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The following is the beginning of my wife’s sexual awakening. More stories will follow as I will take you fuck-by-fuck through her journey to slutdom.

My wife Gloria and I dated for a few years before getting married. The fellow who introduced us worked with me as I was his supervisor. She is red-headed, petite, slim, 34B breasts that hid themselves in her everyday dress. To look at her you wouldn’t think she was more than an A cup. She dressed conservatively at work and in public, and was pretty shy and quiet normally. She opened up around her friends but they too would describe her as a reserved woman. One of the first things my buddy told me about her, because I thought they were dating, is that they were just friends and he wouldn’t date her because she didn’t “fuck”. He was basically a womanizer and I just figured he was being crass and dismissed the comment.

He introduced us and we started dating. I found out that he was right in that she wasn’t sexually active, but that didn’t bother me because one of the first things I found out about women was to be patient where sex was concerned. An older woman who I had a summer fling with when I was 19 taught me that. So we dated, did some heavy petting, even got naked which I figured was progress in light of what my buddy told me, feeling I had gotten somewhere with her while he hadn’t.

One night after we had gotten engaged, about a month before the wedding, we were into some heavy petting on the couch. Both of us were completely naked and she tells me that she’ll go all the way if I have a condom. Well, I was a boy scout and happened to carry a condom in my wallet which I produced and showed her. She disappeared into her room for a few minutes. I sat on the couch not knowing what to do, not wanting to push anything when I heard her calling softly to me, asking if I was going to come to her room.

We all know that sex with someone the first time is a bit awkward in just that you are learning about each other. The first time with her wasn’t much different, the look on her face as I pushed my cock into her the first time was priceless, and I was surprised that I actually did take her cherry that evening. Something inside me wanted to believe that she was truly a virgin, but she was 25 and the odds of her actually being one I figured were slim. Not that being a virgin scored extra points with me or anything like that, it was just different with her being as old as she was. After that first night of sex, my new bride-to-be had told me that if she had known sex felt so good, she wouldn’t have waited so long to do it. I had to think that bode well for her sexual beginning. We had sex twice more before the wedding.

The wedding was the usual perfect wedding that all women want for themselves and we went to New Orleans for the honeymoon. I had been to the Big Easy several times and was totally enamored of the sexuality of the city. I hoped that this would be the perfect place to mold my new bride’s sexual enlightenment. I couldn’t have been more right.

Our first day there we walked the French Quarter, stopping in the local clubs to take in the music, she enjoyed the jazz. Of course the drinks were exactly hindering anything. After a day of “touring” we got back to the hotel to do what all honeymooners do. We spent a few hours in bed, she seemed to be more eager to get back to bed after each time we made love.

On the second day we were there we had stepped out to find a place to eat and passed what I knew was a stripper club. She asked me if I had gone to many and not wanting to lie I informed her that being a guy, it was in the handbook to visit those places at least once, especially the new ones that we’d probably never go back too. She got a chuckle out of that and then I caught a certain gleam in her eye which made me ask if she wanted to go inside. She looked at me and then asked if there were just girls dancing or guys too.

Obviously I knew there were at least girls dancing but I offered to walk to the door and look inside to check and was happy to report that there were also men dancing, figuring that would entice her into stepping out of her shell a bit more. She still seemed a bit reluctant but agreed to try it out since she had never been to one before.

The hostess seated us at a table across from each other, the men were dancing behind me and the women behind her so we each got to see what was normally wanted. We had a few drinks before she turned around to check out the women behind her and after another couple of drinks her attention seemed to be totally on the women. I could tell she was getting a bit tipsy and she asked to move to a booth. We got up and moved to a booth closer to the women’s stage and she sat on my side with me, totally ignoring the men now.

I had my arm around her shoulders and as she scooted closer to me I allowed my fingers to gently brush her nipple. Each time I did so she seemed to scoot closer into my body as if to give me the okay to continue. I got a little bolder, not knowing how she would react in public, and started to caress and squeeze her titty along with circling her nipple with my fingertips over her blouse. She seemed to release more of her inhibitions as I fondled her and reached under the table to caress my cock through my jeans. I was already hard and her fingers traced the bulge my cock made in my jeans. She drove me nuts by taking her fingers and thumb and gently pinching the head of my cock which made it feel like she was masturbating me. As she pinched, my cockhead would squeeze out from between her fingers and as she opened her fingers my cock would spring back.

She whispered, asking which one of the women I liked most. By now I figured I could be totally honest and told her that the brunette with the small boobs turned me on the most. I was surprised when she told me that she thought brunettes looked sexier to her too. She continued playing with my cock under the table and I hadn’t noticed that her other had was under the table and between her legs. She had worn a casual sun dress and as I looked down I could see the skirt bunched up on her lap, the fabric slowly rising and falling. She was obviously working her clit as well. She never took her eyes off the dancers, and I became more mesmerized watching her stare at the dancers when I noticed that every few seconds her breath would jump. As I looked closely at her, I noticed her eyes were becoming more glazed over. The hand she was pseudo-masturbating me with seemed to take a break and I saw her close her eyes for a few seconds and felt her shiver for a good 5 to 10 seconds.

The minute she stopped shaking she looked at me and got flush as she realized I had just watched her orgasm. She told me we needed to go back to the room and I quickly obliged her request. As we got up her skirt was still rather bunched up on her waist and for a second as she slid her legs out to stand up, I swear i saw a glistening on her upper thighs where she had obviously cum on herself.

We walked back to the hotel and on the way we passed a curious looking place that had stairs and she wanted to check out what they went too. As we walked up we came to a second floor and immediately to my right I realized that we had wondered into a brothel. Ladies were sitting against the far wall obviously waiting for the next male customer. I stopped dead in my tracks as I didn’t think she wanted to go inside and whispered to her what I had seen. She pushed past me saying she wanted to see for herself. Another couple of steps and she was able to see what I had told her. As I stood there I heard one of the women say “hey doll, want to watch me fuck your man? 100 dollars.”

There was no way I figured she accept that and I started to walk down figuring she’d be right behind me. Then I heard her reply, “can I help or do I just get to watch?”

“Whatever you want honey,” she told my wife.

“Oh my god,” I heard my wife giggle as she turned to me and started coming back down the stairs.

As we got back to the room, Gloria didn’t waste any time getting undressed. She literally had her sundress lifted over her head as I was opening the door to our room. As I stood at the door pulling the key out she stepped inside the room and started pulling her panties off. I noticed a darkened wet spot on them and knew that was from the stripper club where she had cum.

She pushed me onto the couch and straddled my already hard cock. As she straddled me my cock slid easily into her wet pussy and she started pumping. I had never experienced her fucking me like this before. It was like I wasn’t even there, her eyes closed, her fingers gripping into my chest moaning and slamming her cunt into me so hard it was making a slurping noise. Suddenly she stopped and started grinding her cunt on my cock and was obviously cumming hard. She collapsed onto me.

As we lied there in each other’s arms she confessed that she was totally turned on by the offer to watch me fuck that prostitute, not so much that she wanted me fucking prostitutes but the thought of watching me fuck another woman turned her on. I asked her if she had ever seen anyone fuck for real. She told me she used to peek at her roommates in college. Her room was adjoined by the bathroom to her roommates room, and when her roomie brought home a date to fuck, she would sneak into the bathroom and watch.

Her roommate never knew she was giving Gloria a show. She even told me that her roomie knew this one guy who had the largest cock she had ever seen and one day he came over to see her when she wasn’t home. Gloria seduced him and gave him a blowjob.

She went on to tell me other stories about her experiences with guys both in high school and college. I was amazed that she never got raped as she wouldn’t let any of them fuck her, but would get naked and go down on them as a way of keeping them out of her panties. She even had dated one guy who refused to take just a blowjob and actually just turned her over in the drunken state she was in and raped her ass. She also confided in me that she used to get turned on watching and helping her roomies get dressed for dates, to the point where after they left she would masturbate.

Hence her keen interest in the female strippers started making sense. I got bold and just point blank asked her if she wanted to have sex with another woman. Without saying a word she climbed back on my hard cock and fucked me like the slut I would soon learn she could be. I took that as a yes.

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