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When we got back home we were dead dog tired and just cleaned up, went to bed, and slept.

The next morning I got up to go to work and Linda was still in bed. I went in to take a shower and when I got out, she was not in bed. I heard her talking to someone on the phone in the kitchen. I went to the corner where I could hear her conversation.

“My gawd Diana Jack was soooooo good looking.” She paused.

“Oh yes I would fuck him again.” She paused again.

“No not overly large but he was a nice size. I mean he filled you up without stretching too far.” She paused.

“Oh yah, Amy and Maggie are great too. I can see why Jim was attracted and I can see why he likes fucking them. They also both ate my pussy and…” she paused. “Yes I came, they knew exactly what to do to get a girl off.” She finished.

“We are going back next week when Jim has another meeting.” She paused.

“I want to get to know Amy and Maggie a little better if you know what I mean. I also hope maybe we can play the same game in the bar it was so exciting. It is so nice to have so many men want to fuck you. It is such a turn on.” She paused.

She laughed, “Yah especially at our age.”

“I better get off here Jim will be getting ready for work. Talk to you more later, bye.” She hung up the phone.

I went back to the bedroom and finished getting dressed for work. I then went to the kitchen and Linda was there wearing her bib apron with nothing on under it. My gawd does she know how that turns me on?

I walked up to her, slid my hands under the bib, and wrapped my hands around her big tits that were trying to escape from the fabric. I kissed her on the neck and she turned to kiss me.

“Gooood morning Lover! Would you like some breakfast?” she asked.

“Would love to but I have to go. I’m already running late.” I responded.

She kissed me again and out the door I went. I knew today was the day the neighbors got their yard mowed. I also knew it was always about two when he was over there. I had decided to sneak back by the house about then to see if Linda was really fucking the gardener.

Work was hectic so it was natural that I would take a late lunch. I left work about one forty five and drove to the house. I parked about a half a block away and walked. The gardener’s truck and trailer was in the drive of the neighbor’s house but he was nowhere to be found. I slowly opened the door and walked into the house. The house was silent so I walked into the kitchen and looked out at the pool.

There I saw Linda sitting on the edge of the lounge chair with the gardener standing in front of her. She had his cock pulled through the fly of his pants and was sucking and stroking his cock. His cock was also very large. At least ten to eleven inches when hard as it was now. Linda was having a hard time wrapping her tiny hand around the girth of it and her mouth was stretched wide trying to suck it all in.

Linda still had on her very tiny swimsuit. The top was only two little triangles of fabric covering her nipples and with the ample size of her breasts she was spilling over the sides. Her bottoms were nothing more than some strings holding a small piece of fabric over her pussy. I’m sure the gardener appreciated the scantily clad neighbor and all of her fine attributes on display.

He then reached for the string at her neck and untied it letting it fall and along with it Linda’s tits fell into sight. He then reached down and pulled Linda up to him. He bent over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Linda rolled her head back in response to his tongue and lips on her sensitive nipple. As he was sucking on her nipples he reached for the string tie for the bottoms and untied it. Her bottoms fell to the ground. He then let his big hand slid down her belly and he inserted a finger into her pussy. He withdrew it now lubricated with her juices and massaged her clit. Linda looked down at the man sucking her nipples and ran her hand through his hair. He then slid another finger into her, she again rolled her head back, and I could hear her moan.

The gardener’s big cock was bouncing in the air as he then turned Linda around and had her put her hands on the lounger. She was nearly bent double as her ass and pussy was there for his taking. He ran his hand along her ass and to her pussy then grabbed his cock and guided it toward my wife’s pussy.

He slowly leaned into her and I watched as his monster cock slowly disappeared into Linda’s pussy. She let her head droop as he entered her and I heard her moan again.

She reached between her legs, felt the huge cock penetrating her, and massaged her clit.

“OOOOHHHHH FUCK!” exploded from Linda’s mouth as he had fully sunk into her pussy.

I watched him withdraw and his cock was shiny from Linda’s wet pussy. He then very quickly plunged back into her.

“OOOOHHHHH YESSSSS!” was her comment on his movement.

I then noticed my cock was rock hard so I reached in, pulled it out, and began stroking it.

The gardener was now plunging in and out of my wife’s pussy with reckless abandon. Her large tits were hanging below her and swinging back and forth with each of his strokes.

I could hear her grunting on each stroke, “Oh…Oh…Oh…”

I could feel the cum rising in my shaft as I was not furiously stroking my dick.

The gardener groaned and his knees buckled as he sunk all the way into my wife and shot his load.

Linda also was groaning and writhing on his cock.

I shot my load into the kitchen sink as Linda quickly turned and sucked his cum covered cock back into her mouth.

I put my cock back in my pants then left Linda a note.

Nice show you and the Gardener put on this afternoon. I left my enjoyment in the kitchen sink.

See you after work.


I looked out the window one more time to see him tucking his cock back into his pants and he turned to go back to the neighbors.

Linda just laid back down on the lounger naked and massaged her pussy.

I went out the door and as I was walking past the neighbors house back to my car the gardener was walking out to his truck.

He nodded his head and said, “Hello.”

I just kept walking and replied, “Hello.”

If only he knew that I was the husband of the wife he had just fucked he might not have been so cordial.

I had no more than walked into my office when my secretary called, “Your wife is on the phone.”

I picked it up and said, “Hello.”

She said, “I got your note.”

“Did you now?” I responded

“I am assuming from your deposit in the sink that you enjoyed being the little voyeur?” she inquired.

“I hate to admit it but yes I did enjoy watching you.” I answered.

Then she surprised me, “I’m still naked and fingering my wet hot pussy but this time I am thinking about your big cock fucking me.”

My cock was beginning to stir in my pants and I said, “Hold that thought”.

I got up and locked the door.

“I’m sorry but I had to lock the door.” I said

“MMMMMMM why did you have to lock the door? Do you have your big cock out and stroking it again?” she purred into the phone.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Oh my you are such a naughty boy playing with yourself while your at work.” She responded

She then added while I was stroking my cock, “My pussy is soooo wet, and I’m so horny. I can feel your cock sliding in and out of me. My hard clit is rubbing against your hard shaft as you are fucking me and it feels soooooo good.”

“Can you feel my pussy tightening around your cock as I’m ready to cum all over it?” She purred seductively.

“Yes I can feel it.” As I closed my eyes and squeezed my dick a little harder.

“OOOOHHHH JIM! Your making me cum.” She moaned into the phone.

“OOOHHH here it comes baby I’m filling up your pussy.” As I reached for some Kleenex on my desk.

“Oh FUCK YES! She nearly screamed in the phone.

“AAAAAUGGGH!” I groaned into the phone as my cum shot into the Kleenex.

“Honey, I’m going to stay naked all day waiting for you to come home and fuck me.” She breathlessly stated.

“I can’t wait until I get to fuck you for real!” I added.

“Bye, bye” she said and hung up the phone.

I went to my office restroom, flushed the Kleenex, and cleaned myself off. I then tucked my cock back into my pants and unlocked the door. I looked at the clock and it was three thirty.

“Damn an hour and a half yet to go until five.” I mumbled to myself.

I went back to work and tried to get Linda’s phone sex off my mind. It was not easy because I knew she would truthfully be at home naked waiting for me.

I busied myself with work so the time would go by faster. Five o’clock finally came around and I was probably the first one out the door. I drove home with a hard on thinking of Linda naked waiting to surprise me with something new.

When I pulled into the drive there was a van in the driveway. As I pulled past it, I saw Dan’s Pool Service on the side of it. I pulled into the garage and went inside. Again, the house was quiet.

I went to the kitchen and looked out at the pool. Nobody was there either. I walked down the hall and into our bedroom.

There was Linda on all fours with Derek behind her sliding his big cock in and out of my wife.

“Honey, you’re home and just in time.” Linda said looking up at me.

“I thought that since you enjoyed watching me and Tony today that you might like to watch Derek and I together.” she added.

I did not know how to answer. My wife whom I was expecting to fuck was at home fucking the pool guy.

She said, “Sit over there in that chair and enjoy yourself. After Derek is done your next.”

I walked to the chair and sat down. I watched as Derek continued to fuck my wife. I watched as his big cock wet from my wife’s pussy slipped in and out of her. I watched as her tits swayed beneath her with each stroke.

Linda then pulled away from Derek and turned to face him. His big cock was bouncing in the air.

She looked at me and said, “Now watch as I suck his big cock and let him cum in my mouth.”

She could not get her hand around his girth and she could barely open wide enough to get just the head of it in her mouth. She stroked and pulled on his cock while letting her tongue dance around the head of his monster.

As disappointed as I was I could not help getting turned on by watching her red lips wrapped around his cock. My dick was hard and I felt moisture as the precum was oozing from it.

I stood up to kick off my shoes and socks. I then unbuckled my pants and slid them down then took them off. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I walked up behind Linda whose ass and pussy was very near the end of the bed.

I said to her, “If you want to act like a slut then Derek and I will fuck you like a slut.”

I knew that after having Derek’s big cock in her pussy there was no need for lubrication so in one plunge I buried my cock in her pussy. I hit it so hard that there was a slap as my groin meet her ass.

I heard her gag on Derek’s cock as the force of my entry had thrust her forward and further onto his cock.

She groaned, “Mmmmhhh.” At my sudden and forceful intrusion.

I withdrew and then plunged back into her repeatedly. She continued to suck Derek’s cock.

“You know my little slut Derek has stretched your pussy out so much that there is very little friction. I think I need something a little tighter.” I informed her.

With that, I withdrew from her pussy and aimed my cock at her puckered little asshole. The head of my cock touched her hole and she jerked. She tried to move away and I grabbed her hips as Derek grabbed her head.

Derek said, “Keep sucking slut.” And he winked at me.

I pushed forward with my cock and the head popped into her rectum.

She screamed on Derek’s cock. Derek kept his hands firmly on her head holding her on his cock.

She again tried to squirm away and I pushed further in until about an inch was in her ass.

“How does my little slut like being a slut now?” I asked.

I pushed another inch into her and she groaned again with Derek’s cock in her mouth.

Her sphincter muscles were squeezing trying to keep my invading cock out. I let her adjust to the feeling. Suddenly the squeezing stopped and I pushed the rest of the way into her.

She groaned a long rumbling sound as I hit bottom. The vibration from her moan set Derek off as he moaned and shot his load into her mouth. She gagged again on the volume of his load.

I withdrew and slid back in.

“My little slut apparently likes getting fucked in two holes at once.” I said.

Her hand left Derek’s cock, she put it on her pussy and began massaging and fingering her clit.

Derek slid under her and sucked on her heavy tits swaying beneath her.

I began pumping in and out of her ass as she toyed with her clit.

Very quickly, she made an animalistic sound and laid her head all the way onto the bed smothering Derek in her tits. She was grabbing at the bed sheets and had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen her have.


She was now bucking her ass back at me and was now squeezing my cock on purpose. The intense pressure was more than I could handle and I shot my load deep into her bowels. I nearly blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm.

Once I had stopped cumming in her ass, I withdrew my cock. There was an audible pop as it came out of her ass. I looked at her asshole as it was gaping open. I could see my cum running out of it. Then the muscles responded and it snapped shut again.

Linda rolled off Derek who had not stopped sucking her tits and lay on her back on the bed.

Derek stood up and reached for his pants saying, “Wow, you two are pretty wild.”

“Derek would you clean our pool once a week?” I asked.

“Sure, I can do it on Tuesday’s about three if that is ok?” he responded.

“That would be great.” And I shook his hand before he left.

As he was going out the door I added, “I assume there will be no extra charge for servicing my slut wife?”

He shook his head and replied, “No Sir.” Then he left the room.

“Son of a BITCH that hurt so good!” Linda exclaimed.

“If you are going to act like a slut and a whore then I will have to start treating you like one.” I said looking at her.

She spread her legs open and said, “Come her and fuck me. In the pussy!”

I crawled onto the bed and slid my semi hard cock into her very wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and I pounded repeatedly into her.

I shot another load into her and collapsed on top of her.

She whispered in my ear, “I Love You!”

“I Love you too.” I responded.

I rolled off her and laid beside her.

She then asked, “Will you be coming by to spy on me with Derek on Tuesdays and Tony on Thursdays?”

“Every chance I get.” I responded.

I then asked her, “Is there anyone else that I need to spy on with you?”

She smiled and said, “No but if you want to set something up let me know.”

I smiled at her and responded with, “You really are a little slut aren’t you?”

“Yep and I think my perverted little husband like it that way.” She said.

“I think I will call Amy and Maggie tomorrow and offer to fly them in for the weekend. What do you think?” I asked.

“Hell Yes is what I think!” she enthusiastically responded.

We crawled out of bed and went to take a shower. We ate dinner and watched some TV. I noticed that Linda was kind of leaning on the couch.

I asked her, “Does your ass hurt?”

“Yessss it hurts.” She responded.

“Sorry I won’t do that again I just got a little carried away.” I said.

“You better do it again. That was the most intense orgasm of my entire life.” She said looking at me.

“Ok but I will wait between times.” I said

She responded with, “That would probably be a good idea until I get used to it.” She laughed.

I asked, “Do we have our neighborhood meeting this week?”

She answered, “No, Diana had to go out of town.”

“Damn, maybe we will wait until next week to invite Amy and Maggie to town” I said.

She jumped at her answer, “NO! We can entertain them I’m sure.”

“I hope they take it well. I think Amy is beginning to feel something for me.” I said.

“It will be ok. I will let her know I am willing to share your big cock with her and Maggie.” She smiled.

“Alright then I will invite them in the morning.” I responded.

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