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Lee came home on Wednesday several weeks later and reported that we had reservations for Reno over the weekend. I didn’t have to ask, but I did anyway, whether we would be going to the club. He said, “Yes,” and went on to tell me that we would be going with one of his associates and his wife. I knew the couple slightly from company functions and I liked them. They were about seven years our junior and they were a very attractive couple. Lee told me that the couple, Ray and Yvonne, had been to the club several times and that it was Ray that had initially told him about it.

The news was upsetting to me on the one hand and on the other, a return trip sounded kind of exciting. Before the weekend came, I bought two new outfits and my attitude warmed more to the idea of going back to the club. I made up my mind that I would go, that I would ride the roller coaster, and that I was going to have a good time, whatever that meant.

Thursday Lee informed me that we would be staying close to the club at Lake Tahoe. Ray had connections and was able to get a place at the lake on short notice. By the time Friday came, I was actually becoming excited about the trip. I was having fantasies parade before me and I knew Lee would blow his lid if he had any idea what fantasies I was entertaining.

Friday afternoon we picked up Ray and Yvonne and we were in a beautiful condo at Lake Tahoe before dinner. My recollection of Ray and Yvonne didn’t do them justice. He’s the same height as Lee but more muscular. Yvonne is a little shorter than I but she has a knock-out figure and she dresses to show it, even in jeans and a blouse. During dinner I was aware that Ray was paying a lot of attention to me and Yvonne was paying a lot of attention to Lee. We returned to our condo after dinner and went to our bedrooms for a nap and then dress for the evening. We were going to leave at 12:30 a.m. for the club.

When it was time to dress I asked Lee to get a quick shower and then stay out of the bathroom until I was dressed. I wanted to surprise him. When he was through, I showered and dressed in one of the new outfits. It consisted of a sexy sheer thong, a skimpy white wrap-around skirt that wrapped around with about ten inches of overlap and had a hemline that met the middle of the band on my black thigh-high stockings. I topped the skirt with a black, sheer, front buttoning blouse (it was almost transparent). Under the blouse I wore a sheer strapless black bra. Wearing the bra and the blouse you could still just make out my areolas and nipples. The outfit was completed with a pair of 5″ “fuck me” strap-ons and a white jacket.

Once I was satisfied with my makeup, I called to Lee that I was coming out. I stepped into the bedroom just as he was taking a drink of soda. When he saw me he choked and spit out some of the drink he had just started to swallow. Fortunately, he missed his shirt. Then he put on a monstrous smile. Obviously, he liked it. Then he said, “Now let’s see what you look like without the jacket.” When I took the jacket off, he about choked again.

Once he caught his breath he said, “Good God honey, you look fantastic. “But do you think you should be going out dressed like that?” I asked him what he meant. He said, “You look like you are going out to troll for cock.” I told him I certainly wouldn’t wear the outfit to church or to work but that it certainly seemed appropriate for tonight. I could see now that he was not happy with my exposed look and I was a little shocked and a little pissed.

I said, rather sarcastically, “Would you rather I change back into the jeans and shirt that I wore up here?”

With that he shot back, “I’m sorry, but without the jacket you look like a hooker.”

This made me mad and I fired back, “Look Lee, you know what this club is about. You know my feelings about the club. Well, you wanted to come back and I didn’t put up a fuss. So, if I’m going back to the club, and we know what the club is all about, I’m going to go and have fun in whatever form that takes. Right now is the time to call this whole thing off if you don’t like what you are thinking might, and possible could, happen.”

He started to reply with “Honey…” and I cut him off and spat at him, “Lee, make up your damned mind. Are we going to the club, or not? If we go I’m staying dressed as I am and I am going to do whatever I feel like doing there. If that doesn’t work for you then we had better stay here, it’s not too far to go to Reno, or we can go home.”

I could see I had caught him completely off-guard. He stood open mouthed for a moment and then said, “Gee, honey, I wasn’t prepared for this. I thought we could go and have a good time just like we did before. I didn’t realize you were going to go this far with it.”

I softened. I knew he couldn’t understand how the club had affected me. I asked him to sit down and then I explained again how hot I had been before and how I didn’t know how I would respond if I went back. I told him that I loved him more than anything but that the environment at the club was something I had never experienced before and that it gave me a strange and erotic feeling and that I couldn’t promise how I would react or what might happen tonight.

He sheepishly asked me if we went would I have sex with another man. I told him that I would like to think not but I truly didn’t know how I would react when it came right down to the final act. I then asked him what he would do if I did have sex at the club. He didn’t know.

So I finally said, “Well sweet, it’s up to you. If we stay here, we know we are safe. If we go to the club we take our chances. Do you want to take the risk?”

As he started to get up, he replied, “Honey, I trust you to do the right thing, let’s go.”

I yanked him back down and said, “Not so fast buddy, you’re not going to dump the blame for whatever might happen tonight on me. I have been honest with you and told you how I feel about the place. If you can’t live with the thought that I might get fucked by someone else, then we need to stay here. If we go, you had better be ready to accept the consequences, whatever they might be.”

Now he started to get mad and said, “You mean to tell me that you can’t control yourself?

I snapped back, “If that is the way you want to word it, and you can’t accept that I don’t know, then the answer is, ‘No.’ I don’t think I can control myself. Lee you do what you want. I don’t think this was a good idea. I’m going to go change out of this hooker outfit, as you called it, and go back to bed.”

Ray knocked on the door and asked if we were ok and if we were about ready to go?

Lee yelled back that we would be out in a minute.

I started for the bathroom and Lee caught me and took me in his arms. He told me he was sorry for calling my dress a hooker dress and he was sorry for ruining the evening. Finally he said, “I would really like to visit the club one more time.”

Before he could continue I told him to take Ray and Yvonne and go without me. He replied that it would be no fun by himself.

Then he said very tenderly, “Honey let’s have fun tonight. We will just let the chips fall where they may. I promise to love you always and tonight will do absolutely nothing to change that. I love you beyond words.”

I stood for a moment and then asked, “What happens if one or both of us have sex with someone else tonight?”

He looked me in the eye and said, “Honey, we will have to cross that bridge if we get to it. My crystal ball isn’t any better than yours.”

“Lee, I would die if anything happened tonight that would harm our marriage. We can remove that danger by staying here. Honey, I’m being honest, I am frightened when I think what could happen tonight. I don’t want to shock you, but every time I have thought about the club since we were there before, shivers run up and down my spine. Not shivers of fear, but erotic shivers. The feelings I get are very much like the ones I had before we were married. My intuition tells me not to go.”

He thought about what I said and then finally replied, “Sweetheart, I’ll be right there with you and will look out for you. I honestly acknowledge your concerns which I’m sure we will find are unfounded. We’ll be alright. Let’s give the club one last fling.”

By this time, I was pretty much out of the mood for anything other than going to bed with Lee. It was with huge doubts in my mind that I climbed into the car for the drive to the club. The club was only a short drive from the condo.

On the drive to the club, Ray told us more about it. The one fact that really grabbed me was that there were no professional entertainers at the club. The shows were performed by men and women, members, who volunteered. The number of shows each night was determined by the number of volunteers. Three shows the night we were there the first time was low. Usually on weekends there are at least five shows and sometimes the shows run continuously. Amid my trepidations about the night I found this piece of information very interesting, it answered my question from the first visit about slots available for people to sign up for. By the time we got to the club, I was starting to become excited again.

When we arrived, one show was just ending and the next show was announced in twenty minutes. We took the table near the stage that Ray had reserved and ordered drinks. As it turned out, Lee and I had chairs facing away from the stage. Ray had us move around to their side of the table and we ended up with Lee and me separated by Ray and Yvonne. While we were waiting for the drinks a voice behind me called out, “Hey there Ray and Yvonne. “I see you brought some guests.” I turned to see who it was and about dropped my teeth. It was Charlie. I saw his jaw drop when he recognized me.

He said, “Rhonda, it’s good to see you again. I hoped we would meet again.” Lee recognized Charlie and I saw him stiffen a little. We exchanged pleasantries and found that Ray and Charlie had been friends for some time and that it was through Charlie that Ray had gotten the condo. I was beginning to get a warm, wet feeling between my legs.

I asked Charlie where his wife was and he told me she would be out pretty soon.

After we had talked for a while the announcer called the next show. “Please bring out our beautiful Cindy and her partner for tonight, that pleasing hunk of woman pleaser, Trent.” I about choked, and I saw Lee’s jaw drop when Cindy, Charlie’s wife, came on stage with a six foot something black man. They were both wearing silk robes that, with the floodlights behind them, provided silhouettes of their bodies. He was at about half mast and the shadow made it look humongous. Then I realized that this was the same man we had seen on our first visit and knew he wasn’t as big as he appeared through the robe.

Now I could really feel my body starting to react. It’s one thing to see the sex act performed by professionals, or on screen, but it is something entirely new and extra exciting when you know they are not professionals and that you know (well have met) one of them before, and it is live. And, Lee’s assessment had been right on, Cindy had a beautiful body. The two stood kissing and caressing for a moment and then he removed her robe and kissed and sucked her beautiful tits.

She then removed his robe and went down on him. With his robe removed, I could see that he was actually well endowed and it stood straight out. She was able to get all of his salami into her mouth and throat. Next they went into a sixty-nine position with him on top. He literally fucked her mouth. Shortly he rolled over on his back and Cindy mounted him. In this position you could really see the full action as she took the full length of his cock as she bounced.

About that time the announcer came on and said, “OK folks. Those two are about to explode. Let’s make it heard for how they finish. She takes his load in her mouth, or do you want ‘cream pie’?” The voice vote was for “in her mouth.” With that she dismounted, propped herself up against a very large pillow and he kneeled and straddled her. She reached out and pulled him to her and began to suck and stroke him. It didn’t take long before you could see him stiffen and then blow his load into her mouth as she desperately swallowed as much as she could. Finally you could see dribbles of his cum slip out around the sides of her mouth. She continued to suck on him until he was empty and clean.

Meanwhile, Charlie had pulled a chair up next to me and moved close. As the show progressed his hand had started to gently caress my exposed leg. At times I had trouble watching the show as I was battling whether I should stop him or just let it go on a little longer. Of course, Lee was on the other side of our group and couldn’t see anything. The real trouble I was having was that I was feeling guilty as I acknowledged that I was enjoying it.

Just as Cindy was finishing the clean-up on Trent, Charlie leaned over, slid his hand half-way up my thigh, and whispered, “I hope we can pick up where we left off last time. I’ll see you later.” With that he went to meet Cindy and bring her over. I almost had an orgasm right then. I motioned to Lee to come sit by me and when he came, I leaned over and whispered that this might be his last chance. If he was concerned about what might happen, he should get me out of there NOW.

He smiled and said, “We’ll be ok honey.” And then he placed my hand on his crotch. He was as hard as a rock. A few minutes later, Charlie brought Cindy from back stage. She was wearing a very low-cut cocktail dress and showing lots of leg too.

She sat at the table and said hello to Lee and myself and said she was glad to see us back. When she asked if we enjoyed the show, Lee almost became tongue-tied trying to tell her how much he enjoyed it. I was beginning to wonder if our return trip was so that he might get it on with Cindy. Maybe he wasn’t all that concerned over my having sex. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to do his own thing. I thought to myself, ‘Lee, if that’s your motive, you’re playing with fire.’

After a few minutes Charlie and Cindy excused themselves saying they needed to rejoin friends who had come with them. When they left I reiterated to Lee that now would be a good time to get me out of here. He assured me that things would be ok. I even suggested that he could leave long enough to take me back to the condo and then he could return. He vetoed that too. I gave up and said to him, “Ok, I’ve tried. I won’t bug you any more, but all bets are off.”

He wanted to know what I meant by that and I told him he knew damned well what I meant. Over the next hour I danced with several men, including Ray and Charlie. They were all packing heavy duty equipment and I got a good feel from and had a good feel of each dance partner.

I noticed that Lee was not dancing much but he was getting in some good feels when he did dance. I also noticed that all but two of his dances were with Cindy. The exception was Yvonne. By this time most of my dancing was monopolized by Charlie and I knew my resistance index was close to zero.

Charlie had been sneaking feels of my breast. He was also sneaking his hand inside my skirt on occasions. I guess you couldn’t really call it sneaking since I knew what he was doing and I wasn’t doing anything to discourage him. I was getting very hot and I was enjoying the sensation of another man’s hands on my body.

After one of the dances as Charlie escorted me back to be with Lee, he whispered in my ear, “I liked it better when you weren’t wearing a bra. Your bra is preventing me from really enjoying your breast.” He was getting to me, and he knew it. I sat down and talked with Lee and told him again that I was losing it and that this would be the last call.

He replied that Ray and Yvonne had suggested that we stay until 5 a.m. (2 ½ hours from now).

I tried to make him understand but he just couldn’t or wouldn’t acknowledge my desperate situation. I was about to lose all my inhibitions.

He just smiled at me and suggested I sit out more of the dances.

In exasperation, I finally gave up (really) and told him he had been warned and that I didn’t know where things were going from here. I told him that he was playing emotional mind games with me and that I was through letting him play them with me. With that final warning, I left him, after telling him I was going to the ladies room.

He just smiled at me and said, “Honey I’m not playing games with you. We are and we will be ok.” That was it. He showed no concern and made no attempt to keep me from leaving the table.

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