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After meeting with Crystal, I figured it was the perfect time to start calling the ten married men that had screwed my Brooke. I started with William Starling, a vice-president at the company, who’s been married for 10 years and has three kids. I figured since he had a lot to lose if his wife left him, he would be an easy mark, and he was. As soon as I told him who I was on the phone he knew what I was going to be talking about when we met. Without going into details, within five minutes of meeting him, he paid me a cool $25,000 straight from the safe in his house. I left him a copy of the tape, and headed off to meet the rest of my next victims.

The next three married management types, who’s names aren’t that important, paid me $10,000 each, bringing my bank account total to an impressive $55,000. Just thinking about the money got me hard and I decided to stop at my gym and clean up, as I still smelt of sex with Crystal. After a shower and a change of clothes from my suitcase that was still in my trunk I headed home to Brooke. I wonder what other perks I may get out of my gangbang slut wife. I knew I’d think of something, or someone to spice up sex with my wife.

I got home shortly after five and could smell diner cooking in the kitchen. With what she did on the weekend, I was not surprised to see she had cooked my favourite diner, and had my favourite beer stockpiled in the frig. She was doing dishes and seemed preoccupied when I entered the kitchen and grabbed an ice cold beer. She only jumped and turned when the frig door closed and the sound of my beer being opened snapped her back to the present.

“Are we expecting guests, or have I forgot our anniversary?” I said, though knowing exactly why I had a special meal waiting for me.

“I missed you and since you missed the party this weekend, I thought I would make you a special welcome home meal.” Brooke said, but I could hear her fear/guilt in her voice.

I figured it might be fun to play with her for awhile, maybe even let her think she’s not going to get caught, then bust her with it later.

“So how was the party Brooke? I hope you didn’t drink and drive?” I said, knowing this would make her squirm.

“The party was fine… Fine… Just like always, nothing special happened….just the usual people. I hardly drank at all… and since you weren’t there I came home early and watched a movie.” Her speech was broken and nervous.

I would have to be in a coma not to realise something happened at the party, but decided to continue having fun with her. I was about to continue with my cat and mouse game when the phone rang. Brooke was so desperate to escape my questions for a minute that she jumped to answer it.

“Hello{pause}oh hell Tammy, how are you? {pause} I’m good and so is Brad {pause} Hold on I’ll ask him if it is ok.” Brooke covers up the mouth piece with her hand and looks over at me.

“My sister Tammy is in town and was going to stay at a hotel, but if it’s ok with you I thought she could stay with us. What do you think Brad?” she says to me

I figure she thinks her sister will distract me from her little secret, and I almost said no, but remembered what Tammy looked like and a new idea came to mind.

“Sure honey, it would be great to see her again. She can stay as long as she wants.” I said, before grabbing my beer and heading out of the Kitchen, leaving Brooke to talk to her sister.

I sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I checked out some sport scores, but quickly found myself daydreaming about Tammy. She’s Brooke’s youngest sister, and is currently travelling to find herself before going to University. She’s always been very athletic, skiing, swimming, running, and anything else that keeps her outside. Her body is amazing and on more than one occasion I fucked Brooke, and pretended I was fucking Tammy. She has a perfect set of 36 C tits, and a tight little ass that I would just love to hear my balls slapping off as I screw her doggie style. Her hair is blonde, real blonde, no bottle job, and her eyes are blue like the sky. I get hard when she just smiles at me. If I knew Brooke wasn’t going to come and get me for diner soon, I would have wiped my dick out and jerked off to the thought of Tammy.

“Brad, diners ready, turn off the TV and come and eat.”. Brooke said from the kitchen.

Diner went by quickly as neither of us really wanted to talk. She was afraid to say anything that might bring up the party, and I was too busy thinking about Tammy coming over.

“So when is Tammy coming over Brooke?”

“Later, she’s meeting up with some friends for drinks, then she’s heading her.”

“Should I wait up for her, and where will she be sleeping?”

“If you could wait, I mean you are usually up late anyway, that would be great. As for sleeping arrangements the couch will be fine for her.” Brooke said and got up and left the room. She came back a short time later with bedding and placed it at one end of the couch with a pillow.

Brooke and I watched TV for several hours, before she decided to go to bed. I thought of several things I could try on Tammy when she got here, but decided to wait to see how drunk she was first. Shortly after 1 am. I heard a cab pull up outside, and saw Tammy kind of stumble out of it, after paying the cabbie. Once she knocked on the door, and I answered it, the cab pulled away. She stepped into the house, tripping as she did and I grabbed her before she hit the floor, and did so in a way that I got a good feel of her tits. I carried her to the couch and sat her down.

“Hey Brad, thanks for catching me. I’m think I had too much to drink tonight, I feel light headed.”

I had been thinking of different angles to play on Tammy and decided to play the heart broken husband and see if that would get me anywhere.

“Well you just sit here and relax for a few minutes, you don’t want to go to bed yet and have bed spins. I’ll go get you a glass of water, then I‘ll make up your bed for you.” I said really trying too hard to be helpful.

“You’re too good to me Brad, I hope my sister realises what a great guy she has in you.” she says, as she almost falls over.

Her response was almost perfect to the script I had in my head, and I followed quickly with my bate statement to get her to talk about what I wanted.

“Ya, I try to do everything right, but I guess some people don’t appreciate it.” I said and tried to look like a sad puppy when I did.

“What do you mean by that Brad? Why don’t you think my sister appreciates you.”

“Never mind, I shouldn’t have said anything. Just forget about it.”. I said drawing her in some more.

“Brad, I am your sister-in-law, if you can’t tell me, who can you tell. Maybe I can help, I am a good listener.”

“Well, if I tell you, you can’t talk to your sister about it. I mean she doesn’t know that I know something that she’s done.”

“What has she done? You have to tell me now, you can’t leave me guessing.”

This is too easy I think to myself, as I get up from the couch and walk across the room to my briefcase and open it. I pull out a video tape and turn back to Tammy.

“It would be easier to show you then to tell you. I am going to go clean up and you watch the tape, with the sound down low so Brooke doesn’t hear it, and then I’ll come back when its done.”. I put the tape into the machine and hit play and walk out of the room.

I hear the tape come on, and right away I can hear Tammy gasp, but she doesn’t turn it off. I go piss, wash up and brush my teeth and head back to the living room. Where the tape is just getting to the part with the redhead, and the boss. I enter the room, eject the tape and put it back in my briefcase, then I walk over and sit down next to Tammy.

“Well, what do you think of your big sister now Tammy?” I say in a kind of hurt way.

“I can’t believe what I just saw. How did you get this tape? Oh my, what are you going to do? You must be crushed.” she says quickly, then lays a warm hand on my thigh.

“I do not know what I am going to do, but this has hurt me a great deal. I have been completely faithful to Brooke, and this is how she repays that. I got to the party late and heard people talking, then I saw the security tape and stole it. I still am in shock I think. What should I do?” I say and I actually get a tear or two to slide down my face.

“Brad, this isn’t fair to you. I can’t believe my sister did this. You such a good man, I would never hurt you like that. I.. I…, oh Brad, I wish I could stop your pain….Brad…” she trails off, and wipes the tears off my face.

I lean forward towards her, and she does not back away. I gently kiss her on the mouth, and slide a hand onto her thigh. I have her where I want her, but just to make sure I say one more thing.

“I shouldn’t do this, its not right. But you’re so beautiful, but no.” I act all conflicted.

“Please Brad, fuck me, I want to ease your pain. I want to feel you inside me.” she says as she lies back and pulls me on top of her.

In a frenzy of lust we rip the clothes of each other. She grabs my rock hard cock and starts to give me a hand job, as we kiss, our tongues grinding into each other. I slid a hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy and find that it is dripping wet, and she lets out a moan as I run my fingers into her. She starts to hump my hand as we continue to kiss, as both her hands are wrapped around my cock.

“Put your cock in my mouth. I want to taste you.” she says as she breaks from our kissing.

I bring my cock towards her mouth and she leans forward and takes it deep into her mouth. She starts wildly sucking it in and out of her mouth, my shaft slick from the tongue bath she’s giving me. I grab the back of her head and push it deeper into her mouth and back into her throat. I start to fuck her mouth driving deep into her throat, and then letting her back off. She keeps this up for almost five minutes until I gag her. She comes up gasping for air.

“Get on your back, with that hard cock of yours sticking straight up!”

I do what she told me, and then she straddles me, lowering her dripping cunt onto my hard cock. She then starts ridding me, slowly at first, trying to find a pace, then faster, and faster, until she’s almost bouncing off me. Then suddenly she drops hard onto my cock, with it driven completely inside her and she starts to orgasm. Her pussy starts to grasp and constrict around my cock and I started to cum, which triggers another orgasm in Tammy. Her cunt seems to milk my cock dry before she slides off of me.

“We’ll do more tomorrow, but I am tired now. You’d better clean up so Brooke doesn’t suspect anything. Oh Brad, by the way, I’ve always wanted to do that you know, I just needed an excuse. I won’t tell Brooke anything.” She puts her t-shirt and panties back on and rolls on her side on the couch and appears to fall asleep.

I pull the sheet over Tammy and sneak off into the bathroom to shower and clean up. Then I slide into bed with Brooke, who is sound asleep. I think of the wonderful situation that Brooke has handed to me, the money, the women and opportunity for more and it gets me hard again. I slide up to Brooke, and start to rub my cock against her and sliding my hands over her breasts and down to her cunt. She pushes me away, which kind of pisses me off, so I try again. I rub my hands over her again, and she does the same thing, and says she’s tired. Well I have this raging hard on and it keeps getting harder as I think what I am going to do to her.

I go into the bathroom and get some lubricant and put a lot on my hard cock, and more around and in her ass. I quickly spin her face down on the bed, with her hands pressed into the pillow on either side of her head, spread he legs and drive my cock hard and deep into her ass. She instantly wakes up and starts to fight me, as I ram in and out of her ass, as she screams into the pillow, her hands pinned and unable to do anything. I continue to fuck her, and slid up near her ear and start talking to her.

“When I want to fuck in the future, I do not think you should say no or I do this again.” I said with a certain anger in my voice.

The funny thing was that what I thought was screams, where actually moans and she was really getting off on this. I let go of one of her hands and dropped it to her pussy and it was dripping wet..

“You like this don’t you. You like my cock deep in your ass. Get up on your hands and knees, I want to Dog fuck your ass.” I said, again in a stern way.

She pulls herself up into the position, and she starts meeting each of my thrusts with a counter thrust and she starts moaning like a cat in heat. I have never seen her this way with me, only on the tape. She starts to talk dirty to me.

“Fuck my ass harder, I love how it feels in me. Harder..Harder..that’s it… ohhhhhhh!!!!” she says as she starts to cum.

She collapses on the bed, her body shaking from her orgasm, as I fire a huge load of cum, then collapse on top of her. It takes several minutes until my cock is soft enough to pull out of her ass, then it does with a pop. I roll over and fall asleep.

…To be continued….

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