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My wife and I have had our problems in the past but we worked them out when we found out we were having sex with the same woman, and what was funny was, that my wife set it all up just to show me that she was bi-sexual.

Susan had always been very much into sex during our marriage, then as my work took more and more of my time she felt neglected and found other ways to fill her needs. Even thought we were still sexually active with each other, it was if we lost the spark that we once had. Susan found a way to relight the flame in our lives and our bed.

It was the first weekend I had off in months and I wanted to relax and kick back to watch the game but Susan wanted to go out on the town. We talked about it then compromised I would stay home to watch the game tonight while she went out and we would go out together the next night, Susan smiled and seemed to like the idea. Susan fixed me a drink then kissed me as she headed off to ready herself for the night.

As I settled into my chair and flipped through the channels seeing that there was more then one game on, which was a bonus for me, night was set up and I was needing the rest.

In less then an hour Susan reemerged from the bedroom and did she look hot! She had on her black knee high boots and a black skirt that just covered her thighs, and her top was something else, a red lace push-up bra with a vest that barely covered her. My cock started to twitch just seeing her as she walked toward me. She kissed me on the lips then said, “Enjoy your game!” I watched her as she walked to the door where she stopped to look over her shoulder at me, then blowing me a kiss as she wiggled her tight ass at me.

I could not help but to peek out the window down upon the street as she climbed into a cab, and the minx blew me a kiss as she did knowing I would be looking. I settled back into my chair and watched the first game; the second was to start an hour later.

I was so into both of the games that I did not even know what time it was. It was then the door buzzer went off, I was annoyed that someone was disturbing me at this hour. I clicked the COM box to the front door and asked, “YES, Who is it!” in an impolite voice. In a shaky voice I heard Susan say, “Honey its me, I can’t find my keys.” She was drunk, I could hear it in her voice, and I looked at the clock and saw it was later then I had thought. I buzzed her in and unlocked the door to our flat. There was still plenty of time left in the second game to watch and I guessed Susan would just go to bed and pass out. That was until she came rolling in the door.

Then a blond woman came in with here, Susan looked at me and said, “Thanks hon.!” Then tossed her purse as well as the other woman’s on the counter. The blond looked at me and giggled the said, “Hi, I’m Carly.” I smiled and nodded as Susan took her hand and led her to the couch. Then Susan pulled Carly up close to her and locked lips, and Carly responded wrapping her arms around Susan.

Carly looked to be a bit younger then Susan and she had huge tits, just the way Susan likes them. Blond hair down passed her shoulders, but I wondered if the carpet matched the drapes? Her clothes, well I am not sure they were gone to fast. Susan and Carly were in their own world together completely ignoring me, and I had the best seat in the house. I pretended to watch the game as they stripped each other down to their panties and bra’s then sank onto the couch in a deep lip lock while rubbing each other’s tits. It did not take long till they both had worked each others tits from their bra’s and I could see Susan’s nipples were hard as ever and Carly’s tits were huge, double D’s at least with a bit of sag, but looked very luscious and nipples that stood out ready to be sucked.

Susan saw Carly’s nipples also and went straight to then sucking and squeezing her tits as she moaned for more. Then it was Carl’s turn to suck Susan’s tits, they switched back and forth several times before Susan peeled Carly’s wet thong down and off sinking to her knee’s to bury her face in her folds. Carly let out a loud cry of lustful content as Susan lapped away in her wet pussy.

I myself had a hard on that was restrained in my pants and needed out. I slowly unzipped my pants to free it and some how Susan heard it, stopping to look up at me. Smiling she said, “Go get my double ended dildo and maybe we will take care of that!” Carly and Susan both had an evil grin on their faces as I stood there with my cock standing out of my pants. I did not even have time to turn around till I heard Carly say, “Spin around, I want to taste your sweet pussy!”

I went to the bedroom and got the double-ended jelly dildo then returned to find Susan and Carly in a sixty-nine position sucking and fingering pussy fast and hard. Hell from what I saw they did not need this thing, but they had other ideas. As I walked in Susan held out her hand for the dildo, I placed it in her palm as she wrapped her fingers around it. Susan rolled off of Carly and positioned herself between her legs licking one end of the rubber cock before sliding it into Carly’s wet hole with ease. As Susan worked it in and out of her pussy she bent down and sucked the other end to lube it up, moving into position to slide that end into her own pussy. The site of these two beautiful women fucking each other with a double dong was too much; I had to stroke my cock. Carly looked up and said, “Let me suck it and make you cum!” I looked at Susan and she grinned wildly nodding yes.

While the two of them pounded each other’s pussies I walked to Carly and brought my cock closer to her hungry lips. She was hungry too and reached out grabbing my ass and pulling me deep into her mouth all at once, I thought I would blow a nut right then, but Carly knew what she was doing and worked my cock very well, but with all the excitement and girl on girl action even Carly could not keep me holding back for long.

My breath became short gasps and I knew I was going to cum so I tried to pull back while I said, “I’m going to cum now!” But Carly gripped my ass tight and pushed me down her throat and I let loose a huge hard shot of cum down her pipe but she did not miss a beat, she pulled my cock back so just the head was in and stroked me as I continued to empty my load in her mouth. The site and sounds of this set both women off and they had crushing orgasms also. Carly let my cock slid from her lips then sat up and pulled Susan to her to share my cum with her in a deep wet kiss. Some of it spilled out the sides of their lips and dribbled down onto their hot tits, watching them lick each other clean started to get me hard again.

The girls took the opportunity to share my cock, sucking and licking me back to life, and then Susan looked at me and said, “Hand me that dildo and then you can give our new friend a good fucking!” I picked up the toy handing it to my wife as Carly jumped up onto all fours and wiggled her ass at me. I slide into Carly with ease being she was still so wet, but even though she had already orgasmed still was tight.

I worked in and out slowly enjoying the wet hot feeling of her pussy as Susan moved in front of Carly where she helped Susan fill her pussy with it. As I pumped Carly her tits were swaying and rubbing her nipples across the leather on the couch making them stand out hard, she had very large nipples too. Susan stood up with one end of the rubber deep in her pussy and walked around to watch me fuck Carly, and then Susan climbed up on the couch and straddled Carly facing me with the cock. She spit into her hand and held it out for me to spit also, rubbing the free end of the dildo for lube then deftly lined it up to Carly’s tight little asshole.

I slowed my pumping so Susan could enter Carly’s ass with the toy and as she did Carly let out a slight gasp that turned to a low long moan as it slide deeper into her. So there was Susan with one end in her pussy and the other end in Carly’s ass while I was fucking Carly’s tight pussy, what a site. I began to rock them both and held the dong so it would slide in and out of them both as if I were fucking three holes at once. This left Susan’s hands free to play with her tits and hold them up for me to suck. It was Carly that spoke up and with a gasp she said, “Fuck me harder!” So I did, I fucked them both and could see Susan’s pussy dripping down Carly’s back and into her asshole which lubed her up even more and I could feel Carly’s pussy soaking my cock and balls and the sound of skin on skin contact as we fucked grew louder as I pumped harder.

I was so close to cumming it almost hurt, but then I heard Carly scream then gush all over my cock and balls, this set Susan and I both off, I shot my load deep into Carly and Susan squirted passed the rubber cock splashing me and Carly.

We settled down and caught our breath before I watched the girls lick each other clean as well as me, before we all headed to the shower.

Carly spent the night the night and has been back several time since, it’s good to have a bi-sexual wife!

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