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My wife Patricia (known to all who know her as Trish) has been my wife for 7 years now. She is a great wife who loves me dearly and is a very loyal partner. She is beautiful. Long blonde hair, mesmorizing blue eyes and what gets most peoples attention, her natural 34DD breasts. She has quite a fit curvy figure, which she gets from her yoga, and loves to dress in some what revealing clothing when we go out places, except when we go to see the family.

Our sex life was okay, but started to become boring and repetitive for both of us. We started to introduce videos, toys, restraints and role play into our sex but it still left a lot to be desired for not only me, but deep down her as well. When she left to go out shopping with her girlfriends for the day, I started to clean out our wardrobe when I found a shoebox hidden away by a raincoat in the corner. I picked it up and took it to the bed where I opened it to see what was inside. There was a secret diary along with a couple of photographs from holidays and random events that she has attended. As I read the first few chapters, I noticed that she kept up to date with everything she had done and wrote personal things to herself almost as an escape from reality. I lifted the photos when suddenly a video tape was revealed. It had written on the label in black pen, “Naughty Gianna”. Gianna was a friend of Trish’s from her yoga class that was currently with her shopping. Gianna is also an attractive woman who has long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and roughly 38DD breasts. She is a bit chubbier than Trish but her larger breasts make up for that.

I placed it into the video player and sat on our bed and hit play. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the start. It was just Gianna talking to the camera in a home video just showing her face. When it zoomed out, she took off her bra and started to play with her large fun bags for the camera. I got a raging boner in my pants and wondered what this was leading to. The screen went blue and I thought that was the end when suddenly the video flashed back up on the screen and Gianna was being gang banged by five men. She was a slut, I would have never thought. I’ve met her husband, he was a nice bloke. I was considering whether or not to tell him when he appeared on the screen watching his wife while jacking off. I was amazed. I rewound the video and put it back into the box and opened her diary to the last entry. It was titled, Naughty Gianna, just like the video.

Dear Diary,

I saw Gianna’s video today. It was amazing, she was such a slut. I was wet the entire time I was watching her. She is beautiful with her massive tits and round arse. The way she handled those five guys was shocking. She was in her element. How did her husband agree to that? He must really love her. I knew she said she was rewarded but I would have never guessed that a man’s cum would be a reward for a woman. The way she swallowed all of it in a flash, has inspired me to open my eyes to sexual experimentation. I would love to try that, but I don’t know how to approach Simon about this want of mine. He will never agree to it, but a girl can dream.

I was so turned on by this whole situation and saw this as a great opportunity to spice up our love life. I immediately booked us a beach side apartment for the night and organized for four men to be at that apartment by 9:30. The plan was to have an intimate dinner where I can bring up what I have read and tell her that I want her to do it, at which point the four men will enter the room. I packed a bag full of our restraints and toys and packed it in the car so Trish would not suspect a thing when we leave. Trish arrived home at 5:00 and had purchased some very slutty, revealing lingerie which I thought would be perfect for the occasion. I told to quickly pack a bag of things for the night including her sexy lingerie that she had just bought. She didn’t question a thing. She just promptly got some things backed and got changed into her beachside attire, which was a tight; white cotton t-shirt and a denim blue mini skirt.

When we got there, I grabbed all the bags and we both headed to our room. As we arrived I got onto the phone and rang room service and asked them to bring us our dinner and a bottle of wine. As I did that, unknown to me, Trish changed into her new lingerie and returned wearing her t-shirt and mini skirt. Dinner arrived and I opened the bottle of wine. It was a candlelight dinner where we could enjoy the view. We had just finished dinner and it was 9:00. I poured her her fourth glass of wine and we started to talk about our lives and in particular, sex. I told her that I was cleaning out the wardrobe during the day and I found a shoebox. She pretended like she knew nothing about it. I then told her I found her diary and a bunch of photos. She looked relieved that I didn’t mention the video. Then I mentioned the “Naughty Gianna” video and had read her last entry into the diary. I asked her if what she wrote about that video and her wanting to experience it was true. She blushed, she was so embarrassed and told me that it was not real; her diary was an escape from reality. I knew she was lying and too embarrassed to tell me the truth. So I told her that I would love to see her experience what Gianna had and that there would be no repercussions of what she would do. What ever happened would stay between us, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. She smiled and kissed me and told me she would love for me to watch her as she did it, it would be a real turn on for her. It was 9:30; the four men would be here any minute.

As the door knocked I looked at Trish. “Honey, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” I said to her as I walked to answer it. As I opened it, four white men were standing at the door. I greeted them and introduced them to Trish.

“Trish, this is Blake, Corey, Mark and Nick.”

She just stood there staring at all of them with a huge grin on her face. I took her aside and told her that she could do anything she wanted and that I would be fine with it. I then told her that if needed, I had placed all the toys and restraints in the bag which I pointed to in the corner. She kissed me, turned to face the men and told them to take their shirts off. They all were in their late twenty’s early thirty’s and had athletic builds. She asked them if they would like to see her strip, they all nodded.

She teased as she started to lift her top and then lowered it again. She twirled her hair with her fingers and then bent over in front of the men to show off the new g-string she had just purchased before running her hands up her smooth creamy legs. All the men had hard ons including me. She looked like a professional stripper. She then went over to the boys and told them to unzip and takeoff their pants. She then went along to each of them and sized them up with her hand. After she went past them all, she went back Corey and put her hand down his boxers and whispered in his ears. He looked at her and then nodded and said I will, but a bit later. She giggled and then told all the boys to take off their boxers and move to the fold out couch mattress. She finally striped down to her lingerie and told them that if they wanted her naked, which they all did, that they would need to take her lingerie off with their teeth. Nick beat them all to the g-string, but Mark made sure he got to be nice and close to Trish’s fun bags. It was off in seconds and Trish was ordering them to fuck her. Blake sat down and Trish placed her arse over it and then had it consumed right into her arse. Corey then placed his rock hard cock into Trish’s wet pussy lips as she was busy tit fucking Nick and sucking Marks cock rapidly.

I just sat back and could not believe what I was seeing, Trish was a massive slut. I would have never guessed she would be like this if given the chance. I was a little uneasy as I was watching her getting so much pleasure from strangers but more than anything, I was so turned on. My cock was so hard; it was hard and begging to be pleasured. I had to relieve my self and take out my cock and jack off madly to witnessing my wife being owned by all four men. With each pull, cum oozed out of my cock and soon I was cumming all over my hands and jeans.

Suddenly I saw Trish get up and walk over to me with Blake and Nick. She grabbed my hand and guided me to the bed.

“Do you think I am a big slut now,” she asked.

“Yes, and it turns me on so much,” I replied.

“I want you to experience what it is like to be a slut.”

I looked at her with a puzzled face.

“I want you to suck Blake’s cock and tell me if you feel like a slut.”

“No, I’m not gay, I won’t do it,” I said firmly.

Suddenly Blake and Nick grabbed me as Trish went over to the bag in the corner and took out two pairs of handcuffs.

“Well you don’t have I choice,” she said as she cuffed both my hands to the bed with a huge grin on her face. Blake directioned his cock to my mouth and placed in on the edge of my lips which I would not open. I could feel his pre cum on my lips and got a taste of it on my tongue. My wife stood there watching, telling me to suck it till it turns blue, like a real slut. She was talking dirty to me, and it was turning me on. To be honest the taste of his pre cum was great I eventually gave in and slightly opened my mouth, when he forced it open with the thickness of his cock. As it entered, the taste of his cock was amazing, I had never tasted cock before, but I’ve got to admit, I started to really enjoy having it in my mouth. If that transforms me into a bisexual, then that it a transformation that will be very enjoyable. I started to suck his cock hard when he grabbed me by the back of my head and started to fuck my throat. I was gagging so much, just trying to breathe. My wife was just standing next to me screaming things at me like, “You like that don’t you” and “You’re a dirty slut boy aren’t you? Do you want more cock?” I glanced my eyes at her and then continued to suck on Blake’s tasty cock. Trish noticed that I was really starting to enjoy it and uncuffed me.

“That’s enough slut, no more cock for you tonight,”

I could finally see how big Blake’s cock really was. It was huge, I know it sounds like I am just saying it, but it was at least a foot long. No wonder Trish had selected me to suck his cock. Without saying a word to Trish I got on my knees and used both my hands to stroke his length as I continued to suck on his rock hard shaft. I attempted to deep throat it and got about 7 inches of it down before I had to bring it back up. Trish was amazed and surprisingly horny.

“I am so wet, you don’t know how horny you’re making me.” she said.

“I had know idea you loved cock like I do you naughty little slut.”

I stopped sucking, looked at her and told her how good it felt to have a cock in my mouth. I told her that I want to have more and that I was begging for some cum. Trish was getting all hot and blushing and started to finger her pussy targeting her clit. She told Nick to come over to me and for Mark and Corey to go with her. We both started to stroke two cocks each as we smiled at each other.

All the guys were groaning as we were stoking their massive shafts.

“You look like you a pro at pleasuring a cock,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve had many years of experience,” I said as I continued to make Blake and Nick groan. Trish laughed and said that I was probably better at giving head and hand to men then she is. She then allowed Mark to fuck her as she placed Corey’s cock into her mouth and massaged his balls with her fingers. I engulfed Blake’s cock back into my mouth and stroked Nick’s length as he panted and groaned. I could feel Nicks ball tighten really hard. Blake was also groaning and complimenting me on my pleasurable techniques towards other men. They loved the way I knew how to control them and prevent them from cumming. As a man, I know how to ease of the stimulation and pick it back up again so that they would soon be begging to cum for a tension relief. I felt Blake tense and his cock starting to pulsate in my mouth. Before I had a chance to react, I had my first hot load of cum shot into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly as he shot another load seconds later. It tasted so nice. It was so warm and creamy and quite sticky as it ran down the back of my throat. Trish stopped and noticed that I had just swallowed my first load of cum. I looked to her direction and said with a smile,

“That’s my salt intake for the day.”

She giggled and then took Blake and Nick from me with Corey and told me that I was to keep Mark as hard as possible until she was ready for him. I was so turned on by all of this. My cock was as hard as a rock and had been for some time. I just could not believe what was happening to me, but more importantly Trish. She was getting pumped by Nick in her soaked pussy. She was moaning madly as she was caressing both Blake and Marks cocks as Nick fucked her madly. Suddenly Trish’s body tensed and she collapsed onto the bed letting go of both cocks. She climaxed perfectly. She was shaking and giggling as she felt her sexy, sweaty body up and down. She was shaking vigorously and giggling uncontrollably with desire and pleasure. Once she was composed, she came over to me and kissed me. She could fill the dry cum on my cheeks as could I on hers. We both got next to each other and madly started to stroke the four cocks. She told them to shower us both with their cum as she pulled on her erected nipples. As they started to moan and as their cocks started to pulsate I moved close to Trish’s face as we were both showered with streams of hot oozing sticky cum. It was so erotic and sexy to be sharing a bunch of cocks with my wife. She was enjoying it more than I was though as she swallowed her share of the cum and then demanded she see me swallow the rest. I did of course but not before I played with it for a bit in my mouth. She was getting horny once again. I then swallowed it all before we both cleaned up all of the men’s pleasuring cocks. As they got dressed, we thanked them for their time. They thanked us though for such a great time, The men were extremely appreciative of me as I gave them great pleasure with my hands and my mouth. They left Patricia and me naked on the bed covered in cum. We licked the remainder off of each others bodies. When all was done she kissed me.

“Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my fantasy Simon, you were such a slut tonight, I loved every second of it.”

“I’m glad you weren’t left disappointed,” I replied.

We both then were so tired from the nights activities that we both just fell asleep naked surrounded by cum. It was a night that has saved our sex life, and neither of us will ever forget it. But from now on, one thing is certain Trish and I will both be having plenty more cock.

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