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We headed for the club and by the time we got there I was riding my emotional roller coaster. On the “up” side I was anticipating what the night promised. On the “down” side I was feeling very guilty knowing that whatever I did was not in keeping with what I knew Lee really would have liked. I finally consoled myself with the fact that Lee, for all practical purposes, had given me his blessings. Never-the-less, I resolved to try and stay with Lee as much as possible and not to get involved with anyone tonight.

When we went in, Ray led us to our table and we all sat through the show that was in progress. I was shocked when the show ended and Lee got up and told us to enjoy ourselves that it was playtime and he was looking for something strange. That hit me in the pit of my stomach again. Was he going out looking for a chance to get laid? Well, two can play the game and I guess he had decided to join in. I still didn’t like it. I just haven’t been able to put this new personality in its right place. But, how can I expect Lee to sit idly by while I engage in wild forbidden sex? Obviously I can’t.

One of the things that had hurt is that last night I had carried the suspicion that the reason Lee didn’t want to leave early was because he was on a mission of his own; that he wanted to get it on with that dancer. Obviously I was wrong. He just hadn’t understood what was happening in me and thought everything would be just fine. Maybe if I had known there were no ulterior motives on his part I would or could have controlled myself better or been more forceful in letting him know what I was feeling. I thought I had done all I could, but it’s water under the bridge now.

Lee had hardly disappeared from my view when I heard a familiar voice, it was Walter. He stepped up, smiled, and asked if I would like to join him for another manager’s special. I kissed him on the cheek and told him not yet. He chuckled and said it was available any time but that is not why he had come over. Then he asked if I would come to his office immediately after the next show. I asked what for and he told me not to worry but he had a special request he would like to talk to me about. I agreed to be there.

I looked for Charlie but couldn’t find him I was somewhat disappointed that he apparently hadn’t come tonight. A very attractive male specimen asked me to dance and I accepted. As we danced I determined that all he was after was a pussy and he was very immature in his conversation. I was glad when the dance ended.

Next Ray came to me and we danced. Ray didn’t take long to exploit my dress by unbuttoning the top two buttons and massaging my tits through the thin fabric of my bra. I was beginning to get in the mood when the music stopped and the next show was announced. My eyes lit up when “Our buxom Marsha” and “Favorite Stud Charlie” were announced. Sure enough, it was Charlie and he put on a real show with Marsha who sported a pair of large, beautiful, non-sagging tits that defied gravity. After the show I wanted to find Charlie but remembered I had promised to see Walter.

I went to the office and Walter greeted me with a kiss and a little slip of the tongue. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Walter told me he didn’t want to waste my time sitting in an office when I could be out enjoying myself. He started to explain the entertainment and I told him I had been informed that it was all volunteer. He didn’t go further with the explanation and got to the point. He said, “I told you I had a special request. However the request is really from another member. Do you remember Trent?

I thought for a moment and then connected the name with the good looking black stud. I responded that I certainly did remember Trent.

Walter then continued, “He saw the ‘manager’s special’ on the dance floor last night and was impressed with you. He asked me to ask you if you would consider doing the 3 a.m. show with him tonight. The partner he had signed up with was sick and wouldn’t be there.”

I was flabbergasted, I couldn’t breathe and I had to sit down. Walter told me there was no pressure and it was strictly up to me. I started to breathe again and a myriad thoughts and feelings coursed through my mind and body. I knew the 3 a.m. show was one of the premier shows of the night. Could I perform on stage? If I did, what would it do to Lee? Could this be the straw that breaks up our marriage? These questions and many more were seeking answers and at the same time.

In reality, I could hardly contain my desire to do the show. I just didn’t know what to say. Finally I asked how soon I had to decide. Walter told me I had until the beginning of the next show (45 minutes). I told him I would let him know, and started to leave. Then I stopped and asked if I could meet Trent.

Walter got Trent to the office in a just a few minutes and introduced us. Not only was Trent a fantastic physical specimen, he was also a perfect gentleman. I told him I had never performed before and didn’t know if I should. He assured me that after what he saw last night, I was a natural.

I asked if he could layout a script and tell me specifically what we would do. He described the show he had envisioned. It included foreplay, oral and possibly anal sex. It sounded exciting but I informed him that I didn’t do anal. He was alright with that. We parted and I had approximately 30 minutes to make my decision.

I went looking for Lee. I knew that I must talk to him first. After 15 minutes of searching and asking about Lee I was getting frustrated. Inside I wanted to have the experience. But, I needed to prepare Lee and if necessary turn the offer down.

Just as I was about to give up and tell Walter that I couldn’t, Ray came to me and told me where to find Lee. I went where Ray indicated and was greeted with a sight I was totally unprepared for. Lee and Leslie (the brunette who performed with Trent last night) were heavily involved. She was stroking his cock and he had his face buried in her boobs and his finger in her pussy. There was no doubt where this was going. At first I was appalled and hurt. Then I asked myself again if I was expecting him to stand by while I did my thing? Obviously I couldn’t ask that, but it did hurt to actually see my Lee involved with another woman. And now I knew why Lee said he couldn’t watch.

My first impulse was to walk in on them and break up the foreplay. Then I thought that I couldn’t interfere if I was going to continue with my playing around. With that, I took one more longing look at my husband and walked away. I then reasoned that if Lee was joining in that he wouldn’t stop me from doing the show. I went to Walter’s office and since he wasn’t in the office, I left a note that I would do the show. Returning to our table, Walter found me a few minutes later.

He told me to be back stage at 2:45.

Yvonne heard him and asked if I was going on-stage? I blushed and acknowledged that I was. She asked when and I told her at three. She said, “Wow, you have gotten to celebrity status in a hurry.”

I blushed and told her, not really, I was just a substitute.

She laughed and chimed out, “Yeah, Right. Who are you “substituting for?”

I told her I didn’t know.

So, she asked, “Well then who are you substituting with?”

I told her I would be with Trent.

She exclaimed, “Wow! Not only are you in the celebrity spot, you are with the stud that most women in this hall would give both tits to have at him. Who in the hell do you know around here?”

I said, “I really don’t know anyone here. I just met Walter last night.”

She said, “Yeah, I know. I think that I had better get to know Walter better.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek as she got up to leave and said, “Lucky you; have a good time.”

Before she left I asked her to let Lee know what was going on. I didn’t want him surprised or caught where he had to watch.

I was sitting at the table, engrossed in my own thoughts, when Charlie sat down next to me. He too now knew of my decision and was impressed. He then leaned over and asked me if I wouldn’t like him help me warm up like any good athlete before an event. I couldn’t help but laugh at his analogy. But, yes, I’d love to have a warm up. At this time I couldn’t say no to anything.

The next show started and I felt Charlie’s hands and lips go to work on my tits. After a moment he stopped and told me that my dress excited him but that its effect was lost with the undergarment. I allowed him to help me remove my bra and panties. Now things started to get hot, almost rivaling what was happening on the stage.

When the show ended and the lights came up, Charlie had his head buried between my legs and I was giving him a hand job. I stopped Charlie at this point telling him I wanted to be warmed up, not used up for the show. He smiled and said, “Ok, but I expect you to save a dance for me. I knew what he meant and told him his name was now on my dance card.

I danced with a couple of men while waiting for time to go back stage and hoping Lee would return. Of course, at this time I am wearing my sheer dress, stockings and heels only. I could just as well have had nothing on but I found it exciting. This really was a new me.

Just as I got up to go, Lee returned with something between a smirk and an embarrassed expression on his face. He took one look at me and said, “You look fantastic, had any takers yet? I blushed and said “Not yet but it’s coming next.” There was no time to explain or prime Lee and I just told him to ask Yvonne. I gave him a quick little tongue massage as I passed him and hurried to the stage entrance.

When I got to the dressing room, Trent was there. He took one look at me and told me I didn’t need to change, that what I was wearing was absolutely great. We talked for a while about how we would perform and then the announcer’s voice boomed out. “Club fans, we have one of those not to frequent occasions tonight. Our favorite hunk, Trent, has a new partner tonight. Let’s hear it for Trent and his partner, new member, Rhonda.” I immediately got butterflies in my stomach, but there was no turning back now.

I entered the stage through the door in the back of the set and was followed by Trent. He walked me around the perimeter of the stage so that all of the audience had a good look. Fortunately the lights on the stage prohibited me from seeing anyone except for a few of the faces closest to the stage. I looked out to see what Lee was doing. After the initial look, I didn’t try to look again because I was otherwise occupied. Trent, wearing only a pair of trousers wrapped his arms around me from behind and started to unbutton the remaining buttons on my dress as he nuzzled my ear.

With my dress removed, he picked me up and put me on the bed, removed his trousers and crawled over me with his cock pointing down. In a moment we were fully engaged in a sixty-nine position. I worked to get my mouth around his organ; it was bigger in girth than I was used to. His tongue worked me into a frenzy and I had an orgasm after just a few minutes.

Trent rolled off and lay on his back. I took a position over him and slowly lowered my wet pussy onto his now vertical cock. It took several tries to get the head of his cock in me and it hurt a little. Suddenly the head popped in and I was able to settle all the way down. It took a while to take in all the incredible feelings I was experiencing. I leaned down and kissed him and then he rolled us over into the missionary position. I have never been fucked like what I was getting at this time. The feel was totally different than anything I had experienced with Lee; in fact, it was different than anything I had experienced before, period. I had two more orgasms and I didn’t want him to cum because I didn’t want it to stop. Suddenly he said, “I’m ready, you want it in or out?”

I replied, “Let’s make it a cream pie.” I hardly got the words out before I felt him start pumping it into me. I had one big bone rattling climax as he filled me. I knew I had to get up, but I sure didn’t want to. I had just had a fucking like I had never had before. Don’t ask me what it was, but I knew that I wanted more any time I could get it. It definitely wasn’t love, but it definitely was a level of sex that deserved being repeated.

When we finished, I went to the dressing room to douche and clean up. Then I hurried back to our table. Ray jumped up gave me a kiss and a hand brush across my pussy as he told me that I was fantastic and wanted to know if we could take a few minutes and make his hard-on go away.

I laughed and told him “Down Boy.” I was bothered because Lee was not there. Yvonne told me he had gone out, that he couldn’t stand to watch. By now, there were several men gathering around our table. They were offering congratulations, but I knew why they were there and I found it to be kind of exciting. I asked Yvonne if she knew where Lee had gone and she indicated that he might have gone out to the car.

I started to go out to the parking lot and then remembered that I was almost naked. I went to the restroom and put my bra and panties back on and then headed for the parking lot. He wasn’t in the car and I really began to get worried. After looking around outside, I went back inside.

Just after I got in the door I heard “Hi, honey. Are you ok? I hear you put on one hell of a show.” It was Lee.

I practically jumped into his arms as I tried to wipe the tears of joy away. I asked where he had been and he told me he had lost his supper in the restroom. I hugged him tightly and told him how much I loved him.

After a moment he asked me if I enjoyed it. I wanted to say no, but that would have been one of the biggest lies I ever told. I told him that it was an experience that I didn’t know could happen.

He asked, what didn’t I know could happen?

I paused and then said, “Lee, I had sex like I have never had before. There was a special chemistry between me and Trent. It definitely wasn’t love, but it was some form of sexual attraction that just lit me off. And before you ask, ‘Yes,’ I’d love to do it again. It was like a new and special super roller coaster.”

It hurts to be honest some times. I knew that what I had just divulged was not going down well with him. But I couldn’t, in fact I didn’t even want to try to deceive him.

He took me by the hand and suggested we sit and talk. We went back to our table and I was relieved to see that Ray and Yvonne were not there. I started to speak and he put his hand up and said, “Honey, I’m beginning to understand what your roller coaster analogy is about. But I’m not all the way there yet, but I’ll keep working. The most important thing is: do you really love me? And if you do, will I still be able to meet your sexual needs?”

I started to cry as I told him again how much I loved him and that yes our sex was beyond words. I just hoped he could understand my roller coaster comparison.

He smiled, told me that he loved me and that he would go to work on liking the roller coaster. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had been playing and that he had mixed emotions as to whether he was happy about it or not.

I indicated that I had seen him and he told me he was sorry. I asked him if he enjoyed it. He said yes, it was sexually great but he still didn’t feel right about it. He went on to explain that last night with Yvonne he thought he was just getting even, but tonight was not about getting even.

I asked, “You feel bad even after what I have done?”

He told me that what I had done had nothing to do with how he felt about what he had done. I was really touched to see that he was concerned about his activities and he was not beating me up for mine. You talk about love, what could be greater? We talked for a short time longer and by this time some of the excitement of the evening was starting to wear off. I asked him if he would like it better if I stayed with him until time to go home. He was about to speak when Charlie stepped up to the table.

Charlie said, “Well, do I get to dance with the star of the evening?”

Lee squeezed my hand and said, “Honey, you don’t need to baby sit with me, go on and have fun like we agreed to before we came.”

Now you want know what makes one pop with love for one’s partner and at the same time be overwhelmed with guilt? Well Lee just did it. I knew what was coming, and so did Lee.

Charlie took me by the hand and helped me get to my feet. Once standing he looked at me and said quietly, I liked your other dress better. I didn’t understand him at first, and then I remembered that I had donned my undergarments before I went out.

I looked at Lee and he said, “Go ahead and have a good time. “Who knows, maybe I’ll shed my underwear too.” Standing there I removed my bra and panties again and Lee took them and put them in his pocket.

I followed Charlie to the dance floor and soon the excitement was coming back. I was getting hot with his hand caressing my pussy and his lips and tongue working mine. As we danced Charlie was intermittently undoing the buttons on my dress. By the time he got to the last button, his cock was out and caressing my lower abdomen. He suggested that we move to a table over in a relatively dark corner and I looked for Lee. He was not at the table and I didn’t see him on the dance floor.

When we got to the table, Charlie pulled a chair out dropped his pant and sat down. He then said, “I wasn’t specific when I asked you to dance, how about a lap dance?”

I straddled his legs and lowered myself onto his hard cock. It was, as before, very adequate. As I pumped up and down, my other me came forward and I found myself fucking Charlie with abandon. By the time he exploded in me, I had forgotten about Lee.

Charlie wanted another dance but I refused him. I wanted to see what else was available. I re-buttoned my dress and returned to our table. Yvonne was there and I asked if she had seen Lee. She said the last she had seen he was dancing with Cindy, Charlie’s wife.

I didn’t sit long before a young man came over and Yvonne introduced him as Gary, one of their club friends. We chatted for a few minutes and then Yvonne suggested that Gary and I hit the dance floor. I was a little reluctant but I went with him. He was a very smooth dancer and after a short while he ventured a kiss. I responded and quickly opened my mouth and accepted his tongue. It didn’t take long before my dress was open again and he had touched every part of my body.

I was happy to note that he was not suffering from small dick syndrome. Shortly he led me to the stage which now was fairly dark and put me on the bed. He quickly shed his shirt and pants climbed over me and sunk his cock into me. When he came to the end, he pulled out and spewed his semen over my breast. He helped me to my feet and I pulled my dress closed over his semen.

Back at the table, Ray was sitting with another woman. He looked at me and quipped that someone had blown their nose on my dress. I gasped and went to the restroom and cleaned up as best I could. I really came quite clean even though my dress had multiple wet spots.

When I came out, I looked at the table and Lee still was not there. I was trying to make up my mind what to do when a hand came to rest on my buttocks. I turned and was looking at Trent.

He told me how he had received many compliments for our performance and that he hoped we could do it again. I let him know that I had really enjoyed it too and that I was being followed by a hungry pack. We sat down at the bar and continued to talk. I could see his eyes were constantly pulled to my bosom and I could also see a tent starting to form.

Totally unlike the real me, I said, “Trent, would you like for the next time to be now? I wouldn’t mind.”

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