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In the ladies room, after finishing my duties, I removed my bra. I started to leave the stall and then stopped. I reached down and removed my thong. Going back to our table, and in plain view of Lee, I dropped my undergarments into my purse. Of course, without the bra my breasts were completely visible to everyone. And to be truthful, I was proud of them.

Lee jumped up and said, “My God Rhonda, you can’t go around dressed like that.”

I told him there were lots of people in the hall that had far less on than I had and then I asked if we were going home soon.

He reiterated that we would leave around five.

Half angrily, “That’s fine. I would see you at five,” and I scurried off without giving him a chance to say anything more. Of course if he really wanted to say something, he could come after me. As I crossed the hall towards Charlie’s table I passed Cindy who commented, “It looks like you are getting into the swing of things,” as she passed.

Charlie saw me coming and came to meet me. He smiled, and as he stared at my tits said, “You are absolutely outstanding.” I felt a rush and stood straighter to push my tits hard against the fabric. He led me to the dance floor and as we began to dance, he quickly began to fondle my breast through the sheer fabric. Then in a matter of moments one hand went up to the middle buttons and unbuttoned them. His bare hand slipped in and cupped my bare breast. The feel of skin on skin was overwhelming and I let out a small moan and thought to myself, “Sorry Lee, you have insisted that we stay. This is like days of my past. It feels good, and I’m going to enjoy myself.”

My moan inspired Charlie to dance us over to one of the darker areas of the club. He pushed me back against the wall, unbuttoned the rest of the blouse, and opening it, he planted his lips on my tit. Again, I let out a moan. The feel of his lips on my nipple sent off fireworks in my head and I wouldn’t have stopped him even if I could. I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his mouth hard against my nipple. Now I had lost it, I knew it, and I didn’t care as old, almost forgotten feelings of lust consumed me.

As I reveled in the feel of his lips on my nipple, I felt his hand slide through the wrap of my skirt and quickly find my pussy that was already wet. As he started to insert a finger he said, “I hoped you would get the message and uncover this delicious feeling pussy.”

While he was fingering me, I reached down, unzipped his fly, and freed his almost completely hard cock. I slipped out of his grasp and went to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I was overcome with the erotic feeling of doing something so naughty and so unlike my normal married self.

Presently he reached down and lifted me to my feet. Then he unwrapped my skirt and went down on his knees. His tongue entered me and I had an orgasm on the spot. He was driving me into a frenzy and I said to him, “Fuck me Charlie. “Please fuck me now.”

In a matter of moments I was laying on a table and Charlie’s cock was buried in my pussy. I wanted to scream in pure lustful pleasure but I withheld it. The naughtiness, the feeling of a strange cock in me, and knowing my husband was just across the hall sent me into a world of ecstasy I had not known since before I was married. I think the only thing that could have topped the experience would have been to have Lee watching.

Charlie didn’t last long before he deposited a large load of his seed in me. The pulsing of his cock and the warm feeling of his cum filling my pussy were unbelievable. When we finished, I knew I had crossed the line but I didn’t feel bad about it. I had just moved into, or maybe it was more like returned, to another or renewed level of sexuality. I knew I had over an hour left and I wasn’t going to waste my time sitting around.

I went back to our table and Lee was on the dance floor with Yvonne. I could tell that they were checking each other out again. I waited until they returned to the table and smiled up at him. He asked if I was enjoying myself and I told him I certainly was. He asked where I had been, that he had missed me. I told him flippantly that I had just been playing naughty and that I was going to play naughty some more. He started to say something more but I just got up and hurried out of earshot. His time for conversation or instruction had passed.

I went looking for Charlie but he wasn’t at his table. Cindy was there and when she saw me she smiled and motioned me over. She then introduced me to a graying gentleman sitting at the table. His name was Walter and he was manager and a part owner of the club. We talked for a few minutes and then Walter asked me to dance. I started to refuse and he injected that he would love to show me some wonderful dance steps out on the dance floor.

It then occurred to me that he was one of the people I had observed the first night doing a lot more than just dancing. I thought to myself that time was running out and if he was, in fact, one who I had seen, then maybe he could indeed show me some new steps. So, I accepted the offer.

As we were leaving the table, Cindy called to Walter, “Don’t forget, it’s about time for the manager’s special.”

We danced like normal people for a few minutes and then I felt his hand slide up under my blouse. It felt good and it was exciting because I knew Lee could probably see from his seat at the table. I could also see that Ray and Yvonne were there and watching. Next Walter reached down and I thought he was going for my pussy. But, he wasn’t. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a handsome cock, and then he slipped his hand through the opening of my skirt and pressed it against my pussy. This was so naughty and so unlike me and I was really turned on. I hadn’t paid any attention to it, but many, no most of the couples on the floor had stopped dancing and a large circle was being formed around the dance floor – and us, me and Walter.

He whispered in my ear to take hold of his cock and hold it against my pussy. I did and he kicked off his loafers and unbuckled his pants. With a quick move he dropped his pants and kicked them off. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Then he pulled me close again and told me I was overdressed for the ‘manager’s special,’ that I should get rid of the skirt.

I balked for a minute and then decided it would be fun to be an exhibitionist. I looked over and saw that Lee had joined the circle I could see just enough to determine that he was about to have a fit and he was starting to move towards us. I held my hand over Walter’s shoulder and displayed the “halt” sign. He took another step toward us and I held my stop signal out again. At this point, Ray and Yvonne restrained him. I could see that he was resigned to the situation but he was not the least bit happy.

With Lee being cared for, I loosened the tie to the skirt and it dropped to the floor. Now Walter and I were both on the dance floor naked from the waist down. I grabbed Walter’s cock again and started rubbing the head around my pussy. I was really on fire. Walter was very smooth and he obviously had much practice.

Lee broke free and was on his way again but Ray and Yvonne, with the help of a couple of other men formed a good restraint. He yelled something but I couldn’t hear it and turned my attention back to Walter.

Walter whispered in my ear and told me not to worry about my husband; that he’d get over it and that now we were ready for the ‘manager’s special.’ He said, “When you’re ready, stop rubbing and guide me in.”

I exclaimed, “What?”

He told me that I had heard him and that it was time for the ‘manager’s special.’

I said to him, “But we are in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone can see us.”

He said, “That’s what makes it special. Are you going to back out on me?”

I thought about it for a moment and then I said, “No, I won’t back out. How far will we go?”

He said, “All the way to the end of the road.”

Again, my emotions ran wild. I knew I shouldn’t, but having his penis rubbing my cunt for the last several minutes had me dripping wet and ready to go. With that final thought and feeling, I pulled him toward me and started to guide him in. He lifted my left leg and cradled it in the crook of his right arm and drove his cock all the way in. I didn’t know what Lee was doing and I didn’t care now. I was on a real high, I knew Lee was watching, and Walter had a very adequate cock. I was in heaven and then I soared to new heights when he blew his load into me.

We finished to the thunderous roar of the crowd and picked up our clothes from the floor. Without putting our clothes back on, Walter walked me back to our table. He held his hand out to Lee and said, “You have a fantastic wife. Thank you for letting her join me for “the manager’s special.”

Lee didn’t shake his hand but started to get up. I walked over to him and in a commanding voice I told him to sit back down and to quit acting like a little boy whose ice cream had just fallen out of the cone.

In an angry voice he said, “Rhonda, I never expected you to…”

I cut him off and exploded, “Lee, you wanted to play the game. You knew the stakes and the possible consequences. I offered you several opportunities to put a stop to this. You repeatedly chose to ignore the warnings so now just lick your wounds and shut up.” With that I turned to Walter and thanked him for a very memorable and exciting dance and that I had enjoyed learning the new step.

I turned to Lee again and said, “Are you ready to go home now, or shall I go see who I can play with next?”

Lee stormed out and shot over his shoulder that he would see us in the car. Although there were forty-five more minutes before 5 a.m., Ray and Yvonne could see that we had best call it a night. I put my skirt back on and we headed for the car. On the way out Ray said that I had really put on a hot show and that I had made the trip worthwhile.

When we got to the car, Lee snarled at me to get my fucking ass in the car.

That did it. I was not going to put up with Lee’s verbal abuse. I looked at him and told him I was not going to ride up front with him. I asked Ray if he would ride up front with Lee and I would ride in back with Yvonne.

I was surprised when Yvonne said she would ride up front with Lee and for me to sit in back with Ray. That really did surprise me but I didn’t refuse. I got into the back seat doing a slow burn. I was coming off a night that I really didn’t want to end now. I was good for another hour or two of this and now I was being treated like a wayward child by my husband.

After we pulled out of the parking lot I noticed Yvonne moving around in the front seat and when she stopped moving she was leaning considerably to the left. As Yvonne stopped moving, I felt Ray’s hand slide up under my blouse and start to tweak my nipple. The way I was feeling, I really didn’t mind, but I knew if Lee saw it, there would be absolute hell to pay, considering his present mood.

I whispered to Ray, “You shouldn’t be doing this. Stop before Lee sees you.”

Ray whispered back, “Don’t worry, Lee can’t see back here.”

Then I realized what Yvonne had done. She had moved so that her head blocked the rear view mirror. She and Ray had planned this. Next, Yvonne asked Lee is he minded if she got some music and Lee indicated that he didn’t give a damn. Yvonne turned the radio on, found some music, and turned the volume up so that you couldn’t hear much else in the car.

Ray whispered in my ear, “Do you mind if I play around some?

I told him I that right now I didn’t mind at all. In a matter of moments Ray had a nipple in his mouth, one finger in my pussy, and I was fishing his cock out of his pants. From my position I saw Yvonne glance back a couple of times and smile. I was hot again and I didn’t know where things were going to go. I knew that if we were alone, I’d fuck Ray right now. Fortunately the ride was short enough that I was able to stay somewhat in control.

Before we got to the condo, Ray explained that he an Yvonne were swingers and that they would really like to trade spouses for the night. He asked if I was willing. I didn’t know what to say. As hot as I was, I thought the opportunity sounded great but I was sure Lee would pitch a fit and I told Ray so. Ray told me that if I was willing then we could make it work.

When we reached the condo, Yvonne and I sat on the sofa and Lee headed for our bedroom saying he had it and was going to bed. Ray stopped him and asked him to sit, have a cup of coffee and let’s discuss things. Lee realized he couldn’t refuse without making a scene so he consented.

Ray did a wonderful job of standing up for me. He recapped the events and summarized the results as being the things that happens between consenting adults and that Lee had basically consented by putting me in that environment.

Lee got defensive and started in to the marriage vows routine and then started to get ugly.

Ray finally, in a point blank statement told Lee that he had no one to blame but himself and he needed to get over it, that he was sure that I still loved him.

Lee sat quietly for a few minutes and then told Ray that he just couldn’t believe that I had betrayed him and done what I did.

Before he could go on Ray told him to stop trying to pass the blame. Then he rocked Lee when he suggested that maybe Lee would feel better if he had a little extramarital sex of his own.

Lee snorted back that it was a little late for that since we had left the club.

Ray really slammed Lee when he suggested that Lee sleep with Yvonne in their bedroom and that Ray would sleep with me in our bedroom.

I could see Lee start to turn red. I don’t know if he was mad or embarrassed but he started to stutter and Yvonne cut him off.

She said, “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Lee snarled out, “Are you all nuts or some sort of sex addicts?”

Ray said ‘no,’ but that Lee was acting like a spoiled brat.

Lee went ballistic and made a lunge for Ray. However, he tripped over the leg of a chair and went face first into the carpet.

At that point I jumped into the fray. I jumped up and as Lee was turning over, I shoved my stockinged foot into his chest and pushed him back to the floor saying, “You were warned but you just kept on pressing your luck. Well, your luck ran out and right now I am beginning to believe that you wanted it to happen. But when it finally did happen, you couldn’t handle it. I’m tired now and I’m going to put an end to this discussion right now. Lee, I’m making the decision, and I’m going to sleep with Ray. You can either sleep with Yvonne, if she will have you, or you can sleep on this sofa. Goodnight Yvonne. Come on Ray and let’s go to bed.” I took Ray’s hand and we went into the bedroom.

Lee hurled some threats and I slammed the door before he could say much.

I was amazed at myself. If you had asked before tonight whether I could engage in extramarital sex, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I had undergone some sort of unexplained change in my thinking at the club. Now I found myself thinking about and considering the erotic thrill of having a strange cock. I had experienced two strange cocks at the club and now I was actually looking forward to yet another strange cock.

To the best of my recollection, Lee and I had only had sex three times in one night on two or three previous occasions. Now I was going to have sex three times without Lee. I wish I could say that I was bothered by this, but I wasn’t. My only concern was what my activities might be doing to our marriage.

This was the first time in our marriage that I really stood up to Lee. Usually, when push came to shove, I would defer to Lee. I had surprised myself tonight by taking him on and not submitting to his pressure. It felt good. Although the last half hour had worn me down, I was ready for Ray.

As I had discovered in the car coming home that Ray was equipped with a formidable pea shooter. It took us less than thirty seconds to disrobe and fall into each others arm in the sack. In moments I was on top of Ray taking him into my pussy that didn’t need priming. I was surprised at how good he felt in me after what I had done earlier. Also, by now any guilt feelings I may have had earlier had faded away.

Right or wrong I felt Lee was acting like an ass and that he really wanted things to happen. Then when they did happen, he couldn’t handle it and blamed me for breaking our marriage vows.

I was ready to go another round with Ray, but he wasn’t up to it. He went to sleep snuggled up with me with his slightly erect cock in my hand. I couldn’t go right to sleep because justified, or not, I was now worried sick about what the morning would bring.

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