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My Wife Cheats, And I Love Her More For It Ch. 03

By the time I arrived home from Brooke’s bosses house it was 4 am. I was not tired and I knew I had some time before she would be back home, so I started making copies of the two tapes I had stolen. I made a half dozen copies of the tapes, then I jumped in the shower. At 10 am I went to go rent a safety deposit box to hide the original tapes, and also hid a copy in the house, one in the trunk of my car with the spare tire and a number of tapes in my brief case. I also opened a bank account in an off shore account that would be out of the reach of my wife and the government. I was now ready to set my plan into motion.

I arrived home around noon, and I heard the shower running. I new it must be Brooke trying to clean all the evidence of the party off herself. I also heard the dryer going, so I figured she had cleaned all her clothes from last night as well. I decided to take off again, as she did not expect me home yet, as far as she knew I would not be in until 5pm according to what I told her before the party. I grabbed my briefcase with all the tapes and headed off before she saw me.

My first stop of the day was a visit to Mrs. Roger Brady, or to her friends Crystal. I had met her several times at parties, and had talked to her on several occasions, so I figured she would see me. Crystal was the same age as my wife, and was Mr. Brady’s third wife, so I figured she may be interested in seeing my tape. I called her and she agreed to meet me at her office.

“Hello Brad, now what is this all about? You were so mysterious on the phone.”

“Well Crystal, I have a video tape that I want you to look at. On this tape, which I took from the party at your house, is my wife having sex with a large number of employee’s of your husbands. I would like you to help me identify the men, as I feel that if they are married that their wives have a right to know.”. My real intentions was to find the names so I could blackmail some money from these men, as a small penalty for fucking my wife, though I did not tell this to Crystal.

“I am surprised to hear that Brooke cheated on you, and in such a way as you describe. It always appeared to me, that she loved you a great deal. I will watch the tape if you wish, but perhaps I should watch it alone, and I will write down the names of the men as I see them. So please give me the tape and then go wait out in the waiting room until I come and get you.” I got up from my chair, handed her the tape and turned to go.

“It’s very graphic, I hope it doesn’t offend you too much. Thank you for doing this for me.”. I said as I stepped out into the waiting room and shut the door, leaving it open a crack.

I waited just outside the door and listened to the sounds coming from the office. I heard her slide the tape out of the box, and insert it into the VCR. Then the tape beginning to play, and I heard Crystal sitting down in her leather chair. I could hear the sounds of the tape, as well as Crystal pouring herself a drink. Then her scribbling on a pad, and a distinct sound of heavy breathing that was not part of the tape. I knew that the tape was hot, and Crystal was getting caught up in it. I heard the pen roll across the table, and fall to the ground.

I quietly opened the door so I could see in, and was not disappointed. Crystal had her back to me, but I could tell that she was touching herself as she watch the tape. I decided not to interrupt her, so I slowly closed the door again, and waited for her to finish. I knew eventually the tape would get to the part with her husband and Brooke, and that’s what I wanted. The big payoff, a percentage of her divorce settlement. I did not have to wait long, and knew she did not have time to reach orgasm, so perhaps this would payoff in a different way as well.

“Brad, get in here now!” she yelled.

I quickly came through the door and over to her, the video playing static on the TV. She looked incredible, her hard nipples clearly hard beneath her top and her skirt was hiked up to her thong, as she forgot to pull it back down.

“Did you know that my husband was on this tape with your wife?” “Yes, but I did not know how to tell you, but I figured you had a right to know. A beautiful woman like you deserves better than to have her husband sleeping around on her like that. Now that my marriage is destroyed, I would love to make love to you. Partly for revenge, but mostly because you are one of the most attractive women I have ever met.”

As I fed her my lines, she played her right foot up my leg to my cock, and started to rub it through my pants. It turned to steal in a heart beat. She lowered her foot, leaned forward and unzipped my pants, and snaked my cock out and slipped it into her mouth. She started taking it in and out of her mouth, stopping only to rip my pants and briefs down so she could really get at my cock. Crystal started sucking my cock down her throat, and I could see she had her fingers in her pussy. She was so wet, the smell of her drifted up to me.

I pulled her from the chair, and did the cliche Hollywood thing of sweeping everything from her desk and threw her back on it. With her head dangling backwards I mounted her face and fuck her mouth, my cock sliding deep into her throat. I pulled open her top and began to play with her beautiful firm tits. She worked the underside of my cock with her tongue, as her throat constricted on the tip. I knew I was going to fire a huge load of cum down her throat, and she knew it too. I clenched up and fired several shots of hot cum deep inside her, and she swallowed it all and cleaned my cock too. Within a minute she had my cock rock hard again and ready to go. Crystal released my cock from her mouth and turned so that her legs were on the floor and her chest against the desk.

“Fuck me hard Brad! Take that cock and do to me what I know my husband did to your wife.” I grabbed her hips and mounted her hard. I drove my cock deep into her cunt, and felt her hot, wet cunt contract around it, just before I pulled it back and drove forward again. I pictured all those men fucking my wife and it drove me harder and harder into Crystal. She started to orgasm, as I continued to fuck her dripping wet pussy. I was not ready to cum yet, so I just kept going, my balls slapping off her ass, as I sunk my cock deep inside her. Which gave me a great idea, I pulled out of her pussy and plunged my slick hard cock into her ass before she had time to stop it. I was all the way in before she clenched, and then the I started to come, pouring a huge load deep in her ass. When I was finally soft, and my cock slid out of her firm ass. I walked over to the bar and poured myself a drink and one for Crystal, then we sat down and talked about what to do to her husband.

In the end, we agreed that I would get 2 million of her over 20 million dollar settlement, that she would get if she got half of his assets. In addition, I had a list of 10 men from the company that were married and had screwed my wife, which would earn me some pocket money while I waited for the big score. We agreed to meet for business and to fuck every Friday. So phase one of my plan was in motion, and this is just the beginning.

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