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Betty and I had been sharing our bed with others for a few years. With very few exceptions it was always with another couple, David and Sherry. During those early years Betty and David would pair up and me with Sherry, but we’d always have sex in separate rooms. A few times we were all naked and petted in front of one another but I never saw Betty have sex with David. Even when he would occasionally come by the house for a quickie, I’d let them have the bedroom by themselves.

I always loved sloppy seconds and since I was almost twice the size of David it made me feel really proud to be able to stretch her more even after they had fucked, some times as long as an hour.

During these years the idea of eating a cream pie never crossed my mind. I did not even know what a cream pie was. It is not that the idea of eating cum was an issue since I was, as Betty knew, bisexual, and David and I often sucked each other off. While I have a lot of stories to share about David and Sherry I’ll think on them later as I want to work up to my first cream pie experience.

A couple of years after we had opened our marriage and bedroom we had our first experience with someone who would turn out to be a long term lover, Murphy. In fact, it has been over 30 years so far and we’re still seeing him. He is married but we never brought her into the mix.

Back to the story line! In 1979 Murphy moved to Wichita. We sorely missed seeing him but he did get back to Houston every few months and we made good use of the time. Even then, however, we never did a threesome. It was always one-on-one and then loving closeness after everyone got their nut.

Murphy called us one day and told us his wife was going to be out of town with family for a long weekend and invited us to his home in Wichita. We were so excited! The idea of sharing him in his bed where he only had sex with his wife was really intriguing. We quickly accepted is invitation and planned to drive up to Wichita for a long weekend.

There will be another story about that weekend that is pretty damn hot but in this story I’m trying to stay on point with my first cream pie. I am starting to leak pre cum now thinking of all the other things that happened that weekend.

Anyway, our second night there we were down in the basement playing strip ping pong and getting pretty drunk. After a while we all started getting pretty turned on so I left them together do what they do so well and went upstairs. I was lying in Murphy’s bed playing with myself and watching some porn when I fell asleep. I don’t know how long it was before Murphy came and woke me up to tell me Betty wanted me to come down stairs and fuck her. I was pretty groggy but managed to get up and go to Betty in the basement. She was lying there rubbing her wet pussy in an almost constant state of orgasm.

To tell the truth I was kind of tired and not totally up to giving her the fucking she deserved but I lay down next to her and began making out. Pretty hot and I could taste him with our wet kisses. Then, out of nowhere, I whispered to her to “sit on my face.” She looked at me kind of funny and asked, “Are you sure?” I did not answer but instead worked her into the position sitting on my face and I began licking and sucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Murphy’s cum was flowing freely and I was not missing a drop. Betty was so turned on she almost passed out from the multiple orgasms. This went on for at least half an hour before she was totally wiped out and completely cleaned of his cum.

From that moment forward I have been a cream pie addict.

We finally went upstairs to get a drink and have a snack. Murphy was sitting, nude, in the kitchen waiting for us. We told him what had just happened and…. Well, I’ll save that for another story.

I hope you have enjoyed this absolutely true story. If so I’ll share more as I have the time to write them.

Bill McMahon

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