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The instructions I received were clear but limited. I was to proceed to the hotel after I got off work and go to the front desk. There I was to ask the desk clerk for the room number for Mrs. Robinson.

It was a Saturday. Usually I only had to work one or two Saturdays a year. This particular Saturday was part of an annual ritual — our physical inventory at work. I had to supervise the event, but I could usually leave promptly at 4:30 p.m. This particular Saturday was no different.

The hotel was a long drive from our home and my work. I had plenty of time to contemplate what sort of surprise lay in wait for me from my wife of 15 years. Our relationship was fairly conservative. Janine had only had one other sexual partner before me, and I had only had one before her. We had dated a long time and had limited our sexual activities to oral while we were dating and engaged.

She got fairly good at giving head and told me she really like to suck cock. Over the years she had become a little more adventurous and was willing to share a fantasy or two with me every now and then. Her fantasies generally were of the standard romantic ‘us on a deserted island’ or me sweeping her off her feet type of fare. A few years into our marriage, in a drunken monologue, I had admitted to her that I would like to watch her blow another guy or maybe even watch her fuck another guy. She quickly stated that her body was just for me and no one else. Feeling a little rebuffed for admitting what was just a fantasy I had let the subject drop and stayed away from fantasies for several years — or at least admitting any fantasies to her.

The last few years I noticed a slight change in her. I was always trying to get her to flash people in public. I just love the reactions from different people when they get a glimpse, or full on look at something they think they probably aren’t supposed to see or something they are being treated to.

Janine seemed more willing to flash me in public and if someone else caught a glimpse — well she acted like she didn’t notice or that they weren’t there. But she was a little bolder than when we got married. I had also snuck up behind her one day while she was on the computer with the intention of tickling her. What I saw as I approached was a personal ad on an adult fuck buddy site.

It was a picture of a guy’s cock with some ad copy that I couldn’t read from where I was standing. I found that I was instantly hard thinking about her even checking out the ads. I quickly snuck away that day, but I would watch to see if she was surfing any more of those ads and found that she would from time-to-time.

As I drove to the hotel that day the idea of her having another person there did cross my mind, but I quickly put it out of my mind and decided to just wait and see. I got the necessary information from the front desk and proceeded to room 828.

I saw the door was slightly ajar so I pushed the door open to find my beautiful wife stretched out on the bed wearing a black lace bustier and black lace thong. The bustier barely concealed her c cups. She stood up and strutted over to me. She twirled in place and let me see the full back view as well. Her gorgeous ass looked as good as when we were first dating despite having two children in the mean time.

“Where are the kids?” I asked — wanting to clear my mind for a relaxing weekend.

“At your folks” Janine said.

A thought popped in my head “What would you have done had someone else walked in?” I asked.

“I guess I would have just smiled and asked them how I could help them” Janine replied with a wry grin.

I smiled and stuck my tongue in her mouth. “This is nice” I told her as I reached around and squeezed her beautiful ass.

“They are going to bring us strawberries and Champaign later” she whispered in my ear as she stood on her tip toes to lick and nibble my neck and ears. I continued to kneed her ass and pull her tight against me.

“What are we going to do in the mean time?” I whispered back.

“Oh, I don’t know — I have a few ideas though” she shot back at me. With that I moved my left hand up to cup her right breast.

The bustier held her beautiful tits up, as if offering them to any passerby. I stroked the sides of her breast through the lace knowing that it would provide a unique sensation. I squeezed her breast from the underside and then moved both hands to those beautiful tits. I circled around each one, dragging my fingertips across the lacy mesh. I avoided any contact with her nipples to make sure they would be fully at attention when I got to them. We continued to kiss and grope like this for some time.

I admired her beauty. Her brunette hair hung to her shoulders. Her skin was without blemish. She was thoroughly enjoying my attention to her tits and I was enjoying all aspects of them. I eventually removed her bustier and sat her on the bed so that I could kneel in front of her and use my mouth on her magnificent breasts. I had removed my shirt and my pants and was in my boxers. No sooner had I placed a nipple in my mouth when a knock came at our door. Slightly startled Janine began looking around for something to cover up with.

“It must be the Champaign and strawberries — a little earlier than they said” she told me. I too looked around for where I had thrown my pants. Janine took a deep breath and then exhaled. I looked at her — puzzled. She grinned at me and walked to the door dressed just in her thong. She looked through the peep hole and then said quietly “It is him”.

She turned and smiled at me. “There was a cute college kid who helped me with my bag when I arrived. He is the one bringing Champaign.” I watched her. I could see her pulling her courage together. “Just a minute” she shouted through the door. She looked away and then back at me. Her face brightened in a naughty grin and she threw the door open in one quick motion.

I tried to take in all that was happening. Janine was fighting mightily with herself to keep from putting her arms across her chest. She only accomplished this by putting both arms behind her back which caused her beautiful bare breast to jut farther at the stunned college boy standing in the doorway.

Her nerves caused her to bounce a little from foot to foot which added a produced a sexy giggle in her tits. Not wanting to miss a moment of this – I backed over to a chair and felt my way to a seat. The young man stood and alternated his gaze between Janine’s tits, the floor, and me. He was an average looking guy. About 6’0 tall with dark brown hair. Probably somewhere around 190 lbs. He looked a bit nerdish. Mostly the hairstyle I think, but there was just a na├»ve appearance to him. We were to learn later that he was a junio at a local University.”Come in” Janine finally instructed the poor guy after about 30 seconds of awkward silence.

“Um-I um, I have to, I mean I am bringing you some strawberries” he announced.

“Great” Janine replied. He looked at her breasts and then realized we both knew he was looking so he looked down again. “Come in” Janine had to repeat.

“Ah, yes, OK. Um where would you like me to put these?” He wandered into the room in a daze — unsure where would be a safe place to place his gaze.

Janine walked over to the front of the mini-bar and patted the green marble counter. “Right here big guy” she said. He hesitated a moment and then walked over to where she was. The silver tray that had the Champaign and strawberries was shaking visibly as he neared the mini-bar. Seeing how nervous he was seemed to calm Janine’s nerves.

She helped him place the Champaign bucket and strawberry plate on the counter. As he was placing the glasses on the counter Janine reached across the mini-bar to make room and her breasts brushed across his arm.

“Oh, sorry” he managed.

“Oh, that’s ok” Janine told him. She turned and smiled at me and then she pretended to need to reach across him again this time she pressed her left breast firmly against his forearm and stayed there for a moment. She looked at him and smiled. He froze and then smiled back.

“Well, is there anything else you will be needing today?” he asked as Janine took a step back.

She looked at me, I shrugged. “I think we are good for now” I told him.

“OK, well if you need anything else, my name is Mike and I will be glad to assist you” he told us.

“Great, Mike” I said. As he was opening the door I jumped up and said “Oh, wait a second, I want to tip you, hang on a second.” I found my pants and pulled out my wallet. Nothing but twenties. I wasn’t about to tip this kid 20 bucks — especially after he really already had got quite a lot out of his visit to our room. I pulled a twenty out and felt a little rude but asked anyway: “You wouldn’t happen to have change would you?”

“No, I don’t. But I would be happy to go change that for you Mr. Robinson.”

“That would be great, Mike.” With bill in hand he took one last look at Janine’s tits and left the room.

When the door was closed Janine turned to me and smiled. “What did you think of that?” she asked.

“I think you just made that kid’s week if not his entire year.” Janine made her way over to the chair where I was. She straddled me and reached down to feel the bulge in my pants.

“You seemed to have liked it too?” she remarked.

“Yeah, that was fun to watch.” We made out for a while anticipating Mike to make an eager return with our change and a chance at another eyeful. I played with Janine’s tits. Her nipples had remained at full attention the whole time Mike was in the room.

After a few minutes another knock at our door. Janine gave me a mischievous grin and whispered “I have an idea.”

My cock went from steel-hard to diamond-hard as she said those words. She stepped off me and strutted across the room. She looked over her shoulder to make sure I was watching her curvy ass as she went.

She opened the door much more confidently this time. She smiled at Mike and deliberately hesitated a moment to let him get a great view of her hot body. She may have had two kids, but at 36 she has held it together very well over the years.

“Come in” she told him, rather than just take the change from him. Mike again wandered in a bit dazed. As he held the change for the $20 out to me I noticed his hands trembling.

I took the change and began trying to sort out a few ones for him. Janine strutted next to Mike and I. “I have another idea Mike. Instead of us giving you a few bucks for a tip, how would like to feel my breasts instead?” I was shocked. Mike was too. Janine had the most confident and sexy look on her face that I had ever seen. Mike looked at me as if to ask without words if he could feel my wife’s tits.

I gave a small shrug and smiled at him. Janine stepped into the space between Mike and I and leaned back into me. She put her arms behind her back and stuck her chest out to Mike. Her hand made it’s way to my cock and she gently squeezed. Mike was unsure how or where to start and again looked at both Janine and I as if to ask permission for something.

He looked down at Janine’s breasts and said “They are so beautiful.” I could see goose bumps rise all over Janine when he said this. Mike’s hands came up slowly and he placed them on the sides of Janine’s breasts. His trembling was magnified now. It was apparent that Mike didn’t have a whole lot of experience with sex. His first attempts at touching her breasts were more like a doctor’s examination rather than a sexual encounter.

Janine let go of my cock and placed her hands on Mikes’ shoulders. She leaned forward and up on her toes and put her head right next to Mike’s ear. I couldn’t hear everything she was telling him, but I gathered that she was providing him some coaching as well as settling his nerves a little with soft talk.

She continued to whisper in his ear as he continued to stroke, squeeze and pinch her tits. After about 3 or 4 minutes Mike was doing much better and had settled down a bit.

I took a peak around the side of Janine to watch his hands. He was lightly running his fingertip across the sides of Janine’s breasts and then under and then back to the side and then to her nipples. Janine was now thoroughly in the moment. I heard her moan a little.

She reached back and pulled me to her back again. She reached and found my cock straining at my boxers. She squeezed and stroked me a little. She let Mike feel her tits for another 10 minutes or so. The kid had a look on his face like he had just found a treasure chest of long lost gold coins and he was letting the coins run through his fingers in celebration.

It turns out that Janine was full of surprises that day. She released my cock and reached forward and grabbed the front of Mike’s pants. His excitement was clearly visible.

Janine would later explain to me that she felt bad about letting this poor guy feel her tits for about 15 minutes and then sending him without any release. Anyway she said to Mike: “Would you like to jerk-off on my tits Mike?” She took a quick glance at me to see if I was going to have a protest. I think my mouth was actually open in shock. I didn’t have a protest.

“Uh, Yeah, sure” was his hesitant response.

I sat myself down in one of the leather chairs. Janine knelt in front of him and pushed her tits together.

Kneeling wasn’t initially Janine’s style when we were dating or first married. Janine very much likes to be in control and I think she originally thought that kneeling in front of me for a handjob or blowjob was somehow giving that up. After she tried it I think she realized that giving the blowjob or handjob really put her in the drivers’ seat anyway even when, in my enthusiasm, I might grab the back of her head to push my cock farther into her mouth or throat she realized that she was still in charge by virtue of having her lips or hand around my cock and providing the pleasure associated. With her new found knowledge, she had taken to her knees quite frequently lately and actually wanted me to push my cock further into her mouth than I had in the past.

Mike fumbled around a bit with his belt and zipper. He was stalling. It was apparent that he was a little nervous about whipping it out and jerking off in front of us. Again, to my surprise, Janine reached forward and finished undoing the fasteners on his pants.

She pushed them to the floor and then in one playful yank she pulled his briefs to his ankles. His cock was not as hard as it was a few minutes before when it was still safely tucked in it’s home in Mike’s trousers.

Janine noticed his embarrassment at the coming scenario where he would be jacking off in front of two strangers. She came to the rescue. She reached forward and grabbed the base of Mike’s cock before he could protest and began stroking his cock back to full attention. His cock was about the size of mine — a good 6-and-a-half or so. The head was already very wet.

At this point I have to say I was feeling a full mix of emotions. I had fantasized about watching Janine with another man for a long time. Now here she was kneeling front of a college student that she had just let feel her up.

She was about to take his load all over her tits and now she was stroking him. The room literally spun. My equilibrium seemed a little off. A slight twinge of jealousy was overwhelmed by the incredible sight of my wife being sexy and confident enough to trust in our relationship and at the same time feel how excited she was by other men desiring her. She was about to show me how sexy and confident she was.

She continued to stroke his cock. This kid was getting the ride of his life. His cock was at full attention again. Looking up at him Janine could tell that he was enjoying her stroking so much that she just kept going instead of turning the jerking over to him. It was easy to see this guy couldn’t last long anyway.

Janine stroked for about a minute before we could tell he was going to start squirting. Janine looked over at me and gave me a fantastic grin. About 10 seconds later white sticky spunk came shooting out.

I think Janine underestimated or perhaps forgot how much and how hard a college kid can shoot. Janine had always swallowed my loads from the time we started oral sex back in college. But she had told me once that she didn’t think she would ever want a guy to come all over her face like she had seen in one or two porno’s she had watched. I had always honored that request and cum in her mouth, on her back, or in her sweet pussy.

Since Janine was the one providing the hand job and the one aiming the cock she had no one to blame for what was about to happen. It seemed to me, and obvious to Janine also, that she had Mike’s cock aimed at her chest. But when he started to explode all over her, the first two shots went right on her face — and they were big shots of jiz.

Janine flinched and giggled a little, but she kept going with the handjob. Her sense of humor about the cum on her face made her all the hotter as I sat and massaged my own cock in my boxers. The rest of Mike’s load went on her chest and tits. I am not sure if you produce more spunk when you are college age or not, but Mike apparently had been saving up for some time.

Janine had a large grin on her face as he continued to spurt on her. She told me later that she had felt absolutely amazing as she had completely turned on this young man and brought him sexual satisfaction while another man who loved her completely and entirely sat by and watched her beauty, skill, and adventurous spirit. Janine stroked every last spurt out of him and then began wiping the last drops off with her tits. She made eye contact with Mike throughout his entire climax and told me that she had enjoyed that too.

She sat back on the floor with both of us guys watching her. She reached up and began rubbing the cum all over her breast while looking back and forth between us guys.We were transfixed by her beauty. Her growing confidence was the sexiest thing I could imagine. “Well Mike, how was that?” Janine asked.

It was incredible” he told her. “That was so hot”. Mike was a little at a loss for words beyond that. Janine noticed me still stroking my cock. She looked over at Mike.

“Time to go Mike. I have some unfinished business here.” Mike began to put his clothes back on. When he was all put back together Janine walked him over to the door. Still naked and with Mike’s cum still smeared all over her she had a few quiet words with him at the door — I couldn’t tell what was said.

Janine walked back across the room to me. “How was that for you my horny husband?”

I paused to take in the site of her. “That was incredible” was all I could manage.

“Are you ready to fuck me now?” she asked. “Absolutely” was my immediate response.

“I want you to fuck just like this, with cum all over me, ok?”

“Whatever you say.”

Janine lay down on her back and spread her legs. I knelt between her legs and put the head of my cock at her opening. I slid it up and down a few times. She was soaking wet. “Fuck me” she whispered. I slid my cock into her and she started her first orgasm within a minute. After all the activity I only held on another two. I shot my cum deep inside her. “I can feel you coming” she said. “I can feel your warmth inside of me” and with that she began rolling into her second orgasm.

As we lay on the hotel room floor trying to recover, Janine began a very candid assessment of the events in the hotel room. “That was better than I could have imagined. I didn’t think I would like another man feeling my breasts — especially in front of my husband. But I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed coaching that poor boy on what to do. And the hand job. Weren’t you impressed by my hand job?” She asked. Actually, I was more impressed by her confidence, but I smiled and agreed that her hand job technique was impeccable.

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