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Shaking the cobwebs from my head, I crawled out of bed and headed for the shower.

“Good Morning.”

Tina was already up and in the kitchen. Not being a morning person, I turned and tried to smile before closing the door behind me. For the next twenty minutes as I showered, I tried not to think about what was going to happen this afternoon. The idea of my wife on display to all those men at the work site no longer appealed to me. I was still thinking how I could stop this mess when she opened the shower door and handed me a cup of coffee.

“Good Morning again.”

I wanted to reach for her instead of the coffee. She smiled that smile and handed me the Java.

“You need to be gone when Kahumba arrives. I can tell him you went looking for another site to build on, maybe feed his greed a little.”

I stared at her for a minute, the warm water spraying against my shoulders and back.

“He called about half an hour ago.”

I just nodded and handed her the coffee back. After the door slid shut, I cussed under my breath and then tried to relax. The bastard wasn’t wasting any time. Turning off the water and sliding the door open, I reached for a towel. Tina was already wiping off the mirror to put on her make up. As I worked the heavy terry cloth over my shoulders and chest, I noticed it wasn’t even ten thirty.

“I thought you said this afternoon?”

She folded the face towel she was using and pulled it through one of the rings on either side of the mirror.

“It wasn’t much of a conversation David. He said he’d be here by eleven and I shouldn’t wear make-up, just lip stick.”

Turing to face me, she leaned back against the vanity. Her robe fell open and I could see the bruise on the inside of her thigh had darkened to almost black. Her nipples were still red and swollen and several tiny bruises had developed on her breasts. My favorite teal silk formed a small triangle below her flat stomach.

“What happened to your nail polish?”

She frowned a little.

“According to Kahumba, I should not be wearing it. Just the lipstick.”

I didn’t understand and didn’t want to.

“I think I’ll call Kahumba.”


I met her eyes. Anger? Determination? I wasn’t sure.

“This will end it David. The condos will be done on time and we can have the rest of the weekend together and go home.”

What could I do? Tell her it was all a set up as punishment for her fling with Jack? That I had done it to get even? I swallowed hard.

“I- I guess I’d better get dressed and go. I wouldn’t want Kahumba to see me here and make you into a liar.”

She smiled that damn smile before kissing me. Closing the door behind me, I dressed and headed to the building site…

I went to building A and found where Kahumba evidently wanted me to be. There was an old deck chair and a bottle of cheap scotch next to a large, red cooler filled with ice. Two glasses said I’d have company at some point. I moved to the privacy screen covering the window and noticed there was less than ten feet to the patio below. What did surprise me was there was a long, low wooden table covered with a rather ornate grass mat in the center of the half-walled patio. Pouring the scotch, I watched as about twenty men milled about moving block and other materials toward the end of the unfinished buildings. I did notice that several of them every so often would push or point their finger at one of the others that stayed apart from the rest. Inhaling deeply, I sat down and started on my first scotch. My stomach renewed its churning as I tried to decide whether I was allowing this for revenge or acting on my fantasies. If it was revenge, didn’t last night accomplish that? I was fairly sure I liked seeing her used. I did enjoy her telling me about it. Yet, a little voice kept whispering…

It had been three scotches and more than an hour before Kio finally arrived with another man. Dressed in his ceremonial garb and carrying a garishly decorated staff, I realized this was to be quite the event. I watched as the younger man that had been the object of the others teasing fall in several steps behind them. Kio moved through out the building site, inspecting the mornings work. Shortly before twelve, I saw many of the men collect their lunches and head for the shaded areas near the patio. The younger man disappeared and returned with an ornate wicker chair that he put at end of the patio almost directly under me. Then he too joined the others.

Just after twelve, I saw Kohamba’s jeep arrive. As he eased the vehicle through the building site, I saw that Tina looked more than a little tentative. When he finally stopped and helped her out of the jeep, I realized why. She wore her white peignoir with absolutely nothing underneath. The men stared as Tina was led to the patio and presented to Kio. Kahumba stood behind her and spoke rapidly to Kio before bowing slightly and leaving the patio. Kio circled my wife twice before stopping in front of her. He lifted her face with his fingers as his eyes traveled over the transparent material covering her luscious body. When she half-smiled, I noticed her lipstick was gone. Hearing a noise behind me, I turned to see Kahumba moving toward me.

“Good afternoon my friend. You do not mind if I join you?”

It was more of a statement than a question. I nodded my head as he helped himself to the scotch before joining me at the window.

“She is a wonderful woman my friend. She has a mouth like none that I have ever had before.”

I stiffened at his remark.

“Do not be surprised David. There was no time for another shower. You think I would soil her before bringing her here this day?”

Turning to look down once more, I saw the Chief motion for her to remove the expensive material. She bit her lip before doing as he asked. Now entirely nude, he took her by the shoulders and turned her face then men that had formed a large group around the unfinished walls. Kio allowed them to chatter on for several minutes before he raised his hand. After they quieted, he called out. The young man pushed forward through the tangle of men now naked except for a loin clothe. Stopping near Kio, he took a position at the side of my wife. Again, Kio turned Tina to face him. Speaking rapidly to the teen on her right, Tina stiffened when Kio reached out and cupped her right breast in his large, black hand.

“He is showing him a woman’s sensitive areas.”

The apparent lecture continued as he caressed her pale skin. Her eyes closed when he began toying with her tightening nipple. He paused for a moment and wet the end of his fingers before enjoying her left nipple. Already swollen, its tip quickly lengthened to match her right.

Kio then turned Tina to face the teen. His face remained stoic as he reached out for my wife’s breasts. Powerfully built and proud, he filled each large hand. I watched the young man explore the ripe flesh, his black fingers squeezing and fondling for several minutes before Kio spoke again. He then turned his attention to her swollen and very tender nipples. Tina began to tremble as I saw the sweat form on the young mans brow.

“He is the oldest son, Meho. His father has caught him chasing the goats. That is the only reason he will pass into manhood this day!”

I looked at the sarcastic voice as he refilled his glass.


He smiled, his dark eyes meeting mine.

“Kio will show his generosity by sharing the gift that has been sent him.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal.”

I was pissed now.

“Easy my friend. What difference does it make if we start today or on Sunday? You wanted your wife punished for her indiscretion.”

I did not like what I saw in his eyes.

“At least this way you can see it yourself. After Sunday you will have to be content with video tapes.”

I looked back down at the teen as he continued exploring my wife’s breasts and nipples. Kio’s low voice stopped Meho. He turned my wife to face his father. Tina now had a light sheen of perspiration on her face as well. Kio offered her his hand and taking it, Tina bent to place it against her fore head. Then she turned and knelt on the grass mat covering the low table.

“She was not pleased when I explained the signs of respect and the obedience that was expected of her.”

He chuckled and then continued.

“Yet, she seemed to warm to the idea after swallowing my seed.”

I could feel the blood coloring my cheeks as Kio used his staff to push her knees wider apart before moving next to her. Meho stepped forward to stare at my wife’s openly displayed sex. Kios large hand began circling her bottom as he spoke to him. He nodded his head as the Chief parted her folds with his long, dark fingers and rubbed her hardened clit slowly. He did not stop until Tina groaned loudly. He smiled and motioned Meho to step forward.

I thought I saw a flicker of a smile as he stepped close to her. He began circling her bottom much as his father did, fingers spread wide exploring every bit of her straining bottom. He looked at his father and when Kio nodded, he began fumbling with her open, wet folds and began rubbing her clit a bit more clumsily. His father spoke softly and the teen slipped a single digit inside her splayed sex. Tina pressed her face tightly to the mat before opening her thighs even wider. Kohamba chuckled.

“Does your woman always complain before doing something she loves?”

I looked at him.

“It is like this morning and last night. She whined and she complains and then loves what she does. She has a hunger like none that I have ever seen before.”

I watched Tina as she pushed her bottom back to capture as much of the exploring digit as she could. Kio stepped close again and slipping his hand under her smooth skinned stomach, began manipulating her clit. Talking in a low voice to his son, he raised two fingers together and began a scissors like motion with them. The young man nodded before adding another finger to the first. Tina, still on her knees, rose on her hands and pushed back against the long digits now working slowly in and out of her. As she moved with the their hands, the men struggled for a better look at her melon sized breasts rocking under her. When Kio added his finger to her well-lubricated opening, Tina arched her back and cried out loudly. The men surrounding the small patio raised their hands in the air and began to chant.

Clapping the younger man on the back, Kio moved away from my wife. Meho moved forward. Lifting his hand high, he let it fall onto the left cheek of her bottom. Tina shuddered before again pressing her cheek against the colorful woven mat. Her sex was wide open now, her folds red and swollen and wet. The inside of her thighs glistened with the evidence of the climax she just had. Meho again began exploring my wife’s sex.

He rubbed her clit and then using an open hand, stroked the entire length of the delicate exposed skin. As the chanting slowed, I watched the other man that accompanied Kio step near and loosen the ties that held the Meho’s loincloth. The men immediately became quiet when it fell off his hips, yet still hung over his cock The older man stepped back taking animal skin and exposing Mehos tremendous blue-black length.

Positioning himself quickly, he slapped her bottom again. She cried out softly, but raised her hips higher as she pressed her cheek against the mat. Meho needed no direction now as he filled his hand and moved the uncircumcised tip through Tina’s folds. I watched her adjust her hips by rising slightly when he began to lean forward. Slowly the dark column of flesh began to disappear inside my pale skinned wife. She tried straightening, but the young buck knew what he was doing. His hand fell sharply against the reddened cheek of her bottom. The small cry that escaped her lips seemed to have the same effect on every one as it did me as an eerie silence followed. Tina tried muffling her cries by burying her face in the crook of her arm. The sweat ran freely off Meho as he paused for a moment and looked out at the men watching. Then I saw his muscular ass tense again as more of his length disappeared. Kohamba’s voice reminded me he was there in the room with me.

“She will be no good to anyone tonight after he finishes with her.”

His voice held a twinge of regret. Yet, his khakis showed he would need some type of relief. I heard a tiny scream and looked back. The teen had moved back, showing more than half the ebony shaft was wet before easing forward again. My wife started to rise on her hands. The slap that landed on her ass sounded like a rifle shot. She cried out before dropping her head. This time, more of the young man disappeared. Tina’s head rolled on her tightly clenched hands.

I hadn’t realized it until then, but my own hand was adjusting my hardening length. Looking at Kohumba, he didn’t seem to notice. Draining my fourth scotch, I turned my attention below.

Kio was whispering something to the older man at his side. Nodding his head, he moved to Tina. Reaching under her as Kio had done minutes before, Tina began to whimper. I watched him use his other hand to explore what was not pressed tightly against the mat. Meho locked his hands just above her hips, his long fingers almost encompassing her waist as he began fucking my delicious wife. With long, powerful strokes, it wasn’t long before he was completely buried inside.

The older man continued to fondle my wife as Meho fucked her with the passion of his youth. He grew frantic in his movements and I knew it would not be long. It was not. Tightening so that every muscle the young man had looked as it was ready to burst from his glistening skin, Meho called out to the heavens. Tina’s entire body shook as Meho ground against her, filling her insides. When he began to relax, I saw him look over his shoulder at his father. The older man nodded and Meho reluctantly moved back. When his still erect cock slipped from inside, Tina too visibly relaxed. The left side of her bottom glowed crimson as evidence of the mans youth ran down the inside of her bruised thigh.

Kio rose from his chair and with his hand on Mehos shoulder raised the staff above his head. Immediately several men rushed to kneel in front of him. There was a scramble to take his hand and place it to their fore heads. The Chief nodded and guided his son in front of the men. Meho reached out and touched one of the men on the shoulder. The man rose and allowed the teen to lead him back through the gaggle of onlookers. Many of the others followed.

“He has chosen his daughter for his wife. There will be the marking and then the wedding tonight. Would you like to attend?”

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at that point. Tina was still on her knees as the older man continued to fondle her body. Kio watched as his eldest son and the men who followed moved in the direction of their village. My own arousal was now as evident as Kohumbas.

“She is not done yet. Jambo will have her next and then Kio will select several others. It would not do if she bore the Chief a grandchild. This way there will be no knowing who is the father if she should conceive.”

I was shaking now, the heat becoming unbearable. I wanted this to end. I wanted to go home and take Tina with me. Then something touched my shoulder. I spun around and a tall, slender, native girl stepped back quickly.

“It is alright my friend. I have arraigned for some relief for both of us. This is Marta.”

She looked at Kohumba and then reached behind her head. The brightly colored material fell off her shoulders and pooled around her feet. Her dark skin glistened from the scented oil the native women wore. Bowing slightly, she took my right hand and pressed it to her forehead before slipping her arms around me.

“My gift to you. I must go now and join Kio.”

I was stunned. I felt her full lips exploring my chest as her hands moved firmly over my back and hips. When I finally found my voice to try and refuse, Kohumba was gone. Taking the girl by the shoulders, I pushed her gently away. She looked up at me, her dark eyes disappointed. Then her face smiled. Turning, her narrow bottom swelled as she picked up the dress she wore and folded it quickly. Returning to me, she placed it at my feet before kneeling on it. Her small hands worked quickly at my belt as she again looked up at me. I shook my head. She smiled when my slacks fell and her warm hand fished out my swollen cock. I wanted to stop her, yet when her mouth moved over me engulfing my length to her hand, I couldn’t.

I stared as she slid her hand under my cock and began fondling my balls. Her dark eyes sparkled as she took the rest of my cock deeply in her mouth. I felt her free hand behind me know, pulling me tightly against her face. I began to shake as she moved her head slowly back and then lunged forward, twisting her face in my pubic hair. I’d never been so deep in a woman’s mouth before. I searched behind me until finding the marble sill of the window and arched my hips forward. This brought a gurgling response from Marta as she continued the deliberate movements with her mouth and tongue.

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw several men around Tina, their various shapes and sizes being handled by their own hands. Jamba had evidently finished with my now sweating wife and another, older man was thrusting into her. I saw her fingers curled tightly over the edge of the low table, her cheek moving against the mat.

Looking back at Marta, I felt myself smile. She immediately released my straining cock and cradled my heavy balls in her hand before dipping low enough to kiss each one lovingly She straightened quickly and went to the cooler, dragging it next to the window. The sight of her orange sized breasts wobbling with the effort excited me further if that was possible. Taking the brightly colored folded material, she placed it on the floor at the back of the cooler and against the wall. She knelt once more, laying on her stomach over the cooler.

The contrast between the darkness of the back of her thighs and the bright red was near perfect. When she looked over her shoulder, Marta wiggled her slender, heart shaped bottom as a final invitation. I didn’t refuse. Kneeling behind her, I filled my hand and pushed the weeping tip of my cock against her slightly parted folds. Moving it up and down the length slowly, I marveled at the warmth I found there. I felt her tense when I dipped into the rose colored entrance and tried to wait until she relaxed. To my surprise, she began pushing back against me.

She grunted as I joined her in the effort. I could feel her delicate skin stretch and separate under the pressure. Her head rose as her shoulders tightened when I began to inch inside. I heard a long hiss just before she thrust back against me. It felt like a door had suddenly opened as my entire length surged deeply into her. Marta cried out when my hips met hers. I lingered there for a moment, enjoying the wet heat clasping at my cock. I could see the perspiration on the dark sleekness that was her back. As she began to relax, I could feel her moving forward slightly before pushing hard back against me. I couldn’t resist. Raising my hand high, I let it fall on her tight little ass. She gasped, dropping her head as her bottom rose in silent submission. I drew back, my hands searching her damp, oiled skin for the best grip and then lunged forward. The small cry that filtered through my lust thrilled me. I began fucking Marta hard.

My world now centered on the young woman now kneeling on all fours in front of me. So different from the women of my youth, she was dark and wet and exciting. She moved against me with some primal need that stirred my hunger so deeply, so completely, that nothing else mattered. I drove into her yielding flesh wanting nothing more than to sate my own need. Like some caged animal, I wanted nothing more than to fill her. In just a few minutes, I felt it boil up from deep inside me and explode from somewhere I never knew existed. My cock expanded as she whimpered softly under me, my scalding semen filling and blending with her own secretions. I strained against her until finally collapsing over her warm, slick skin. Our combined scent soothed my senses as she remained very still under me. Panting in the sweltering heat, I struggled to regain my strength before finally separating from the young Marta. She began trying to tell me something in her own tongue as I settled back on my heels, my spent prick slipping noisily from inside her. I watched her small hand cover her now splayed sex and wondered what she was trying to do. Tina’s cry shook me back to reality. I turned quickly to the widow trying to focus on what was going on there now.

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