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I suppose it was inevitable that Julia and I would get together. We grew up as neighbours. We were in the same class throughout our schooling and even went to the same university. From as far back as I can remember we were exclusive friends. Of course we both had other friends but to each other we were special. There were never any secrets between us and I guess we knew the best and worst of each other.

It was no real surprise to our family’s and friends when, at the age of fifteen we took things a step further and began to date. We gave our virginity to each other at the age of eighteen, got engaged after university and married when we were 23. We were and are hopelessly in love with each other.

Ten years and two children later we had both come to realise that neither of us, in sexual terms, had lived much. I suppose I could claim greater experience than Julia in the sense that I had a sexual experience with a man when I was eighteen. This happened in a public toilet. Up to that time I hadn’t experienced a sexual interest in males. The man concerned approached me and I ended up sucking him and letting him fuck me. I never attempted to repeat the experience but the memory of it has formed the basis of many a masturbatory episode since. Julia on the other hand had not had any actual sexual experience other than with me. However, it is fair to say that she has had plenty of admirers.

At the age of 33 Julia remains gorgeous. She is a natural honey blonde with a freckled face. She is petite and just a smidgen over five feet tall. Her lips are full and she has strikingly blue eyes. I, and many others, love her little body. She has tiny breasts crowned by long succulent nipples that more often than not are visible through her clothing. Her rear end, however, is the best. It is tight, well rounded and peach like. I love the double take looks that she gets from other men.

However, for all that it is fair to say that until recently we have not had much of a sex life. It is not that we didn’t do it much. It was more that we were rather perfunctory about it. In truth, I think we just didn’t know what to do for each other.

I believe that our deep love and our happiness together carried us through this for some time. Sex certainly was not the most important part of our relationship.

I suppose things began to change for us when Julia learnt that her best friend was having an affair. Her friend and her husband had been married nearly as long as us and seemed in our view to be happy together. We were both shocked. Julia learnt from her friend that the affair was based on pure lust. Her friend told her that her lover was hung like a horse and did things to her that she had never dreamt of.

In bed together one night I asked Julia if she would ever be unfaithful to me. “Don’t be daft!” she exclaimed. “I would never cheat on you. I couldn’t hurt you like that.”

Making a joke of it I said, “not even with someone hung like a horse?”

With uncharacteristic candour Julia said “I’m not sure I could take a horse sized one.” With that we both began to giggle. The laughter was good. It was an aphrodisiac. Soon we were kissing and touching.

When I finally pushed my self between her thighs, ready to enter her I whispered in her ear: “Are you ready for a horse sized cock?”

The effect on Julia of what was meant to be a continuation of the joke was incredible. Her hips lifted and she drew me into her. “Yes, yes I want a big cock in me!” she gasped. Even in the throes of my passion the implicit meaning of her wording was not lost on me. She didn’t say she wanted my big cock. She said that she wanted a big cock.

What hit me was that as soon as she said it I visualized the man who I had sucked and let fuck me those years ago. I could see, in my mind, his large penis, twice as long and twice as thick as my own. I began to imagine him pushing into Julia; stretching her, filling her. I guess those thoughts sent me into an uncharacteristic frenzy. I began to fuck Julia harder than ever before. All the time I was telling her that I was going to see to it that she would be fucked silly by a huge cock. All to soon I exploded in her.

Afterwards Julia cuddled into me and said, “I don’t know what that was that about but I liked it.”

To cut a long story short we talked or rather Julia got me to talk about the fantasy I had when we were making love. I ended up telling her about my escapade with another man. Far from being condemning or angry Julia got me to describe every salacious detail. We ended up feeling so hot that we made love again. This time we did it slowly. Julia wanted to know if I was again fantasising about her taking a big cock. I admitted I was. I asked her if she fancying the idea. “Oh yes” she gasped “but I wouldn’t do anything to harm our relationship.” I told her that I so wanted to see her enjoy herself and that I wanted to be with her when she did.

Over the next few weeks we made love at every opportunity. Each time we returned to the fantasy. Each time we added more to it. Eventually she began, when in the throws of her lust, to tell me that she loved my little cock but needed a much bigger one.

Eventually we decided to take things further. We began to read stories on the Internet. In particular we enjoyed the cuckold variety where the husband looks on as his wife is taken by a well-hung stud. We graduated to reading personal advertisements and finally we plucked up courage to advertise ourselves.

It wasn’t long before we found the right man. Julia had said that she would feel most comfortable with an older man who seemed sensitive to our needs. Brad turned out to be aged 55. He described himself as educated and fit. The pictures he sent us showed him to be well dressed, distinguished and urbane looking. The unclothed photo he sent showed his erect penis, which looked massive, by any standard.

We had asked for a man who could cum several times in a session. Brad told us that he is pretty rampant most of the time.

Eventually I met with Brad in a hotel bar. Julia said that she was too nervous to meet a virtual stranger in this way so she did not join us. She said that it would feel better for her, if we decided to go ahead, if Brad came to our hotel room and she would be naked in bed for him. This way he could join her and simply take over.

When I met Brad I was impressed. He seemed to be everything we were looking for. More than that he had a presence. This was a man used to getting his way in life. He quickly agreed to Julia’s plan and we arranged a date for us all to get together

Brad was keen to know why we wanted him to fuck Julia. When I explained he asked me what my role would be. His forthrightness was disconcerting. I tried to reassure him that I would not get in the way. Brad asked if I wanted to watch because I was bisexual or something. I told him that I didn’t think I was but went on to tell him about my one and only sexual experience with a man. I told him that I enjoyed it perhaps because the man had been dominant and had taken away my control.

When we finally left the hotel Brad told me to get in his car for a minute. He asked me if I wanted to see what he would be pleasuring my wife with. I couldn’t help it; I did want to see his cock so I nodded my assent. Spreading his legs he told me to unzip him and pull his cock out. Fortunately we were parked in a deserted end of the car park but the oddness of a situation whereby I had my hand in the trousers of a virtual stranger in a car park was not lost on me.

With some struggle I managed to release his already hard cock. It was awesome. It was in the region of ten inches long and so thick that my fingers could not close around it. It was gnarled with veins and as hard as iron. “Expose the head,” he told me. Without thinking I did as he asked.

As I retracted the foreskin the large purple head was uncovered. There was already wetness on the head. He then fully opened his trousers and pushed them down a little exposing his large hairless balls. “Play with me” he instructed. I did as he asked although found it difficult, because of his hardness to move his foreskin up and down. Eventually he put his hand behind my head and drew my mouth towards his cock. I could feel the heat of it on my face and smell the powerful odour of his masculinity.

I gently licked him at first making him squirm. I then drew him deep into my mouth and began to suck in earnest. He began to thrust to the extent I feared he might choke me but I managed to cope with him. All to soon he bellowed that he was going to cum. He held my head in a vice like grip whilst he emptied himself in my mouth. I couldn’t contain it all of his sperm in my mouth and some dribbled down my chin and his shaft. “Make sure you lick it all up,” he ordered. He didn’t have to tell me that, I was already intent on doing so. His sperm was thick and tasted good.

When we finished he told me to go home and tell Julia what we had done. Of course I was going to just that anyway. Julia was thrilled. She made me tell every detail whilst I slowly made love to her.

A week later we were in a motel room waiting for Brad to arrive. Julia had fortified herself with the best part of two bottles of wine. We were both naked but Julia was in bed with just a sheet over her. We didn’t have to wait long before Brad arrived but it seemed like forever.

When I opened the door to him he strode into the room without even greeting me. The curtains were closed and we had just one lamp on so neither he nor Julia could really see the other clearly. Brad, without a word, began to undress. When he finally removed his boxers I could see that he was erect all ready. He moved from one side of the bed and I to the other. I could hear Julia’s gasping breaths. She looked at me then at Brad staring at his massive penis, which reached up to his navel.

Brad leant over and lifted the sheet from Julia and exposing her to his gaze. “You are indeed truly exquisite my little one” said Brad. He trailed his hand over her breasts, rubbing against her erect nipples before moving his way down her body. She was breathing faster now. Her eyes were wide and as his hand moved towards her vagina her legs parted as if they had a will of their own.

Slowly, his eyes never leaving hers he slid two fingers gently into her vagina. They went in with ease. She gasped and shook. His fingers made a wet noise in her. I could see drops her excitement around her coral like lips and on her sparse blonde pubic hair. Her scent began to pervade the room.

Her hand reached up and grasped his penis. She could barely hold it. She lifted her head towards it and pushed the tip into her mouth. She frenziedly licked the mammoth shaft down to his plum sized balls. First she held them then she licked them, inhaling his maleness at the same time.

Brad throughout this simply kept pushing his fingers in and out of Julia. By this time there was a froth of her juices around them.

Eventually Brad pulled his penis free from Julia’s mouth and positioned himself above her. Instinctively Julia pulled her knees up to her chest and then widely opened her thighs. I lay next to her on the bed and held her hand tightly. I was so turned on. My little penis was jerking like crazy. At last this was going to happen and to the woman I love so dearly. Thoughts rushed around my brain. Did I really want this?

As if reading my mind Julia looked at me and asked if I was ready for this. Looking into her eyes I nodded. “He’s going to fuck me with that huge thing. You’re going to let a stranger do that to me and I want him to. This is what you wanted to see isn’t it?”

Brad lined his penis up with her now soaked opening. I was torn between watching him enter her and watching her face. I chose to gaze into her eyes and watch for her expressions as they embarked on the intimacy that we once had vowed to reserve for each other.

Brad slowly pushed forward and Julia’s eyes widened. She exhaled and gasped, “He’s inside me. He’s huge. I’ve never felt so filled.”

Brad looked down at her. “It’s only halfway in my little one. There is much more for you yet.

“Give it to me! Give it all to me!” she panted. Her hand gripped mine tightly. I turned from her eyes and saw him poised above her. I could see some of his thick shaft waiting to enter her. Her lips were tightly gripping him. They looked so stretched. Brad pushed again leaving all but two inches of his penis showing. Julia began to make strange guttural sounds and then orgasmed. She clung to him. She looked so small against his large muscular frame.

Slowly he began to pump her. “Is this what you wanted?” he asked.

“More than anything” she panted. “I need to be fucked like this”. She turned to me and said, “I’m sorry babe, I do love you but you could never match this.” With that she pulled his face towards her and kissed him deeply. Their tongues intertwined in a wild dance.

That hit me more than anything else. I felt real jealousy. It was like a physical pain yet exquisite.

They must have fucked like that for at least fifteen minutes. All the time he would thrust then move his hips in a circular movement giving Julia the deepest penetration. Julia convulsed into one orgasm after another. She was speaking gibberish. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. I noticed that she was dribbling from one corner of her mouth. She looked incredible.

Eventually Brad whispered to her and Julia turned to me and told me to lie on my back. Brad disengaged from her and she sat astride me with her face above mine. Brad moved behind her and positioned her so that she was kneeling. “Now you can really see her face when I fuck her” he said.

With a thrust he entered her again. Her mouth fell open and she began to shake and whimper. I could feel his thrusts. The power of them physically moved Julia and me. At times it almost seemed as if it was me fucking her so powerfully. I pulled her face to mine and asked if it felt good. “I’m coming all the time with him” she gasped I could feel each of her orgasms. Her juices literally spurted from her onto my cock.

Julia kissed me deeply as she orgasmed again. When she pulled away she said “I wish that you could fuck me like this but at least you’re here sharing it with me.” She panted in my ear “put your hands down there and feel his cock as he fucks me.”

It was incredible. His shaft was slick with their juices. I encircled it with my fingers. I moved my hand down and cupped his huge balls. At that moment I felt them retract. I knew that he was going to cum in Julia. He began groaning loudly. He yelled, “Milk my balls I’m going to fill her with cum.”

Julia screamed, “Do it, please do it”

With a final thrust he began to ejaculate into by lovely wife. I could feel the pulses in his balls as I held them. Julia screamed that she could feel each spurt. It was a most intense sexual experience for all of us.

Finally Brad slumped forward. He told Julia that when he pulled out she was to move forward over my face. With that she lifted herself until I was looking into her cunt. It was distended and red and puffy. Cum was hanging from her lip. “Lick” ordered Brad.

I didn’t need telling twice. I pulled her wide open cunt to my mouth and drank in their combined fluids. Soon Julia’s hips began to roll and I knew she was near yet another orgasm. When it finally came my mouth filled with more juices.

My face was soaked and then came a new flavour. It was urine. Julia does occasionally leek a little urine when cumming. She immediately said she was sorry and tried to pull away but I held her tight. I told her it tasted lovely.

When we finally finished Brad stood up his penis no less than half erect. With a sneer he said, “So you like to drink piss do you? Well kneel and open wide.”

Eagerly I did as asked. Julia looked on wryly. “Don’t spill any” Brad ordered. Soon his piss gushed into my mouth. My cheeks bulged and it was difficult to keep up with him. The taste of him was acrid and bitter yet there was something so exciting about the act.

After that we lay and chatted. Julia eventually lay on her side facing me. Brad was behind her. We shared a smoke and a drink between us and agreed that it was something that we all wanted to carry on doing.

Julia continuously stroked my face as I played with her nipples. Suddenly she gasped and her mouth fell open. “Oh fuck, he’s just stuck his cock right up me!” she exclaimed.

They lay there hardly moving. We carried on talking about anything and everything as he slowly almost imperceptibly fucked her. Every now and again the conversation would stop whilst Julia screamed her way through another orgasm. After each orgasm the conversation resumed as if nothing had happened. It was surreal.

Finally Brad came again leaving me with another huge mess to clean up. Sadly it was all we had time and energy for and after making a new date with Brad he left.

When we were on our own Julia cuddled into me tightly. We expressed our deep love for each other. Neither of us felt regret. We knew what we had done we had done together.

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