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My wife works as a sales rep for a small but innovative furniture manufacturer. Part of her job involves introducing hotel chains to the company’s products. She has been very successful and being beautiful and sexy hasn’t hurt.

Fay is about 5’3″ and has a lush figure. She works out and is not the least bit fat, but at 46, she’s soft in all the right places. For me, it beats the hell out of sex with a stick. I like a soft landing.

Her tits are her best feature, unless you count her sex drive. She loves to be fucked and she enjoys giving sloppy blowjobs too.

Despite all this, she is shy. She usually needs a ring leader, which has been me, to prod her on with direction and lewd suggestions. She really enjoys sex talk, but she’s not gifted in speaking roles.

A while back, she met a buyer, Arturo, for a large hotel chain and he took an immediate liking to her. She enjoyed him as well, being that he was very interested in her product line and helpful in suggesting design changes that would better fit the hotels needs. He flirted with her, and she flirted right back. She’s shy, but confident. Once she warms up, she can dish it out with the best of them.

Her second visit to see Arturo was an overnight trip and he invited her to dinner. She accepted, thinking that they could continue the business conversation and solidify the relationship. Arturo picked her up at her hotel in a cab and they went on to a real gourmet type restaurant.

Dinner included plenty of fine wine and Fay was feeling no pain. Arturo asked about Fay’s family and she told him that her kids were grown up and out of the house. She described me as a fun loving pervert. Needless to say, Arturo was quite intrigued. He asked her if that meant that we enjoyed a close physical relationship. Fay replied that we had a rich fantasy life. She was high and didn’t realize just how much that she was revealing, or that it might seem like an invitation to him.

Arturo proceeded to ask her what her husband’s fantasies were. Fay let it slip that I was constantly saying that I wanted to watch her in action. Arturo asked what kind of action and she told him that I wanted to see her giving head and even getting fucked. She told him that it was just sex talk and that no way would she ever do these things.

At this point, Arturo certainly had a hard on. He was an aggressive guy, and he started asking her very personal questions of a sexual nature, then answering for her before she could extricate herself from his web. He’d ask, does your husband like to eat pussy, and then go on to say that he loved to eat pussy and was very good at it. That he could go on for hours. Fay was starting to get a little squirmy, as she was both excited and a little scared where all this was headed.

Arturo told her that she looked so sexy, that he was dying to see and feel her tits. Without waiting for an answer, he reached over and gently pinched a nipple through Fay’s blouse. She pushed his hand away and said please don’t do that. If you do that again, I’m going to get up and leave. But she didn’t leave.

He went on to tell her that he could tell that she had big nipples and wanted to suck them both at the same time and bite them gently. Fay actually does love having her nipples bitten. She found herself getting wet.

Again Arturo made a move, this time planting his lips on Fay’s mouth and jamming his tongue between her lips. Fay said, we have to call it a night and got up to use the ladies room.

As soon as she was n the privacy of the bathroom, she called me on her cell and told me what was happening. She was a weird combination of upset, angry, and aroused. I calmed her down and told her that everything would be ok and that she was in control. This guy was not going to risk his job if she laid down the law. On the other hand, I told her that if she was enjoying any part of it to follow wherever it lead, do what you like, whether that’s nothing, more erotic chat, or more. She composed herself and said that she was ok, and would call me when she got back to her room.

She went back to the table to find Arturo signing the check and looking a little sheepish. He apologized and told her that he didn’t mean to upset her and she had nothing to fear from him, he just got a little carried away.

They cabbed back to the hotel and he asked her if she was up for a nightcap. Fay declined, got out of the cab and went straight to her room, where she double bolted the door. She wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t try to follow her.

Fay called me to let me know that she was back safely. She was all wound up and said that she was very turned on. She wished that I were there with her so that we could make love. My dick was rock hard as I asked her if she wanted to have phone sex and each masturbate on our side of the line. Fay told me that she needed release, and that without an orgasm there was no way that she would sleep.

As I stroked myself, I asked Fay to feel her pussy. Is it soaking wet? Yes, it is. Would you like to have your nipples sucked and bit? Oh, yes, I would love that. I knew that she was fingering herself because she was making those little sounds that she does when she’s working herself up. Fay, I said, pretend that Arturo is there with you, what would you do? Would you like him to suckle on your tits? Oh, yes, I would, I wish he were here, fingering my wet pussy. I know Arturo would have a very hard cock, would you suck it for him? I would, yes, I would suck him and make him spray cum all over my tits.

Fay was nearing her orgasm and I just shot a stream in an arc over my bed. The next thing I heard was Fay yelling, oh, uh, oh, I’m coming.

After we both relaxed, I told Fay how much I loved her and how much I enjoyed hearing about her encounter. She was quick to tell me that it was just talking and would never be anything more, that loving me meant being faithful. I knew that it wasn’t the right time to explain that faithful meant having an understanding, not having just one sexual partner, but never sneaking around. Faithful is being honest, and caring about each other’s needs and desires.

In the weeks to follow, Fay received several emails from Arturo, apologizing but asking if she was ok with what happened. She answered him that she didn’t want to risk the professional relationship by bringing a sexual element into it, that she liked him and was not upset by what happened.

This served to embolden Arturo who would weave sexual suggestions into their conversation. He begged her to give her husband what he wanted, that he knew just how I felt and would gladly oblige. Fay brushed it off but never actually put her foot down, saying things like, your crazy and who would want an old bag like me. Still, I think she was flattered by the attention.

For weeks, off and on, I would bring up Arturo, pretending I was him while she sucked my dick and telling her lewd, nasty things. Fay went along, occasionally saying, this is just pretend, I really don’t want to do that. I would reassure her that it was just sex talk.

Meanwhile, I found Arturo’s email online and sent him an innocent note introducing myself. I told him that I knew about his dinner with Fay and that I was ok with it. He wrote back that he was excited to get to know me and that he thought Fay was so sexy. We began to have an email exchange to promote our mutual interests. He told me about his wife, his fantasies, and his life. We found that we had a lot in common.

We live in a small town and, as my birthday was approaching, Fay suggested that we go to Chicago to celebrate. It turned out that she had a little business with Arturo, so she could kill two birds with one stone. I readily agreed.

She told Arturo that we were coming for my birthday visit and this got his imagination flowing. He wrote Fay a detailed fantasy about how we three went out to dinner, experienced some flirting, and wound up in our hotel room having a wild threesome. Fay shared it with me saying, see, I told you that he is crazy. There is no way I’m doing this. I said, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you would feel uncomfortable with, but, since it is my birthday, could you just dress a little sexy and maybe flash Arturo a little at dinner. She didn’t say yes, but…

Arturo and I had a field day in our correspondence, speculating on what could happen/would happen, and what we could do to increase the chances.

When we met I found Arturo warm and friendly, easy to be around and very friendly and agreeable. We all had a drink together and got along great. After drinking and talking for a while we moved on to dinner. It was a small, quiet, and somewhat dark little restaurant and we had a comfortable table. We had great food and wine. I excused myself to go to the head. When I got back, Arturo went. Fay told me that while I was gone, Arturo laid out his plan to surprise me fo my birthday. She told him no way is that going to happen.

Poor Arturo was a subdued after that, almost pouting. Fay took her turn going to the little girl’s room and Arturo confessed that he tried but that Fay wasn’t having any part of it. I reminded him that Rome was not built in a day and to be patient.

Fay returned, we went back to the hotel, and Arturo invited us for a drink. Fay said that she had to call it a night and I told Arturo that I would go up with her and that if I didn’t return in half an hour, I was not coming down that evening.

As soon as Fay and I reached the room, I stripped her to her erotic underwear and began fondling he tits. I started asking her if I could call Arturo and have him come up and see her. She was saying, is that what you want? I told her I did, and pushed her down on her knees and stuck my cock in her mouth. I told her that I wanted to watch her suck Arturo’s dick. I reached down while she sucked me and squeezed her nipples, asking her to do it. She said she couldn’t.

I pushed her back on the bed and felt her pussy. It has never been that wet before or after. I told her that her pussy was saying yes, and fingered her cunt while she moaned. I kept up the theme, I’m calling Arturo and inviting him up here. You are going to do exactly what I say. You are going to fuck and suck him.

Fay moaned and I slid my cock all the way in, in one motion. Come on Fay, you can suck Arturo’s cock while I fuck your dripping cunt. Fays head started moving back and forth as she said, yes, yes, I want to suck his cock, I want Arturo to fuck me and I want you to watch.

I’d like to report that that is what happened next, but it didn’t. Instead, I dumped a half pint of pearly jizz into the wettest pussy on the planet. My birthday needs were satisfied and I lost the patience to push thing further that night. More followed.

So, none the worse for wear but somewhat let down, we returned home, back to the sticks. We talked about what happened, what didn’t happen, and what could happen. Fay told me that even though Arturo’s talk was sexy and arousing, she just couldn’t feature him as a lover. I explained that his role was to be a player in our movie, a prop, even a tool. I continued to communicate with Arturo and he continued to flirt with her in their business communications.

An opportunity came up for Fay to meet an important executive at Arturo’s company who could bring some new, much needed business to Fay’s company. Orders were way off and Fay’s job was looking a little shaky. I’ve suffered a huge drop in my bonus income and my base wasn’t enough for us to live on.

Fay would be traveling back to Chicago and asked that I join her so that we could make it a mini vacation. I thought about it and decided that I couldn’t go. In the back of my mind, I was starting to see that maybe I was the roadblock in Arturo’s way. Fay was disappointed but understood. It was going to be a short trip, but money is tight and the extra airfare would strain the budget. She decided to fly up in the morning and catch a late flight home. If she was too worn out, or work required it, she could spend one night and return the next day.

I saw her small, carryon bag packed and ready to go on our bed and decided to leave her a hint by tucking a sexy, see through bra inside. Even if she didn’t where it, she’d get the hint. I dropped her at the airport and returned home.

I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that something would happen. The prologue had built the foundation. Fay was at ease with Arturo, she knew that he and I got along, and that I wasn’t going to flip out in a jealous fit. Still, she wasn’t drawn to Arturo physically and that might be the deal killer.

Of course, I wrote Arturo and sent him some hot photos. If I couldn’t tilt the equation on Fay’s side, maybe I could build sexual tension on his side. Based on what he had said and wrote, I knew that he needed little encouragement.

After arriving at O’Hare, Fay stopped in a restroom to check her makeup before heading directly to the company’s headquarters. When she rummaged her carry on to find her cosmetics bag, she found the bra. I guess she thought she might need the firepower, so she used a stall to change into the bra. She finished pulling herself together and caught a cab.

She had arrived a bit early and went directly to Arturo’s office. He shut his door, greeted her warmly and told her that things weren’t looking too good. They had just that morning seen the previous quarter’s results and management was anxious to cut costs. Arturo’s budget had been slashed and the executive Fay was to meet was on a short leash as well.

At this point Fay just broke down. She takes the job very seriously, but more important, she knew that this account was carrying her division and her job could be in jeopardy. Arturo came around her desk, gave her some tissues, and a hug. He told her not to worry, they could come up with a plan. As Fay’s sobbing subsided, she realized that Arturo was being very warm and caring, holding her in his strong arms was reassuing, even nice. Something switched in her brain from no go to go.

Fay sat opposite Arturo with their knees touching. Her make up was a mess and her chest was still heaving. Her tight blouse was not lost on Arturo. Look, he said, I can help. But this is business, I have to budget my favors. If I make this happen for you, what are you going to do for me? Fay was really shocked. Despite the flirting, the dirty, sexy talk, she never thought that she would be coerced. She decided to play the cards she had and unbuttoned her blouse. Is this what you want, Arturo? You want to see my breasts? Arturo didn’t speak right away, he reached over and fondled one cup. Oh yeas, he said, this is what I’ve been waiting for. You have the most beautiful areolas, I just knew it.

He started to rub her through her bra, first the left then the right breast. His fingers were gently pinching at her nipples, which began to respond. Fay could feel her panties starting to get moist. OK, Arturo, you’ve had your fun, help me. Arturo slipped his hand into the cups of Fay’s bra and pulled her tits out. The nipples were sticking straight out, obviously hard and excited. OK, Fay, we are almost there, just let me suck on those delectable nipples for a minute, then we will call Bob and I’ll pave the way for your sale. I promise, I can make this happen for you. Just give me a minute.

Fay wasn’t sure what to do. She was torn between maintaining some shred of respectability and giving in to her own building excitement. She was lost in uncharted waters. They both lost track of time.

The phone rang and it broke the spell. It was Bob calling to see if their appointment had been cancelled. Arturo told him that they would be up in a minute, but Bob said that he’d rather meet in Arturo’s office. In what seemed like a flash, there was a knock at the door and Arturo opened it, greeting Bob.

It was obvious that something was going on. There was a faint smell of sex in the air, and Fay had missed a button on her blouse.

Thanks for meeting with me, Mr. Jackson. I think that we can help you refresh the concept of your budget brand, Fay began. Bob eyed Fay and rubbed his chin.

Arturo has told me that you are a miracle worker. Well, we need a miracle to increase sales while our more upscale divisions are taking a beating. What can you show me?

Fay looked at Arturo, who was standing behind where Bob was seated. Bob was facing Fay and couldn’t see Arturo. Arturo pantomimed Fay showing her tits to Bob.

Well, I didn’t bring any sketches with me, Mr. Jackson, I like to get a feel for the job before making specific suggestions.

I understand, and please call me Bob. Well, before we get into specifics, I want you to know that I can only take on one project this quarter. As you know, we are all hurting. Why should we work with you? What can you show me?

Fay was confused. I’m sorry, I have nothing to show…

Of course you do, whispered Arturo. Show Bob your tits.

What? No, no, I can’t do that, I’m a professional.

Arturo cleared his throat and walked over to Fay. Stand up, he said. Fay stood up. Arturo unbuttoned Fay’s blouse and said, Fay, take them out. Fay turned beet red but on some level, she wanted this. All the talk and now was the opportunity to taste the forbidden fruit. She took over her blouse and demurely hung it on a chair and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Bob spoke up. Fay, leave your bra on, please, just pull your tits outside the cups so that we can see them. Fay did what she was told, as she pulled her tits free of the brassier cups.

Arturo, you were absolutely right, those are incredible nipples. With that, Bob stood and squeezed both of Fay’s tits at the same time.

They’re very tasty, too, Bob. Try it. Bob bent over and took first one, then the other nipple between his lips, saliva escaping his mouth and coating her breast. Mmmm, Fay started to moan. Uh, I, uh, no, I, uh, uh, mmmm.

Arturo walked behind Fay, lifted her skirt, and with one motion pulled her panties down. Fay leaned forward into Bob while Arturo fingered Fay’s wet, flowing, pussy. He put one, then two, then three fingers inside her cunt, then he moved away and Bob took his place. Bob’s fingers were longer and more calloused, moving in and out of Fay’s hole.

Bend over the desk Fay, Bob instructed. We’re going to give you a good fucking. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Mmmm, was about all Fay could get out. She was incredibly aroused, her outer lips were engorged with pulsing blood and her nipples felt raw and itchy.

Wait, Arturo asked. I want Fay to suck my cock while you penetrate her from behind. Arturo unzipped his trousers, and sat on the edge of the desk, his dick pointing up at an obscene angle. Fay put one hand on the desk on each side of Arturo, bent down and sucked his bulging dick head into her mouth.

Bob put his hands on Fay’s waist and slowly inserted his long rod into her wet box. He went in a few inches then pulled back, then an inch more, pulling back until Fay was pushing her ass back at him.

Damn, she is one dripping hot piece of ass, Bob croaked. Arturo had his head tilted back and his eyes closed when he started to spew. Fay felt streams of cum splash her tits. She felt slutty and so turned on. At that moment she just wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked.

Bob stopped his rhythmic pumping of Fay and told Arturo to turn Fay around. Fay, I want you on your knees, now. Fay wanted more cock, but she wanted it planted deep in her pussy. She reveled in her whorish behavior and being forced to suck cock and service the two men.

Bob fed Fay his dick, wet with her own juices and Fay grabbed it with both hands, swirling her tongue around Bob’s knob. Fay has always been a talented cocksucker but this was a unique experience, two men, no husband.

Fay felt a throbbing in Bob’s dick and knew what was coming. Bob held Fay’s head in place while he ejaculated into her mouth. The overflow dribbled down her face.

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