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As we walked down the sidewalk, I could tell that Gloria was still horny. My arm was around her shoulder, she was holding my hand in hers directly over her breast gently pushing it down onto her breast. Every few seconds I would give her nipple a gently pinch and could feel her breathe deeply as if my gentle pinch had filled her lungs with air.

As we came to the club she let out a giggle, as if she were anticipating the fun she was going to have inside. Again the hostess asked us if we wanted the male, female side or both. I was about to speak when Gloria spoke up and answered female. The hostess seated us in a booth facing the female dancers.

“Oh my god honey look,” Gloria said.

As I looked up at the stage, the dancer was the girl that she liked best. A petite brunette who seemed to get Gloria’s motor running the last time we were here.

“How much money did you bring?” she asked.

“Babe, I’ve got plenty of cash and that brand new never used credit card, so money isn’t a problem” I told her.


“Because I want her to entertain us tonight,” she answered with an impish grin.

I looked at her and I could see all the gears in her mind turning. I was sure that lap dances and drinks and whatever else the girl on the stage could offer would soon be filling up that brand new card, but then I was okay with it.

We sat and watched her dance for a few more songs, she had obviously just gotten on stage. When she was done Gloria told the waitress to have her come over. I sat back and looked at my new wife, realizing that she was coming out of her shell. This woman who had defended my attempts to take her with kisses and blowjobs was now ready to simply take on the feelings she had kept hidden inside for 25 years.

As we had finished making love in our room, I was hearing her words over and over, “god, if I had known sex felt so good I would have started sooner.” This past week had done nothing more than begin to instill her sexuality, and hearing her say something like that I knew came from the growing aching she was beginning to feel for sex.

“God she is beautiful,” Gloria whispered to me as we watched her glance at us, smile and then begin to walk over.

“Hello guys, I’m Rox,” she said introducing herself.

“I’m Gloria and this is my new husband Joe Michael,” Gloria answered.

“OH? New husband, you guys here on your honeymoon?” Rox asked.

“Yes,” Gloria responded. As she did I felt a familiar grope under the table at the crotch of my jeans.

Taking a quick glance down, I saw it was indeed my demure wife’s fingers playing with the zipper of my pants. I sat for a few minutes while Rox and Gloria engaged in a little small talk, Rox taking a peek at the stone sitting atop Gloria’s tiny fingers.

“Wow,” she sighed, “One of these days I’ll get me a man who loves me that much.”

At that I took a 20 out of my pocket and pushed it over to Rox, “why don’t you give my wife a little table dance?”

Rox tugged at the twenty and got up slowly, she gently pulled the chair away from the table and straddled Gloria’s lap. “I was wondering who was going to get the first dance,” Rox said with a smile. “I’m glad it was you.” She leaned over just enough to give Gloria a light, gentle kiss on the lips.

I could see Gloria was taken by it, her eyes closed and when Rox drew back Gloria’s lips seemed to want more, puckering, searching for Rox’s lips. As Gloria opened her eyes she was greeted by the sight of Rox taking off her cover, exposing her wonderful breasts. She leaned forward to allow Gloria to catch the scent of her perfume between her breasts. Gloria closed her eyes allowing Rox to massage her face with her breasts. I could see Gloria licking her lips then kissing the inside of each globe that surrounded her.

I sat back just a bit more to take in the whole view when I noticed that Gloria had gathered her skirt all the way up to her waist and was busy gently rubbing her clit as Rox tendered a sexy gyration that would take any man’s breath away. Rox was busy massaging her pussy with Gloria’s thigh, grasping Gloria’s hair and drawing her into her breasts.

I could see Gloria’s tongue flicking up and down Rox’s breasts, she was breathing heavy and her fingers were feverishly working in and out of her pussy. Rox’s movements concentrated on allowing Gloria’s face to be swallowed by her breasts and nipples while her own pussy managed to stroke up and down Gloria’s thigh.

As the song came to an end, Rox withdrew leaving Gloria in a lurch. She looked at me as if her quarter had run out just as she was about to hit the jackpot. I easily slid another twenty Rox’s way and no sooner than the next song had started up Rox was back on Gloria’s thigh gyrating and no doubt leaving a trail of wetness.

Gloria never stopped rubbing her pussy as Rox mounted her thigh again. She wasted no time pillowing her face between Rox’s breasts and kissing and licking. The music played on. At one point I saw Gloria take Rox’s nipple into her mouth, Rox’s head thrust back as Gloria nibbled and suckled her nipple. Then Rox looked down between Gloria’s legs, noticing her fingers, wet and glistening as Gloria thrust them in and out of her pussy, and then reached down grabbing Gloria’s nipples through her dress and pinched.

Rox gyrated in front of Gloria, massaging Gloria’s thighs with her pussy. As Gloria leaned back with her skirt lifted up and over her hips exposing her pantyless pussy to whomever wanted to look, she was totally taken by Rox. Her fingers furiously worked in and out of her pussy and as Rox danced sexily in front of her, Rox’s fingers joined Gloria’s as both of them worked in and out as Gloria’s innocence was now completely gone.

My demure wife who just a few months ago was clenching her legs to save her virginity until marriage as we petted one night was now naked, waist down, legs wide open for all to see and masturbating to the sight of a sexy stripper.

Gloria let out a small but audible moan which attracted the attention of several men sitting close by. As Gloria’s mouth and tongue worked on Rox’s nipples, Rox’s one hand continued to caress and pinch on Gloria’s tits as the other worked side-by-side in and out of Gloria’s pussy. Soon both girls let out a small moan of contentment as Rox’s gyrations slowly came to a halt for a few seconds. I could see a glistening across the top of Gloria’s thighs.

As I watched the two of them I noticed a glazed look in Gloria’s eyes, which I had come to realize meant that Gloria was totally engrossed in what was happening, she probably had no idea that I was there or that anyone else in the club had just seen her masturbating herself to orgasm during her table dance.

Rox had come to rest on Gloria’s thigh as the song ended and Gloria just looked out of the corner of her eye. I knew what she wanted. and I reached in my pocket and pulled out a hundred. Why waste time I figured.

Rox picked up the hundred and bent forward to whisper in Gloria’s ear. Then she got up and went behind the bar. At that point Gloria informed me that she was setting up a private room for us. Rox walked back over to us and told me that for another fifty she would bring two bottles of champagne for us to enjoy in privacy.

I was all for it, I didn’t know what would go on, but I knew it was going to be good.

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