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My Vietnamese Wife Takes Care of Her Needs

My wife Ann is a petite young Vietnamese woman with small breasts but big nipples. We had been married a short time, living in Germany, and had a few marital problems that caused us to lead separate lives even though we lived together. She was very inexperienced when we met. She had only fucked one other man in her life before meeting me and that was when she was still in Vietnam. While living in Germany, she had found a Vietnamese friend that she would visit during his lunch break where she would show up at his job braless and horny. He would greet her with a smile and escort her into his office. All of the co-workers knew what was going on behind the closed doors of his office. She would give him a quick kiss and rub his cock in his pants. It wouldn’t take much time before he would be taking off his pants and she would be stripping down to her thong before getting rid of it in order to spread her legs and wait for his hard cock. She likes to keep her pussy hair short or completely shaved and her friend and I both seemed to like it that way also. When she is hot she is very hot and horny enough to do almost anything.

Well it didn’t take much for him to know what he needed to do next. Placing his cock up to her ready cunt lips, he entered slowly but quickly pick up speed. My wife is so exciting that it doesn’t take long for a man to come. Their breathes quickened as his strokes got faster and longer as he pushed his cock deeper and pulled it farther out with each stroke. Soon his balls would become tight as well as his ass muscles as he pushed deep into my wife’s pussy shooting load after load deep into her cunt. When he was finished, she would have him put his dick in her mouth so she could lick off whatever sperm was left and make sure his dick was clean. She would then get dressed and come back home. Sometimes she would tell me what happened, trying to make me jealous. She didn’t realize that it only excited me more.

One time later, there was a tour to Paris. She had it arranged that she would go to Paris with another Vietnamese woman and so would my wife’s lover and a man that the other woman liked. The rooms were arranged for the two women and another room for the two men. When they arrived in Paris, my wife told her friend that my wife was going to sleep with her lover. Now her friend was forced to sleep with the man she liked. She didn’t mind. It was just a surprise for her. My wife took advantage for all the time she had with her lover. They fucked several times and in many positions. I don’t even know how many loads of cum he dumped into my wife’s pussy. Although she would lick a dick after it dumped it’s load into her pussy, she didn’t (at that time in her life) give blow-jobs. Her lover had also wanted to fuck her in the ass and she was willing to do it but when he started to push his cock into her asshole, it hurt her too much so he had to give up.

She would learn later how to suck cock. She would learn later how to suck cockS. She would really open up in sex life.

My wife and I reconciled our differences (for awhile) and had a baby after returning to The States. While living together, she began to learn to suck my cock, even though she wouldn’t allow me to cum in her mouth. It wasn’t long before we started living apart again. She left for Colorado Springs to visit a friend but had also taken our baby. While visiting, her friend mentioned there was a married man she knew in the San Francisco area that owned several boats and his wife was not in the U.S. My wife’s friend said she could stay with him. My wife doesn’t like to sleep alone and she does like cock so she decided to go. The man in San Francisco had some adult sons that also were fishermen but didn’t live with the father, just fished with his boats. My wife lived with the father and she fucked him also but she never gave me any details about what she did with him or any of the sons. My imagination can do a good job visualizing what might have happened or fantasized what I hope happened, but not as good as her telling me the details. Although I visualized her fucking all of the sons, I would never receive the satisfaction of her telling me. She did come back to me after about two weeks. After that though, she left for the island of Guam, and that’s where her life got real hot.

My wife started working as a bargirl at a strip joint. She thought that maybe she wouldn’t be popular since she was small and had 32A size tits. I had followed her to Guam and can say she was wrong. She would drink with the customers and let them play with her pussy many times. If the customer was lucky (or unlucky because of cost) they would go into a private room and usually be able to eat her pussy and sometimes she would suck their cocks. Let me tell you that she really likes to show her pussy and loves to have someone eat her pussy. She is also a woman who cums a lot! Men have a surprise and a treat when that happens. She rarely sucked cocks at the bar but she has when the person spent enough money on her and was not a jerk but still would not let anyone cum in her mouth. Don’t get her wrong, there were times she would like the person so much or be so horny that she would do fuck a man or suck a man for free or almost nothing.

I sat in the shadows of the bar and watched once when she was with a customer. Most of the men were watching the stripper but I had my eyes fixed on my wife. She was sitting with an older man who was buying her drinks while she kept him company. They were sitting in a side booth in a poorly lit place in the bar. The booth also faced away from the door. It wasn’t a private room (the private rooms are reserved for high spending customers) but it was the next best thing. The man was sitting with his back against the wall while my wife’s back rested against his chest. Since she is a small woman, the man’s arm was easily able to reach around her. She was wearing a short dress that revealed a lot of her body and she wore a thong under her dress. My wife had opened her legs and I could see that he had worked his hand between her legs and had worked his hand under her thong and was playing with her pussy. She would often turn her head upward and back to give him a kiss. I could tell that his finger was probing inside her cunt front time to time. She was hot. Unfortunately he ran out of money and would have to settle with what he got.

Well she found out that I had followed her to Guam and I don’t really know if it made her sentimental toward me or not. She would visit me and fuck me but most of the times I paid. She told me once that she was at work and was sitting with two Philippino men. One of the men was to get married the next day to the sister of the other man. They had been buying my wife drinks throughout the night and they had been drinking quite a few themselves. They saw her big nipples pushing into her dress and thought she was horny (after drinking, she normally is). Anyway, a deal was made for them to take her to a hotel room to be fucked, for a price, by the groom. My wife and the groom went into the room and got undressed. As most women, she would suck the cock a little first before starting to fuck. The other man had been waiting in the car but was bored and horny so he went into the room and started watching his future brother-in-law fucking my wife. My wife told the second man that nobody gets to watch for free. The man paid but paid more so he could join in fucking her also. He got undressed (my wife was always wanting to try two men at the same time) and stuck his cock in front of my wife’s face, so she began to suck him while being fucked. She was lying on her back trying to give the fuck and suck she had always fantasized about. Unfortunately, the two men had too many drinks and couldn’t stay hard or cum no matter who she sucked or how long. The men finally gave up but she still had their money.

My wife told me she sometimes had one of my co-workers, Jim, as a customer. She said he would spend a lot of money on her at the strip bar. Since he was a big spender, he would get to go into the private room. While in the room he would buy more drinks, play with her pussy and she would play with his cock, stroking it while they drank. She would get him to buy more expensive drinks (which she would receive a good percentage of) by lowering her head into his lap, opening her mouth and engulfing his hard dick and begin to suck. She teased like this, bobbing her head up and down, taking the entire cock into her mouth to keep him interested in her. She would then stand on the sofa, putting her back to the wall, move her thong to the side and he would bury his head between her legs and start kissing and licking her pussy. My wife wasn’t able tell if people were able to see into the private room through the tinted window or not, but thinking that that might be able to see through the glass only increased her excitement. The alcohol always made her extremely horny anyway. While Jim’s tongue probed her pussy, his white moustache would also tickle her clit until she couldn’t take anymore. My wife would press her pussy hard against his mouth and the gushes of juices would flood out of her cunt as he would literally drink the saltiness of her cum throughout her orgasm.

When men showed up and bought mixed drinks, the “lady” drinks would cost $20 dollars. If you bought a bottle of Champaign, the drink would cost $200 and you would go into the private room. My wife would quickly assess how much money a man or a group of men would have. She would also decide if she was going to have the group to herself or have friends come and help the men spend their money. She had no shyness about sitting with the men next to the stage while the men watched the strippers. Sometimes she would put the dollars on the man’s nose so the stripper would get her pussy real close to her customer. She knew the men liked that and she liked to look at the stripper’s pussy to compare if her pussy looked better than the dancer’s. My wife was real pround of her pussy. She said the Philippino men would call it “matombuk” which was a very desirable type of pussy to have to please Philippino men.

My wife had a temper and it would get her into trouble at times. One night she got into a fight with a co-worker concerning one of my wife’s customers and my wife was arrested. She was released but decided to work at a karaoke bar (most also had private rooms and same arrangements).

It was while she worked at the karaoke bar that she began to have real boyfriends. There was one man that my wife wanted to fuck for free everytime she saw his lender body and nice pants, his name was Matt. My wife told me later that his dick and mine were about the same length but mine was thicker. He was always ready to fuck her though and she always wanted his body and his dick. He was using her as much as she used others and they later broke up but she would still go to fuck him from time to time.

While most of her customers were Philippino, she still sucked and fucked a Japanese, a Korean, many local islanders, some Mexicans, many whites, and two blacks. The first black guy had been a friend of hers for some time and bought her many drinks, many times without doing anything with her or asking anything of her. He was about to live the island for good and she wanted to say thank you to him in her own way AND she wanted to try a black cock. She told him she would meet him at a hotel and spend the night, and she did. When she arrived, he invited her in and she greeted him while rubbing her hand over his pants to see if his dick was already hard, and if not, she would make it that way. They kissed a short time and went toward the bed. He placed his hand on her dress where it barely covered her ass. He put his hands under the dress and felt a lot of her ass on both sides of her thong. She started to unzip him but he finished. They both got undressed and they got onto the bed. She got into position and first kissed his dick and then began to lick it. While he played with her pussy and ass, she opened her mouth and swallowed his cock into her mouth.

She would swallow him till her lips were at his balls. She would bob her head up and down, occasionally taking his dick out to lick the sides, lick the balls, swirl her tongue around the head of his black dick before sucking him again. Then it was his turn. She would lay back, spread her legs and waited for him to bury his face between her legs. He did. He kissed her pussy and his tongue entered between her vaginal lips and then dipped into her opening. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t very good at eating pussy. But he was a kind and good man and she knew that he had wanted to fuck her for a long time and was too much of a gentleman to try or ask before. She was taking birth control pills and was very certain that he was clean since he had never tried even to touch her before tonight. She decided he could mount her even without protection. He was definitely excited and very hard. My wife has a kind heart and wanted to return his kindness by giving him what he wanted – to fuck her! He didn’t have a very big dick but he was kind. She spent the night with him and accepted every load of cum into her pussy as he was able to give. It was her first fuck by a black man and she was glad he was a good man. Later that morning he left the island….a happy man.

Soon she found a new boyfriend, John. John was in the navy and didn’t speak much (everyone called him “boring John”). He smoked cigarettes, which she didn’t like, but he was slender also like Matt was. She moved in with him and later her mom moved into the same house. It was my wife’s first experience with an uncircumcised cock. She sucked him and fucked him many times during the year they lived together. One time she was on top of him, fucking him, when her mom walked through the door. John kept fucking, my wife kept humping, and the mother just stayed and continued talking as if nothing was happening! He had already pumped loads of his sperm into her pussy during the year but it was not as enjoyable as she liked. She claimed that because he was not circumcised, he never felt hard when he was inside her. Inside her mouth or inside her pussy, it didn’t feel hard enough for her. He finally had his dick circumcised for her and he was rewarded by having his dick sucked and being fucked many more times! She still never let anyone come in her mouth though.

Once, while she was living with John, she took at trip to the Philippines. While she was there, I sent her money. She was learning how to cut hair (so she claims). She promised me, that because of my financial support, she would always cut my hair for free. When she returned from the Philippines, she went home to John, but later that same evening she came over to have sex with me. I thought that was nice to come to me the first night she was back! I told you that she, like most women, loves to have her pussy eaten. So there we were on my bed with my face buried between her legs. My tongue licking her clit, tracing the inside of her long slit, and often working it’s way into her opening. She did something new this time. While I was tasting her treats, she called her best friend and was telling her that she had just came back from the Philippines and she was already in bed with me and that, as they were speaking, I was eating her pussy! She would some times moan some and put the phone close so her friend would know that it was true. Her friend couldn’t believe it! Her friend liked me and always wanted my wife and I to be together so she was happy for us at that time. I fucked her of course, putting my “welcome home” sperm deep into her pussy. She laid with me for a few hours and went back home to “boring John.”

The scene would become a little more public when she and two of her friends showed up at a bar I was at and she had me buying expensive drinks for her and her friends. When she knew she had used up all of my money, they decided to drive me home. My wife and I sat in the back while both friends sat in front. On the way back, she let me eat her pussy while the other two girls watched. It made her so excited, I had a lot of her cum to drink!

Once it seemed like we were going to get back together. We were going to meet at a bar and go somewhere else. There was a man in the bar, an older man (much older) named John. I knew my wife knew him and that they were friends. I also knew that they had teased each other before (more would be revealed to me later). I was singing the song “You Look Wonderful Tonight” when she came in. She was coming to meet me but when she saw John, she sat by him and drank with him. She ignored me and it hurt. They finally got up to leave and as she passed, I sarcastically said “Have fun!” I really got drunk that night. I kept calling her phone but there was no answer. I finally got hold of her about 4:30 in the morning. That was when I first got a little suspicious of them.

I had decided that I loved her too much but I couldn’t continue living on the island without her, so I told her I was returning to The States. She knew that I loved her so she promised that she would spend my last night with me, which she did. When she arrived at my apartment, she was pretty drunk which also meant she was very horny. She was as sexy as ever. It didn’t take me long to get her back into the bedroom. I slipped off her dress and pulled off her panties like she was my conquest. I didn’t need to take off her bra because she normally didn’t wear any. I laid her down on the bed and buried my face into her cunt like I always enjoy to do. I knew that as horny as she was, she was going to cum a lot and it wouldn’t take much. I kept swirling my tongue on her clit and licking the inside of her pussy.

I could feel her getting hotter and soon she was trying to hump my face, her leg muscles began to tighten while she pushed my face hard into her cunt and pushed her cunt as hard as she could into my face. Her juices began pouring out as I tried to drink as much of it as I could. She kept cumming, as even though I drank a lot of her juices and was willing to drink it all, I couldn’t and there was a huge wet spot on the bed when she was done. She then put her face to my groin area and gave my cock a lick. She soon opened her mouth more and began to suck my dick. Oh it felt so good. I knew that I was leaving the island because of her and this time I was thinking about me. I knew I wanted to cum in her mouth and that was what I was going to do. I kept my hands on her head while she sucked. It made me more excited with her sucking my cock and me knowing what I was going to do. I felt my muscles tightening and my load building up. I held her head on my cock and I felt my sperm spurting several times, filling her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it all. It wasn’t long after that that she passed out. As she laid there naked, I started thinking how I also wanted to fuck her in the ass. I played with her ass some hoping to get myself hard again soon, but I couldn’t. When she did wake up, she needed to return home so I never got my chance to fuck her ass, but again, she didn’t know that I wanted to.

I left Guam and went to Arizona. After two years, she left Guam also and she finally joined me. She told me that while in Guam, she went with a redhead man, I don’t remember his name and I don’t think she does either, who she said was a very clean man. She said his place was perfectly clean and organized. My wife likes that in people, that’s why she is often disappointed in me. Anyway, she kissed him and shared some more drinks with him while sitting beside him. It didn’t take long for her to start rubbing his pants and leaning forward so he could have a better at her tits. It didn’t take long for him to put his hand down her dress and start playing with her breast. She, in the meantime, leaned forward, unzipped his pants and took his cock out and started sucking it. Soon she stopped and they went into the bedroom and got completely undressed. She had never had sex with a redhead before and she was surprised that his pubic hair was red also. She decided that since it was a new experience for her, she was going to try other new things. They laid down together, kissing each other while she rubbed his dick more. She soon moved her head down his chest till it returned to the tip of his dick again. Her tongue licked the head a few times and then she opened her mouth, sliding her lips over the head and engulfing the shaft down her throat. She didn’t want to be left out of being pleased, so she positioned her cunt over his face to give him a good view and a good taste of her pussy.

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