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My Secretary Ch. 03: Licking in Lust

Karen and I had survived a building falling on us by fingering each other to orgasm after orgasm (“My Secretary Ch. 01: Survival by Lust”), and several months later had managed to make love for a single night (“My Secretary Ch. 02: Workshop in Lust”). Our mutual sexual attraction continued to get stronger, although we had not managed to do more than steal an occasional kiss. In spite of our overwhelmingly intense lust for each other, our love of our spouses and desire to protect our families kept us from doing anything dangerously reckless for several months.

Then I had a really bad week as department head. I had dealt with faculty disputes, student complaints, and administrative headaches all week. By Friday afternoon I was practically snarling at everyone, including Karen. By 4:30 I was alone in my office, finishing the week’s paperwork, and muttering angrily to myself. I heard a noise and looked up as Karen came into my office and gently closed the door.

As I stared at her in my puzzlement, Karen walked around behind me, took hold of my chair, and rolled me away from my desk. Then she pulled her dress up to her waist, squatted down, and slipped under my desk into the opening where my legs went. She pulled her panties off, giving me a great beaver shot. “Don’t just sit there like a dummy!” She said. “Move back up or someone will figure out that I’m under here! We’re going to act out another clich‚!”

I rolled my chair forward, and Karen reached up and undid my pants. I lifted my hips off the seat, and she quickly pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles. My penis stood at attention. “If someone comes in, signal me, and I’ll stop. But you’ve had a terrible week, and the least I can do is give you some relief! In case you wondered, I took off my pantyhose before I came in here.” She began to rub and suck on my penis. I felt an immediate, intense burst of pleasure explode from my genitals and begin to expand outward into my body.

At the same time Karen unfolded a small towel she had concealed in her hand. She put the towel on the floor under her crotch, and she began to masturbate. I had never seen a woman do it before! This new intimacy between us caused a flood of emotion inside me, completely wiping out the last vestiges of my irritation and anger caused by my difficult week.

Karen’s visual and physical stimulation quickly brought me close to ejaculation, and tiny moans slipped from my mouth as my legs tightened. She stopped sucking and touching me, but she continuing her own stimulation. I muttered, “Oh, shit!” as the sensations left me hanging. The rapid pounding of my heart was visible in the throbbing of my dark and engorged penis as my excitement slowly and painfully began to subside.

I reached a hand under the desk so that I could finish myself, but Karen gave my balls a sharp squeeze that hurt so much it made me gasp, and she shook her head. I stared under my desk and watched her fingers, now slippery and wet, moving in her pubic hair. In less than a minute she began to grunt, and I could see her fingers rapidly rubbing her clitoris. She began to suck and fondle me again, and the pain of getting to close and then stopping quickly became a geyser of intense pleasure.

Fortunately nobody came in. Within a couple of minutes I moaned loudly and jerked both my legs off the floor. I ejaculated directly into Karen’s mouth several times, each time nearly blacking out with the intensity of the sensations. She swallowed my cum, then groaned and trembled as her own self-induced orgasm overwhelmed her. She never took her mouth off my penis. The vibrations she made against my penis as she groaned caused me to shoot a final, unexpected wad onto her tongue. For a long time we trembled against each other, physically connected only by my penis and balls to her mouth and fingers.

As soon as she calmed down, Karen sucked and licked every drop of cum from my penis. Clearly she had been practicing on Chris! She pushed my pants back up, and I was soon almost presentable. She was still giving me beaver shots, but the beaver was now soaking wet, I watched her wet labia slowly pulse and swell as she gently continued to rub herself.

Karen used her little towel to clean herself off. She wadded her panties into her hand, and pulled her skirt back down, then quietly asked, “Is the coast clear? Can I come out?” I nodded, and as soon as I moved my chair away from the desk, Karen slipped out and stood up. She handed me her towel. “Just a little souvenir, boss!” She said. She grinned at me and left. The towel was sticky with her juices, and I pressed my face against it and inhaled. The fresh, powerful aroma of her pussy brought back so many memories of making love to her in the hotel!

I heard a noise at the door and quickly pulled the towel away from my face, afraid somebody would see me. I need not have worried. Karen was standing in the doorway grinning at me! She held up her panties and waved them, then left for the day. I put the towel in a plastic bag and concealed it in my desk. For several days – until her juices on the towel began to get rancid – I would take it out and become erect as I smelled her scent.

Monday morning we managed a few private moments together at my desk. “I think Lori would thank you if she knew what you had done on Friday, Karen!” I whispered. Karen looked really surprised for a few seconds, then blushed deeply.

“Chris was surprised, too!” She said quietly. “I didn’t know that fooling around with you would make my sex life better at home!”

“I don’t think that’s the conventional wisdom. Is extramarital sex supposed to improve the marriage? It seems to have done so for both of ours!” I replied.

I mouthed a kiss in the air, and she did the same. “Watching you get yourself off . . . That was incredible! You were so . . . open with me, so . . . completely unashamed!” I whispered.

Karen blushed and her eyes got very dark. “I’d never done it in front of anyone before. The next night I did it while Chris watched and he . . . ” Her face got even darker! I grinned at her. “He rubbed himself and shot his seed all over me! I can’t believe I’m telling you this!”

“We don’t really have any secrets from each other, do we Karen? Thanks to you I’m learning to be just as open with Lori.”

We stared at each other for a couple of minutes. We could tell from each others eyes that we were both getting intensely aroused. Blotchy red areas began to appear on Karen’s face, and her breathing became fast and shallow. Abruptly she turned away. “This is almost too much! I’m so incredibly turned on . . . ” She walked rapidly out of my office.

Unfortunately Karen’s desk did not have a sufficiently large space under it for me to be able to return the favor. So I used my department head’s authority, and I placed an order for new furniture for her office. I already know what she wanted, and I decided that the departmental budget could stand the expense. I also had another motive, of course!

Karen’s furniture arrived three weeks later. She was delighted, and she spent most of the day rearranging her materials in her new, more spacious desk. Near the end of the day I slipped into her office. I held my finger to my lips.

“Nobody saw me come in, and I nobody will think anything about my leaving in a few minutes. It’s time to christen your desk!” I whispered as I grabbed her chair and pulled her away from her desk. Then I undid my pants, pulled them and my underpants down to my socks, and slipped into the space in front of her. Karen began to giggle as she rolled her chair back into position. She had taken her shoes off for comfort, and I pushed them aside.

I reached up and pushed Karen’s dress up her legs to her waist. Then I pulled her pantyhose and panties down her legs and completely off. With her legs spread apart I could see her labia beginning to open, slowly erupting from her forest of thick, dark pubic hair. I had brought two small towels, and I pushed one under her bare bottom to protect her chair. She was really giggling now, and her face was red. “Bill! What if someone comes in! This is a busy office, and the day’s not over yet!” She whispered. But she slid herself forward, and I leaned up, pulled her dress over my head, and began to slowly kiss and lick my way up her thighs.

I could smell Karen’s arousal long before I reached her now fully visible pussy. Twice people came in – including a student – and I stopped while she dealt with them. As soon as I began to lick and suck on her labia, I could feel Karen starting to lose control. I began to beat off, with my second towel ready to receive my cum. I had just begun to tongue her clitoris when another member of the faculty came in and I stopped. I could feel Karen fighting to regain control. Her labia were actually twitching as I stared at them! The sight was so erotic I had to remove my hand from my penis to prevent my own climax.

“Karen, have you seen Bill? I need to ask him something.”

“Well I’m sure he’s around here somewhere, Harry! Have you tried the men’s room?” Karen’s voice was a little husky and I could see the muscles in her legs tense and relax as she squirmed in her chair.

“I’ll check there, but just in case, if you see him, will you please tell him I’m looking for him? Thanks!”

“Oh! Bill! He’s gone! For God’s sake, don’t leave me hanging!”

I soon brought Karen to orgasm. She managed to keep her vocal expression to a stifled grunt. As she regained her composure, I began licking her again. She quickly came again, this time with a little cry. Her body trembled, and her thighs squeezed my head. I didn’t let her recover and immediately started pushing my tongue into her.

Karen’s third orgasm was so intense that her sudden cry brought another member of the faculty into her office to see what was wrong. It also caused me to ejaculate, powerfully and repeatedly, which I did into the towel. “Are you okay, Karen?” He asked. Apparently the intruder couldn’t hear the wet, smacking sounds coming from her pussy, or the squish as my cum splashed into my towel. If he stayed very long, I knew he would eventually smell everything, and I silently urged her to get rid of him.

Karen was still trembling and shaking. “Just some gas pains or something, Mike. I’ll probably go to the restroom in a minute. Thanks for checking on me.” Mike left after expressing his concern once more. I had been holding my breath, and as he walked from the room I released it directly onto her crotch, She jumped and made another little cry as her pussy suddenly became chilled.

Under Karen’s dress the aroma of her pussy and my cum was so strong that I was afraid that Mike – or anyone else who came in – would smell it immediately! As I pulled my head away from Karen’s crotch, she pressed the towel hard against herself, soaking up her abundant, sweet-tasting juice. I folded my cum into the other towel, then used the outside of the towel to wipe Karen’s juices from my face.

I carefully redressed myself as best I could under Karen’s desk, then waited for her to signal me that the coast was clear. With the towel still clamped between her thighs, Karen suddenly rolled away from her desk and whispered, “Okay, Bill! Get up now!”

I scrambled out, stood up. and rearranged my clothing. Karen giggled and pulled a tissue from her purse. She wiped my face, removing a spot of juice I had missed. Just as she finished Harry walked in. “Oh, there you are Bill! Hey, I have a question. Do you have a minute? Are you done with Karen?”

“Sure, Mike. Karen got me completely straightened out, and I think I’ve managed to lick her problems, too. Let’s go back to my office. Oh Karen. Those two items I left here are yours to deal with as you think best.” I was clearly referred to the two towels. One was still clamped between her thighs and the other was lying on the floor next to her panties and pantyhose.

“Sure, Bill! I think I’ll just keep them in my desk drawer until I can decide how best to deal with them!”

Karen grinned at me and I went back to my office and talked to Harry. Karen stopped by later as she was getting ready to go home. “Thanks, Bill! I didn’t expect to receive such a wonderful surprise!” Anyone overhearing her would think she was talking about her new desk, of course. “You certainly kissed my problems goodbye, and I’m glad you got a grip on yours as well” Then she whispered, “Here’s a souvenir!” She reached out and dropped her panties into my hand. She had obviously smeared them with both my cum and her juices. They were dripping wet and stained!

I whispered, “I wasn’t sure how you’d react! I’ve never done myself before in front of anyone!”

“It really turned me on, Bill! Do it while Lori watches! Spray it onto her breasts! She’ll love it when you lick it off!” I saw a flash of amusement on Karen’s face as she quickly blushed. “Well, I guess now you know another of the things that Chris and I enjoy!”

Beginning that day, Karen and I managed to exchange “oral favors” every two or three weeks. After each time I went home and surprised Lori with my ardor. Karen whispered to me that Chris was also receiving the benefits of her regular office stimulation.

My term as department headman expired, and I was once again just a professor in the department. Karen and I still managed to give each other our oral treats on a regular basis. We had everything down to a science, and the risk of discovery was minuscule. But we didn’t manage to actually make love again for more than five more years.

One May afternoon Karen came into my office and put some papers on my desk, pretending that I was supposed to sign them. As we playacted, she whispered, “Sign up for the first and last committees for the departmental picnic. I’ve got an idea. But do it quickly before someone else does!”

She left my office, holding the papers I had “signed,” and I walked down to the department workroom where the picnic sign-up sheet was located. There were over a dozen committees for the picnic, with between to and four blanks next to each one for people to volunteer. Karen had signed up in the first and last, and I added my name beside hers. This year we were going to a state park which was a reasonably short drive from campus.

We were the only two members on each of “our” committees. The first committee was responsible for getting to the state park early enough to occupy their large, covered, open-air pavilion. This was necessary since the park didn’t take reservations, and the first group to arrive got to use the facility.

The second committee was the cleanup committee. It was responsible for making certain that we didn’t leave any trash or valuables after the picnic. This committee – Karen and I – would be the last ones to leave. I was beginning to see her plan, and it was made more clear when she whispered, “If anyone volunteers to help us clean up, tell them we have everything under control! That’s particularly important if they ask during the picnic, okay? We certainly don’t want any help!” I grinned at her and she blushed. But I could see the excitement in her eyes, and I became rock-hard as she looked at me.

The picnic had nearly a hundred and fifty people attending – professors, students, and families. The state park was about an hour and a half from campus. The “Transportation Committee” organized rides and provided maps. Since Karen and I had to be the first ones to arrive, that meant we had to get to the park by 6:00 a.m. when it opened, even though the picnic didn’t begin until Noon. What could Karen and I possibly do for six hours while we waited for everyone else?

Karen and Chris had a large van, and the night before the picnic the three of us removed all but the front two seats, and loaded the van with the nonperishable items. I drove over to their house at 4:00 a.m. on the day of the picnic, and Karen and I loaded all of the cold items that we were responsible for taking, including about half of the soft drinks. Another van was coming later with everything else. We drove away about 4:15. It was still dark. Karen was at the wheel.

Karen had to stop at a stop sign about a block from her house, and since nobody was around, I leaned over and kissed her. I started to slide my hands under her shirt to caress her breasts, but she pushed me away! “Bill! Even though we’re way up high, people could see if my shirt was undone! Just wait!”

“I’ll wait to grope your boobs, but nobody can look in and see whether or not you’re wearing pants!” I reached down to Karen’s waist and began to unfasten her jeans. She began to giggle and lifted her hips so that I could pull her pants and panties down to her ankles. I pulled her right foot free so that she could still use her foot on the pedals.

I started to rub her furry pussy as I had done when we had been trapped. “Bill, there are paper napkins in the glove box. Grab a handful and put them under me! I don’t want to leave a stain on the seat!”

I pushed a thick pile of napkins between her thighs and under her bottom. Then I began to slide my fingers up and down her slit. At first Karen allowed me to do this, and she began to moan. Then she suddenly squeezed her thighs together. “You’ll have to stop! I really want you to touch me, but the sensation’s just too intense! If you do any more I’ll run this van right off the road. And if I stop and park we’ll never get to the park in time to be the first to arrive!”

“Would you like me to drive and finger you at the same time, Karen?” I asked in my most obliging tone.

“Hah! No way! You’re not used to this big thing, and I’d want you to keep both your hands on the wheel! Just look – but don’t touch – until we get to the park!”

As the sun slowly came up I could see more clearly, and I leaned over and stared at Karen’s pussy. I even poked my nose down for a sniff. “This isn’t fair!” She said. “You’re still dressed!”

I pulled my pants and undershorts off. My penis bounced straight into the air. “Thanks, Karen! It was getting really uncomfortable! Would you like to check out my stick shift?”

Karen reached over and gave my penis a squeeze, then put her hand back onto the wheel. “Later! Hold that thought! We’ll be at the park in another half hour!”

As we approached the park, Karen said, “Better help me get dressed again. They open in ten minutes.” We were the only car waiting. Karen wiped her pussy with the napkins, then handed them to me. They were damp and smelled strongly of her. She smiled as I sniffed them – then sniffed them again.

I pulled our pants up, and when the ranger opened the gate, Karen drove us to his booth. She showed him her current, annual state park pass, and he asked if we were planning to use the big pavilion. Karen said yes, and she explained how many others would be coming. After warning us about the penalties for underage people drinking alcohol, he waved us through. Five minutes later we reached the pavilion.

Karen and I hauled most of the stuff out of her van. We spread things around, covering as many tables as we could. We put up some signs to indicate that we would be using the entire space. It was almost 6:30. Nobody was around. I took her in my arms and kissed her. “Okay, I waited. We’re at the park. NOW can I rub your pussy?”

Karen smiled. “We have to stay close by so that nobody takes our stuff. And other people will be coming into the park any time now. So let’s go sit in the van.”

As soon as we climbed into the cab, Karen pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles. “You first, Bill. Hand me more napkins and then finger me like you did when we were trapped. I’ll keep watch for other people. If anyone comes, they’ll just see the two of us sitting in the van, okay?”

I pulled my pants down, too. There was nobody around, so we managed to kiss, each of us with a hand in the other’s crotch. Karen was breathing hard already. I pushed more napkins under her pussy. I reached across her body, and I began to caress her vulva with my right hand. It was much easier to stimulate her when I could see her face – and pussy!

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