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It all began quite innocently. My husband and I heard of a little known, by invitation only, club where after 2 a.m. apparently anything and everything goes. The club is located in the mountains, in Nevada, almost on the California border between Reno and Lake Tahoe.

I’m sorry. I am getting a little ahead of the story. My name is Rhonda and my husband is Lee we are in our mid-thirties and have been married 12 years. You need to understand a little about my past to understand the story that follows. First, due to a birth defect, I am unable to conceive. The defect was detected when I was thirteen and having that safety factor, I became sexually active at the age of sixteen. I was careful and never had unprotected sex. And yes, I enjoyed sex, and still do.

Lee knew that I was not a candidate for being a virgin bride before we married, but we loved each other and my past didn’t bother him. We enjoy great sex and we spice it up from time-to-time by attending strip clubs and bringing home adult videos. I have been faithful to him since we married but I will admit to a couple of sexual encounters shortly after we were engaged.

One thing more, ever since my dad took me for a ride on the Matter-horn at Disneyland when I was just big enough to ride, I have always loved riding roller coasters. A good roller coaster has always represented the epitome of excitement and thrills to me. However, I do not depend on roller coasters for all of my excitement and since my first sexual encounter; I found that sex gives me a different but equal thrill and excitement to that of a roller coaster. Also, there is another parallel: I don’t have to have either on a regular or sustained basis but I won’t pass up an opportunity when it is provided.

We are both tall, Lee is 6′ 2″ and I am 5′ 11″ and we are both excellent physical specimens. I have to admit that I turn heads, almost no matter what I wear, and I enjoy it. Lee loves to show me off but he becomes very jealous when he thinks things have gone too far or that things are getting a little out of hand.

The story began when Lee came home one night telling about this club in Nevada. One of his buddies and his wife along with two other friends had been there last weekend and had filled Lee’s head with wild stories about the club. It sounded quite exotic and I questioned him in detail about it. After he had told all that he knew he asked if I would like to try it. I had to admit it sounded exciting, but I had serious reservations about it. I didn’t express my feelings though and told him if he wanted to try it once, I would be willing go along with it.

Early the next week Lee came home and told me we had reservations in Reno for the weekend and he had instructions for getting to the club and an invitation. I could tell that he was excited about the adventure. I still had serious reservations and now I made them know to him. My chief concern was that the activities sounded very much like a very big, controlled, or maybe uncontrolled orgy. I didn’t know if I could handle that.

As I mentioned, I have been faithful to Lee since the day we married and I have no reason to suspect that he has not been faithful to me. Yes, we have played around with other couples and friends but it had never gone beyond a grope and sometimes some rather serious foreplay. But that is where it always ended. Our sex after the play sessions has always been extra hot and wild. Returning to the roller coaster analogy again; when I go to a park with a good roller coaster, I don’t want to leave. With sex, when I get fired up, I don’t want to quit. Lee has had to turn me off at more than one party where things were getting wild. He was always a gentleman but he removed me from the heat when necessary.

What I could determine from Lee’s descriptions sounded like activities at the club went well beyond watching, feeling, and groping. I was assured of my feelings when I found out that we would both have to have a medical check-up and carry the papers attesting to our being free from disease. I protested but Lee cajoled me into getting the check-up.

We live in Vacaville, CA so the drive on Friday afternoon to Reno wasn’t bad. We checked in to our hotel and had supper. Back in the room, Lee made a couple of phone calls. He got off the phone and came to me with a broad grin on his face and told me we were all set for the club and that we should get a little nap before we headed out. There was no sense in arriving until after midnight.

We lay down to take a nap and Lee started to play around. I told him to save it for after our return from the club. We arose and dressed about 11:30. Lee had me bring some of my sexy outfits. I put on a garter belt and hose, an almost transparent thong and a cocktail dress with a hem that came down just below the band on the stockings. The dress was cut deep on the front and back, not allowing a bra to be worn with it. My hair comes down to the middle of my back and I wore it simply brushed back.

I could tell by Lee’s looks that he approved He is very funny because as I noted before, He loves to show me off, he loves to see me play around, and yet he has a jealous streak that runs from top to bottom and becomes very apparent if he feels I am going too far or that a male is taking advantage.

We arrived at the club just before one. It was very secluded, yet perched on a hill top from which you could see a little of Lake Tahoe in the distance. Upon entering there was no apparent difference from other strip clubs we had visited except that we had to go through a rather extensive check-in process. Getting checked in seemed to go on and on and just as I had decided that I really didn’t want to do this and was about to ask Lee to leave, our processing was completed and we went in. Lee assured me that it would not be like this in the future. I told him that I wasn’t sure there would be a future.

As we found a table, there was a gorgeous red-head on stage doing her number. I have to admit, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect body and her dance was hot. When we came in she had already removed all of her costume and was dry humping the pole.

I hadn’t mentioned it before, but we are light, social drinkers. A glass of wine with dinner and/or an after dinner cocktail is about the extent of our consumption. But, I must add, with only that much alcohol, I get very warm and mellow, and in the right atmosphere, downright hot. We found that we have more fun being conscious of what is going on. We ordered non-alcoholic drinks to start with and watched the shows which were good but nothing that we hadn’t seen before.

At 2 a.m. the place became rather quiet as the announcer called, “Ladies and Gentlemen, how about a big welcome for your friend Stephanie.” She appeared in a rather nice looking business suit and heels. She danced a few minutes and then removed her jacket. She was wearing a sheer blouse and no bra. Her breasts were exquisite — perfect size and shape. In a few moments the announcer called, “Stephanie meet your partner, Roger.” He came out in a business suit and took the dancer by the hand and led her to a set looking like a bedroom. Over the next few minutes she extracted his very adequate cock and began to suck it right on stage. Then he moved her to the edge of the bed, where she lay on her back. He lifted her skirt, removed her panties and began to eat her pussy.

This is the first time I had seen a sex act, live, and on stage. The show was enhanced by the use of a TV camera with a very good telephoto lens that fed into four big screen monitors placed strategically in the club. No matter where you were, you could catch all of the action and hear the live sound. Well, almost everywhere, there were no screens in the rest rooms. As the two moved into the missionary position and he started to slip his cock into her, I reached over and felt Lee’s cock. He was really enjoying the show and I was too since I was aware of considerable wetness forming between my legs. The couple on the stage finished their act with her taking his full load in her mouth and swallowing it.

The announcer stated that the next show would be in forty minutes. He also announced that there were two open spots and anyone interested should sign up at the office right away. Only the stage lights were on during the sex act and now the house lights came up slightly. There was enough light to see your way around without stumbling over tables and chairs but that is about all. A small combo took the stage and couples began to dance. Lee and I just watched as our eyes adjusted. We became aware that many couples were trading partners and that there was more than dancing taking place on the dance floor.

We could see that hands were very active, but nothing outrageous was happening. A nice looking gentleman came over and asked me to dance. I thanked him but declined. In fact several men approached me and I turned them all down.

The second show featured Leslie, a beautiful brunette and Trent, a very muscular black stud. They both came on stage wearing silk robes which they discarded as soon as they got together. I was a little disappointed. I had always heard that black men were hung with pussy ripping cocks. Trent’s was big, but nothing outrageous. They skipped the foreplay and their show was extra hot. I believe they used every position that there is. What made it so hot was that you could see that they were both totally enjoying themselves, or else they were doing a superb job of acting. I even fantasized about being the dancer receiving that straight black cock. I knew Lee was thoroughly entranced with the brunette, she was gorgeous. I must admit I was really entranced with Trent. Although his cock was not of the ‘can you top this’ category, for some reason the shape, girth, and length looked really sexy to me and I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like. As this thought entered my head, my opinion of the place started to soften.

After the show Lee asked if I wanted to dance. I told him yes, and with a chuckle I added, “That is if I will be able to get close to you.” He countered by telling me I could probably just slip on to him. Almost all of the songs were slow dance songs and we danced tightly for a couple songs. A nice looking couple danced next to us and asked if we would like to trade partners for the next dance. Lee looked at me and I shrugged. One dance couldn’t be all that devastating. So we traded.

His name was Charlie and he wanted to know if this was our first time here. I told him it was and found out that he and his wife lived at Lake Tahoe and came quite regularly. I decided to plunge right in and I asked him if all the things I had heard about the club were true. He laughed and said he didn’t know what I had heard but that they probably were true. He went on to say that things were just getting ready to warm up. His answer gave me pause for thought and I didn’t know if I was ready for more than I had already seen, or at least thought I had seen.

During the dance I asked him what the announcer was talking about when he said “positions were open?” Charlie told me it had nothing to do with new comers and that if I returned in the future, I would understand. Then he changed the subject and I shortly forgot about it.

As we danced, Charlie pulled me closer and I could feel that he was packing a good sized piece of meat in his trousers. I would pull away and he would slowly work me back to him. During our dance his hand would brush against my breast at the exposed flesh provided by my plunging neckline. The dance ended and he asked for another. I glanced over at Lee and he just smiled. I was a little disturbed but on the other hand I was getting a little excited in anticipation of where things would go at the club and what things would be like when we returned to the hotel.

By the end of the second dance I knew for sure that Charlie was well hung. On one occasion when he had swung me out, on my way back, my hand brushed his crotch. I know he had figured out that my breast were ample and not sagging. In addition, I could see that Charlie’s wife, Cindy, was definitely not a shrinking violet.

When the dance ended, Lee and I were together again. Lee said that apparently we both got checked out pretty well. I agreed. Lee smiled and said Cindy seemed to be 100% real. I smiled and said, “So did Charlie.” I could tell that that did not sit well with Lee but I didn’t try to say more.

We danced a couple of more dances before the next show and, looking around; I could see things were heating up among various couples. I was getting turned on and at the same time I was becoming apprehensive. I mentioned my feelings to Lee and he said let’s just stay through the next show, then a couple of dances, and then leave. I agreed.

The next show was mostly oral between a buxom blond and a very muscular and well hung stud that seemed to have a lot of Asian blood in him. Of the three shows, this seemed the hottest to me and I was ready to get Lee in the sack and ravage him. During the show I glanced around the club several times and there was no doubt that there were penetrations occurring. I was truly getting fully turned on; no I was hot and on fire. I was ready for Lee to ram his cock into me as hard and as far as he could reach.

After the show I danced with a cute younger man and then with Lee. I suggested to him that we should leave after the dance and he hesitated some, but agreed. Just as the song ended and we started from the floor, Charlie came up and asked for another dance. I told him we had had a night and were on out way out. He pleaded for just one more dance and Lee told me go ahead, but just one.

Charlie danced me into a part of the club where there was practically no light. He pulled me close and slid a hand into my dress and started to rub my nipple. I told him that I wasn’t ready to play right now and reached to stop him. He took my hand and moved it down to his crotch where I encountered his naked manhood standing straight out. As I had judged earlier, it was big. In the past, when playing around, I had felt several cocks, but they were all still inside their owner’s pants. This was a new sensation and I must say it was not unpleasant. I could feel my resistance starting to dissolve.

We stood fondling each other for a minute or two and I could feel my wetness really start to build. About then he removed his hand from my breast and reached for the hem of my skirt. That snapped me back to reality. I knew this had gone far enough and let go of his cock and pushed him away and told him again that I wasn’t ready to play. He started to move toward me when Lee stepped up and asked Charlie if he was hard of hearing? Charlie backed off and I don’t know if Lee could see him tucking his cock back into his pants. I don’t believe he did because I feel that if he had seen his cock out he would have decked him on the spot. We left the club about four. On the drive back I told Lee that he had better not be too tired when we got to the hotel. I was recalling the activities and my horns were growing. The episode with Charlie and his cock were definitely a turn on and I wondered what would have happened if it had happened earlier when he might have had more opportunities. Yes, I even wondered what it would be like to have him in me. Lee couldn’t see it but I had my right hand inside my thong most of the way home. Naughty thoughts were dancing in my head, and now I really didn’t want to leave the roller coaster behind.

Once in the hotel room I don’t know who attacked who but we were both on fire. I don’t remember when the last time was that I wanted him in me so badly. We almost ripped our clothes off and Lee buried his cock in me.

As he entered me I couldn’t help but think what it would be like to be getting Trent’s or Charlie’s cock in me right then. Lee didn’t last but a few minutes before he exploded. He knew that I hadn’t been satisfied and he buried his face in my pussy, something he doesn’t do very often after he has pumped me full. His lustful attack, my thoughts about the evening, and the vision of strange cocks worked together and it wasn’t long before I came in his face.

When we had satisfied our lust, we talked about the experience. We both agreed that the experience was one to remember and extremely erotic. Towards the end of the conversation Lee asked if I would like to go back. I told him the thought was exciting but that I was afraid that maybe I wouldn’t be able to control myself and things might get out hand. I told him honestly that I had really been turned on and then I told him about Charlie’s cock.

Lee didn’t get mad, as I had expected, but said he had suspected something was going on. Then he asked me if he hadn’t arrived when he did, would I have let things go further. I told him that I was trying to disengaging when he arrived and that I was truly ready to leave at that time. The excitement, new experience, and not being used to being up until four or five in the morning had made me tired. But, then I told him that, in all honesty, I didn’t know if I could have resisted if Charlie had made multiple advances earlier.

I was honest and told him that Charlie’s cock had been very intriguing and that I had wondered what it would be like to take him. I didn’t say anything more about Trent. I reminded him that I had quite an extensive sex life before we were married and that tonight had reminded me of some of my past. I finished by telling him that between the shows, seeing couples engaged in every imaginable sexual activity, and Charlie’s advances, I had gotten very hot and I truly didn’t know what my limit would be.

I then asked Lee how he felt about the night. I was surprised when he said it was very exciting but he felt he was in control at all times. I point blank asked if he had any exciting encounters. He said not really with the exception of having danced with the stripper from the second show. He sighed, “She was really put together but that he hadn’t been allowed to get his hands on much of her.”

I thought for a minute and then asked, “What about Cindy? Wasn’t she exciting?”

He almost started to splutter and I knew from the way that he acted that she had been a turn-on. I didn’t press the issue and with a big smile I said, “Sweet dreams honey. Don’t wake me too soon.”

We slept until mid-afternoon and then we had a fantastic romp in the sack. We toured some of the casinos and watched the players. I dropped about $25 in the slots and that was it. We made reservation for one of the dinner shows at the hotel and had a great evening. After the show Lee asked if I wanted to go back to the club. I could tell he wanted to go but I was still quite concerned with what might or could happen if we went back. I told him that I had explained my feelings about the club and reiterated my reactions. Therefore, it was his call whether we went or not. If he decided to go, I would go with him.

I could see that Lee was torn but I decided to let him wrestle with it. He finally sighed and said, “Honey, last night was pretty intense and you have told me you are unsure about it. “Let’s pass for tonight and maybe we can do it again some other time.

We had a good time for the rest of our stay in Reno and went home on Sunday afternoon. All the way home I was trying to classify our experience as a good or bad roller coaster ride. I quickly acknowledged that it was a terrific roller coaster. But then a new question came to mind: ‘If the opportunity came again, is it a roller coaster I would like to ride again?’ Deep inside I heard myself answer, ‘You bet your sweet ass I would.’ But would I?

We recalled our club adventure several times over the following weeks. I must admit that every time we discussed the club, I could feel stirrings between my legs. A couple of months later, during one of the discussion, Lee asked if I would like to go back. I reaffirmed my previous feelings and told him they had not changed at all. Again, I could tell he wanted to go back and again I told him it would have to be his decision; that I would go along with him but he needed to be ready to accept any consequences.

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