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Me and My wife Monica have been married for seven years and have been together for eight. When we first met I knew I was going to have to work hard to impress her because she was the hottest woman I had ever seen in person. She was an athlete her whole life and it showed. She was very thick and also very tan. Her job at the time had her traveling a lot and since she was the face of her company she took great pride in looking good for them. She was not very big up top(she is now after our child. and very impressive might I add) but she was firm, but to begin to describe her ass, well word just can’t do it justice. I have always been an ass man and she was an ass man’s dream. The funny thing is she thought it was too big and the more she worked out to get rid of it the rounder and firmer it got. It was the kind you wanted to bite on too and pray for lockjaw.

I had no idea how much of a sex fiend she could be as well, but hey who am I to complain? I guess the main reason I am going to start writing these stories is because she is to the point now where she hates repeating them and I figured I would stop asking for the details and write them down while I still remember them. She knows I am writing these but she asked me to change her name and her many partners’ names. This first installment is her first and only interracial experience she had in college, it may not be the best one, but I promise you they only get better from here.

The dorm Monica was put in charge of her senior year in school was the dorm that housed the basketball players and track athletes. She is from a small town so she never had any interaction with a lot of people that weren’t white. In fact she was pretty sheltered and that may be an understatement. She was however naturally friendly and she not only made sure things never got out of hand but she made sure if any of the guys in her dorm were struggling in a class she also tutored them. Well one night she was walking the halls and as she passed a group of basketball players she winked at one and thought nothing of it.

The guy she winked at was one of the college’s superstar basketball players and quite the player she said. He was always bragging in the TV room about how he could get any woman and whatnot. So about 3 hours later she heard a knock at her door and it was Desmond. She said he sort of forced his way in and then shut the door behind him. She asked him what he wanted and he told her he knew what that wink meant. She of course meant noting by it and tried to explain it. She sort of backed away and he came forward quickly and with a purpose. He grabbed her by the arms and started to kiss her on the neck; meanwhile his hands made there way down the back of her shorts and started to squeeze her ass hard. He would then be the first black man to ask a question she hears to this day, if she had any black in her because you have a sister ass.

So by this time she was getting very turned on and she has said that she didn’t know if it was the fact he was black or the fact he was so aggressive, the only problem was she was a virgin. She told him this but by this time he was very hard to the point he was sticking out of the top of his sweatpants. He begged to let him “hit it” but she said no several times. Now even though she was a virgin she had sucked a few cocks by this time and she said she would try and give him a blow job. That however proved unsuccessful, even though she tried from many different angles. On her knees, him sitting down and her bending over, she even laid on the bed on her back and tried to let him face fuck her but the fact was he was way to big. She said he was almost as thick as her wrist and about 10 inches long. She was determined to get him to cum, so then he recommended she lay on her stomach and he would stand at the foot of the bed. But he also suggested she remove her panties so he could play with her big white ass. Well again she was unsuccessful in fitting much more than a few inches in her mouth. Figuring he was not going to get to pop her cherry he then asked if he could fuck her ass cheeks.

She agreed and allowed him to straddle her while she was on her stomach. He then proceeded to lick every inch of both of her ass cheeks and in between his mouth being on her ass he was still begging to please let him fuck her. After about 20 minutes of this he had obviously built himself up and spread her cheeks and placed his huge black cock in between them, in about 2 minutes he asked where she wanted him to cum and she said where ever so in a moment of surprise and probably careful planning on his part he quickly spread her cheeks apart and spit a huge wad of spit on her virgin asshole and slid the head in, she tried to get up but he assured her he just was going to put the head in. Rather he had other plans she would never know because her ass was so tight on his dick he came almost immediately. She was a little pissed but rather than make him mad she said she had to go to the bathroom and if he would please leave. Later on that night she replayed the moments in her mind and she said she had the best orgasm she ever had up to that point playing with herself. She would end up moving to an apt a week later and never got to go further with Desmond. But to this day she wonders time to time what would have happened if they hooked up again.

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