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I love to watch my wife have sex. I love to see her with other guys and with other women. I suppose I’m a voyeur at heart. Lately though, we have another game. Although it seems milder than the above activities, it’s extremely HOT for us. Instead of being with her and watching her, she tells me all about adventures that she’s had when I’m not there.

Lynn knows a very cute guy from work, Jim. She had been flirting with him for some time. He is much younger than we are, and that turns Lynn on big-time. (We’re 50 and he’s 32.) She has let him feel her tits at work and she has felt his hard-on right in the office. Last Tuesday, he asked her to lunch. When Lynn came home from work she told me all about it.

It seems that lunch was very hot…lots of sexy innuendo leading to more explicit conversation. He complemented her looks and her body. (THAT never fails to arouse her.) On the way back to work, they drove by a local park and sat in the car and talked. He couldn’t believe that her husband (me) had no problem with all this. He was astounded she was allowed (actually encouraged) to carry on this way. He told her that he would never want his wife to do this. (Everyone’s different, I suppose.) Lynn told me all about how they began to kiss and he put his hand inside her shirt and felt her under her bra. She told me how things advanced until his cock was out of his pants and in her mouth!! She told me about how he played with her pussy as she sucked him until they both came. She even swallowed.

I know some of you will say I’m crazy, but this turned me on even more than watching her fuck. Lynn was very aroused while telling me of her adventure and she gave me a very hot blow job to prove it. I was hoping things would escalate. I wanted to hear about Lynn getting fucked by this man.

Well, it finally did happen. She told me all about it when she got home from work last Thursday. When I got home from work, there was a message on our answering machine from Lynn. She said she was going to “work late” because Jim needed a hand. I knew that was code and meant she would be with Jim, but not at work. I had told her previously that if she mentioned Jim’s name in a message, I’d know what was up.

I waited for her until about 11:00 PM. All the while I was thinking about what might be happening between Lynn & Jim. It was very exciting. When she arrived home, she took my hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom. She said she wanted to tell me all about it. I was so excited, I could hardly wait for all the details.

It seems they had been flirting all day. At one point Jim came into Lynn’s office cubicle and sat next to her. He put his hand on her knee, and then on her thigh under her skirt. Lynn told me his fingers brushed up against her pussy once or twice before they had to stop. I said that it was a shame she had panties on and she agreed. She told me that when Jim got up to leave he had a huge hard on. She loved seeing it, knowing that she was the reason for his excitement. He had to cool down before he could go into the hallway.

Later in the day, Lynn found an excuse to go to Jim’s office. She told me that she was able to stand so close to him, she could tell he was getting another hard on. She touched it with her hand and it got even harder. Jim asked her if she needed to get right home after work and Lynn said, “No.” They agreed to meet for a drink on the way home at a lounge just a few miles from work (one that was attached to a motel.) When Lynn got back to her own cubby, she called me and left the message about being late. She later told me she had trouble concentrating for the rest of the day. She couldn’t wait to be with Jim, and she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it.

Later in the lounge, they had a drink or two. Lynn was feeling a little “loopy” and went to the ladies room. On her way back, Jim was standing there in the hall. They kissed and he led her to a room he had rented. Before she knew what was happening, she was inside the room, lifted onto the bed, and was being undressed. The drinks made things a bit fuzzy, she said, but she told me that before long they were both naked, on the bed, kissing deeply. She said that he was a very good kisser. He sort of aggressively, but not roughly, nibbled her lips and tongue. He kissed her neck & chest. He sucked and licked her nipples while his fingers explored between her legs. Lynn told me about how it felt and how she parted her legs for him. I heard about how he went further down and licked her pussy until she was about to come.

Lynn told him to stop. She didn’t want to come that way. She told him that she wanted him to fuck her. Lynn helped him put on a condom. Lynn told me about how good it felt when he entered her and about the positions they used. They fucked for quite a while in many different positions before Lynn came. Jim came only a few moments after. They were both exhausted and lay together for a while. She told Jim how horny I would get when she got home and told me the whole story. Jim just shook his head. He thought I was crazy. He wouldn’t want his wife doing this. Well, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

While she was telling all of this to me, Lynn was gently stroking my cock. For a time, I stroked my own cock while licking her pussy. I could smell latex from the condom Jim had used. When she was finished the story, I pulled her on top of me and the two of us fucked like crazy. I honestly believe her when she tells me that our sex is special because there is love there together with the sex. I know that her sexuality doesn’t belong to me and I thrilled that she chooses to share it .

I know some of you will say I’m full of shit. Others will say I’m crazy. I know what works for us and I’m thrilled to be married to Lynn. I’m a very Happy Hubby.

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