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Chapter 2: Workshop in Lust

The powerful sexual attraction between Karen and me continued to grow over the next few months. Our shared intimacy, which had saved our lives in the collapsed building (“My Secretary Ch. 01: Survival by Lust”), now threatened to drive me insane. Whenever I made love to Lori, my wife, I pretended that she was Karen and my climaxes were longer and more powerful than any I had experienced before Karen and I had been trapped. Several times I had barely managed to change a scream of “Karen!” into unintelligible sounds as I ejaculated. I could even see Karen’s face on Lori’s body as I pumped in and out of her! How much longer could this go on?

Finally fortune smiled on Karen and me – again. Our state system of universities devised workshops for department heads and their secretaries, and our university agreed to send eight pairs of us to it. An overnight stay in a hotel was required because of the distance form our campus. Karen and I were among those chosen. I found colleagues to cover my classes, and Karen and I were off for a Thursday-Friday, two- day workshop, out of town, away from our families.

Karen and I rode in a university car with another department head and her secretary, and the drive was pure torture! Not only was I the only male in the car, but Karen and I were both extremely aroused by our chance to finally make love. Of course we had to conceal our lust from the other women in the car, and that made it even more exciting! When we were sharing the back seat during part of the trip, my tented pants amused Karen, although all she did was glance at my problem and grin. Both of the other women flirted with me and Karen joined in, adding to my rigid and stiff arousal and discomfort.

After we checked in, we attended meetings all day Thursday. Some were for department heads with separate meetings for secretaries, and some meetings had us all together. That evening we were on our own for dinner, and Karen and I went out with two other “teams.” We didn’t get back to our hotel until after 8:00 P.M.. Although we had to be up-and-going by 9:00 A.M. the following morning, there was a bright side. Karen and I had conspired to get adjoining rooms in the hotel. When I had suggested this idea to Karen, her face had turned crimson and her breathing had changed. Then she had looked at me and grinned! I could feel her excitement as our eyes locked! “I told you so! I told you it was possible!” She had whispered.

I had a beer with another department head in the lobby bar before heading to my room, thereby giving Karen time to get to her room without anyone seeing us together, either in the elevator or hallway. As soon as I locked my door behind me, I unlocked the connecting door and rapped gently on Karen’s. She opened her door in a matter of seconds. She was wearing a thigh-length nightshirt and slippers, while I was still in my shirt and tie. We stared at each other’s faces for several seconds. Questions were asked and silently answered as we gazed into each other’s eyes. If what I saw in her eyes was also what she saw in mine . . .

It was! We reached out and grabbed each other. I pulled Karen into my room as we kissed. I pulled her nightshirt over her head and off, and she kicked off her slippers leaving her naked before me. As we clung together, I moved my hands over her body, trying to touch her everywhere. Karen pulled at my clothes and quickly stripped me. We kissed hungrily, our hands touching and rubbing everywhere we could reach. We were grunting and moaning at each touch.

Our erotic attraction was obviously not based upon our appearances! Karen had stretch marks on her breasts and belly, attesting to the two children she had borne and nursed. Her breasts, though somewhere between a C- and D-cup were noticeably beginning to sag. Varicose veins stood out on her thighs. We were both thick-waisted with little pot bellies and love handles on our hips. My muscles were no longer firm and they sagged. We looked our ages.

“This is wrong, you know.” I said. “A sin. What we did before was probably necessary to survive. That’s the only time . . . I’ve never been unfaithful to Lori. But I want you so much! But we could just touch each other with our hands if you don’t want to cheat on Chris. We could just sleep together, naked like we are now.”

Our breathing was getting faster and harder. “I was a virgin bride, Bill. Chris is the only man who’s ever had his penis inside me. Until now. I want to feel yours inside me tonight! I don’t care if it’s adultery! I’ll confess it to the priest later!”

“I’ve got some condoms. I didn’t have time to put one on earlier. Shall I . . .”

“No! I felt your seed on my hands so many times! I want to feel it coming out of you inside me!”

“But if you get pregnant . . .”

“I’ll risk it, dammit! I just finished my period, so we should be safe. If you get me knocked up, we’ll deal with it. But for God’s sake, shut up and fuck me before I go out of my mind!”

Karen wrapped herself around me, trapping my upright penis against her abdomen. She reached between us and pointed my penis down so that it was rubbing against her thick, dark pubic hair. She kissed me hard. Her hips rubbed back and forth against my penis. She began to gasp and moan really loudly.

I reached between us and cupped Karen’s pussy with my hand. I gently squeezed it, putting pressure on her clitoris as I pushed against her with different fingers. Her juices quickly soaked my hand. She began to make little cries. I recognized them from our experience in the rubble as her build-up to orgasm. I pulled my hand away, and pushed her back onto my bed.

Karen scooted herself up the bed, never taking her eyes off mine. She pulled her knees up and opened her thighs, presenting herself to me. She was gasping, “I’m ready! I’m really ready!” The appearance of her pussy confirmed this. Her labia were dark red and swollen, and her juices glistened on them.

I knelt between Karen’s thighs and placed my penis against her wet slit. “I’ve heard you climax, and I’ve felt your orgasms against my stomach. I saw you come when I rubbed your nipples in the hospital. Now I want to watch your face as you come with me inside you!” I whispered. I leaned on top of her and kissed her.

Karen immediately reached down with her right hand and gave my penis a familiar squeeze. She pressed the head of my penis into her vagina. I saw her pupils dilate and she gave out a sharp gasp as her vagina squeezed tightly around the head of my penis. There’s no describing that incredible sensation when a woman seizes the head of your penis for the first time that way!

Karen held me for several seconds, squeezing the head of my penis with her vagina and gripping the top of the shaft with her labia. Then she wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me completely into her. She was slippery and wet, but very loose and open, much more so than Lori. “Oh, yes! I’m ready!” She moaned.

As our pubic hair smashed together, I began to twist from side to side, rubbing myself against her clitoris. Karen was quickly right at the brink. She repeated her usual pre-orgasmic cries, and I felt her climax begin. She leaned her head back and her eyelids fluttered. Her vagina began to tighten on my penis, and I felt rhythmic pulses as her orgasm built. I could feel her abdomen starting to tremble. She gave her short cry, “OOH!” And then I moved inside her.

Karen’s orgasm became more intense. She cried “OOH!” And then again “OOH!” and her entire body began to tremble and shake. I pressed myself as hard as I could against her. Her eyes were now only half-open, and her mouth was twisted into a grimace. She continued to cry out, over and over as her body shook.

Karen’s orgasm began to wind down, and when she suddenly took several deep breaths I realized she had been holding her breath. Her trembling gradually subsided. Her feet fell back against the bed, and she was no longer pulling me against her. “God! Oh God! If that’s what adultery is, no wonder it’s a sin! God! That felt so wonderful! I couldn’t even hold back my screams!” She gasped. She pulled me down and kissed me passionately.

I had barely managed to keep from ejaculating. Karen knew I hadn’t climaxed, too. “As long as we’re going to be adulterers, I want to feel your seed in my womb. I got caught up in that unbelievable orgasm and forgot that my vagina is stretched out from having kids. Whew! Give me a minute or two to recover, and let’s do that again! This time I’ll remember to squeeze you!”

I recalled Karen saying that Chris was thicker than I was, so perhaps he didn’t need that extra effort from Karen when they made love. Well, I wasn’t in a size contest with him. I was just making love to his wife, and judging from her response, we were doing a good job of it.

I kissed Karen and gently rubbed her breasts. Her sensitive nipples quickly got hard, and when she began to moan, I started moving slowly in and out of her. I could feel her hips move as she deliberately squeezed my penis with her vaginal muscles. Our fucking made a wet slurping sound, audible over our combined grunting and loud breathing. “Don’t hold anything back, Karen! Scream and yell if you feel like it! I will too!” I whispered.

After only a couple of dozen strokes, I stopped. I was nearly there, and I wanted this to last! I stopped, and we kissed. Karen knew exactly what I was doing. She again began squeezing my penis when I resumed my strokes. I stopped again. I kept this up as long as I could, but finally when I stopped I could feel my climax continuing to build just from the sensation of being inside her.

I pumped in and out twice, then pushed myself as hard as I could into Karen. Her familiar cries as she climaxed was replaced by a long yelling scream, “EEEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!” I could feel her entire body shaking under me, and I quickly began to ejaculate. I moaned loudly with each burst, and Karen cried, “AAA!” Over and over.

I very nearly blacked out. I could feel Karen’s fingers digging into my back as her body continued to tremble and shake. Her vagina was squeezing and releasing my penis in spasms. I was surprised to find that I’d bent my back forward, and my face was now on Karen’s chest. I latched onto her right breast and began to suck and lick her nipple.

As I did so, Karen’s hips rose from the bed. She arched her back, slamming her pussy against my groin. I heard her usual little cry of climax several times. As her cries stopped, she collapsed back onto the bed. I kissed and cuddled her as she continued to tremble. We were both covered with sweat.

Several minutes later Karen pulled her breast away from my mouth. I continued to kiss her face and neck as she spoke. “And I thought the first one was spectacular! God! I’ve never . . . ” She was silent for several seconds, then she giggled. “When I describe this adulterous lovemaking in confession, I wonder how the priest will react? When I tell him how my body responded and how I yelled . . .” She giggled again.

“Karen, I don’t want to cause you problems with your marriage or with your faith! I just couldn’t . . .”

“Oh shush! I don’t feel guilty, and that’s really going to upset the priest! I think God helped us to survive by having us do finger sex when we were trapped, and I think He understands that we needed to do this, too. I’m only going to feel guilty if our spouses find out and other people get hurt.”

We held each other for several minutes, kissing and cuddling. I was soft but still inside Karen. She suddenly giggled. “Isn’t this a standard clich‚? The secretary and the boss check into a hotel and have an affair?”

“I think we did it backwards, Karen. Usually the secretary and the boss have an affair, one of their spouses finds out, and THEN a building falls on them!” We both laughed, and I felt myself slip out of her vagina.

“I guess we’d better get cleaned up. I’m leaking all kinds of stuff. Can you grab us a couple of towels to wipe up the mess we made?” Karen asked.

“Why don’t we just recycle everything?” I asked.

Karen stared at me. “Recycle? You surely don’t mean . . .” I nodded. “You DO!” She said. “Chris tried to get me to do that to him, but I was brought up to think that it was dirty! How could I? . . .”

“How about I go first?” I volunteered.

Karen looked incredulous. “You mean put your mouth on my . . . down there? You couldn’t! It smells! It would taste terrible! You’re not serious!”

“Karen, when we were trapped, I tasted your pussy every time I sucked water from the tube. I know your taste, and you know mine. We just haven’t tasted both of them together.”

Karen opened and closed her mouth several times as if she were starting to say something, then deciding not to. I leaned down and kissed her nipples. She gave a long sigh. “Well, what the hell! I’ve just become an adulterer. And a really satisfied one! Why not go all the way to debauchery and depravity? Can I change my mind if I can’t stand the taste or smell?” I nodded. “Okay, then. But you go first since you volunteered!”

I kissed Karen, then slowly moved down her body, taking a few minutes to lick and suck her nipples and breasts. I tried to kiss her navel, but she was just too ticklish. Then I headed lower.

Karen was a woman who generated lots of lubrication. The smell of her fresh pussy juice got stronger and stronger as I approached her groin. It was different from Lori’s, but no less appealing!

Karen tilted her head up and watched intently as I kissed her body down to the beginning of her pubic hair, then back and fourth between her thighs. I worked my way up the insides of her thighs beginning at her knees. Several minutes later I stopped and examined the pussy I’d gotten so familiar with several months before.

Her labia were plump, dark red, and swollen. Her sparkling juice covered everything, including her pubic hair. A shiny stream of my cum was dripping slowly out of her slightly open vagina and had formed a pool between her legs. I carefully began to lick and suck on her labia, dragging my tongue up her slit. I scooped up a mound of my cum and lots of her juice in the process.

I moved back up Karen’s body and I opened my mouth, showing her the cum and juice all over my tongue and lips. She looked apprehensive. “How can you . . . Doesn’t it taste like . . . a toilet? That’s your seed on your tongue! Doesn’t it make you sick to . . . have it in your mouth?”

I swallowed only enough so that I could talk, but kept a pool of cum and juice in the front of my mouth, under my tongue. “I love the taste, Karen! It doesn’t make me sick! It turns me on! Look! I’m getting hard!”

Karen looked down her body and saw my shiny penis slowly becoming erect once again. She shook her head in amazement. “I’ve always thought . . . Does it taste like it smells? It doesn’t smell as bad as I thought it would!”

“It tastes sort of like it smells, but I’ll let you decide if you’re willing.”

I leaned forward and moved my mouth closer to Karen’s. When she didn’t pull away, I began to kiss her lips. She pulled back suddenly and licked her lips. She nodded, and I kissed her again. This time she opened her mouth. Her tongue entered my mouth and touched the cum on my tongue. She jerked her tongue away, then put it back against mine.

I slowly pushed my tongue into Karen’s mouth, and the pool of our combined fluids began to flow into her mouth. She moved her tongue and lips around, examining the taste and texture. Suddenly she giggled and pulled her mouth away from mine.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this! I think I like the taste! And your seed is slippery and fun to move around on my tongue! Wait ’til I tell THIS to the priest!” She kissed me really hard, and giggled again.

I said, “I’ve got to finish cleaning you up. Then it will be your turn. At least you’ve sampled the taste already!”

I moved back down to Karen’s pussy and I began to lap up everything I could find. I sucked our juices out of her pubic hair. I licked and sucked on her labia. Then I began to run my tongue up and down her slit. I could feel her arousal beginning once again.

After several minutes, I moved my tongue in and out of Karen’s vagina, and she began to move her hips so that I was pressing harder against her. Then I moved up and sucked on her clitoral hood. Karen let out a yelp, “EEEOW!”

“Did that hurt?”

“NO! Oh God, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! I’ve never . . . It feels so good . . . “

I began to really make oral love to Karen, and she was soon grunting and moaning with every movement of my lips and tongue. Her vagina opened and closed several times, causing more of my cum to spill out of her. I lapped it up, then returned to the area around her clitoris.

Karen was getting so aroused that I knew I didn’t need to stimulate her any additional way. She had laid her head back and was rubbing her breasts with both hands as I licked and kissed her pussy. I had trouble keeping up with the juice flowing out of her. Her vagina began to open and close more frequently, making little wet pops as it did so.

Karen started making her typical pre-orgasmic cries, so I kissed around her clitoris, slowly spiraling in until I was almost touching it. I blew gently on its hood, and Karen made a long, loud moan. Her clitoris came out, red, wet, and hard. I kissed it and sucked.

Karen clamped her legs around my head and shrieked. “EEEEEEEEEE!” I could feel her entire abdomen trembling against my mouth. I synchronized my sucking with her tremors, and Karen’s hips rose off the bed. I pressed my tongue against her clitoris, and she shrieked again, “EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!”

I had to grab her legs to keep from being thrown off the bed. Karen’s entire body was enveloped in her climax, and I could see tremors moving up her body from her groin to her neck. She was pinching and squeezing her own nipples as she shook. I gently rubbed my tongue back and forth across her clitoris, maintaining Karen at a peak as long as I could.

All at once she shoved my head away from her crotch. “ENOUGH! I can’t take any more! AAAAAAH! OH GOD!” She trembled again. I watched as her orgasm slowly weakened. Pussy juice was flowing copiously out of her vagina, soaking the bed beneath her.

As Karen’s cries diminished, she pulled me up her body and held me full-length against her. Finally she kissed me, smearing her own pussy juice all over her own face. She giggled and I knew her orgasm was done. “Did I almost drown you?” She asked, then giggled again. “Your face is covered with my . . . secretions!”

She clung to me and talked between kisses. “I had no idea! Chris wanted to do that but I wouldn’t let him! Wasn’t I a ninny! Wow! From now on . . .”

“Don’t forget you still have to clean me up!” I said.

“I haven’t forgotten, but you’ll have to teach me what to do. I wouldn’t let Chris . . . Oh hell, I’ve been so damned prudish! All those wasted years!” Karen sat up and looked down at my full erection. “What do you want me to do?”

With a modicum of instruction and suggestions from me, Karen was soon licking, sucking, and kissing my sticky genitals. She sucked lovingly on my hairy balls. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft. She tried to suck the cum out of the head of my penis. I was soon grunting and groaning.

Karen got a wicked grin on her face, and she suddenly began to take my penis into her mouth. She was sucking really hard, and when I hit the back of her throat, I shot my wad. She was surprised by the sudden mound of cum in her throat.

Karen choked and pulled her head back. She swallowed just as several ropes of cum struck her cheeks, nose, and chin. I almost laughed at the expression on her face.

I reached down with my fingers and pushed my cum onto Karen’s lips, and she grinned and used her tongue to play with it in her mouth. When she finally swallowed, a good portion of her face was shiny with cum stains. She looked wonderful!

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