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My youngest daughter had just turned 18 and I was quite surprised to see just how much she had developed over the last year. She had been a rather quiet girl, very pretty but never comfortable letting people see just how pretty she was. Until she was 17 she had no figure at all. She had skinny legs which seemed to be shapeless and her breasts just weren’t there. Her hair was lanky and, as I said, she always hid her pretty face. Suddenly at 17 she started to blossom and her legs started to take shape, her breasts started to bloom and she started to take an interest in her hair and this made her look so much nicer. Now at 18 she really was a pretty girl with a beautiful pair of legs, wonderful breasts and hips and waist to match.

My situation is rather difficult for Natalie to understand. My first wife became an alcoholic and eventually entered an institution and eventually died from her addiction when Natalie was only 13. Natalie took it rather hard although she was never close to her mother but it was just the fact she had died and, although she hadn’t been around Natalie much over the last 5 years of her life, there was still a loss to a young girl. I am aged 48 and Natalie has an older sister Susie who is married and lives away from our home but keeps in constant contact with us.

I believe I did a good job of raising Natalie and Susie because they lacked nothing and seemed very happy living with me. Susie’s husband Matt is a very nice lad and he looks after her very well. They have a small baby and that keeps them busy.

Two years ago I met a delightful lassie at a business meeting. I am an architect and have my own business which is quite successful. I hesitated asking Cheryl out on a date mostly because she is much younger than myself – she is 36 and although a divorcee she doesn’t have any children. Anyway the date was arranged and she seemed to be delighted to accept my invitation to a dinner at an intimate restaurant. We chatted together and found we had much in common although we came from quite different backgrounds. She was working as a secretary for a large firm I was negotiating with but she didn’t like working there because she was always being chatted up by the boss who seemed to think every woman was easy pickings for him.

Anyway to cut a long story short we dated regularly and eventually I brought Cheryl home to meet Natalie and Susie. Susie and Cheryl took to each other very quickly and that was very easy. Natalie, on the other hand, was reluctant to accept Cheryl as a possible wife for me (and therefore mother to her) and made her feelings very obvious. Cheryl was able to accept Natalie’s rejection knowing that she would eventually be able to come to terms with Natalie.

After 6 months of courting etc., we decided to get married and so Cheryl moved into our home. Cheryl was then able to give up work and this made her very happy – she hated being felt up by her boss and the constant asking her out was getting to her. She fitted into the home very well. She is a very good cook and keeps the house beautifully clean and tidy – something my first wife was unable to do due to her drinking. Cheryl was also very good in bed. She had a great sexual appetite and was forever reaching for me whenever she could, sometimes when Natalie could see, and this further alienated the two women. It was nothing to Cheryl to walk around the house wearing very little and this upset Natalie, particularly when Cheryl would perhaps sit on my lap at the breakfast table wearing only a very thin dressing gown which tended to show all of her assets. Cheryl has a wonderful figure and she is extremely proud of it and delights in showing it off to me and anyone else who happens to be around. Her breasts are full and very well shaped with beautiful long hard nipples which I loved to play with and she loved it too. Her hips were just right and her legs were such a beautiful shape she looked just wonderful all the time. When she wore her very tiny bikini around the house and our swimming pool she looked just like a photographic model.

Cheryl was very fussy about her figure and she was always making sure everything was right. She always shaved her legs on a regular basis and also her underarms. Prior to meeting me she had always kept her pubic hair shaved but I persuaded her to let if grow and, if necessary, I would trim it into shape so that it didn’t show around her bikini too much.

Before she met me Cheryl had a fairly rough time with her first husband. He was very demanding of her and was always trying to get her to do things she didn’t want to do. He was one of those men who wanted to be able to watch his wife getting fucked by another man. Reluctantly Cheryl had agreed to fuck another man for him but this only led to further demands until she was being constantly involved with other men. It reached the end when she was made to fuck three black men whilst her husband watched her. She left him straight away and later obtained a divorce. She had sex with quite a number of other men between the time of her divorce and meeting me so she had had plenty of experience with men.

Cheryl fitted so well into our home I just couldn’t believe it. Although she still irked Natalie by the way she pranced around the house almost naked (and sometimes she would be totally naked) they tended to ignore one another which made for a more peaceful existence. I worked from home and Natalie was still at college so I had plenty of opportunity to be with Cheryl. Natalie had her own car and lived at home with us.

I started to take more notice of Natalie about a month after she turned 18. She started to dress differently – wearing shorter skirts and small tops with bare middle showing her figure off more and more. She has the cutest belly button – it is quite deep and when she stands in the sunlight the shadow it forms makes it look very exciting. Although I wasn’t sure, and I asked Cheryl to check, I thought Natalie wasn’t wearing a bra because of the way her breasts bounced when she walked. Cheryl confirmed it and also told me she had noticed Natalie’s panties in the laundry were mostly thongs which certainly didn’t cover very much at all.

At this point Cheryl asked Natalie if they could go shopping together because she had some ideas which she was sure Natalie would like. Reluctantly Natalie agreed and off they went. When they returned they were so close I just couldn’t believe it! I found out from Cheryl that she had bought heaps of sexy underwear for Natalie, most of it very sexy indeed. Cheryl also bought some of this underwear for herself and I just couldn’t wait to see her wearing it.

When I saw what Cheryl had bought for herself I was amazed. The bras were so sheer everything was visible through them and the panties – all thongs – were also completely see through too. I was a bit disturbed that Natalie was wearing underwear as revealing as this but Cheryl told me not to worry because that is what all the girls are wearing. This was the start of a close bond between Cheryl and Natalie.

From the moment we had first fucked, Cheryl was in rapture about sex. She constantly wanted more and more. She would sometimes come into my office at home stark naked and roll onto my desk, spread her legs in front of me, and say, “Fuck me darling, fuck me hard!” How could I possibly object to this and so I would fuck her on the desk. Natalie changed her attitude so much towards Cheryl that she didn’t even complain when Cheryl would walk around quite naked – in fact she seemed to enjoy the thrill of watching Cheryl making approaches to me.

The only problem with our marriage, which I eventually managed to find out about, was that Cheryl had always loved a big, long hard cock and although mine did the job it was only 5 and a bit inches long and Cheryl longed for a much longer cock! Cheryl was open enough to talk about such things with me. I am very fit and so far I have been able to keep up with Cheryl’s demands for sex but I know she is a little disappointed about the size of my dick. I must stress my cock was satisfactory but just wasn’t as long as those she had experienced in the past and she longed for something a bit bigger. She didn’t complain directly to me at all it was just something she wanted but couldn’t have.

Natalie told Cheryl she had been seeing a nice boy at college for a couple of weeks and asked if she could bring him home for a meal and meet the family. Of course it was arranged and so we met David for the first time for a meal on the Saturday evening. He was a very polite lad older than Natalie – he was about 24 I think – and he said and did all the right things at the dinner. The shock of the evening came when Natalie thanked us for the meal and then took David by the hand and went upstairs to her bedroom. Cheryl and I looked at one another and wondered it we should say something but decided not to do anything – after all Natalie is now 18 and should know what she is doing!

We were both concerned when, at midnight, there was no sign that David was going home! We discussed the possibility they were having sex and then tried to dismiss that thought by saying they were probably listening to music or something. Our bedroom is on the ground floor and quite apart from Natalie’s bedroom so we couldn’t hear anything from their room. David didn’t go home at all and turned up for breakfast next morning wearing one of Natalie’s dressing gowns – it certainly didn’t cover him very much. We knew he was naked under the dressing gown. Natalie was also naked under her dressing gown so they must have been like that in bed. They began flirting together at the breakfast table much to our concern but we decided to remain quiet and would talk to Natalie after David had gone.

Oddly enough, Natalie and David were doing just what Cheryl and I had been doing in front of Natalie before! They certainly didn’t have sex in the kitchen but they very well might as well have done so. Both Cheryl and I were disturbed at her casual approach to sex and we decided we would have to talk sternly to her as soon as David left. But David and Natalie both left together – Natalie to college and David off to do his own thing. Although Cheryl and I had been quite perturbed by their actions in front of us, we were also very turned on so, as soon as the young ones left, we stripped off our dressing gowns and fucked like teenagers.

Over the next couple of days and nights Natalie and David were practically inseparable and we didn’t have a chance to speak to her alone. Cheryl decided she would have a very quiet word with Natalie and see if she could tell her about our fears. Eventually Cheryl managed to get Natalie on her own and they had their conversation. They talked in whispers for quite some time and I was busting to know what they were talking about. When Cheryl came back to me, she had a very quizzical expression on her face. She didn’t tell me anything until we were in bed that night.

Cheryl said, “Well, Natalie is fucking David alright and she loves every minute of it! David isn’t Natalie’s first sexually active boyfriend – she has been having sex for the past 12 months with a variety of boys – but he is certainly the best. I have talked to Natalie about contraception but she is already on then pill having seen some doctor at the college. Natalie tells me David’s cock is 10 inches long and very thick and she just loves getting fucked as often as possible. I don’t think there is very much we can say to our little girl – I think she knows it all. Fortunately she didn’t mind me talking to her in fact we are now much more like two sisters rather than daughter and step-mother.”

I wasn’t too sure what to think about Natalie but had to leave it with Cheryl because she had managed to get very close to Natalie and this would probably allow her to help if anything got out of hand. Cheryl seemed to be very aroused following her conversation with Natalie and she fucked with renewed vigor which I hadn’t seen since early in our relationship.

Natalie and Cheryl became much closer over the next couple of months and, although Cheryl in no way neglected me in any way, she still spent quite a lot of time with Natalie. I also noticed Cheryl would often go to Natalie’s room when David was visiting Natalie. I wondered what the three of them were up to in Natalie’s room but Cheryl didn’t tell me anything and I really didn’t want to ask her although I was busting to know.

I had a particularly busy schedule over the next couple of weeks and really had to concentrate on my work. Cheryl knew about this and kept out of my way most of the time but she certainly made up for that when we were on bed together at night. Her sexual appetite seemed to be greater than before and we enjoyed wonderful lovemaking although I had the impression Cheryl wasn’t completely satisfied and, on one occasion, she asked me to give her an orgasm by playing with her clit after we had had sex. This was unusual because she always enjoyed being played with but always before sex as this was her way of using foreplay to get totally aroused before she was fucked making the experience so much better.

Interestingly our sex life didn’t diminish at all in fact we seemed to be more ardent in our lovemaking than before except that now Cheryl always wanted me to play with her clit after fucking to make sure she came off with a huge orgasm. I couldn’t tell if she was reaching orgasm while we were fucking because she is quite vocal and energetic in her lovemaking and it is hard to tell.

There was no spontaneous sex in my office while I had this busy work schedule in fact, apart from coffee and biscuits etc., and an occasional hello, Cheryl didn’t come into my work area at all. She was still the ever loving wife and was very attentive but I missed those episodes where she would walk naked into my office, spread herself over my desk and demand I fuck her immediately! She changed her habits too in the morning. Now she tended to wear more clothes in the kitchen as we had our breakfast and now she didn’t sit on my lap and kiss me.

At first I put this down to my busy work schedule – after all I had told Cheryl I didn’t want to be disturbed for a while – but now the heavy work load was over and things hadn’t changed back to what they were before.

Cheryl and I made love in our bed one evening and after I had played with her clit and given her a wonderful orgasm, she pulled me to her, kissed me, and then started to talk. “Darling, I would like to take a short holiday with Natalie for a few days – say about a week – just to recharge my batteries. Natalie and I have been very close lately and we would like to spend a little time on our own. If you would be upset I won’t go but I would like to have this chance to get to know Natalie better and also to have a complete rest. Would you mind if we went away for a week?”

At first I was thrilled to think Cheryl and Natalie were so close but then I began to wonder just how close they were? I didn’t want to be away from Cheryl at all and wondered if I could take some time off as well and go with them. I asked Cheryl if I could come with them but she immediately told me she wanted to go away without me just for a change. I was a little hurt but decided it wouldn’t do me any good to demand I be allowed to go or even to stop Cheryl from going. Reluctantly I agreed they should have their holiday together.

It was arranged they would leave next Friday afternoon and return on the following Sunday afternoon giving them a little over a week together. I watched Cheryl pack her case feeling sad and left out of things. I was a little surprised when Cheryl packed most of her sexiest underwear, no nightwear, her skimpiest dresses, see-through blouses and very short skirts and her almost obscene bikini costumes. It looked as though she was out for a good time. I decided not to question what she had packed and went along with their preparations to leave. They surprised me when they told me they weren’t taking their cars – they told me they were being picked up!

The two women were standing at the front of our house looking beautiful and both wearing rather revealing clothes. Their two cases were standing alongside them and they were obviously excited at the prospect of their holiday together. I was quite disturbed at how they looked and wondered just who was to pick them up and why they weren’t taking their own cars.

At last a car pulled up at the front of our home and the two girls rushed to greet the driver. I was most alarmed to see that it was David! I carried the cases to the car and David greeted me pleasantly and soon had the cases stowed in the car. I didn’t have a chance to ask were they were staying or even where they were going. With a cheerful goodbye kiss from Cheryl and a peck on the cheek from Natalie they hopped into the car and were off.

I was quite disturbed. At first I had been unhappy they were going at all but now I was really worried seeing that David was going with them. Why hadn’t they asked me to go too? What were they going to do about accommodation? Would they have separate rooms or was there something sinister about the whole holiday?

That week was the longest I have ever experienced. There was no word from any of them and I had visions of all sorts of things happening to my Cheryl. Perhaps she was meeting someone else and they were just taking her there so she could be alone with some boyfriend or lover.

On the Sunday afternoon whilst waiting for signs of their return I just couldn’t settle down to anything at all. I tried watching TV but couldn’t concentrate and I even tried to work but that was useless! Late in the afternoon when I had just about reached the end of my tether I heard a car stop out the front of our home. I rushed out and greeted my lovely Cheryl, Natalie and David. They all looked radiant, tanned and very healthy. Cheryl rushed over to me, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a most passionate kiss, pressing her body into mine and making it obvious she was pleased to see me. David carried the cases into the house and it was easy to see he and Natalie had been having a good time together.

Cheryl excused herself from Natalie and David and took my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom. Once the door was closed, she bent over and grabbed the hem of her loose sunfrock with both hands and in once quick action pulled it up and over her head and threw it onto the bed. She was completely naked now – she hadn’t been wearing anything at all under the dress. She rushed over to me and held me tightly and whispered to me, “Please fuck me NOW!” This was all the encouragement I needed and I was soon naked too and I pushed her over onto the bed where she parted her lovely legs, grasped my very hard cock and pulled me into her. She was so turned on she had an orgasm almost as soon as my cock entered her cunt and she had a second when I came in her. It seemed my old Cheryl was back again. I kept my still-hard cock in her amazed it hadn’t gone limp and began slowly moving it back and forth inside her. I managed to cum a second time and I was sure Cheryl came too.

We dressed again and returned to the kitchen for our evening meal. Natalie and David had disappeared into her room so we were alone in the kitchen. We were only wearing our dressing gowns and as the others weren’t around we were soon feeling each other up again. I could feel the cum running down Cheryl’s legs and this made me all the more aroused knowing I had just fucked her twice and the cum was mine. We kissed repeatedly and this interfered with the preparation of the evening meal. Once the meal was prepared we were able to relax and, when I sat down on a chair, Cheryl came over to me pulled her dressing gown out of the way, spread her legs around mine and sat down on my hard cock. This time it entered her easily mainly due to the cum still around and in her cunt. I was able to suck her nipples at the same time I was fucking her. This time she was doing all the work moving up and down on my very hard cock. Eventually I came in her for the third time this evening and I could tell she reached her own orgasm too.

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