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I was 24 years old when this wonderful incident occurred (or must say I made occur) in my life. I had gone with my friend Ravi to attend his relative’s marriage in a small conservative town in semi-rural Rajasthan. As expected I had a boring time…the ladies kept to themselves and the local men and I had nothing in common. So it was with reluctance that I allowed him to take me to his grandfather’s house one morning for a short visit.

The old man had been a Naib Subedar (Sergeant Major) in the Indian Army and was still an awesome figure – hugely built, still very tough and feared by all around. His son was also in the Army. Ravi had told me that it was rumoured in the family that he had a second wife in the Delhi since he hardly ever came to his rural home on leave. Ravi’s grandmother welcomed us warmly but the old man was gruff and just short of rude. We sat in the front room and I was getting bored and restless as the conversation stuck to their family matters. Then suddenly a young lady came into the room bringing some tea and biscuits for us. She was about 28 and quite attractive to look at with fair skin, long nose and regular features. Though she was wearing a simple salwar suit, I could guess that she had a well filled-out body without being plump and I managed to see a generous glimpse of her cleavage as she laid down the tea tray. She was introduced as Abha, their daughter-in-law. Though she gave a small smile in greeting, I could see some hidden sadness in her face. As I gazed at her, I could feel some hidden vibes from my side and turning my face from her, I caught the malevolent glare of the old man on me! Boy, did he look mad! I hastily looked away and was careful during the rest of the stay not to look at her.

We met Abha the next day in the market where she had come with her mother-in-law to do some shopping. Here she talked a little and returned and even returned my stare when I looked at her. I could sense that she might just give in if I tried to seduce her…so I looked in her eyes and then very slowly moved my gaze down her throat…the swell of her breasts over her salwar…to her flat stomach and down to her legs. I looked up at her again to catch a deep blush spreading on her cheeks as she quickly looked away. I caught some talk of Ravi’s grandmother saying about visiting the doctor in Jaipur the next day..but my mind was only on Abha. As they left, I turned around to see her looking back at me. Boy, did my cock give a jerk… I wanted her that instant! Ravi sensed my thoughts and immediately dissuaded me from pursuing her saying that he would be shamed in the family if I got caught with her, not to say of what the old man would do! But Abha had looked so sexy and vulnerable that I couldn’t think of leaving her town without making love to her.

The next morning, I remembered that Ravi’s grandparents would be going to see a doctor in a hospital in Jaipur. Without telling Ravi, I strolled over to the market opposite their house. After about half an hour, I saw them getting out of the house and then taking an inter-city bus for Jaipur. Thanking my lucky stars, I went over and pressed their door bell. Abha gave a gasp as she opened the front door and saw me standing there. She bluttered out, “My in-laws are not at home…and..” I replied “I have come to see you and not them”. She didn’t have any reply to my comment and invited me in.

I asked her why she had not gone with them and she replied that she had been lying in bed since she had a headache. She was simply dressed in a cotton Maxi…but looking so sexxyyy!! Abha looked very tense and nervous, so I told her to lie down for some time as I would make myself comfortable reading in the front room. She was very unsure as what to do…but as I encouraged her to rest, she went inside to her bedroom. I switched on the TV and watched it for some time, so that she could relax and get hold of herself.

After about 10 minutes, I got up and went to her room. I parted the door curtains to see her lying on her bed with her eyes closed.

(I’ll be describing what happened next in third person for your voyeuric pleasure!) Rajeev came into the room and saw Abha lying on the bed, one arm covering her eyes and her legs crossed at the ankles. Good, he thought, at least she wouldn’t run. He immediately noticed the swell of her large breasts over her nightie. Abha felt even more nervous now as she sensed his presence in the room. “Abha” he called out coming into the room, “No! Please keep lying down” he said as she gave a start and tried to get up. She didn’t reply as he asked her whether she still had the headache. Rajeev sat at the foot of her bed keeping on looking at her. “Shall I massage away your pain?” he asked. Though Abha didn’t reply, Rajeev saw by the movement of her breasts that her breathing had accelerated. He slowly kept his hand on her lower thigh and squeezed gently. Abha let out a gasp but said nothing as he kept on squeezing her thigh. “Take it slowly…don’t scare her” Rajeev told himself as he slowly eased the tension from her legs. After a few minutes, Abha let out a sigh, covered her eyes with her arm and slowly uncrossed her legs. Rajeev kept talking softly to her as he squeezed and caressed her ankles. He lifted her feet one by one and slowly fondled and caressed her toes sensually. Abha became aware of strange and disturbing feelings creeping over her as this stranger so calmly and confidently handled her body as if it belonged to him…it was so wrong that she wanted to stop him…but, another part stopped her from doing so.

As Rajeev lifted her foot, her nightie’s hem slowly slid up her ankle exposing her legs to his view. Rajeev now shifted his focus to her legs as he again massaged her calf muscles slowly sliding the cloth up her legs. Her legs were beautifully formed and the skin was warm and firm beneath his touch. Abha felt his warm hands move above her knees, gently demanding that she part her thighs for their attention. Almost imperceptibly Abha moved her legs apart. She knew it was wrong but she felt a strange thrill running through her. Rajeev didn’t miss the subtle movement. As his hands squeezed her thighs, he pulled gently outward, causing her them to open wider. She was ready for him he sensed and boldly lifted her nighty even higher so that her panty was exposed. Abha was blushing furiously as she felt his hot gaze on her panty…she hoped that she wasn’t wet!

Rajeev began to move his hands on her tight calf muscles then up to her thighs. He couldn’t help but look at the juncture where her pussy lips bulged out under her panties. Oh God! She was wet…the front of her panties were damp with her cum. Abha, felt a little thrill run through her as she felt his fingers move perilously close to her vagina. “Ummm!” Abha moaned in spite of herself as she felt his hands massaging the tension from her muscles. You have great legs,” Rajeev said. He heard Abha moan and felt himself becoming fully erect. Abha’s heart was pounding in her chest. There was little doubt that Rajeev could see her vagina. She should stop this before it was too late. But her screaming body stifled her voice of protest and she lay helplessly as his hands brushed her forbidden mound. Abha realized that Rajeev was leaning into the table and that her left hand, which was holding onto the table, was also touching the material of his pants. She almost gasped when she felt something hard touching her knuckles. Could that be his erection? Abha shivered again. Rajeev felt her hand touching him and he subtly pressed his hips forward, pushing his erect penis into her knuckles. He felt her hand move. Was that an accident? he thought. Abha was holding her breath as her hand moved almost out of her control. It pressed toward the hardness. Then it slowly moved up and down, rubbing the backs of her fingers against his cloth-covered erection. There could be no doubt now that he was hard and that he knew what she was doing.

Abha felt her vagina swell and her juice begin to coat her swollen sex lips. Rajeev’s hips began to move up and down in time with her movement. He pressed harder into the hand as his fingers began to move further up her inner thigh. He continued to stare at the swollen lips, his hands moving on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. He could see her vagina begin to glisten with excitement. He knew that she was getting excited now. Boldly, he moved his fingers still higher until his little finger eased into the side of her panty and touched the smooth skin of the outer lip. It was just a delicate touch, almost like an accident. He heard Abha moan but she made no move to stop him. He looked up and saw that her eyes were still tightly closed. She was biting her lower lip.

Abha’s brain was screaming, No, No, but her excitement was screaming Yes! Yes! Rajeev grew bolder and gently flicked his finger over the smooth skin until he reached the swollen inner lips. He thought he heard a little whimper and saw her hips begin to lift slightly off the bed. Abha made no move to stop him. Instead, her legs slid further apart, exposing her entire groin. “Ohhhh!!!” she whimpered as she felt Rajeev’s fingers hook under her panty and pull it clear of her legs and expose her swollen lips. She helped him almost unconsciously by lifting her buttocks as he pulled down the last vestige of her respectability. He rubbed her gently, smearing her clear juice across the wrinkled inner lips. Then ever so slowly the finger began to slide inside her body. Abha held her breath as the finger continued until it was all the way inside her vagina.

“Oh God,” Abha whispered.

Rajeev was amazed at what was happening as he pulled his juice-covered finger from the clenching hole. He couldn’t believe that he using his finger on this beautiful woman with no protest from her. He knew nothing could stop him now. Taking a chance, he reached up and pulled the nighty off Abha. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw her gorgeous breasts partially exposed over her bra. The breasts were milky white with large nipples poking through her cotton bra. With one hand in her crotch, he reached up with the other and caressed a breast.

Abha moaned as Rajeev’s strong fingers began to play with one swollen nipple. At the same time she felt his finger begin to move slowly in and out of her wet hole. Her breath came in short gasps as this stranger’s hands caressed her breast and vagina. Her hips began to move up toward the probing finger in little jerks. Rajeev removed the hand from her breast and unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to his feet. He wore no underwear. Rajeev’s large penis stood proud in front of him and pulsed with forbidden excitement. He reached for Abha’s hand and picked it up. He could feel it trembling. Cautiously and gently, he placed it on his shaft, fearing her scream of indignation.

Abha almost jumped off the table when she felt the hot flesh in her hand. Her head lifted up and her eyes opened in shock as she looked down at his huge tool. It was much larger than her husbands and had a gigantic purple head, dripping his clear juice. It was almost impossible to believe that she had another man’s penis in her hand. It was only the second penis besides her husbands she had held since she had taken her marriage vows.

When Abha looked up at Rajeev, she saw his wide eyes staring down at her. She knew that he was waiting for her to stop him. She also knew that she should, yet instead she moaned and closed her eyes again, laying her head back on the bed. As Rajeev’s finger began to move in and out, Abha moved her hand on his rod. It filled her hand, barely letting her fingers touch. She wanted to look at it but couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes again. Somehow she thought that if she didn’t look, what she was doing wasn’t so bad.

Rajeev was incredibly excited now. He didn’t know what to look at — this woman’s beautiful vagina with his finger working in and out or her soft hand working on his throbbing penis. Then there were those gorgeous breasts. He moved his hand back to her chest and began to play with her nipple. He watched Abha began to squirm on the table. She was delirious with excitement. The fact that it was so wrong and against all of her upbringing added to the thrill.

“Oh God,” Abha moaned when Rajeev added another finger to her dripping hole. Her body began to shake and she knew that she was getting very close to losing control. Her hips lifted off the table as Rajeev began to move his fingers in and out rapidly, causing a squishing sound that echoed around the quiet room. Abha’s hand matched Rajeev’s fingers as it flew up and down the large shaft. “Ohhhhhh!!!” she cried as her vagina began to pulse around the probing fingers. The pulsing turned to shudders of excitement as a climax overtook her senses. She felt like all her relaxed muscles had tightened back into a knot. Abha moaned as her body convulsed in pleasure and her back arched off the table.

Rajeev watched in amazement as Abha trembled in pleasure, her hand halting its movement as her climax took over. The finger’s squeezed him tight as illicit pleasure consumed her. It took Abha a few minutes for her to calm down. She so relaxed that she felt like she could almost go to sleep. Almost sub-consciously, she felt Rajeev’s hands move across her shoulders and down toward her chest. She smiled as she felt him gradually move his fingers to the upper swells of her breasts. Rajeev wasted no time in capturing both breasts in his hands. Abha moaned as he squeezed and massaged her breasts with his experienced fingers. She felt him take the nipples between his fingers and squeeze firmly. Then he pulled them up, lifting her heavy orbs. A little whimper escaped her lips and she moved her chest upward, following his fingers. Her nipples were always very sensitive and had a direct line to her groin. She squeezed her legs together as little shock waves rushed down her body.

After a few minutes, Rajeev got up and removed his shirt. She watched as he moved towards her…his body was so tightly muscled…his stomach flat and rippled and his massive cock jerking against his stomach! He lay down beside her and pulled her down to lay with him. Her uncovered breasts pressed to his chest as he pulled her close. Rajeev turned to Abha and brought his lips to hers. It was the first of many passionate kisses. Their body heat began to climb rapidly as their kisses grew in intensity.

Rajeev began to pull all of his Abha’s sexual strings. She had taught him well, leaving her no defenses. He kissed her lips softly, moving up her neck and bringing chills to her warm body. Then his tongue touched her ear, circling it and leaving a wet trail behind. “You are so beautiful,” Rajeev whispered then began to kiss back down her neck. Moving slowly down, his tongue following the contours of her body until he reached the swells of her breasts. He placed gentle kisses across the smooth surface until he reached the nipple and then sucked one and then the other into his mouth. He used his fingers to tweak one nipple as his tongue licked the other.

Abha was a moaning mass of quivering flesh by the time Rajeev got to the soft skin of her belly. He knelt between her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. He slowly bent to her center, kissing her soft and quivering thighs as he went teasing her, denying her his mouth to the place she wanted it most. Up and down her legs he moved, even taking her toes into his mouth and sucking them. He knew that he was teasing his Abha to the brink of her endurance. Finally, he spread her legs as wide as possible and paused, looking down at her pulsing sex. With a little whine, he bent his head to her center. “Oh Rajeev, oh God, oh God,” she moaned as she felt his tongue move up and down the smooth outer lips. He even pushed his tongue into the crease on each side, licking the sensitive flesh. His tongue worked around her swollen lips, barely touching them. “Aaaannnghhh!!!!” Abha’s hips bucked up into Rajeev’s mouth as his tongue stretched her back passage. She had never felt anything like it. It was so nasty but oh so exciting. “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

Rajeev pulled back and smiled at his Abha. He saw her eyes hooded over in denied pleasure. He reached down and gently opened her lips, exposing the now throbbing clit. He lowered his head and blew warm air on the little nub, watching it quiver with need.

“Oh God Rajeev, please,” she begged.

Rajeev had his Abha totally mad with passion and desperate for him to do something to her, he stood for a moment over his Abha, letting her see his excitement. His penis was dripping juice and the shaft was bouncing up and down with his rapid heartbeat. He wrapped his hand around it and slowly moved his fist across the length of it. His other hand cupped his balls, almost offering them to her.

“Oh Rajeev!” his Abha moaned as she watched his wanton display.

Rajeev moved to kneel between his Abha’s legs before she could protest. Leaning forward on one hand, he used the other to push the swollen head of his penis down to touch his Abha’s dripping sex lips. Next, he gently mixed his own leaking juice with his Abha’s, moving the head in a circular motion. Then he moved it up and down between the lips, teasing both his sensitive head and her swollen lips. When he felt the head touch her swollen clit, he paused, circling the soft skin of his penis head on her center of pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” she moaned.

Then Rajeev slowly slid his penis down and almost imperceptibly inserted the head between her lips. “Oh Rajeev,” she moaned She was gasping for breath, her arms shaking from excitement as she tried weakly to hold him back with the last vestiges of control. Neither Abha’s tone of voice nor her hands seemed to be forceful enough to stop Rajeev. He continued moving forward, ever so slowly. Looking down to the point where their bodies met and saw that the head was now completely inside Abha’s body. Her beautiful smooth lips were stretched around his shaft. He felt the head expand and throb inside of her. In reaction, her hole quivered and squeezed him tight.

Abha was moaning and moving her head back and forth slowly, as if to say “no”, but no words came from her mouth. Rajeev pushed slightly forward, inserting another inch into her. Suddenly, Rajeev felt like he was going to cum and spoil everything. He needed to concentrate on something else, until the desire to climax lessened. He used his hand to squeeze hard at the base of his penis and then he held very still for a while, thinking about football, baseball, anything but sex. When the threat passed, he pushed a little harder, forcing another inch into her. He could feel the warm confines of her vagina caressing and massaging him like a soft, wet glove.

In his Abha’s burning eyes, he could see an incredible look of love as he removed his hand from the base of his penis and placed it on the other side. He was now supporting himself on his hands and toes; the only connection between the two was their sexual parts. His penis was now several inches inside her which was tight, warm and wet. He could feel his Abha’s insides quivering; the soft folds of skin rippling up and down his shaft.

When Rajeev didn’t move to enter her further, she opened her eyes and saw him staring back down at her. The only sounds in the room were from the clock on the wall and their pounding hearts. Her vagina gave an involuntary squeeze around his penis. She tried to control the desire to thrust her hips up at him. Still, her hips began to make little movements, almost quivering.

Rajeev waited. He wanted her to accept him into her body. He never wanted her to look back and think that he had forced himself on her. The moments ticked by, then “Oh Rajeev, please,” Abha begged in a whisper, her eyes almost rolling back in her head. “Please what?” Rajeev asked, wanting to hear her say it. “Please, please,” she begged again, her mind in an emotional turmoil. She knew what he wanted but she didn’t want to say it. It was wrong, so wrong. Rajeev took another risk and pulled his penis partially out, like he was going to remove it completely. Abha immediately grabbed his hips and held him still, his penis only just inside her body. “I… I… oh God Rajeev! Please don’t leave me! Mujhse Pyar karo (Make love to me)!” she finally moaned.

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