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I suddenly woke up because of something touching my cock.

I groggily opened my eyes to realize that Linda was sucking on my morning hard on. Her head was under the sheets and all I could see was the bobbing up and down motion her head was causing. As I woke further I lifted the sheets to glance at my cock.

Linda pulled off my cock and looked at me, “Good morning Lover!”

I cleared my throat and replied, “A very good morning to you too.”

She turned and opened her mouth to wrap her lips around my very sore cock. After all of the fucking and sucking that my cock had been put through in the last twenty four to thirty six hours it was aching. Although Linda’s mouth felt wonderful I was not sure how much success she would have on tasting the cum she apparently was in so desperate need of. I lowered the sheets, laid my head back down, and simply enjoyed the attention.

She had been sucking and licking my sore cock for a while when she suddenly stopped and started from under the sheets.

She appeared from under the sheets and asked, “Is my big boy worn out from last night?”

I simply replied, “Good gawd what do you think?”

She just laughed and said, “Well get out of bed and I will fix breakfast and we will try again later.”

I watched as her naked body rolled out of bed and watched as her naked little ass disappeared around the corner, headed to the kitchen.

I laid there for a moment and thought, “What the hell am I going to do? At the rate that the sex is coming now I will never have a time when my dick is not sore and aching.” Then I reminded myself, “Quit your fucking bitching. You have not had sex for over a year. Now you have more than you can handle and you’re griping.”

I crawled out of bed and headed to the kitchen naked.

I heard Linda’s voice as I neared the kitchen and figured she was on the phone. When I turned the corner there was Diane standing and talking to my naked wife.

I exclaimed, “Oh shit” and jumped back around the corner.

The girls laughed and I heard Diane say, “Come on Jim. I saw everything you have last night.”

I stood just around the corner and thought, “Well she is right there. What the hell!”

I walked back around the corner in all my naked glory.

Linda let out a wolf whistle as I stepped back around the corner and I could feel my face blush.

Diane said, “Oh look Linda you have embarrassed him.”

I walked to the other side of the bar from Diane to keep some modicum of modesty.

Linda then told me, “I have just been telling Diane how she wore you out last night. Poor thing got hard but his delicious cum was all dried up.”

Diane laughed, “Hell Linda you should be thanking me. What better than a hard cock that never comes and stays hard?”

Linda walked up behind me and slapped my naked ass, “I know but I just love the taste of his cum.”

Linda placed some bacon and eggs in front of me and then asked, “Diane why don’t you join us I have more than enough.”

Diane replied, “Sure why not but, I feel overdressed for this crowd. Does anyone mind if I get comfortable?”

Linda smiled at me and said, “I’m sure Jim does not mind. He confessed last night to wanting to see you naked and fuck you since he met you.”

Diane got a faux shocked look on her face, “My, my Jim, I never knew you wanted to fuck me. Why didn’t you just say so years ago and we could have gotten this train rolling then?”

Diane slipped her tank top over her head to reveal those perfect tits. She then slid the tiny shorts she had on down her long tanned legs and stepped out of them. She was not wearing underwear so her smooth little pussy that brought me so much pleasure last night was there for me to ogle.

I began eating my bacon and eggs as Diane sat down at the table. Thank God, Linda had talked me into the glass top dinette. Linda soon brought Diane a plate and sat it down in front of her, which partially hid my view of Diane’s tasty little slit.

Linda joined Diane at the table to eat her breakfast and said, “Honey don’t stand over there join us.”

I grabbed my plate and sat with the girls. If you had told me six months ago that I would be sitting at our dinette naked with my wife and Diane naked, I would have said you were full of shit. Never mind the fact that I was also having sex with two women in Florida. How things change.

I finished eating and sat there while the girls finished.

When they finished Linda asked, “Honey would you be a dear and take the dishes to the sink for me?”

I looked at her as she smiled back one of those evil grins. I got up, gathered the plates, and carried them to the sink. I began to rinse them off when I felt a warm body press up against my back and a hand sliding around my waist to grab my cock. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Linda still sitting at the table with a big grin on her face.

I could feel those perfect tits poking my back and my cock quickly was becoming rigid.

I heard Linda from the table say, “Maybe Diane can coax some of that sweet cum from your balls for me this morning.”

Diane pressed harder into me and continued to stroke my cock until it was hard.

Diane then said, “You know Jim I have also wondered what it would be like to fuck you for several years now. Last night I found out and I was not disappointed.”

I turned slightly to see her face peering over my shoulder and replied, “Nor was I.”

She continued to stroke my cock and turned me to face Linda who was still sitting at the table. Diane still behind me was stroking my cock. Linda got up from the table and walked to us. Her nipples were hard with excitement.

She kissed me and said, “It is so fucking exciting to see Diane’s hand stroking your big cock.”

She then bent over and began licking and sucking my nipples which always drives me crazy. I could feel the little electric shocks running from each nipple straight to my cock. Linda then cupped my balls in her hand as Diane kept stroking me. Diane’s free hand was running along my ass and hip. The excitement from having these two women kissing, fondling, and stroking my body was going to be what it took to get me off. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. Diane stepped up the stroking as she could feel my cock swelling.

Diane said, “Linda get ready because I think our boy is ready to pop.”

Linda squatted down in front of me just as I could hold back no longer. The first shot hit her square on the lips. She opened her mouth as the second spurt erupted from my cock and landed on her tongue. She then had her mouth firmly wrapped around my cock as I finished erupting. Diane was still stroking and pulling on my dick as if she was trying to milk every last drop out of it for her friend and my wife.

My cock quickly deflated in her mouth and now it was really aching. Diane let loose of my cock from her hand and Linda stood up. She had cum on her lips still and used her tongue to lick them clean.

Linda said, “Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you Diane.”

Diane walked around in front of me and replied, “Glad I could be of assistance this morning. But, girlfriend you better let your man regenerate a little before you try him again.”

Linda pooched out her lower lip and said, “Oh alright.”

Diane walked back to where her skimpy white tank top was and her short shorts then said, “I better be going. Lots of things to do today.”

Diane was pulling her clothes on and Linda asked her, “Why don’t you come over about one and we will catch some rays by the pool?”

Diane replied, “Sounds great I will call you and let you know for sure. I have to get some things done today.”

Diane said, “Goodbye” as she was leaving through the front door, she gave my cock another squeeze. It was so sore that I grimaced in pain. She added, “Linda lay off him for a bit. You are about to wear him out.”

Linda had a sad look on her face, “Alright I will try. Hope to see you later.”

Diane went out the front door and I headed down the hall to put on some shorts and t-shirt.

Linda asked, “Are you going outside to get away from me?”

I replied with a smile, “Matter of fact yes. My dick is sore from cumming so many times in a short period. I need to recoup a bit before I fuck your brains out tonight.”

She grinned, “Ok I’ll leave you alone but only if you promise to fuck me really good.”

“I promise, I promise!” I replied

I then headed out the door to mow the lawn. We live on a three-acre lot so it takes awhile to mow all of it. I was done except for the backyard. I opened the gate and rode the lawn tractor into the yard. I glanced over by the pool and there was Linda stretched out in a lounger sunning her naked body.

I made several passes around the yard when I saw Linda get up and go inside. She soon came back out and Diane was with her. Linda stretched out in the lounger again and Diane proceeded to remove her top. She pulled it over her head and her perfectly sized and shaped tits came into view.

Then, “Bang!”

“Shit” I exclaimed as I turned around and found I had run into a tree.

I glanced over at the girls and they were laughing. They knew what had happened. I put the mower in reverse and before going again glanced at the girls. Diane was pulling her shorts off and her smooth pussy was in view. She also stretched out on her back to catch some rays.

I finished mowing the yard without incident and headed out the gate. I returned the mower to the shed and went inside to get a cold drink.

I stood at the sink to get some water and to admire the two beautiful naked women sunning in my back yard. Who would have ever thought that I would have a view such as this from my window?

As I was looking at them, my mind turned to Amy. Sweet Amy. My gawd that girl could fuck.

How was I going to keep two sex lives rolling with two nymphomaniacs? I was going to have to work my schedule better so that I did not come back from Florida right before our Saturday night “meetings.”

My attention was suddenly diverted back to the pool. The girls were turning over. As Linda was turning over she was shortly on all fours and her large tits were hanging down and looked so suckable. Diane turned but as she switched over, she bent over facing the kitchen window to flash her pussy and sweet ass in my direction.

As they got situated there were now two beautiful asses tanning in the sun. What a sight!

My mind then wondered back to Amy and her bright red lips wrapped around my hard cock. The girl could work magic on a cock. I also was wondering if there was ever going to be another session with Maggie. I had never been involved in a threesome and now I had been involved in two of them in one week.

I snapped back and decided to go see if the girls needed anything. I walked to the loungers and stopped for a moment to stare before they noticed I was there.

“Would you girls like something while I’m on a break?” I politely asked.

Linda replied, “How nice. Yes, I would like a cold glass of tea. Diane would you like something?”

Diane rolled slightly and said, “A glass of tea would be great, thanks.”

I went back in, made two glasses of tea, and took them back out. I sat them on the small table between the two of them.

Linda then asked, “Honey would you be a dear and put some lotion on my back?”

“Sure.” I replied.

I grabbed the lotion, squirted some on my hands, and then placed them on Linda’s hot skin. I began rubbing the lotion into her back and shoulders. I placed some more on my hands then placed my hands onto her ass. I let my hands slid between her cheeks to be sure that they did not burn.

She was still facing down and commented, “That’s a little extreme don’t you think?”

I replied, “I want to be sure you don’t burn any part of your body.”

I finished with her legs and when I got up Diane asked, “How about me big boy?”

I turned toward her just as she rolled again slightly to look at me.

“Damn Jim, Are you ever soft?”

I glanced down and noticed the front of my shorts was tented out with a semi erection from putting the lotion on Linda.

Linda rolled over slightly and said, “Damn it Jim you remain calm. You promised to fuck my brains out tonight.”

Both of the girls laughed as I put some more lotion on my hands then placed them on Diane’s back. I also then applied lotion to her firm and taut ass. I let my hands slid between her cheeks and she slightly hunched her ass up in the air so I let a hand slid down to her pussy.

She then said, “Jim I know that is a little extreme.”

Linda spoke up, “Is he being a naughty boy?”

Diane replied, “He must think my pussy is going to get burned.”

I could feel my face flush red even in the heat. I stood up and went back inside. Damn it if my cock was now fully erect and hurt like hell.

“Calm down” I said to myself.

I stood there and watched as the two sat out there and laughed at the predicament I was in. I’m sure they knew how badly I wanted to fuck the both of them right now.

I went to the garage and began cleaning up the cars to try to get my mind off the naked women in my backyard. It worked and my cock finally relented and went flaccid.

I finished cleaning both cars and went back into the kitchen to get another cold drink. I glanced out by the pool and there was nobody there. I then heard the shower running and headed to our bedroom. The door was slightly open and I could see through the glass shower doors two naked forms.

Linda and Diane were showering together. I could see Diane’s head at Linda’s tits and she was sucking on her nipples. Linda’s head was tilted back enjoying the attention that Diane was lavishing on her large breasts.

Diane then stood up and Linda reached for Diane’s tits and held them in her hands,

I heard Linda say, “You have the greatest tits. I wish mine stood up nice and firm like yours.”

Diane responded with, “Don’t be silly. Your tits are absolutely gorgeous.”

Diane then reached for the soap and began running her hands all over Linda’s body spreading the soap as she went. When she had her sufficiently lathered, she passed the soap to Linda. Linda also lathered up Diane’s body. When both of them were covered in suds they pressed their bodies against one another.

Diane giggled and said, “How sexy feeling our slick bodies together.”

They then leaned into one another and kissed. Not a sisterly kiss but a deep passionate lover’s kiss. Their hands were all over each other as they caressed every inch of the other’s body.

Diane sat down on the bench built into the shower and Linda pulled the shower massager from the wall. Linda got down on her knees and directed the spray directly at Diane’s pussy.

Diane moaned, “Oh Gawd!”

Linda then put a hand on Diane’s pussy and I could tell she was rubbing her clit as the massager rained down on her pussy.

My cock was rock hard and fully erect. I pulled it from my shorts and began stroking it. It was still sore but less so now than earlier.

Diane leaned back against the shower wall as Linda continued to massage her pussy with her hand and the water massager.

Diane was squirming on the bench and she groaned, “OOOHH FUCK LINDA I’m CUMMMMING!”

I saw her body jerk in spasms as her orgasm over came her body.

When she was done Diane said, “Your turn. That is fantastic.”

The two exchanged places and kissed again while doing so.

Linda sat on the bench and Diane got on her knees in front of her.

Precum was running from the head of my dick causing it to lubricate my stroking.

As soon as Diane turned the nozzle onto Linda’s pussy Linda moaned, “Oooohhhh fuck!”

Diane was also massaging Linda’s clit with her hand.

It did not take long for Linda to groan, “OOOHHH SHIT DIANE!”

Linda’s body jerked as she squirmed on the bench enthralled in her orgasm.

Linda’s body quit convulsing and she said, “Damn it’s too bad Jim is out of commission and off limits because I sure could use his big cock right about now.”

Diane added, “No doubt!”

Well you do not have to ask me twice. I stripped down, went to the shower door, and opened it.

Diane turned when the door opened and glanced down my naked body at my very hard slick cock and said, “Get your ass in here.”

She grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled me into the shower.

A memory flashback occurred right then to my night at the trailer in the shower with Amy and Maggie. Only this time it was my wife sharing me with her beautiful friend.

I was sandwiched in-between both of them facing Linda who immediately grabbed hold of my cock. Diane was behind me rubbing my ass with her hands then reached around me and toyed with my nipples.

Linda asked, “How long have you been standing out there?”

I replied, “Since pretty close to the beginning.”

Diane added, “Linda it looks like we have a voyeur here.”

My wife then said, “Yah, maybe we should teach him a lesson that it is not polite to spy on people when they are having a private moment.”

I could feel Diane’s hard nipples pressing into my back and Linda was slowly stroking my cock.

Then Diane grabbed the soap and started lathering up my body. She paid especially close attention to my ass. She then handed the soap to my wife who used it to soap my chest and hard cock.

Diane then said, “Damn the water is getting cold.”

Linda added, “It is time to get out.”

They both stepped out of the shower and left me there all soaped up and with the hot water gone.

Linda laughed, “You better rinse off before the water gets ice cold. The cold shower appears as if it will do you some good.”

I was looking through the glass as the girls left the bathroom with towels wrapped around them.

I stepped into the cold water and rinsed off the soap. My cock quickly deflated.

I got out of the shower and expected to see the girls in bed waiting for me. They were not in the bedroom. I walked naked to the kitchen and there was another note.


I went down to Diane’s house to help her with something.

I will be back in about an hour. Just in time for you to fuck my brains out.



“Son of a bitch!” I exclaimed to an empty house.

She has not only become a nymphomaniac but a cock tease as well.

They are not getting away with it that easily I decided. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and walked down to Diane’s house. When I approached the house and walked to the front door, I heard moaning from inside the house.

I again snuck around the side of the house and hid in the bushes since it was still light outside. I peeked in the window and there was my wife on her hands and knees with a guy I did not know. He was not at the meeting last night. This guy was in his early twenties and all I could tell at this point was that he was pounding his cock into Linda hard and fast.

Diane was sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide open watching the scene in front of her. She had a large dildo and was sliding it in and out of her pussy.

Linda’s large tits were swaying beneath her from the pounding she was getting. She was groaning with each thrust from this young cock.

She then dropped to her elbows and was grasping at the carpeting with her hands and yelled, OOOHHH YESSSSSS, I’M CUMMMMMING!”

She grunted like a wild animal as she pushed back against the cock pounding into her. She collapsed to the floor and the cock that had been in her pussy came into view.

“Holy Shit” I whispered to myself.

This kid was hung like a horse. His cock hard had to be ten to eleven inches long. He stood up and walked to Diane. Diane withdrew the dildo from her pussy and turned to lie down on the couch. The young stud crawled between her legs and wrapped his hand around his cock to guide it into Diane’s pussy.

I had a full view as his cock parted her pussy lips and just the head slid in.

Diane moaned, “YES Derek fuck my pussy.” She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed forward.

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