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I watched Kohamba get half dressed before I entered through the patio door. He looked at me, sweat glistening on his chest.

“She is quite a woman.”

He picked up his shirt as I neared.

“Yes, she is.”

“She will be ready at noon tomorrow?”

I swallowed hard.

“That was our agreement.”

“We should meet him at the building sight. If she goes to his village, I am not sure what he will do.”

I nodded my head. He went to the bar and poured himself a fresh drink.

“You will want to watch?”

I nodded.

“Then you will have to be there before Kio arrives. I suggest the second floor of building A. He will want to take her on the patio so his workers can see.”

I was surprised at this last piece of information.

“And why is that?”

“It is part of the agreement. When his men see him with the gift of a beautiful white woman, it will prove his worth as the Chief.”

I nodded.

“Now I must go and make everything ready. We would not want her used on the hard concrete deck.”

He smiled before draining his drink. Placing the gaudy cap on, he shook my hand before moving to and out the door. I waited until I heard him start his jeep and leave before I went to our bedroom. Tina’s dress lay on the bed, her sandals on the floor beneath it. I could hear the shower running and moved to the closed door. Tapping lightly and not hearing any response, I went in. Even through the heavy steam, I could make out her outline behind the glass shower doors. Watching as she scrubbed her body hard, I noticed she was tentative with her breasts. After several minutes, the water shut off.

The door slid open and she reached for a towel that hung near by. Her wet hair clung to her head and neck. Her freshly scrubbed face literally glowed. Her large breasts were still marked, but the shower seemed to have eased any lasting reminders that might have occurred. The oval bruise on the inside of her thigh would be there for weeks. She took the heavy towel and began patting her face dry. When she finished and opened her eyes, she rushed into my arms. Wrapping her still damp arms around my neck, her body shook as she sobbed into my chest.

“Oh gawd David. J-Just hold me. Hold me please.”

She clung to me.

“I… I… Tell me you love me David.”

I slipped my arms around her shaking shoulders and drew her tighter to me.

“What happened Tina?”

“I – I just wanted to help David…”

I began stroking her hair then, hoping she didn’t notice that I was shaking to.

“Help how Tina?”

She tipped her face to look up at me. The tears were very real.

“I knew we didn’t have the money he wanted. I know you’ve been holding off the banks because the project is running late. So when you left the room, I – I…”

I kissed her then, gently brushing my lips over hers.

“You what Baby?”

“I made a deal to buy us some time. Oh David… I wanted to talk to you about it… Then you left so quickly… David I didn’t have any choice.”

I could feel my erection growing as I replayed the lurid little scene through my mind. It was the first time in years I was able to regain it this quickly with out some kind of help.

“After you left, he started to put his hands on me. I tried to stop him, but he said if I didn’t do what he wanted we’d be late with the condominiums.”

My throat tightened and I couldn’t find my voice to ask.

“He made me undress…. And touch myself as he watched. Then… Then he grabbed me and forced me onto the couch… Oh David… He – he raped me…”

I squeezed her tightly.

“Are you hurt? I mean besides … Did he abuse you?”

She buried her head against my chest again.

”J-just my breasts… and he bit me…”

I was trembling now. I never wanted her this badly before.

“I’m sorry Tina.”

I kissed the top of her head.

“We’ll leave this place tomorrow.”

She squeezed me tightly and then looked up at me.

“Then you worked it out with Kio?”

I just shook my head.

“Oh Gawd David… We’ll lose everything.”

“Shhhh… It’s okay. I’ll work something out.”

We stood there for what seemed liked hours. Her clinging to me, me stroking her hair while we gently rocked in each other’s arms. Then her voice rose between us, a whisper really, so very small.

“Do… Can you forgive me David?”

“It’s okay Tina.”

I felt her mouth on my chest.

“Make love to me?”

I squeezed her tightly when she said that. Lifting her face to mine, I covered her lips and kissed her deeply. I felt a hunger then, a need that we hadn’t shared in a long, long time. Leading me to the bed, she knelt and began fumbling with my slacks. Looking down at her, I began pulling at the buttons on my shirt. I watched as she kissed each thigh before tugging my boxers over my hips. Tearing at my shirt, I heard the buttons on my sleeve pop free. I felt her small hand encircle my erection. I looked down at her as she moved her lips along the side and then under my swollen cock. Her pointed, pink tongue slithered over the tip, tracing the soft ridge before she slipped almost the entire length into her warm mouth.

I stared as her head moved slowly up and down, her hand caressing my balls. Touching her still damp hair, she looked up at me with those blue eyes filled with lust. I wanted her. I needed this woman kneeling at my feet. Still looking up at me, her free hand replaced her mouth.

“Your so hard David. You taste so good.”

I reached for her then. Guiding her to her feet and then on to the bed. She tugged me down next to her before kissing me, her hands pulling me tightly to her. I began exploring her as if this was the first time we had ever been together. Stroking her face, I kissed her forehead, both eyes and then the tip of her nose. She clung to me, the soft whimper that I knew so well slipping from her lips. I moved my fingers lightly over her glowing skin, tracing the curves of her flesh. She cried out when I touched her breast.

“I- I’m sorry David. Let me…”

She pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist. I looked up at her and she pushed her hair behind her shoulders.

“Just relax and let me Lover.”

Her hands pressed against my chest as she lifted her hips. Holding my eyes, she reached under her and found me very hard and ready. Her eyes glowed as she guided the tip of me to her open sex. Slipping it between her folds, I saw her face tighten as she moved it up and down her very wet length. I couldn’t resist looking between us. Her sex was open, swollen, and darker than I had ever seen it before. After placing the tip just inside, she lowered herself onto me.

“Oh Gawd David. You feel so big!”

I felt her warm wetness and pushed up. She growled as she bent over me and covered my mouth. My hands found her bottom and tightened on the firm flesh. She gasped. I could feel her insides tighten as she cried out. I wanted to cum then, needed to, but wasn’t near ready. She lay on me for a full minute trying to catch her breath. When she finally did, she straightened into a sitting position, my throbbing cock deep inside.

“You feel so good David. I want to do this all night.”

I flexed my hips in response. Her eyes narrowed as she began caressing her breasts.

“Do you want me to tell what happened David?”


The words were out before I remembered that I was to be the loving husband right then.

“That’s what you wanted isn’t it? Me to fuck another man?”

“N-not like that…”

Leaning over me, she rested her weight on her hands on either side of my head.

“It’s alright David. I did it for you.”

She kissed me then, a light gentle kiss. Her hips began to move.

“He was very rough.”

She kissed my cheek, her hips slowly rising and falling.

“He made me touch my breasts as he watched David. Then he put ice on my nipples.”

Her hot breath washed over my neck before she nipped at me.

“Then he got mad when I told him to be easy.”

She ground down.

“Gawd David… D-did you ever want to hurt me when we make love?”

Her hips were moving again, her breath in my ear. I thrust upward. She trembled.

“He forced me onto the couch and made me open my legs David.”

With her guiding me, our hips met in a rhythm we never shared before

“That’s when he started to hurt me David, forcing his fingers inside and rubbing my clit.”

She buried her face between my neck and shoulder and gasped. I felt her contract and the warm wetness slip from inside her. She stayed still for a minute.

“Slap my ass David.”

I was stunned. She straightened a bit and looked down at me.

“Slap my ass.”

I lightly slapped her bottom.


She had a far away look in her eyes. I raised my hand and let it fall sharply.


She began moving again with a hard, short, thrusting. Her nails bit into my chest. I slapped her bottom again.


Her entire body tightened as she arched her back. Her breasts thrust forward, her nipples as hard as they had been with him. I ran my hands over her sides and filled them with the swaying flesh. She cried out.


I rolled her onto her back and began fucking her twisting body hard. She bucked her hips, meeting my every downward thrust; Her nails raked my back. I bent to capture a red, swollen nipple in my lips and sucked hard. Her scream filled the room. I came hard. …

I woke up with Tina laying on her side, her face in her hand supported by her elbow looking at me.

“Do you love me David?”

“Very much.”

“I don’t want to ask, but I have too.”


Her eyes softened.


“I am going to deal with Jack.”

She nodded her head.

“Then you forgive me?”

“After what you did tonight… for me… for us… Of course.”

She smiled weakly.

“David… I think I know how to deal with Kio.”

The thought of her being used by some one else did not have the same appeal it did before. She had made it clear that she loved me. Maybe the thing with Jack wasn’t all I thought it was.

“I can work something out.”

She kissed me.

“I think I already have.”

I started to protest. She put her finger to my lips.

“I already made the deal David. Do you trust me?”

I did and I didn’t. The thing with Jack, knowing it was more than once, made it hard. Yet last might she let a man she hated use her to protect our interests. I needed time to think things through… We needed time to talk about…

“Kohamba is taking me to meet Kio.”

I began shaking my head.

“Please David. What happened last night with Kohamba will mean nothing if I don’t.”

She smiled that smile


I knew when… and where. I did not want her to know I did.

“Tomorrow afternoon I think… at the sight… Kohamba is making the arrangements.”

“I don…”

She quieted me with her finger again.

“I made a mistake David. I risked your love and almost lost it. I want to show you that I would do anything for you. Anything at all.”

I hated myself at that moment. All the anger and confusion of the last few weeks. The plan to have her punished for her betrayal made little sense now. I nodded my head in agreement. Drawing her close to me, I kissed her. Cuddling now, she fell asleep leaving me with so many thoughts. To many…

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