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Hello, I’m Tina. I’m an American-born Chinese. I’m 3rd generation Chinese-American which means, other than looks, I’m about as Chinese as McDonald’s! It seems that people want to know so here are the vital statistics: 5′ tall (actually I’m ¾” over 5 feet), 32A-23-32, 100 lbs. At the time of finally writing this I am 39 years old. This incident happened right after I turned 35. It was September 2004.

My husband (Steve) and I had an opportunity to travel to mainland China. Neither one of us had ever been to China, but it was something that we both had always wanted to do. Steve is 8-1/2 years older than me. He is white. When we visited China he was 43.

The Story

We had already been in China for 5 days and we found ourselves in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a large city, but not nearly as popular as Beijing (which I loved by the way). But, like most of China, Guangzhou is trying to catch up to the rest of the world and attract Westerners. One way is night life. We found that Guangzhou has quite a number of bars and discos. Many of these cater to Americans, Australians and Britons, so it was a great place to party. Beer seemed to be the drink of choice, not my personal favorite, but if I’m able to dance and party, I’ll drink anything!

So we found ourselves at this disco and I was having a blast. I love dancing. Steve, on the other hand has always been a bit of a party-pooper in that regard. He will dance with me, but for the most part he just likes to drink beer, socialize and “people-watch”. He’s always been good to me in this environment and always lets me dance the night away with anyone. This he’d do so that he wouldn’t have to get on the dance floor.

It was a Friday night, we were both dressed comfortably. It was hot there, so I wore a one piece “summer dress” and he was just wearing shorts and a golf-type shirt. Our attire was pretty consistent with what everyone else was wearing.

So there we were, me dancing the night away and Steve drinking his beers. My guess is we got to the disco sometime around 10:00. By midnight neither of us was feeling much pain. I would dance, go back to Steve and drink a beer to cool down, and if someone asked me to dance I’d do it all over again.

There was one guy in particular who I must have danced with me at least 12 times. Each time we’d dance, he would gradually become more and more flirtatious. Now, in case you’re wondering, this is not the story, it more or less sets up the mood of the night though. Anyway this guy knew I was married but he also knew I was having fun. And he was taking advantage of my obvious intoxication. It started out as holding me toward him during a slow dance, but it ended up he was grabbing my ass every chance he could. At first, I would brush his hand away but eventually I just let him grab me.

At some point, it must have been around 2 AM, I was dancing with him again. While dancing with me he whispered in my ear something like “it’s too bad you’re wearing underwear because you don’t need it.” I asked him if he was serious, he said he was. I know it was the beer and my mood but when the dance finished, I excused myself and went back to our table. I grabbed my purse and went to the ladies room. There, besides doing the necessary pee I took his suggestion to heart. I took off my panties and my bra and stuffed them in my purse. And you know what? He was right, I didn’t need the underwear, mostly because it was hot and besides, it’s more comfortable. Back to the dance floor I went, and partnered up with my favorite dance partner.

It didn’t take more than half a song before he was grabbing my ass again. It took him even less time to notice that I listened to his suggestion. The dance floor was crowded enough that he danced me away from the sight of Steve so he could attempt to take advantage of my freeness. More than once he tried to get his hand up my dress. Believe me I was pretty drunk, but not so drunk to think that Steve would tolerate that if he saw it, so I kept wolf-hands from getting too carried away. He did end up cupping my breast a time or two, but considering I don’t have much there I figured it was just part of dancing.

I know, it would seem more interesting if there was more to this part of this story but there isn’t. More than anything it sort of sets the stage of what my mood was.

By 3:00 AM, I was pretty drunk, but more than anything I was horny! Between the beer and some pretty provocative dancing it was definitely time for me to be taken back to our Hotel!

I said goodnight to my various dance partners and Steve and I left the disco to walk back to our Hotel. During the walk back was when we found that Guangzhou was not trying to become westernized only with it’s night clubs, but also with it’s night life in general. Turns out our neighborhood had prostitutes. Not the kind that you see in the movies (you know, dressed for success), but these girls (there were all ages, young and old) were definitely working… what else would so many local girls be doing on the streets at 3AM? It wasn’t that our Hotel was in what one might consider to be a seedy neighborhood, it’s just that there really weren’t any really nice hotels in Guangzhou from what we could tell. In fact, our hotel was just a 4-story building, with no elevator. Nothing to write home about there.

As we walked and watched the girls, my husband and I just talked about what a fun place the club had been. He asked me if I had fun dancing. I admitted to him that I did and that I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel so we could have some fun of our own. He asked me if I was horny enough to have cheated on him that night (it was the beer talking). I didn’t respond to that. Then he told me he saw the guy grabbing my ass. I told him not to be mad. He laughed and said he wasn’t. He said it was almost flattering knowing that some guy wants your wife but can’t have her. We both laughed.

Our attention returned to the girls. My husband said it must be a tough way to make a living. I laughed and told him that I thought it would be an easy way, and besides there could be more enjoyment out of being fucked than doing a desk job. Obviously, we both were too drunk!

We finally made it back to our hotel and started climbing up the stairs. We were staying on the 4th floor. When we got to the 3rd floor our suspicions about the girls we saw was confirmed, because there on the landing was this working girl getting fucked by this guy. Her shorts lay on the floor and he had her up against the wall. When they saw us they just kept going, business as usual. I gasped with a smile and Steve pretty much did the same. We just walked by them and continued up the stairs. As we got up to the next level I just burst out laughing. My husband laughed too and said that was hot!

When we got to our floor I couldn’t handle it anymore. We were right in front of our door and apparently Steve was in the same mood as me because he grabbed me and kissed me and we started making out. We hadn’t even gotten inside our room. His hands started roaming and that was when he stopped and said, “Hey, what happened to your underwear?” I told him I took them off at the disco because I was too hot. Then I said the fateful words, “quit talking, just fuck me.” Next thing you know, he’s lifted my dress off me and I’m stark naked in the hallway of our hotel . What the heck, it’s like 4 AM, everyone was asleep! Along side our door was a small platform that is almost a foot tall. It’s there to help you take off your shoes. Steve got me up on this thing bent me over and started to fuck me like crazy. After seeing the prostitute and her customer in the stairwell it was motivation for both of us to be naughty. You know: when in Rome do as the Romans do. I don’t know how long we were doing it, it could have been 2 minutes it could have been 20. All I know was I was soaked, I was horny and Steve was having an equally good time.

And then it happened. The door from the stairwell to our hallway opened and out walked this guy (turns out he was Australian). We were busted. But neither of us cared, so we did just like we had seen done in the stairwell. We just kept going. As Steve fucked me from behind I remember looking over at this guy and smiling as he walked toward us. But unlike us, he didn’t walk by. He just stood there watching. So we just kept fucking. And then the guy did it, he unzipped his shorts and pulled it out. The guy was obviously aroused. Steve stopped, turned to the guy and asked, “whoa, what are you doing?” The guy responded with this Australian accent with something like, “I want to fuck her when you’re done, she’s the hottest hooker I’ve seen all night.” I’m still standing there, leaning against the wall with my ass poised to be taken, and this guy thinks I’m a local hooker! Then Steve floored me and it happened too fast to react. Steve said something like, “you’re right she is hot, go ahead.” And just like that, the guy was up on me and sliding it in. No condoms, just bare! He felt awesome! It wasn’t so much his size, it was the fact that I was so damn wet and my husband was standing there watching!

The guy was obviously as drunk as we were. But obviously, he didn’t care either. While this total stranger has me bent over I watched as Steve get out his key, unlocked the door to our room and went inside the room, leaving me with my “John”. All of a sudden there was a flash! And there stood Steve, smiling away with our camera in his hand. He took a picture of me getting fucked by this guy.

About 20 minutes later he’s still fucking me and Steve is now the one just standing there watching. Finally, the guy just stopped. He mumbled something about not being able to fuck with an audience. He said to me in very slow speech “do-you-speak-English? How-much-to-go-to-my-room?” I just stared at him like I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I think I just said, “huh?” And then he repeated it even more slowly. Finally Steve responded and said, “I think it’s 800 yuan” (that’s about $100.00 US). I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Then the guy countered at 500 yuan (that’s about $60.00 US). Now if you can just picture there are the three of us standing there in the middle of a hotel hallway negotiating: me wearing nothing; this guy with his shorts below his ankles with a raging hard-on, and Steve who is now fully dressed again. Steve just replied, “that should be fine.” Steve looked me and asked, “is that ok with you.” Finally I spoke and asked the guy “where is your room?” (I could tell he was shocked by my unaccented English). He pointed to a door that was two over from ours. I looked at Steve and said, “if it’s ok with you, I really would like to finish.” Steve nodded. The guy reached down for his shorts and pulled out a wad of money. He handed me 500 yuan, and I handed the money to Steve. The guy pondered this and came out with it, “do you two know each other?” Steve said, “yeah, you’ve been fucking my wife, have fun!” Steve just bent down and picked my dress and purse off the floor, turned, walked back into the room and closed the door behind him, leaving me alone naked with my new friend. He motioned me towards his door and in we went.

When we got into the room it was awkward for both of us. By now it was almost 5 AM. I could tell he was still in a state of shock. Let’s face it I was too. But also you have to realize that I was still naked and horny and had still not finished getting fucked. Up until then I still hadn’t had an orgasm, and by then I wanted one. So I did what felt natural, I laid down on the hard bed (beds suck in China by the way) and finally asked what should have been asked long before, “what’s your name?” He told me his name was Jeff and I finally told him my name. Next thing we’re embraced in a kiss. Needless to say it ended up being at least an hour of passionate dirty sex. Even though he now no longer had an audience, because of his intoxication he wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. For about an hour we ended up entertaining each other. Difference is, he paid for me (at a bargain price) and I got him for free! By the end of that hour I finally had my orgasm and so did he! We ended up falling asleep. Sometime around 8 AM he woke me and wanted some more. I was so tired! I told him it would cost him another 500 yuan. He balked, and countered and said he would pay me 1,000 if I would do anal. Not exactly my favorite thing. I told him I would think about it, so we started to fuck so more. He kept whispering that he wanted to fuck my ass. I didn’t respond. Then he went down on me. He moved down and just buried his mouth into my pussy, it felt great! As he teased me with his tongue I felt his fingers playing with my ass. As he ate me he started finger fucking my ass. The guy knew what he was doing. I could tell that he was going to try and put his entire hand up my ass because he got at least 3 fingers in me and I finally stopped him and said I would let him fuck my ass but only if he had a lubricant. Finally, that gave us reason to use a condom (I know we should have been using one all along). He put on a lubricated condom and I let him do as he pleased. The first good news was because of what he had done with his fingers I was ready to receive him. The second good news was that he only lasted a few minutes. He obviously really wanted me. He came, and we fell back to sleep.

Around 9:30 AM we woke again. Now the alcohol was really starting to wear off. Reality was setting in. I’ve been acting as a prostitute the past several hours and my husband was still back in our room. Was he going to be pissed now that he was sobering up? I had no idea what to think. Jeff must have sensed I was tensing up because he started massaging me. Before I know it he had gotten my mind at ease and I wasn’t thinking anymore. Obviously noticing what I like earlier that morning his mouth found it’s way between my legs one more time. This time I reciprocated and sucked him until he got hard again. We fucked one last time. About 10:00 AM I finally told him that I needed to go. I got off the bed and just stood there. I reminded him that he still owed me. He said he hadn’t forgotten, and he gave me a wad of money. I didn’t even bother counting it. Turns out he gave me 500 yuan, despite the fact that he had said he would pay me for anal. I didn’t discover this until I got back to the room, which by the way ended up being a bit of drama.

It was at this time I realized that I had no clothes. Steve had taken my dress when we were still in the hallway. Jeff offered me a towel to wrap myself in, but told me that I would need to return it. My mind was working well enough to realize that if I were to return to Jeff’s room, I might end up making more money. The guilt was setting in enough that I didn’t want that, but I had little choice, I had no clothes!

I wrapped myself in a towel, it was time to go. I peaked down the hallway and it was clear, so I ran to my room and started knocking on the door. I made enough noise that another door opened and this Chinese guy stuck his head out to see me standing there wearing only a towel. I just shrugged and looked away. Finally, Steve opened the door. As soon as the door opened, I ran back to Jeff’s door, threw the towel down and ran back to my room. That Chinese guy got a free look!

When I got inside, Steve just started laughing. He said, “so how is my little hooker?” I lost it for a minute and took the money in my hand and threw it at him and said something like “you’re such a jerk!” He said seriously, “so did you actually fuck him all of this time?” I lied and told him that we went to his room, we did it for only a few minutes and he finally released. I told him we fell asleep and I only just now woke up.

Steve assured me that he was ok with what happened, as long as I was okay with what happened. I confirmed that I was, and you know what? I really was okay with it. Steve picked up the money and asked about it. I told him Jeff gave me extra since I stayed. That’s when Steve counted the money and told me it was 500 yuan. If he only knew what I had really done to earn that extra money, even though it was half of what it was suppose to be.

I guess it goes without saying that this was the highlight of our trip. Most people climb the Great Wall or see the Forbidden City. Me, I just ate from the forbidden fruit!

The event has been quite a story between Steve and I. I’m certain when Jeff got home, he had his story as well.

When we got back to the States, our experience opened the door for another experience that happened with Steve and his best friend, who actually was the best man in our wedding. But that happened almost 2 years later, and is another story in itself.

By the way, I don’t blame you if you wonder the validity of my story. There is one thing I have though. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t forget, I still have the picture.

If you’re interested in seeing it, drop me a line and I can send it to you.


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