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My Wife Cheated at our Wedding Reception Party:

Connie and I dated for about six months when we decided to move in together. Everything moved along well and we got along great with very few arguments. You know the normal ones when you start living with someone and not liking some of their habits.

We lived together for another year before deciding to marry. She was elated when I asked her to be my wife. I proposed while we were out mountain biking along the coast. We had stopped for a little picnik. After enjoying the meal and relaxing I pulled from my back pack the ring box, which enclosed the ring I had picked for her and then I asked “ Connie, we have been together for over a year and a half and I want to live with you the rest of my life, will you marry me? “. She almost choked at first and then she said “ Yes! “ as she through her arms around me and kissed me passionately. Everything was perfect, we had a great sex life and she was a wonderful person to live with and now she was going to be my wife and have our children.

The wedding went off great and after changing in our hotel room, we fooled around for a while before joining our friends at the Reception party, we had rented about six rooms with adjoining doors for the party in hopes to make it fun. The staff had moved around the beds so they could be used as sitting areas.

We were all drinking a good amount of alcohol and because I figured we all would I had rented the rooms as I did so people would have a place to crash if they drank to much. Everyone was getting very touchy feely as the night wore on. I watched as a number of my male friends and many of hers were feeling her ass and the small of her back, pulling her tight against their bodies, she didn’t seem to mind in her drunken state.

Finally I cut in on one of my buddies, Leon who worked for a friend of mine. As Connie and I danced and kissed she whispered in my ear “ God!, Jerry I am so horny! “ she kissed me again and whispered some more “ everyone of the guys have been feeling me up all night! “.

I smiled as I looked her in the eyes, “ so are you enjoying yourself then? “.

She blushed a few shades of red, “ Yes!! “ she answered “ I am so very wet right now! “ then the song ended and she went off to use one of the bathrooms.

I didn’t pay to much attention to the time that she was away as I socialized with our guests. Then I saw her return to the room I was in, she was flushed and her legs looked rubbery as she approached me “ had a little to much I see! “ I replied as she walked up and kissed me. She didn’t answer she just held onto my arm as I talked to her parents.

Dale one of my colored friends came over and asked Connie if she would dance with him, she reluctantly agreed. I wasn’t sure why she was reluctant, for she loved to dance and she knew Dale very well as he had been over at out place many times. Dale’s wife soon came over and wisked me off to one of the other rooms, we were in the second to last room talking and dancing. She grabbed my ass and pulled my groin into her as she whispered in my ear so others couldn’t hear “ I bet you can’t wait to get your new wife back into your room! “

“ No! “ I replied “ I can’t wait to be alone with her! “

“ Does she get real naughty for you?” she asked as she licked my ear.

I moved away a bit before I replied “ oh yes! “

“ Have you ever thought about swinging? “ she asked as she reach around and rubbed my crotch feeling my hardening cock, “ oh your getting excited aren’t you? “

“ No and Yes! “ I replied.

She then reached up and took my hand in hers and directed it to her crotch up under her short dress “ see I’m excited as well! “

I pulled my hand away and as I did I spied into the last room where I saw Connie and Dale dancing, he then pushed her against the wall and kissed her, she kissed him back and then he stepped back and then lifted her up and pressed her against the wall and moved in tight against her, before letting her slide down the wall, I wasn’t sure what was happening at first until I saw that her feet were not touching the floor and then he started a pumping motion. That’s when I knew that my wife was impaled on his shaft and he was pumping it into her with vigor. Her eyes were closed as she moaned in pleasure “ oh my god! “ I whispered into Terry’s ear.

She turned and looked at her husband fucking my recently wed wife. She then pushed me back so I was on one of the beds her sitting next to me “ I think your swingers now! “.

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