. She had a small hairy pussy, where Emma’s was a little brown tuft above her clit. Larry went right into eating Emma out, and her back arched suddenly. I buried my face in Sandra’s pussy and started tonguing her wet hole, watching her play with her large boobs. I decided right then to let Emma get her boob job. No question.

I ate her for a while and then she moved me away long enough to get up and face away from me, kneeling on the couch. I spanked her ass with my cock and then pointed it at her pussy lips and slide my self in. She was tighter than I would have thought for an older woman, and the feeling on my cock was sensational. As I pumped her pussy slowly, Larry had turned Emma around for the same position, and he said to me, “D’you mind if I fuck your wife’s ass?” It was almost comical, and I was sort of taken aback, but I said “Go for it.” And watched him get his first two fingers covered with spit then reach down to lube Emma’s asshole.

“Oh,” she said, but the way she was moving her haps around, I could tell she wanted Larry’s dick in her ass like that.

“Sandra loves guys to cum in her pussy,” Larry as he pressed the head of his cock against my wife’s asshole. “Isn’t that right, Honey?”

Sandra looked over her shoulder and said, “Fill me up.” I was imagining her big, tanned boobs rocking back and forth from the fucking I was giving her. I really did want to fill her with my cum — the idea of doing that to another guy’s wife was intense. I turned to watch Larry slowly push his cock into Emma’s asshole. She was rigid, and moaning softly, gripping the back of the couch. He sank it in, right up to the balls and starting fucking her slowly — small thrusts at first to get her ass to lube itself, but it wasn’t long before he was nailing her ass hard, and she was reciprocating, arching her back. I loved it when she would look over her shoulder at him while he was in her asshole like that. It felt incredibly dirty, and it turned me on like you wouldn’t believe. I could feel myself close to cumming, but I didn’t want to — I mean, I wanted to keep pace with Larry, who had to be close to 20 years older than me. I stopped what I was doing and turned Sandra around. I kissed her for a while, squeezing and pressing her boobs together. She was a hot kisser too for an older woman. Her tongue was in my mouth, and her long hair kept getting in the way, which turned me on. I had to really concentrate to keep from cumming, though. We stopped kissing and she knelt by Emma’s ass and said to him, “Put your cock in my mouth.” I watched as his cock retracted from Emma’s asshole and went right into Sandra’s mouth. It was sort of gross, but it was really hot too. She worked her mouth up and down Larry’s cock, and then when Emma turned back around she took it from Sandra and began sucking the whole length of it too. I don’t know how the guy could keep from busting a nut. Must have been Viagra, I guess. Having them both on Larry allowed me to get back in control again. I waited for the next time to jump in, but Sandra got up and went to the bedroom, taking me by the hand. We lay on the bed close together, making out hard. My hands were all over her.

“I’m so glad we decided to come here this weekend,” she whispered to me. “We never came here to swing, but I really wanted to fuck you after I caught you looking at my titties.”

I was sort of distracted by not knowing where Emma was, but Sandra must have sensed it. “Larry will take good care of her, He’s considerate, don’t worry.”

I rolled over on top of her and she spread her legs for my cock — I slid into her again and began to fuck her — slowly at first, but then harder and harder. Her boobs were bouncing all over the place — it was a total turn on. “Cum in my pussy,” she said. I nodded and after that just went for it, fucking her deeper and harder until I couldn’t stop, even if I wanted to. I could feel my balls clench and then a let it off, exploding deep inside her tight pussy. I was surprised how intense it felt, since I had already cum pretty hard earlier that night. After I was completely done squeezing all the cum out, and rolled over on the side of the bed and sucked her nipples which she lubed her clit with my cum and rubbed herself. She came pretty hard too, and after another short makeout session, we got up and went back into the living room. Larry was back in Emma’s ass again, but she was kneeling on the floor this time, resting on her elbows while he pounded her. She started cumming too, and it was enough for him to do to keep his cock where it was. I’ve fucked Emma in the ass a few times, and when she cums, it’s like a vise grip on your cock, no lie. I knew exactly what would happen next.

“Holy shit!” he said. “Okay, get up,” he told Emma, and pulled right out of her. “I’m gonna cum all over your face.”

Emma got up on her knees and opened her mouth which he filled with his cock. After a few thrusts into her mouth he pulled out and started jerking off — seconds later, a huge blast of cum hit her on the face, then another one landed right in her mouth. He jerked another couple of small ones as Emma swallowed his load and smiled up at him with her eyes closed as he smeared the rest of it all over her face with the end of his cock.

“That was incredible,” Larry said, his breath all ragged. Emma scooped away the rest of his cum with her fingertips and wiped it off on her small titties.

“You guys are going to have to come and visit us,” Sandra said.

“Definitely,” Larry agreed, and sat down hard on the couch. I could tell that Emma was into the idea. She had just gotten maybe the longest assfucking of her life, and then a huge load of cum right on the face — and I had a great time fucking Sandra and filling her pussy with my cum. I suggested we swap phone numbers and wait for the opportunity.

We got dressed pretty quick after that and said our goodbyes on the way to her room. As we walked back, Emma said, “I can’t believe how this turned out. I had a great time — how about you?” I had to think of it for a second or two, but I told her I was totally cool with what just had happened, and I was.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, but it was only one of many long weekends that turned out just like that one, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

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