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Saturday didn’t arrive fast enough. Judy spent most of the day shopping for an outfit to wear to the party. I spent the day with a constant hard on as I anticipated not only what Judy would be wearing but also what would be happening a few hours from now. We had made plans with Judy’s mum to look after our son for the night, of course we had to lie and tell her that we had been invited to a friends house warming party, well! Technically it was only half a lie! It was in a house we had never been before and hopefully it was going to get really warm…

Judy was due back at around 5.00 so I got the little one ready and dropped him of at Judy’s mums. I arrived back just after 5.00 and Judy’s car was parked in the driveway. I almost ran inside eager to see what Judy had bought for the night. Judy was busy in the kitchen mixing one of her alcoholic concoctions. She looked up at me and gave me this sly sexy smile. “I thought we could have a drink or two before we got ready, I need it to calm my nerves,” she said as she held out a half-filled glass. “Yeah! I need one to but I’ll stick to my scotch thanks”. Those sweet cocktail drinks aren’t for me. I prefer something with a little more kick to it…I took the bottle from the cupboard and began to pour. “So are you going to show me what you bought?”

“Umm no! You will just have to be patient and wait” she replied as she gave me another one of her sly glances.

I took it easy and sipped on my drink as Judy downed three of hers. I was driving so I made sure to take it easy. We went over the rules again as we drank until 6.30 then Judy stood up and made her way to the bedroom. I heard the shower come to life so I figured she was starting to get ready. I poured myself another drink and sat back on the sofa waiting for Judy to return. I adjusted my semi erection in my sweat pants as I pictured Judy all dressed and looking sexy. Judy walked back into the lounge 30 minutes later, My jaw dropped, my eyes bulged out and the bulge in my sweats stood to attention as she stood in the doorway. She was dressed in a very tight fitting white skirt that stopped mid thigh, white matching loose top that was almost transparent showing a white lacy bray underneath. If you looked hard enough you could make out the dark aureoles poking through. To finish it off she had on a pair of long black boots. “Wow! You look so hot babe!” I said as I picked my tongue off of the floor. She walked over swaying her hips in a sexy strut. As she got closer she turned her back to me and looked over her shoulders with her hands on her hips. The skirt showed every curve of her ass cheeks and the outline of what looked like a very small thong bikini.

It took all my will power to stop myself from bending her over right then and there and fucking her like never before. But I regained my composure gulped down the remainder of my scotch and headed for the shower before my cock erupted in my sweat pants. I succeeded in having my shower without wasting a gallon of cum by jerking off. I dressed in a pair of black slacks a white tight fitting T-shirt and black vest over the top. I figured that once I was there I would just walk around in my vest and shorts. Sam had informed me that most of the guys wore a vest and either jocks or shorts, some even wore men’s thongs, but I could not handle walking around with a wedgy all night. I made my way back to the lounge to find Judy sitting down with another full glass in her hand. She had her legs crossed and the skirt had ridden up her thighs showing her smooth nicely tanned skin. I walked over and did a twirl like a novice model. “Do I meet your approval?” I asked “Mmmm! No complaints here” she answered with a giggle. As she uncrossed her legs to stand I got a quick glimpse of her white thongs and again my cock began to stir.

Judy made her way to the bedroom again and come out holding an overnight bag. “What’s that for?” I asked inquisitively. “I didn’t realise we were staying out tonight!”

“No! It’s just another surprise I have install for you my darling”. Now she had my mind racing a hundred miles an hour. What on earth is this sneaky woman up to? I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out later… It was now almost 7.00 I grabbed the car keys from the kitchen bench, the address that I had written down on a scrap piece of paper and followed Judy out the door and locking it behind me. A wide smile came across my face as I watched her walking towards the car, What a beautiful sight I thought to myself. And soon a room full of men and women will be looking that gorgeous ass and maybe more.

We hopped into the car and I reversed out and headed for the other side of town. I knew the area were the party was being held but I made Judy look up the street in the book to ensure we didn’t get ourselves lost. We decided to stop in town for a quick bite as neither of us had eaten since lunch and with Judy drinking her mixers she would need something in her belly to stop her from getting drunk to quick.

We had a quick pasta in a small but very elegant restaurant on the far side of town. There were only about ten people dining plus the staff, as we walked in all eyes were on Judy especially the men. As we drove away Judy told me how hot it had made her to know that all those men had been looking at her. “Really! And did it make you wet?”

“Find out for yourself…” I slowed the car and looked over at Judy who was now sitting with her legs wide open and her skirt pulled up just below her panty covered pussy. I reached over and put my hand between her legs feeling the warmth then the dampness from the sheer material of her thong. Just as I was about to cup the soft mound of her pussy in my hand she grabbed it and pulled it away and closed her legs firmly. “You are such a tease”. “Yeah! I know” she answered with a giggle. We quickly stopped at a bottle shop and I hopped out and purchased a bottle of scotch.

It didn’t take long for us to locate the street; it was a long narrow back road lined with large trees. I drove on thinking any minute we would come upon this huge mansion covered in vines, with a huge Iron Gate that would open up automatically as we drive up. Like in the movies it would look dark and mysterious, haunted almost. As we came to a clearing at the end of the street the house came into view, it wasn’t as dramatic as I had pictured it but it was huge just the same. There were a few cars parked along both sides of the street and another three parked in the driveway. I parked the car at the end of the row of cars on the left and turned off the ignition. We both sat there looking at each other as if waiting for someone to speak. “I’m so nervous! What about you?” I asked her as I reached over to take hold of her hand. “I’m a little nervous but I’ll be ok” she replied giving my hand a little squeeze. I was very surprised that she wasn’t more nervous but again the alcohol must be giving her a boost of confidence. “Oh well! Let’s do it”. We locked the car and headed down the driveway towards the front door. There was a faint sound of music as we got closer to the door but you couldn’t make out the song from the sound of our footsteps on the gravel path.

As we stood at the front door we could hear voices coming from inside. I looked over at Judy and gave her a smile before ringing the bell and then stood back to wait for someone to answer. Suddenly the sound of women’s high healed shoes on tiled floors drained out the music and voices from within. Then the sound of a door latch, the doorknob turning then a squeak from the hinges as the door was flung open. A half-naked woman answered the door holding a dairy, which we discovered soon enough that it was her dairy for taking party bookings. She had a Spanish look about her, long dark hair that hung half way down her back. She had the most piercing dark eyes and nicely tanned olive skin.

With a tremor of nervousness in my voice I asked the lady if this was the swingers party, a second later a realized what a stupid question it was. What person would open the front door of their house for two total strangers dressed in nothing but a very small thong, no bra to support some very enormous breasts under a very see through lacy negligee? “Hello! I’m David and this is my wife Judy, With a friendly welcoming smile the lady introduced herself as Anna and assured us that, yes this was the swinger’s party. Must be Spanish I thought, with an accent like that. Anna ushered us into the dimly lit corridor, as we stepped inside. Anna’s large glaring eyes scanned Judy up and down with an approving look on her face then leant forward to plant a soft kiss on Judy’s left cheek as a welcoming gesture.

With her hands held tightly below her heaving breasts Anna went on to enlighten us on the rules of the house such as the no smoking in the house rule, out of bound areas and the etiquette of the swingers parties that every person must abide by. Before leading us to the change rooms Anna informed us of the cost; I handed over the money and we stood there eyeing the décor and her well rounded ass cheeks… as she marked our names off in the book. “Ok! Let me show you the change room then when your ready I can give a tour of the house and introduce you to the other guests”. With a sexy turn she made her way down the corridor. Judy and I smiled at each other nervously; Judy held my arm for support as we followed Anna down the lengthy corridor, which was now echoing with the sound of stiletto’s hitting the tiled floor.

Anna ushered us into a small bedroom, which had been made into a change room for these occasions. On the right of the room was a long mobile clothes hanger half filled with the other guests coats, shirts and other forms of clothing. I followed Judy inside and closed the door behind me. We both stood there looking around and getting familiar with our new surroundings. I looked over at Judy, as she stood motionless with only her head turning from side to side eyeing the sexy posters of half-naked men and women on the walls. I moved forward and took hold of her face and gave her a kiss. She looked at me with her dark eyes and kissed me back, her arms went around my waist and hugged me tight. “Are you ok babe?”

“Yep! I’m ready and willing if you are. But I’ll be honest, I’m as nervous as hell…” I hugged her tight and assured that I was also nervous and if she wanted to back out I would understand totally. “Nothing a bit of alcohol couldn’t fix she relied”. We both laughed at her comment, which made us both feel a little more comfortable.

I looked down at the bag Judy had been holding and I remembered her teasing comment about a surprise she had install for me. “So! What’s this surprise then?”

“You’ll soon find out but you have to face the other way and promise not to look until I say so…”

“Mmmm! This should be good!” I said as I turned to face to door. I began to undress as my ears were fixed on the zipper of the bag being pulled open then the ruffling sounds from inside the bag. “Make sure you don’t look until I say so ok…”

“I promised didn’t I!”

“Just making sure!” We both began to giggle as we stood there undressing like to teenagers getting undressed in the same room for the first time. I slipped my boots off then my slacks, next I took off my vest and T-shirt then put my vest back on. I stood there with nothing but my vest and shorts feeling a cold draft from under the door making my body shiver. I felt a little silly standing dressed the way I was facing a doorway as my wife changed behind me. If someone were to walk in right now they would surely think I was a nut case.

Ok honey you can look now, A broad smile came across my face as I eagerly turned around to gaze at my surprise. “Wooow!” Was the only word that I could say as my eyes widened and feasted upon the beauty before me. Judy stood there with hands on hips dressed all in virginal white. Sheer white thong with, matching bra, stockings that stopped just below her pussy and white stilettos. Because of her dark skin the whiteness of her sexy outfit almost looked like it was glowing. I stood back and gazed at her with my eyes wide open and mouth almost hitting the floor. I felt a twitch in my shorts as she walked towards me then stopping to do a twirl giving me a glimpse of her well rounded ass cheeks. As she turned to face me I notice how visible her dark aureoles were through the thin lacy bra cups which made my cock twitch even more.

“So do you like it?”

“Like it! Baby you look so beautiful and sexy in that outfit that we may not even make it out of this room” I replied making us both laugh. I put my arms around her and hugged her tight taking in the scent of her sweet perfume. Suddenly there was a knock at the door then the unmistakable voice of Anna asking if we were ok. “Yep! We’re coming out now I yelled back”. Judy gave me a quick hug and a kiss before turning and walking towards the bag. I couldn’t help but stare at her firm ass as she walked and bent over to retrieve the bag. She reached in and pulled out a long piece of white material. I watched as she draped it over her shoulders and then slipped her arms through the sleeves. The thin material slowly flowed down her body and rested just above the top of her stockings. There was also a thin sash that allowed her to tie the gown around her thin waist. Again she reached into the bag and pulled out the bottle of scotch that we had purchased earlier. We quickly gathered up our clothes and stuffed them into the now empty bag then placed it with the other bags under the clothes hanger. We were now ready to party…

We took one more look at each other for assurance before I opened the door. Judy followed me out into the corridor and were met by Anna and another couple that had just arrived. They greeted us with a nod and a smile before entering the change room closing the door behind them. “Ok guys it’s now time to meet the rest of our guests”. We obediently followed Anna down the corridor and right into the kitchen area where a few couples were gathered around the bench chatting and having a good laugh. They all turned to face us as we walked in giving us their smile of approving. Ann introduced us to the guests and in turn they held out their hands to greet us and introduce themselves. The first couple who would have been about our age were Tony and Irene both athletic looking and attractive. I could swing with them I thought to my self. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Anna had to rush off like a good host to answer the door. That’s when I realized that we were yet to meet Sam.

The second couple introduced themselves as Doug and Sarah, Doug seemed to be much older then Sarah. He had long grey hair that was tied back in a ponytail and a nicely trimmed goatee that had also turned grey. If I were to guess his age I would say he was between 45 to 50 years old. Sarah on the other hand looked to be around 30 to 35 years old. She was clad only in a skimpy dark blue thong and bare breasted. She was a petite woman with smallish breasts that were begging to be sucked, nice slim waist and a tattoo of a blue bird just above her pubic area. Then there was the third couple, they also had a Spanish look about them. We found out later that they were long time friends of Sam and Anna. They had met through Spanish social clubs and gatherings and hit it off straight away. And as time went by they learnt that they had the same free attitude to sex and started swapping partners or engaging in foursomes before discovering swinger’s parties. They have stayed close ever since.

His name was Carlos and his wife was introduced as Maria. If they weren’t typical Spanish names… I noticed that Judy was eyeing off Carlos and smiling. If anything was to happen tonight, I think it will be with Carlos and Maria I thought. Judy had always had a thing for Spanish men, She had fucked one or two before we got together and as this story moves on you will discover that Carlos was next on her list and definitely not her last. Hence the title “I get to watch my wife being fucked without her knowing” Yes! It’s with a Spanish guy that she gets to know really well… That part of the story later.

Carlos was about my height but a little thinner and very well toned. He had dark shoulder length curly hair and dark brown eyes to match. He wore just a pair of tight black shorts and a black vest similar to mine. Maria looked ravishing in her black lacy teddy and matching thong and garter with stockings. She had nice rounded breasts that looked nice and firm. She wore her jet-black hair in a bun with a clasp to hold it in place. The most appealing thing about her was the captivating green eyes. And with her olive skin it made her look very alluring and mysterious. We exchanged pleasantries and Judy and I began to feel a little more at ease. Judy handed me the scotch and asked me if I could make her a drink. The kitchen table was set up with snacks, dips and glasses for the drinks. I went over and helped myself and began to fix Judy and I a well-deserved drink while she got acquainted with our Spanish friends.

As I was busy mixing our drinks I looked up to see Judy facing me with a teasing smile, Carlos wasn’t wasting any time in checking Judy’s firm butt, he was gently rubbing his hand up and down her curvy cheeks while Maria looked on. Judy gave me a wink and turned to face them and continued on with what ever they had been discussing. My cock stirred as I pondered what interesting subject they had been talking about. I’m sure it had something to do with Judy’s Body but I wasn’t sure. I was just about to return with our drinks when a tall gentleman wearing a leather thong and matching vest abruptly stopped me in mid trek.

“Hi there! I’m Sam and you are?” He held out a hand in greeting waiting for me to reply. I quickly placed the drinks back on the table and took his hand in mine. “I’m David we spoke on the phone during the week; I was the one that wanted to know about the swinging scene”. “Oh yeah! I remember. So what do you think so far? And where is your partner?”

“Well! We’ve only just arrived but it’s been ok so far. I’m a little nervous but after a few of these, pointing to the drinks… I should be fine”. “And over there is my wife Judy, the one in the white talking to the Spanish couple”. “Carlos and Maria! Yeah there a nice couple, I’ve known them for years”. I grabbed the drinks as we made our way to them.

I tapped Judy on the shoulder to get her attention away from Carlos for just a moment and introduced her to Sam. She smiled up at him and he leant forward and gave her a peck on the cheek. The five of us stood around drinking and talking for a while. The three Spaniards were very friendly and took it upon them selves to enlighten Judy and I about the swinger’s scene and the story of how they met and eventually swapping partners. I was half listening to their interesting story but my mind was more focused on the actions of Carlos and Sam. Once in a while they would utter something in Spanish, look Judy up and down then look at each other smiling. I had this thought in my mind of the two of them making bets on who would get to fuck Judy first. I smiled to my self and looked over at Judy thinking who ever the winner is, he will be one lucky man.

Judy’s reaction to this whole scene totally surprised me. I thought she would feel uncomfortable and cling to me for assurance, but she was a trooper. She played along to their advances, teasing them with her sexy stance and innocent gestures. I often caught her staring at Carlos with a “come and fuck me” look and he would stand there smiling back at her in return knowing full well what she was trying to do. I had also caught her staring at the bulge hidden in his shorts. But what was more fascinating was the look she was getting from Maria. My cock began to stir with the thought of Judy and Maria getting together, or even better me watching Judy, Carlos and Maria going at it in wild throws of passion. Sam was summoned away by a calling from Anna who was chatting to a new arrival at the front door. From what I could see it was a small prudish looking man who had arrived to the party alone. Maybe a dispute over the price for single males… $100.00 for single males. I know I wouldn’t pay that much, well if I was a lonely single male then maybe I would.

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