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My Wife Cheats, And I Love Her More For It Ch. 01

I thought I knew my wife Brooke as well as I could know anyone, after being married to her for five years. She’s a very attractive 25-year-old, standing just over five feet, dark hair, with an amazing set of 36C tits, but she was very predictable in bed. Don’t get me wrong sex with her is good, there is just no spice to it. She never talked dirty to me, or let me talk to her, and got mad if I tried to do anything new. So I resigned myself to a future of good but tame sex life, that is until a month ago.

We were both invited to a beach party at her boss’s house, which he threw every year. I was to be out of town for most of the week on business, but I would be back in plenty of time for the party, or so I thought. I found out Friday that a new meeting had been scheduled which would cause me to miss my flight and the party, so I called my wife to explain. She sounded disappointed, but knew I couldn’t help it, and said she would not go without me. I told her not to be silly, insisting she go without me and she finally agreed. So I headed off to my meeting thinking at least one of us will have a good weekend.

The meeting did not take as long as expected and was able to catch a different flight home. I knew I would be late but figured I would be able to catch the last couple of hours of the party. I decided not to call my wife, as if I was wrong about the arrival time or some other delay, I would disappoint her again, so decided to surprise her. It turned out I was the one who was going to be surprised.

I arrived home from the airport at 7 pm and though the party started at 1, I knew it went until after midnight. I quickly got ready and head off to the party. I got there about 9 and the sun had set, so it would be difficult to find my wife, as there were always so many people at this thing. I grabbed a beer and started walking among the guests looking for my wife.

I walked about for some time and could not find my wife anywhere, and thought that perhaps she had already left for home. Just then I heard my wife’s name mentioned by one of her co-workers so decided to eavesdrop to see what this woman was saying.

“I can’t believe Brooke tonight, she’s totally drunk, and flirting with every man her, including my husband. And did you see her take he bikini top off in front of all the guys on the beach? She said it was on a dare, but I think she just wanted to show everyone. I wish her husband was here to control her, I think I saw her go into the house with some guys.”

I was shocked, it couldn’t be my Brooke, it just didn’t sound like her, so I went to the house to find out for myself. I did not know what I was going to do, or say, but I had to find out.

I entered the huge house, and did not know where to start my search. Just then I see a guy come down the stairs pulling up his fly, with a big smile on his face. I had never met him before so he did not know I was Brooke’s husband when he started to talk to me. “That hot chick Brooke from work is upstairs in the master bedroom fucking and sucking every dick she can get her hands on. You should go up and get some sloppy seconds, though I its more like sloppy twenty-seconds. She’s an animal buddy, so I hope you aren’t married, as she scratched the fuck out of my back, lucky I don’t have to explain them to anyone, if you know what I mean. Good Luck.”

I ran up the stairs to the master bedroom, and found the doors open wide. I could see my wife sandwiched face down between four men, one under her fucking her dripping wet pussy, another on top of her fucking her ass, and the other two standing in front of her alternately having their cock sucked. I couldn’t believe it, my wife never let me fuck her in the ass, and she hardly ever blew me, but here she was doing four guys at once. I quickly found myself going from angry to incredibly turned on. She hadn’t seen me yet so I quickly ducked into the closet, and watched the action from there undetected.

As I watched from my hiding spot, I was able to get a better look at everybody. I didn’t recognize any of the men, but I did notice that they all seemed rather well hung. One guy in particular, looked to be close to a foot in length, and he was stretching Brooke’s pussy like I have never seen before. The scene was so hot, I had to take my dick out and stroke it or I would have blown my load in my pants.

The guy in Brooke’s ass was first to cum, and he emptied every drop into her ass before he pulled out. I could see a stream of cum running out of her ass as he pulled out. This was followed quickly by the man fucking her pussy, who grunted and drove his whole 12 inches deep inside her, causing her to have an intense orgasm. When he pulled out, I could not believe the volume of cum that ran out of her pussy which was still stretched open from the intense fucking she just got. The two that had been fucking her gathered their clothes and left with a thanks to Brooke. Then one of the two guys getting head quickly came around behind her and started to fuck her doggie style, slamming his rock hard cock into her at a furious pace. She continued to suck the other guys cock, obviously taking him down into her throat.

The guy getting deep throated, started rolling his head and I knew he was about to blow his load. He grabbed the back of Brooke’s head, driving his whole length down into her throat and came. She didn’t even gag, but milked every drop out of his cock before allowing it to leave her mouth with a popping sound. This left just the guy fucking her pussy left to cum, and I knew it wouldn’t be long for him or me. My wife started meeting every one of his thrusts with a back thrust of her own, so he was pounding into my wife, her ass quivering and her tits bouncing with every blow. I was stroking my dick quickly now and knew I was going to mess up this closet at any time. The last guy and I came at the same time, I shot all over the back of the door, as the guy told my wife he was about to cum, and my wife spun around taking him into her mouth to swallow his load. She milked this cock too, and didn’t let go until he pulled it from her mouth, again with a popping sound.

As we were all cleaning up, I was surprised to see another person enter the room, as was my wife and her co-worker. It was my wife’s boss, and he did not look happy as he spoke to the two.

“James I will talk to you on Monday at work, now grab your clothes and get the hell out of my house. And you Brooke, I can’t believe what I have seen or heard about you tonight. Go clean yourself up in the bathroom, there is a shower in there if you wish to use it, then come to see me in my office at the end of the hall when you are finished. I will decide what to do with you at that time, and if there is a place in my company for someone like you.”

He stormed out of the room, pulling the doors as he left, leaving my naked cum soaked wife there crying on the bed. I decided not to reveal myself yet, though I did not like to see Brooke cry. She gathered up her things and headed to the bathroom. I waited a couple of minutes, then heard the shower come on, and then went to leave. As I did I noticed a surveillance camera mounted in one corner of the room, which gave me an idea. I head down the hallway, determined to find the tape that the camera had made, and take it.

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