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After that night we didn’t get so adventurous for a long. We spoke about it frequently – at first I was a bit self-conscious of talking about seeing another guy fuck her like that but after a few conversations we really got into talking about it, and how she loved being nailed hard in the ass like that while I was watching. It really spiced up our lovelife, and to be honest, I didn’t really think it would happen again. I wasn’t going to push for it, and over the next few weeks, she never brought it up again. We definitely fucked a lot more after that threeway with Larry and Sandra, and there was a lot more fantasizing too – stuff that we’d spoke about while getting each other off now and then, but we did it a lot more after that encounter. It was a good time, I have to say. We’d go to an adult store a couple times a month, just outside of town, at first just to buy DVDs, but then just going for the sake of it. There was something about being in a place like that with each other that had the effect of making us hornier than we had been since maybe the first couple of years of marriage. Even better than that, Emma turned to wearing sexier clothes, which I really liked to see. She was always a jeans and t-shirt gal, having grown up with three brothers, but she always did look good in a dress.

Around the end of January, we were at the mall doing nothing in particular. It was a cold day, so there wasn’t really anything we wanted to do that Saturday. We went to the local Ikea to look for decorating ideas for the spring, but with no real enthusiasm. We were looking at having our kitchen done at some point, so we wandered into that section of the store. “Oh my God, Honey, check that out,” Emma said suddenly, quietly, and grabbed my arm. “Over there!” I looked around, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until I looked in the other direction that I saw what she was talking about. There were two women – about the same age as us – walking out of one of the kitchen displays, and frankly they were both incredibly hot. Long brown hair, deep tans – I mean, just gorgeous – but what was obvious was the tits on the one with the darker hair. Not obscenely massive, but they were a totally perfect shape and pretty damn big. You couldn’t look at this chick and not look at them. “Holy buckets,” I said.

“See, that’s what I’m talking about,” Emma said. “Remember that day we met Larry and his wife? You promised me you’d let me use the tax return.”

“Yeah, I remember,” I said. “I’m not going back on my word. I’m just waiting for you to get an appointment.”

The two women started walking towards us, chatting enthusiastically about something, and I purposely kept from looking at the spectacular rack. As they got within a few feet, Emma said to the woman, “You have really nice tits,” and we kept walking. I was mortified, but it was hilarious too. We turned the corner, and Emma started cracking up.

“You’re crazy!” I said, but I was having a tough time keeping it together too.

After finishing at Ikea we went to the mall for lunch, since it was nearby. We bypassed the first restaurant because of the waiting line and went to the food court, not collecting our $200. We met back up after going to separate places. I got to the table first and flagged her when I caught sight of her – as you might remember Emma’s pretty short, and hard to spot in a crowd. As we were eating, I said, “Wouldn’t it be fun for you to go to some store and flash your new titties, when you get them?”

“Oh my God, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I think I’m turning into an exhibitionist or something. I also had an idea of going to buy some shoes with a short skirt and no panties and have somebody help me with my fitting.”

“You know, those guys probably see that all the time,” I thought.

“Remember that time we were watching The Man Show and that hot blonde was trying on bikinis and asking dudes to check her out. THAT would be awesome.”

“I’ll be honest with you,” I said after a while. “I wasn’t so sure about you getting bigger hooters, but now I’m totally turned on by the idea.”

“Wasn’t that chick in Ikea hot? I was thinking, ‘mmmm’ – I’d have totally loved to suck her titties.”

Now, Emma had never been with another woman, but we’d fantasized about it more often than not. She was totally into the idea of that.

“I’m totally into the idea of that,” she said. “She had a tight body as well – don’t tell me you didn’t check her out all over. Her friend was cute too. D’you think they were lesbians?”

“I hoped they were,” I said, and Emma laughed.

“We definitely need to have a threeway with another girl.”

“I’ll get right on that,” I said. The rest of the weekend wasn’t so bad after all. We probably fucked three or four times between that afternoon and Sunday night.

Time passed, and by the time our tax refund came, Emma had already had a couple of preliminary exams and she was – surprise surprise – a candidate for boob enhancement surgery. She really didn’t have any to speak of, but what she would be getting would take her from the modest 32B she was to the 32D she is now. I didn’t have any problem at all visualizing the difference. With a week to go before the operation that was pretty much all we would talk about. She had told a few people at work and her two best friends, but for just about everyone else it would be a huge surprise. I couldn’t wait to see the difference.

She went under the knife at the end of February, and when the surgery was all over and done with and she came back home I was anxious to see them. She told me that she wanted it to be a surprise, and that I should wait for the two week period her doctor had told her the healing process would take. I was fine with that. I could already tell the difference. She seemed like a whole new woman, and it was almost like every part of her had also been enhanced – she really did seem curvier everywhere. I guess that’s coming from a sexist mindset, but I can’t put it any other way. She had two weeks off work, and there wasn’t much pain or swelling at all. She had a small course of antibiotics that made her throw up at first, but it seemed to go just fine. I never heard her complain at all after the first couple of days back from the clinic. We arranged to go out the Saturday night of the second week, and she bought a new outfit for that purpose. As we got ready to go out that night, I was really anxious for the unveiling. She was taking forever getting dressed, and I called in to the room for her. “You okay?” I said. “You haven’t popped one, have you?”

“Hang on a minute!” she called back. Then, about a minute later, she said, “Ok, shut your eyes!”

I did, and heard the bedroom door open. I could feel my cock surging to attention, wondering what her new upholstery would look like. Finally, she said, “Okay!” and I opened my eyes. They almost popped out my head! Emma had bought a new little black dress, but had a plunging neckline, and right there, where it plunged, was an incredible cleavage. Her boobs had gone from being almost non-existent, to two large round natural looking, eye-catching healthy knockers. Even I – who had spent two weeks imagining what they’d be like – was stuck for something to say. The change was incredible. Absolute night and day.

“What ‘dyou think?” she pushed out her chest. “Worth it?”

“Every penny,” I said.

“I think they’re incredible. I was really fighting the urge to show you them after the bruises went away.”

“How do they feel?”

“You tell me …”

I approached her and took them both in my hands. I knew I had to be pretty careful with them for a while, so I just sort of felt them enough to feel their weight, and how really they moved. “Wow,” I said. “Unbelievable.”

“After we get back from dinner tonight I’ll let you see them for real.”

“Let’s get going, then.”

When we went to dinner I could tell the difference too, socially. We got incredibly good service for one thing. The other think I noticed was that she had a real spring in her step too. She’d never been shy, exactly, Emma 2.0 was an upgrade that went beyond just bigger tits. I really enjoyed that change too – it was unbelievably sexy. That night all I did was stare in amazement at her new figure, and I don’t know how many comments I made about them. When it was time to go home, we left in a hurry.

Once we got back home we made out for a bit, until she started undressing me. “Maybe I’ll look for a stripper job, what d’you think?” she said and she pulled off my underwear and knelt by my cock, which was totally rock hard. “I just want to show these off to everybody. You first, though. Sit back.”

I sat back and my cock pulsed furiously while she started to take off her dress. She was only wearing panties and a bra, but that seemed even sexier than the dress did. Just in the bra, they looked even bigger than before. “You ready?” she said, and reached behind her to unhook her bra. I waited impatiently while she brought her hands back around to keep it from falling off, then slowly pulled the straps over her shoulders. After another teasingly long few seconds, she whipped away the bra, and there they were in all their glory. And they were spectacular. The guy had done an incredible job. They looked pretty authentic, not like two grapefruit halves. She drew circles with her fingertips around each nipple and stood there looking at me. She was a goddess. “Your cock is so hard,” she said.

I wanted to fuck her, but I was so turned on I wanted to stretch out the moment. “D’you want to take some pictures?”

“Right now?” she said, then, before I could wonder if she was disappointed, she grinned and said, “Love it!” and she scampered into the bedroom while I grabbed the camera. When I came back into the bedroom she was on her back, legs spread, and rubbing her pussy. Her new titties were fully and heavy looking. I took a few pictures of her like that and had her get up on her knees so I could take some close ups of them. “Can we put them online?” she asked. “That turns me on. I want everybody to see my body, and my new boobies.”

I was turned on by that too. I wasn’t much of a photographer, but really, with a body like that in front of the camera, I’d needed to have been blind to mess those pictures up.

The last shots I took were of her ass and pussy from behind while she was on her knees. It reminded me of seeing Larry ease his cock into her impossibly tiny asshole. I put the camera away and put my hands on her butt and started licking her puckered little hole, making her shudder. I couldn’t see her titties saw, but I imagined them, and my cock got harder. I rimmed her asshole for a couple of minutes, mixing long, slow strokes with the flat of my tongue, and small little jabs, penetrating her with the tip of my tongue. “Are you thinking about fucking me in the ass, you bad boy?” she said.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Did you like it when that other guy was fucking me there?”

“It was really hot,” I said. I stood up and pulled her hips back toward me. I took hold of my cock and rubbed the head of it over her clit, making her shiver again.

“I could feel every inch of his cock,” she said, “Right up to his balls.”

“He got really deep in there. I wonder how long it’d been since he was in something that tight.”

“His cock was pretty thick too, so it must have felt extra tight.”

“So you liked having another guy’s dick in your ass, huh?”

“It was amazing. I was so turned on by the thought of it being there as much as it actually being there.”

“I liked the way he came on your face. I never thought he’d have as much cum as that.”

“You know,” she said, “I was hoping he’d come right in my ass. That’s a really dirty thought, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah.” My cock was pretty wet from rubbing it over her pussy like that. I moved it up and began rubbing it over her asshole. This time, it was my time to shiver. A strong shudder went all the way through me, starting at the head of my cock and shooting through me and down my spine. I was picturing Emma working her hips to take Larry’s cock deeper and deeper into her ass, and how she had been totally into it. I was turned on by the thought of him shooting off deep in her ass too, even though it had been hot to see him cum so hard on her face. I guess the thing that turned me on so much was the intimacy of it. “We got their number,” I reminded her. “You could still have him do that.”

“You sound like you’d like that,” she said. “Maybe you could fuck his wife’s ass too. She had really excellent titties too, didn’t she?”

I went back down to her pussy and pushed my cock past her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah, that feels good,” she gasped and looked back over her shoulder. “If we were to hook up with them again I’m totally going to eat her pussy. She seemed really sexy.”

My cock slipped deep into her and I began to fuck her slowly. I could feel every movement along the length of my cock. “Maybe we should just try to get her to visit us by herself.”

“Yeah, that would be hot, wouldn’t it? She could come down for a weekend. I could eat her pussy, you could fuck her in the ass … there’s all sorts of things we could get up to.”

“Yeah, for an older chick, she was pretty hot,” I said. “Not as hot as you though. When we were at the restaurant tonight I wanted to push you on the table and fuck your brains out.”

I fucked her pussy with the length of my cock for a while, then just the head of it, then taking turns between that and plunging deep into her pussy. That turned us both on. I knew I couldn’t go too hard because of the recent surgery, but it was tough holding back from just pounding away at her. After a few minutes, she pulled away from me and turned around to face my cock. “Mm, look at that,” she said, and slid her mouth down over the head, and grabbed the shaft with one hand and jerked me in short quick strokes. I grabbed the back of her head and worked my cock deeper into her mouth, slowly, until I could feel the head rubbing the back of her throat. When she didn’t gag, I went deeper, almost getting right to the balls before she jerked. I pulled it out and there was thick spit on the head of it, which she licked off. “One of these days, I want you to be able to fuck me hard in the mouth like on some of those movies that we’ve seen. Remember the one where the guy fucked that one chick all the way back in her throat? That’s exactly what I mean. It was so dirty when he’d pull it out and her spit was all frothy. I totally want you to fuck my mouth just like that.” She went back to sucking my cock, and there were so many times I could have blown my load, but I was able to hold it back by getting her to ease off on it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it off forever though. By that point I was primed and ready for release. As if knowing what was on my mind, she flipped over on her back and spread her legs. I got up on the bed and grabbed her ankles while she guided my cock into her. She was tight as hell, but dripping wet. “Oh man, that’s good, Honey,” she said as I fucked her gently. “I love to feel your balls slapping my ass hole like that.” I wasn’t complaining either. From where I was, I had a perfect view of her new body. Her titties almost seemed too big for her little body, but that was just all the sexier. They moved slowly in circular patterns, in time to my strokes. “They look perfect for getting plastered with cum like that,” I said.

“Wouldn’t it be hot if there were about five or six guys and all they were there for was to cum on my tits?” she asked. “Just think of all that thick cum shooting out over them. I’d rub it all in, all over them, and under them. I would love to feel all that cum shooting out and hitting me.” Emma reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

“I’d love to watch that,” I said. “That would be unbelievable.”

“Honey, get up inside me, I’m gonna cum,” she said. I pushed in deeper and her thighs squeezed around me, “Oh my Goooooood,” she moaned, as she came, all over my cock. It lasted quite a few seconds, and by the time she’d finished I was ready to pop too. I dropped to having my hands on either side of her, just up off her enough to feel her new titties brush my chest as I pumped my cock inside her. “Cum in my pussy, Honey, yeah do it,” she said, and then I buried my cock in her and felt my balls tighten up, shooting a massive burst of cum through my cock, deep into her pussy. It felt like an electric wire had been laid in my shaft – the jolt went right through it, backwards into my sac. I came a couple more times then rolled over, spent. Emma rolled up next to me and she was sleeping in a matter of minutes.

As I lay there, it crossed my mind how she would react to having her new body. Before the operation, I did wonder if she would be almost compelled to cheat on me, because she was surely going to get more attention from now on, that was for sure. Our relationship had definitely changed since that previous November with Larry and Sandra, though. I liked the idea of her being with other people so long as I was there too, no matter how intense or dirty it got. So long as she was always into the idea of being with me when all was said and done, I could handle that. It didn’t take me long to drift off either, even with the bedside lamps still on. It had been a while since we’d fallen asleep like that.

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