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Having a great wife isn’t everything. One that’s beautiful and willing to fulfill all her husband’s kinky desires. Ann is a great wife. Even to dancing nude for my friends at my request.

Yeah, it took a while to persuade her but once she agreed there was no holding back. She put on a show they’ll never forget.

Even with all that a guy likes to go out and look at other women sometimes. When my friends that Ann had danced for called and said let’s hit some bars I was ready for it. It was only about a month since my wife had performed for us, but we were all ready for a night out.

We agreed to meet at Jack’s house Saturday night. It slipped my mind and I didn’t mention it to Ann. When Saturday rolled around and I told her she just about came unglued.

It turns out I had agreed to go to some movie with her that same night. She had arranged for a babysitter and was all primed to get out of the house for an evening.

After a short discussion she said she would give up the movie if she could go with us guys to the strip joints. I was surprised at that. Why would she want to go watch some other women dance nude? “Maybe I’ll get some ideas for the next time I give your friends a show.”

That was all it took for me to agree. I was all for anything that would get her to perform again. She had really been embarrassed before and I thought it would be the last time. But now it sounded like she’d be willing to do it again.

I didn’t bother calling the guys. I knew damn well they wouldn’t complain if she came along.

And since Jack’s wife was visiting her mom, Ann could go with us and no one would know but the guys. And they sure as hell weren’t going to tell their wives.

We did all the usual Saturday chores and ended up running late that evening. When I finally got ready I went out to start the car and wait for Ann. She dashed out of the house and jumped into the car with me and we took off.

I glanced at her and did a double take. She was wearing a short pleated skirt and a blouse. The skirt wasn’t too short so it was no big deal, but the blouse was open on the sides. You could see right inside to her tits.

She smiled at my look and asked, “Like?” I smiled back and nodded.

When we got to Jack’s house it turned out that Ron had cancelled due to a sick kid. Ann wasn’t too happy about that. She really likes Ron, but just tolerates Dave. And she doesn’t like Jack at all. If he weren’t my friend she would never have anything to do with him. It was too late for her to back out now so we all got in the car and headed for our first stop.

When we went in Ann insisted we sit in a booth against the wall instead of up front like the guys wanted to do. We gave in to her and found the booth closest to the stage we could find.

We settled in with Dave and I on the outside and Ann and Jack in the middle of the booth. We ordered our drinks and sat back to enjoy the show.

Unlike the last time Ann and I had been in a nude dancing club she paid close attention to what was happening on the stage.

After a bit Dave pointed out a really hot table dance going on just a few tables away from us. We had a pretty good view of what was going on and we all agreed that the dancer must have really liked the guy because he was getting more than you usually get in a lap dance.

Ann was watching so intently she looked like she was studying for a mid-term.

After we’d been there an hour or so Ann told me to switch places with Dave. That put her between Dave and Jack with me next to Jack.

She whispered something to Dave and he smiled and nodded. He started pushing the table away from him and I asked what was up. Ann said she was going to give Dave a lap dance and he could decide whether or not she was better than the girls in the club.

I laughed at her and said, “Honey no one can beat you. But those girls don’t have any clothes on.”

“Well I’m not wearing any panties so it will be just about the same.” Hearing that caused my dick to get hard. It meant she was going to pull her dress up and rub her bare pussy over the bulge in Dave’s pants.

Ann raised up just enough to allow Dave to slide under her. Then, as she lowered herself to his lap, she brazenly pulled her skirt up to her waist.

She started squirming around and moving in time with the music. Dave had a big smile on his face as Ann leaned heavily back into him. She leaned her head back on his shoulder. Then she took his hands and placed them inside her top. Right on top of her bare tits.

Dave was in heaven. He was fondling my wife’s tits and she was riding his hard-on just like for real.

Dave began bucking his hips off the seat and I could tell from their expressions that both of them were about to cum. I was rubbing my own cock in time with my wife’s motions.

Dave let out a groan and spewed his cum inside his pants. Ann stopped dancing and just sat in his lap. I knew she hadn’t had an orgasm but she wasn’t far from it. She just sat in his lap while her breathing returned to normal.

After a few minutes Dave was barely able to get the words out, “Oh, God, Ann. Nobody can beat you when it comes to lap dancing.”

Ann smiled and slid off his lap then she gave him a kiss. That’s when Jack said, “What about me?”

Even though Ann doesn’t like him she smiled and said, “Sure, why not?”

As we moved the table around so Ann could sit in Jack’s lap I saw his pants were open and he had his cock out. I wanted to say something, but I also wanted to see how Ann would handle it when she found out. Would she laugh or would she slap him?

My brain was sending me mixed signals. “I’m going to watch her get fucked right here.” “That’s your wife he’s going to fuck!” “You’ve got a front row seat at a real live sex show.” “She’s the mother of your children.”

The conflicting thoughts and feelings paralyzed me. It took only seconds, but I guess my indecision was really a decision to watch. Deep down I wanted to see Jack fuck my wife.

Ann moved over to Jack and straddled his lap and began to slowly lower herself.

Her mouth formed a big “O” when the head of Jack’s cock touched her pussy. Just at the right time Jack lunged up off the seat and impaled my wife with his hard shaft.

Ann sank down in stunned surprise and Jack was able to bury his hard pole all the way into her cunt. I watched my wife’s breathing become faster and faster. She wasn’t moving at all.

Then Jack put his hands inside her blouse and squeezed her tits.

He whispered, “Dance Ann. Dance.” Ann started moving side to side with the music and Jack helped her by fucking up and down.

I could hear her deep moans as Jack fucked my wife for real.

I wanted to make them stop, but I knew it was too late. My wife’s pussy was about to be filled with a load of cum from another man. And I was excitedly watching. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot.

Ann shuddered through her orgasm. She was able to hold her moans down so that only half a dozen other people heard her. After her orgasm she sort of crumpled on Jack, but he kept up fucking his cock into her.

Ann flinched as Jack’s hands tightened on her tits. “I’m going to cum. Oh, man, I’m going to cum.”

Then his head snapped back and his mouth opened as he filled my wife’s pussy with his hot cum.

With his cock erupting inside her Ann let out a loud moan as she had another orgasm.

None of us moved or said anything for several minutes. Then the bouncer showed up and told us to leave.

Ann’s legs couldn’t support her so Jack and I helped her walk out to the car. We put her in the back seat and laid her down.

I started to close the door but Dave put his hand up and stopped me. He reached in and pushed her skirt up. We all looked at her pussy.

Her cunt lips were swollen and covered with cum. More cum had run down her thighs.

“I got to have sloppy seconds.”

I looked at Dave for a minute then, realizing my wife is now a slut, smiled and said, “Go ahead. I’ll get mine when you’re done.”

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